Bi-Sexual stories

While at work 2
by Dave the cuckold

Well, to carry on---the audit lasted 3 weeks, & despite Stuart being pleasured by me almost every evening (after the other auditors had left) fortunately our timescales were met, & the audit, with our supervisor Stuart was acclaimed. But it was late nights working for me, & Stuart recognised this, & wanted to take me & my wife Anne for a 'thank you' meal. Remember that Anne & Stuart had phone sex on many many occassions, always when I was knelt before this blond god, in hot acts of oral worship!
Well, Stuart took us to a posh place near his home. I was surprised when Anne & he sat next to one another, as if THEY 'were an item', but with me (a recognised cuckold) sat opposite. I noticed, Anne had her hand on his lap & thighs, moving it up & down. They both made sure I saw her do this---remember also that Stuart was her 'ideal man'---young, tall, blond n blue eyed! Nice meal paid for by my boss. Then in his car back to his flat for a nightcap (ha, ha--we all knew!). Again I was surprised that my wife Anne got in the front seat with him, me in the back. Started they---turning to him, she whispered, 'That were a lovely meal, thank you', & as if to thank him properly, they slowly & lovingly locked thair mouths together in a really really nice long slow french kiss. I was watching, & like a cuckold's natural instinct, gently started touching myself!
Finally we got to his smart place. Not a moment to lose.In front of me they undressed. He was magnificent! Yes, I'd sucked him off many times, this blond god, but he was always fully dressed when I worked on his hard-on. Now he was naked in front of my naked wife, in only her high heels. He was the perfect specimen of manhood---tall, muscular, blond n blue eyed, & sporting that hard on which I'd seen & sucked so so often before! The scene was stunning---this white couple stood there fully naked, the male blond, the female a sizzling brunette, & the Indian husband married to the naked brunette, about to be cuckolded yet again! 'Wow', gasped my wife, 'I can swear your cock is longer & fatter than Martins!' Replied the stud, 'Girls, AND blokes LOVE my cock!'. Once more their hot white bodies joined together, & their mouths joined together in a deep kiss. I took my chance. Yes, I'd sucked him off aplenty, but this time, with his sweet arsehole open to view, I did the only thing any bi sexual cuckold would. I knelt BEHIND his magnificent body, & whist their french kiss went on & on, whist this blond stud snogged my wife, for a couple of minutes at least, I sniffed his arse hole. It were lovely, nice & fresh the smell. Finally I plunged tongue deep deep into that wonderful opening. Maybe 5 minues? And then finally they broke their french kiss. 'I love you' whispered my wife to this blond stud. I looked up, & saw my wife in worshipful mode, as slowly she kissed his strong white body---the neck, the broad chest, down the belly, till my missus was knelt before him, & in front of me, with me watching, she looking STRAIGHT at me, took that blond man's cock in her mouth---'white on white' oral sex was it! After a couple of minutes of this, I resumed my arse licking. Stuart gasped, whispering, 'I've had my cock sucked, I've had my arse licked, but NEVER at the same time!'. And to which I replied, 'And NEVER by a husband & wife team I bet!'
This couldn't last. Finally, my wife got off the floor--'I'm so so wet' she announced, 'I NEED blond cock' she begged! Hand in hand they went into his bedroom---naturally I followed. I was ready to enter the bedroom, & to sit bedside & watch like all good cuckolds do, but Stuart snapped, clicking his fingers at me, 'NO---you stay at the door---NO other man enters MY bedroom!' SO SO territorial was he, like a stud-lion, & it REALLY REALLY suited him. So I was stood in the doorway, watching, my dark cock, hard but smaller than most, in my hand. They started in conventional style, my wife's legs coming up, & with them kissing away as they fucked. her orgasms were awesome, coming off & coming off on that fat aryan cock. My hand too was active, VERY active! They then disengaged, but only briefly, taking up the classic doggie position, but with them facing me on the bed. Looking straight at me, this was a classic, them watching me, the Indian cuckold hubby openly masturbating, with them fucking away like animals. He lowered his frame, so that their heads were side by side, their faces swollen with lust, looking at me masturbating away! This couldn't last, & whilst my wife Anne had maybe had half a dozen dirty orgasms, her blond lover was about to announce his own---he yelled & swore, as he emptied his hot ejaculate deep deep inside he womb. Not on any protection, with Anne, it was always a risk that she could well get impregnated by one or other of these blond studs she favoured! Then in front of them, I emptied my load ALL over yesterday's evening paper (a FREE paper 'twas, so no harm done!). We then retired into the lounge---this being the first of many. Said my wife, 'MUST get both you & Martin together to service me---the ONLY thing better than ONE blond stud is TWO blond studs!' I agreed with her, our love for blond men so so obvious!

And so it was to be----will update readers on how Maritn & Stuart met up, whether there was rivalry or comradrie?
Finally, we all retired to the loung for vintage cognac----

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Dave the cuckold

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