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While at work!
by Dave the cuckold

Well, carrying on from there, Martin the blond stud is now a regular visitor to our place, & despite us being fairly heavily involved in Amateur Dramatics, the other members of our amateur society do not have an inkling that my wife Anne is being regularly serviced by Martin, & that not only am I therefore a cuckold, I also willingly perform sexual favours for Martin, & ALWAYS in front of my wife! My favourite is giving head whilst knelt down before him, followed by giving his arse hole a deep licking!
I'm an accountant,(an auditor), & was involved in this one audit of a large group with many subsidiary companies, with maybe 6 of us as auditors, each auditing a subsidiary, & with a Supervisor in overall charge, who would co ordinate the audit, noting any problems & ensuring deadlines etc were met. He was Stuart, a tall blond guy, not dissimiliar to my wife's lover Martin (readers not aware should maybe note that both my wife & I are drawn to blond n blue eyed men---my wife a lovely English brunette, me Indian!) Well, I'd drawn the short straw, & the sub I was auditing was messy, with badly kept books. Deadlines for the group accounts had to be met, & which meant that the blond Supervisor Stuart had to spend time with me, helping out. This meant working late, when the other auditors had left. Stress was taking over, & the 3rd day we were working, with NO one in the offices but Stuart & I, I saw Stuart sort of nervously 'feeling' between his legs; not exactly masturbating, but I'd read that stress sometimes causes such behaviour! When he saw me looking, he apologised, but I sympathised with him, blaming the circumstances, saying, 'Yes, I too masturbate when under stress, but I'm told it's much nicer being masturbated by someone else; & nicer still to be sucked off!'
The extrovert in me, from Am Dram was maybe coming out! By now I was almost unashamedly looking at between his legs, with an inviting smile on my face! Stuart too, like Martin was near enough the 'perfect man'! The response I got was incredible. Said this blond guy, 'Will you masturbate me then?' Replied I, 'I'll do even better than that, I'll suck you off, if you want, as long as no one finds out!' It was a done deal. Stuart undid his trousers, & pulled them down, lowering his underpants, revealing this wonderful blond cock, nearly fully stiff. Fatter AND longer than Martins it was too! I held it first, rubbed it a few times. He was my Supervisor, maybe my own age, & maybe it was inevitable I'd have to do what he asked. 'Kneel in front of me!' he ordered. I did. And to think that just 2 days previous I was doing the SAME act for the other 'blond in our lives' Martin. Slowly & lovingly I first licked all up & down that cock, lashing the opening with my tongue, before taking that bulbous knob in my mouth, & giving blond Stuart a cock gobble. My dark face & mouth worked admirably on his blond manhood! 'Never before has a bloke sucked my cock' said he, moaning with delight. Plenty of experience had I, & between mouthfulls of cock, I did say, 'I've done it for Martin many times!' He asked who Martin was, & I said I'd tell all later, as there was lovely unfinished business to attend to ie to service this WONDERFUL cock with my mouth! My mouth could feel the difference in cock-size. Stuart was far far bigger than Martin (an experienced cocksucker can tell!); at times I was slow & gentle, at other times my head fairly went berserk on Stuart's love-rod, my head doing a classic love dance for this blond god. Many amateur gobblers would have flinched, but me not being one such, not only sensed he was about to 'give', but made sure my mouth stayed wrapped around his beautiful cock (all nice & pink-white!), as he pulsed, jerked & gave me a torrent of his blond 'love'. He kept ejaculating this hot, tasty & sticky cum. Manfully I took it all. When he'd finally fully spent, I got up from off my knees. I was as hard as hell, but because of my need to satisfy him, hadn't done anything about my own erection. Again Stuart asked, 'Who's Matin?' This time, I pulled out my cock, & so so ahamelessly, as I tossed myself off, talked about how Martin, that blond stud would fuck my wife, & with me pleasuring him at the same time. Said I to my Supervisor Stuart, 'Yes Stuart, Anne would LOVE you also to fuck her; she LOVES blond studs like you & Martin. Please please fuck her!' And saying this, tossing off, I shot my load into some blank audit A4 paper! Again we swore secrecy!
Then at home I told Anne everything. She was both happy for me, AND disappointed that she missed out. But the next day,it was the same, with Stuart & I needing to work overtime. I'd also taken a photo or 2 of Anne to show Stuart, & he found her so so attractive. But this time there was a difference. As I was knelt before this blond god, giving him a gobble, he was on the phone to my wife, & talking dirty to her. 'Your husband is sucking me off, but I'd LOVE you to suck my cock also, & then I'd shove my blond cock DEEP inside you whilst your cuckold husband watches & masturbates! You love blond guys, don't you?' said this guy to my wife. I could only guess what my wife was saying in reply, but it was for sure positive stuff, as I heard Stuart say, 'I'd LOVE you to do that as I've a 9 inch cock, & so so fat with it!' I just carried on, & even as he blew his top in my mouth, he was on the phone to my wife, as he yelled out his orgasm, urging my wife on, 'Go on, you hot bitch' said he 'Come off for me!' So, this stud was so so sexy, that he was having phone sex with my wife, making Anne masturbate 'over him'!

Well, there is more, so if this story is published, I'll do a Part 2, so readers know how things developed between Stuart, my wife Anne & I. Thanks for publishing such great stories! So so many, but I'm going through them 1 by 1!

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Dave the cuckold

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