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Young Jim
by BiMark

Young Jim was nineteen, a friendly-looking lad who came to work in the office a few weeks ago. I don\'t work closely with him but tried to make him feel welcome. I\'m a married guy in his late fifties with three children and my name is Mick. I felt drawn to Jim and caught myself looking at his crotch and legs and imagining him without his trousers on. I began to fantasise about undressing him and fondling him. We went out for lunchtime walks a few times and on several occasions he seemed on the point of saying something before stopping abruptly. In the end he blurted it out after we\'d walked in silence for some time. He asked me if he could see me without my clothes on. He then reddened furiously, said he was sorry but he couldn\'t stop thinking about me, that he would have to leave now and began to hurry away from me. I called him back and gently asked him if he was gay. He didn\'t know, he confessed, but this one thing about seeing me naked was in his mind all the time and he\'d had to say it before he burst. I told him frankly in return that I had had fantasies about his body and would he return the favour if I stripped for him? He blushed attractively and said he wasn\'t sure but he would try. I thought quickly and remembered an old training room in the basement at work that wasn\'t being used at the moment. The next day we would spend lunchtime there.

We made our way there together just after noon. I had brought a blanket with me, folded up in a carrier bag, in case things developed beyond undressing for each other. There was no-one in the vicinity of the room - the adjoining rooms were for storage. Jim stood, watching me shyly, greatly embarrassed now. I smiled reassuringly and took off my jacket and tie. I had had an erection for most of the morning and my trousers were tented with it now. I slipped off my shoes and sat down to take off my socks. As I reached for the first one Jim was suddenly beside me, asking tentatively if he could do it. I nodded and he knelt down in front of me. I stretched out one leg toward him and he removed my sock with shaking hands. He stroked my foot and played with my toes, then I held out my other leg. When I was standing barefoot I began to take off my shirt. My chest is broad with a lot of dark hair and my nipples are big. I dropped my shirt and undid my belt. My zip came down and my trousers fell to reveal my thick, hairy legs and big thighs. My hard cock had stained my underwear with pre-come and I apologised to Jim for the sticky mess and the rampant condition of my excited penis. He smiled sheepishly. Now for my underpants, I thought, and lifted them over my bone hard shaft. They hit the floor and I kicked them aside. Jim stared at me as I stood there stark bollock naked. I wondered briefly what my wife and kids would think of me for shedding my kecks so that a young man could stare at my nakedness. I began to stroke my veined cock and my stiffness increased. I asked Jim if he wanted to touch. He came forward and I took his hand and guided it first to my hairy balls. He held them wonderingly. \'Do you like my knackers, Jim?\' I asked. He nodded and said they were really big. I noticed that his trousers were tighter than before, coping now with the stirrings of Jim\'s young willy. Hell, I needed to suck him now and to be sucked. I wanted to see my thick spunk running down Jim\'s face. I wanted to despoil his innocence and break him in to man on man sex. \'Touch me anywhere you like,\' I urged. He looked up at me and I kissed him on the lips. His hands closed around my rigid man-stalk, then roved over my chest, fingered my nipples. He dropped to the floor and stroked my legs, then covered them with little kisses. He lay on the floor belly down and licked my big feet, took my toes in his mouth. I stroked his face with the sole of one foot. I told him to get up and asked him if he wanted to see my arsehole. He nodded and even dribbled a little as he did so. I turned round and bent over, pulling my buttocks apart to expose the dark hairy valley of my crack and my puckered bumhole. \'Finger my hole, Jim,\' I ordered and felt his slender fingers probing my black forest of anal hair for my itching anus - for I suddenly craved penetration. Either that or to sheath my meat in a tight man hole. Jim would surely be very tight, I told myself. In the meantime...\'Push a finger right up my bum,\' I told the slavering boy. He complied and I writhed on it, moaning like an overheated woman.

I needed a good, hard shag now and Jim was going to sacrifice his young body to my filthy lust, I promised myself. I stood abruptly, faced him and roughly unfastened and threw aside his blue skinny tie. Perhaps I should gag the hot little man-lover with it? I unfastened his shirt, revealing his slender, smooth body and dark little tits. I licked his nipples hungrily, then pushed him into the chair I had occupied. I yanked off his shoes, pulled off his socks with my teeth and attacked his belt and zipper. His narrow trousers were on the floor, then his tight blue underpants. His pink cock was stiff with a glistening end, his testicles hairless and adorable and his brown pubic hair like a neat little moustache. I lifted his thin yet sturdy legs onto my shoulders and gazed at his sweet little hole. Soon my throbbing cock would be stretching it cruelly but in the end he would be panting for every thrust I made. I leaned forward and tongued him energetically. Soon I was working my tongue up him and he began to whimper. I spat on my hand and lubed him as best I could for what was coming. \'I don\'t know...I\'m not sure I want...\' he croaked. I stroked his hair. \'You wanted me naked - that means you want this,\' I told him. \'You\'ll never have had such pleasure, I promise. Now just let Mick fuck you. My wife adores my rod in her, right up to my balls, and my bollocks slapping against her arse. You\'ll want this again and again, I assure you.\' I had two fingers in him and added a third. Tears were in his eyes. I suppose I\'d decided to rape the boy but he had made the move...I suddenly replaced my fingers with my swollen end and he gasped. \'Steady, Jim,\' I said. More and more of my length vanished into him with each thrust. He wagged his head from side to side, panting and sweating. When I buried myself in him up to my swollen nuts he cried out as his anal tissues ripped. I really took him now and gradually, as they do, he began to meet the lunges of my manhood and then to cry out that it was fucking lovely and I mustn\'t, please mustn\'t stop. \'Rip my bum apart if you like but keep going,\' he called out. His feet were on my shoulders and I saw his toes clench as carnal ecstasy consumed him. I grunted like an animal, loving the tightness of his stretched hole. My engorged member was super-orgasmically pleasured as I ploughed Jim\'s darling little furrow. When I released jet after jet of hot jism into the boy\'s bowels I cried out and farted loudly as a juddering climax washed over me. Jim looked at me and suddenly laughed. \'I was good then, was I?\' he enquired. I felt awkward for a moment, then grinned into Jim\'s wet, pink and white face. \'At least I\'ve never shit myself during a fuck,\' I confided. We both convulsed over this. I took the blanket from my bag, spread it out, picked up the slender boy and laid him on it. Then I used my handkerchief to mop his face and chest, wipe his own spunk from his belly, penis and balls. I toyed with his narrow, bare feet. \'Sorry I took advantage, Jim. But when you inflame a man by telling him you want to see his body...\' I broke off as he sat up and put one hand on my bare chest. \'It\'s all right, Mike.\' He kissed me lightly on the lips. \'Next time, though, I want us to be in bed - and I want to sleep all night in those hairy arms of yours afterwards.\' At that moment, looking into those tender eyes of his, I knew that I loved the boy.

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