Lesbian Sex stories

Wakeup ;)
by leswolf

Clair was sleeping so soundly, nobody could wake her up. Until Krystal, her girlfriend started kissing her soft nipples tenderly.
"Oh your up" Krystal said looking at her.
Clair smiled at her and said " Dont worry, i dont mind"
Krystal smiled and licked around her nipple. Left then right, she came back to the left and sucked on her tender nipple, grasping her breast firmly.
"mhmmm..." Clair said, holding her head gently.
Krystal did the same thing to the right breast. Then licking her nipple up and down, playing with Clair's 37DD perky boobs.
Krystal kept licking up and down her nipple faster. And faster.
Clair's moaning got more sped up, and her soft moaning kept getting louder and louder in ecstasy.
"ohh....ahh baby yess ahhh..." Clair said, guiding Krystal's tongue all over her firm breasts.
"mhmm....you know i love your tits baby...mhhm" Krystal said smiling and sucking her boobs.
"ohh baby...." Clair said, holding on to the headboard. For some reason, this was an overeaction for Clair.
"You ready babe?" Krystal said, smiling at Clair.
"Ready for what?" Clair answered.
Krystal kissed and licked all the way from her big tits, down to her soft and wet shaved pussy.
She licked her fingers, and started teasing and petting her tight cunt.
"Ahh...." Clair said, smiling.
Krystal spread open Clair's pussy lips, to reveal her tight little hole. Krystal smiled at her, and started sucking on her tiny clit, keeping her fingers at the same place.
She slowly moved down to Clair's small opening, and started licking it up and down. She penetrated her tight pussy hole with her soft tongue, moving in and out, in and out, with every swift movement, going deeper and faster.
"ahh yess baby...ahh push your tongue into my dirt pussy hole...ahhh yess baby ahhh ohh god yess" Clair said, lightly thrusting her wet cunt onto Krystals face.
Krystal turned them both over, Her laying on the bed flat, holding on to Clair's legs, Clair basically sitting on her soft face.
Clair started moving her hips up and down onto Clair's face, faster and faster, until the sound of Krystal's tongue hitting and penetrating Clair's pussy was like clapping.
"Ahhh oh godd baby im gunna cum ahhh yess ahhhh" Clair said, panting.
Krystal held onto Clair's swinging hips as Her hot, sticky, delicious cum poured down her throat.
"Ahh...ohhh baby...ahh" Clair said, breathing slowing down.
Krystal came up, face covered in cum, rubbing it all over her body.
"mhmm baby...your cums so good...mhhmm" Krystal said, then french kissing Clair passionately.

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