Bi-Sexual stories

we were chained
by sam

This actually happened, my wife Jane and I had been swinging for A couple of years, she was hot and liked to fuck for hours I would get a blow job and that was it. Our partners were the same two men, great guys, they made my hot and satisfied. I was 55 she was 48 one night we answered an ad on craigslist and thats when the adventure began. When we entered Dans\' townhouse we found a guy in his early thirties not particularly handsome short and quite average. We sat down on the couch my wife in the middle. Dan seemed nervous at first but almost immediately but his hand on Janes crouch she smiled and put her hand on his thigh he then leaned over
and kissed her, his tounge down her throat. I began to rub my dick and told them to continue. At this point Dan had us stand up and walk into the den, on the ceiling he had chains on a sliding rack I became nervous and asked what he wanted us to do he said he would chain us up and without any pain, my wife by this time was very hot and agreed I did not want to be sissy I agree. Dan had us undress then put cuffs on our wrist these were attached by chains to a set of rollers on the ceiling. Next he put chains on or ankles and pulled the chains tight we were barley to move, I asked him what he was going to do, he slapped me very hard on the ass and said do what I tell you to do. I said oK. He got undressed and to my surprise his dick was a good 8 inches. He then made my wife and I get on our hands and knees pulled out what looked like a belt and began to whip my ass, I begged him to stop he asked if I would do what he said I said yes. He then shoved his big dick down my throat An told me to suck which I did I was just beginning to in enjoy it when he pulled it out. Next he made my wife stand up in front of me I was told to get on my hands and knees and suck and lick her pussy which I did she began to move her hips and moan and ground her mouth into my face. The next thing I knew there was a terrible pain in my ass and hid dick was inside me i was in tears and begging him to take it out, but then the pain was going away and A tremendous pleasure overcame me I loved it and begged for more all of a sudden he came and then I did, his juice felt so good I asked if i could lick it clean he let me and I was a Happy man. My wife became so hot that she masturbated with my tounge and her finger and was then fucked twice by Dan. We still swing but always anally.

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