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Wife is used
by Zipper11

My wife works in a hot food take away there is six coloured. Lads there in her first week they would rub up against. Her then they put there hands on her shoulder and slid them down to her brests and say wups. She smiled. And they did it more and more and slowly getting lower pushing passed her. And till one of them saw her in the cubard bent over getting. Somthing. He lifted her dress and rubbed her bum. This was my wife said felt nice and let him this led to her sucking. His cock it was very big he came in her mouth. As she lay back. He put his mouth on her pussy. And licked. Then to her, supperise another came and put I'd cock in her mouth he was even bigger than the other. She came home that night with her pants wet with cum. She told me about I'd and asked if I minded if she kept the job as she was enjoying it I agreed now she as had all six of the lads. And when to old man comes she lies on the table and he tucked he brains out as he as a whopping cock. Witch gets right to the top of the cervix and his nob swells that much he can't. Pull out till he shoots his load of cum and it its the spot of on return he calls her is white. Birch most nights she will be fucked. At least four times and sometimes six. The wife as been there about a year now. Her pussy is now that big and sloppy we have sex when she is not tied and our sex is good.

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