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yard workers
by partygirl

Julia was working in the den when she heard the familiar sound of heavy machinery. She knew that her new neighbors still had to do the rough grade on their lawn, since it was getting into fall. She went to the window in the sunroom to confirm her suspicion, when she was surprised to find two heavy large pieces of machinery in the yard. A big backhoe and an even larger 'front loader'.
She went about her morning routine and didn't pay attention to what was going on next door. At lunch time she took a break from her records and had her lunch on the patio since it was a gorgeous and very warm fall afternoon. The two guys working the machinery also took a break and had turned off the machinery and left the yard, or so she thought.
Curious to see what they had accomplished, Julia, walked over to her fence to see the work. She was just wearing her shorts and a tank top with no bra, since it was getting warmer by the minute outside and no one could see her. She was surprised to see the two workers sitting in the tree line, taking a break, and eating their lunch.
They saw her and introduced themselves, John was the taller one of the two at about six foot or so Julia thought and Dick was shorter at around five nine. They immediately struck up a conversation with her and told her they hoped they were not bothering her with their big equipment they were using to move the big mounds of dirt.
Julia was a little embarrassed because she didn't expect them to be there and she was wasn't properly dressed since she was not wearing a bra so she told them that she had not expected anyone to be back here so she was a little underdressed and she also thought they were getting a little sexual in their conversation which may have been directed toward her so she ended the conversation quickly and went back to the privacy of her patio to finish her lunch.
Apparently the workers must have liked what they had seen of Julia by the fence because one of the workers, John, came over to Julia at the table and asked if she could get him a glass of cold water. Julia saw that up close he was really cute, very well built and looked to be in his mid thirties. She got him a glass of water and they were talking a little bit, when she noticed that he had quite a big tent popping up in his pants.
He saw her looking but he wasn't embarrassed a bit, quite the contrary, he said that she was the reason for his tent popping up and that she looked great in her just her tank top and shorts and appeared to have very ample boobs hiding under her top but he couldn't know for sure and what he really wanted to see were her firm mounds hiding underneath her top that looked like they were very large and just busting to get out so that is why he had come over to the table to see her.
She was shocked at first by his forwardness though glad to see she could make a much younger man's cock still rise up, and so she thought, what the heck, I'll never see him again and no one else can see us and anyways he is very cute so why not give him a little show and see if a cute thirtyish young man would like what this more mature woman had to offer hiding only under her tank top, so she slowly lifted up her top to show him her ample firm boobs and then completely removed it so he could get a good clear view.
His jaw about hit the ground when she did this and John said he was not used to seeing such spectacular firm boobs which looked like their size matched my age and he was right too that they were massive DD's mounds on my hot late thirtyish body.
Julia laughed and said well thank you for the compliment but she knows he was just trying to butter her up because she knows he thinks she is much older than him and that she is actually is fifty one years old.
John said no way he thought I was about five or six years older than him like around thirty eight and that about looked like the size of my boobs too and he really wasn't lying to her he was just being honest.
Julia said she was indeed fifty one and she was glad John approved and would not have guessed that she was such a mature woman and he was right that her boobs were 38's.
John said he was being honest and thought she was just in her late thirties at best and he would never have guessed she was eighteen years older than him just looking at my hot body and my firm boobs.
Julia told John his charm was really working on her and so since he was being so nice and sweet to her - Julia being Julia said that he really could not be sure if her boobs were firm unless he inspected them, hands on, that is if he wanted too.
So without hesitation John quickly moved toward her and started fondling her breasts, kissing them and sucking on them gently and biting on her nipples too. Julia could not believe it but she started to become very aroused maybe it was because of such a younger man desiring her and his hot hands and wet mouth wanting her too and so she reached down and grabbed him and told John he seemed to be packing quite a big piece of equipment in his pants that was rock hard.
John said that he had always been told the he had a very big piece of heavy equipment in there and that she was free to get it out if she wanted to see for herself. Julia being Julia figured why not see what he had since she had showed him what she had and quickly unzipped his pants to let his penis free of the constraining material which was already at full attention.
Julia was very pleasantly surprised to find he was very well endowed indeed, he had at least 8 inches of a very long, hard and thick pulsating piece of manhood. John asked her if she liked his equipment and Julia said she knew why he was called big John and that she had never seen anything like it before.
John told her he was glad she approved and told her since she had let him see if her boobs were firm she was free to do the same or whatever she wanted with his penis since she was responsible for getting him up like this. So Julia being Julia first played with his piece of manhood with her hands but she wanted more than her hands on his massive penis so the then went down and started to suck on him for a while taking all of his manhood in her mouth making him even harder as she sucked him slowly all the way down his long hard shaft and all the while played with his big two hard balls.
