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Wife Swapping
by Mrs Deepa

We were attending a wedding reception when news came to us that the real estate deal, we and our partner Pradeep thought we had lost, was going to bring us an unexpected gain of five millions. We were thrilled; so were Pradeep (age 38) and Sarah (age 34), his wife who were with us, and had always been our best friends.

"Deepa," said my husband Nathan (42); "this is really an occasion for celebration." Then he turned to Pradeep and Sarah to put forward to them the same suggestion. We all agreed at the same time. That day it was decided that Pradeep and Sarah would have dinner at our house. On our way to our house along with our Pradeep and his wife, we considered several options. I said I wanted to spend a week in Switzerland. Sarah preferred Singapore where she was planning to buy a lot things. Discussion went on.

"O.K. " intervened Pradeep as we reached our home. "We'll decide later. First let's have a nice dinner." Then he went out with Nathan after leaving us in my house. When they returned we saw that they had bought Champagne and whisky and several CDs. Then we settled for dinner. "We, too, ladies, will have a few drinks today," said Sarah. What do you say Deepa? "Why not?" I said. Champagne and whisky were poured. Soon we were pleasantly tipsy. It was Pradeep who continued to fill my glass. I knew every time he was taking a closer look at my generous boobs which showed through the plunging neckline.

In the meantime my husband was casting lustful glances at Sarah who had an excellent complexion and bewitching eyes. Then to keep up conversation, I asked : "What about our tour program?"

"We'll decide by drawing lots," decreed my husband. All of us agreed. Then Pradeep put in a glass a few pieces of paper, shuffled them and asked me to choose one of them. I did. The piece I drew bore the word "Swapping". "Swapping?" I asked, as if I didn't understand the meaning. "That means Nathan will fuck me and my husband will fuck you," said Sarah who had taken, like me, generous glassful of champagne, with a chuckle.

"O.K?" asked Pradeep. "O.K!" we all said in chorus. Then they played as CD. It showed a woman who was letting her dog lick her cunt which he did eagerly. Then there was a hot donkey which tried to penetrate a middle-aged housewife. Finally came a young auntie trying to seduce his teenage nephew.

While I was seeing these scenes in fascination, Pradeep's hand was gently caressing my tits. I gave him an encouraging smile. A few inches away my husband was thrusting his hand between the thighs of Sarah. Then we decided to swap openly in the same huge bed we had in our house. As soon as we went there, we undressed and jumped in the bed. I discovered then that Nathan had unusually huge dick which he thrust tactfully in my eager cunt.

"Oh, Sarah. Why didn't you ever tell me Pradeep had such a big prick?" I asked her while she was engaged in 69 with my husband. "Why didn't you tell me Nathan has such a fantastic tongue?" "Don't worry, ladies! Hereafter you'll have the best of both of both worlds," said Nathan. "To hell with tour programs," cried Sarah as she was about to come.

"Who cares for Switzerland and Singapore when we enjoy the paradise!" I said while Pradeep was giving heavenly strokes in my cunt. That's what we are doing now.

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Mrs Deepa

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