In the meantime, he found that her elastic waistband shorts, were very easy to slip down and off of her. He then began rubbing her clit with his fingers and Julia asked him if he was hungry and John said yes so they moved to the grass in the 69 position.
Unaware that his coworker, Dick, had been watching them too this whole time, he quickly and quietly joined them in the grass area. Julia looked up and at first was startled and embarrassed but that all changed when she caught site of his penis. She could not believe that this could get any better but when she saw Dick standing there stroking his penis said it must be her lucky day as she was even more surprised to find another very well endowed penis, another one that was well over 8 inches of pulsating manhood ' which was already in that purple headed soldier mode', as Dick had already gotten his penis out while watching them and had stroked his member to its fully erect state.
Dick stood there with stroking his dick in his hand and he asked Julia if she could give him a hand with it 'that is if she liked what he had to offer'. Julia said she could not believe that he was bigger than John and even thicker from the looks of it and she sure did like his big long hard prime piece of meat and told Dick to come closer toward her if he wanted her to give him a hand with his enormous thick piece of meat.
Dick immediately started towards her so Julia being Julia decided to make sure she got the best out of these two huge pieces of manhood that she had gotten up so she quickly changed positions so she could properly take care of both of these two big erect cocks at the same time and see just how good these two dicks actually were in action.
John asked her what she was doing and Julia told her not to worry to just stay right there in the UP position he was in because she needed to move to give Dick a hand and it was his lucky day too because she was going to give his big pole the ride of his life.
John said he had no problem with that and Julia slowly straddled on top of John's pulsating massive hard meat pole and slid it down into her sopping wet pussy and then started humping his huge dick sitting on top of him so she could ride on his big hard piece of equipment. Then she took Dick's waiting hard member into her hands at first and stroked this massive piece of meat and then to Dick's surprise and obvious pleasure, she pulled it to move him closer to her and then she took his big penis into her mouth.
Julia was in pure ecstasy and could not believe how much she was enjoying sucking and caressing Dick's huge purple headed erect member while continuing to hump John's massive hard backhoe member which was reaching deep inside of her and filling her hole up oh so full.
But while John's member certainly measured up to Julia's liking it was short lived because in just a short time John said couldn't take too much more of Julia's humping and her big bouncing melons and Julia knew he was close to coming too because she felt his dick get even harder inside of her and so to Julia's disappointment he quickly exploded inside of her filling her pussy shooting load after load of with his white creamy frosting into her wet pussy.
Julia got off of John and released Dick's dick from her mouth and asked Dick if he was still hungry too. Dick said he sure was so he laid Julia back down on the grass and began to eat her out her pussy - squirming and moaning, Julia came with her juices flowing freely over Dick's face. Dick asked Julia if she needed a big piece of equipment to fill her up and Julia said was glad she had saved the best for last - or actually saved the biggest dick for last - and that she needed his bigger harder front loader inside of her right now and said that his piece of equipment better last longer than John's did and she was glad though that John had come over first to get her warmed up for him so he better be good and ready to go.
Dick said he was in his prime at 28 years old and Julia said oh really that he was even younger than John well let's see if he can prove it and show her how good this very well hung young stud can operate his equipment and drive his front loader in her before she makes him lose his load. So Dick immediately put his pulsating rock hard purple member in Julia's sweet spot that was soaking wet and staring pounding her with long deep slow strokes.
Julia was now enjoying the front loading she was getting from Dick's even bigger piece of equipment and she told him it felt so good having his huge hard pole of a dick inside of her pounding away right after he had made her cum but he needed to pick up the pace and really pound her as hard and as fast as he could and that since he was so young that should not be a problem for him and Dick said it was not and then really started to pump her pussy the way she liked it.
But after just a short while of pumping away at Julia, Dick said he couldn't take it any longer and Julia told him to bring it and then he exploded his big load inside Julia filling her too with his white creamy frosting All three were spent and very very satisfied. John and Dick collapsed on the chaise lounges next to the pool and Julia jumped in the pool to clean off and cool down.
Julia then got out of the pool and moved toward the two spent studs and John said her glistening body looked so hot and Dick told her that they both hoped their next job would be nearby so this hot sexy cougar could suck and take a ride on their big pieces of equipment because she sure knows how to do it right from all of her years of experience.
Julia then walked up to them and grabbed both of their dicks and started slowly stroking them and said my oh my so you two studs both liked what I just gave you and they nodded their heads the ones on top she was not stroking - in agreement and Julia said you two sure do have the goods but this cougar likes not only the big pieces of equipment but also likes it to last a lot longer than they lasted. Then to her surprise both of their dicks started to twitch and grow and she said hmmm I have forgotten how a stud in their prime can recover so quick and it looks like I am starting to get these two big bad dicks back up again and with a mischievous smile on her face said ...

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