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unexpected short love
by johnny g.

hi,i am johnny g.this is story of mine and a girl which changed my life.
as i am working with a mnc and staying at fine sunday morning i was standing in a balcony.i saw a tempo loaded with house hold followed by a down a couple from taxi.i saw the couple was in 30s.few men from tempo got down and unloaded the goods.i observed that they were shifted 1 floor above my flat.i was curios and went at their flat.i introduced myself.the couple introduced me as rohan and deepti.rohan was in consultancy business and deepti was house wife.but deepti was damn beautiful with curvy body and perfect figure.
i was stunned by her beauty.i was staring her madly.some how i left their flat and went at my placed,lit the cigarette and started smoking, thinking of deepti.after some time i brushed off thinking of the noon i went for a drink.after 1 hour i returned and watched deepti standing in balcony with a sad face.i wanted to wave but controlled.i went at my flat,switched on the tv and started watching wwe.
as days passes i got busy in my work.i got friendly with fine weekend rohan came to me and asked for a drink.i gave him beer and started chatting with him .after some time he said he is going out for a tour for fifteen days.i was damn happy on listening and he said to look after deepti.i said okay.after an hour he left.
next day in the morning at 7 am rohan came to me and said i am leaving now.i saw deepti was sad face.i along with her went down.he sat in a cab and left for his office. i saw at her and smiled.i asked how are you. she said nothing.i thought she might be sad because of rohan leaving her alone.i daringly asked her why are you sad.she said nothing and went to her flat. i was shocked by this.after some time door bell rang,found deepti at the door,with a tiffin in her hand,said rohan had forgot the tiffin.she said she called him but he refused as he was with his client.she requested me to finish the tiffin.i said the afternoon went at her flat,rang the bell,she opened the door,but was shocked to see tears in her eyes.i returned her the tiffin and asked whats the problem.the thing i heard send the cold waves in my body.
rohan was a gay.he had never touched me nor loved me.he even didn\'t bothered about my feelings.hence i use to stay sad and always cried.and suddenly she hugged me crying.i was stunned by this act.after some minutes she seperated from me.i immediately left her flat,went down stairs and started smoking.
i was thinking why did she reacted in such manner.i decided to discuss this issue.same night i saw deepti in the called her and asked her to open her mind.she with tear in her eyes looked at me and went upstairs. after some time i went up.i saw deepti standing near the door.she said to meet tomorrow at 2pm at her place.i said okay.
next day in tensed condition i went at her flat rang the door bell,she opened the door.she said pls be seated and went in the kitchen and brought a glass of water with tea.she sat in front of me looking down.i gathers some guts and asked her to speak.she said i want some body to love me,take care of me,feel my emotions can you do that. i dont care of people .i was stunned and shocked.i wasn\'t able to answer.i said i need some time to think. she said okay.i left for my flat.i thinked whole night and decided to stay with her.
early morning i woke up,got ready and went to her flat,rang the bell and gave her a chit and said meet me at the address.i am waiting for you.i was having confident ,she will come.
at the fixed time she came and hugged me.i too hold her tightly.i told her to seat on we were silent,i hold her fingers and said i love you.she in shocked looked at me.
i asked her,should we go for a drive ?,she said yes.then we drove towards lonavla,stopped there,sipped
tea.i said her, now lets enjoy this 15 days outing,first she was tensed but later on with a kiss said yes.
the next morning we rode to i had already booked a we reached alibaug we first rested for some time.later on we decided to go on a beach.she said there is a surprise.then with a lusty smile she went inside .after some time the door was opened and was standing there was deepti,total naked.i was word less,shocked.she slowly came towards me and whispered,i am yours,my body is whatever you feel. i won\'t say no.
as i kissed her passionately,she closed eyes and said i love you johnny.stay with me.i started kissing with pressing her breasts,sucking her nipples.she was moaning in ecstasy.i then lifted her,took her to bed room.she pulled me, kissed said to undress.i undressed my penis was erect .then i started kissing her lips,neck,sucked her nipples,kneaded her breasts.she got hold of my penis.she started playing with penis.i was moaning with pleasure.she then sucked until i ejaculated.she drank all my juice without dropping.i then told her to sleep on her stomach and started kissing her back,butts,thighs.after some time i told her to roll on her back.i went in the kitchen and bought ice cream and chocolate.i applied chocolate on her breasts,nipples and navel and started licking.she was unaware of such type.then she too applied chocolate on my lips and penis and started sucking.i was again going to ejaculate.she then stopped in middle,i lifted ice cream and applied on her vagina.due to coldness she shivered.then i licked the vaginal ice cream with her juices.she was stroking madly.we this for an hour.after i told her lets go to beach.she said yes.
i just wore shorts and she wore a mini and a short t with deep neck cut.she was looking damn sexy.we then marched towards beach.after walking some distance,we found a place with no one over .we then entered sea and started playing with our bodies.after two hours we came out and she removed her clothes and looked at me.i was too desperate.i slept over her kissing her,sucking her nipples.after some time we got up and reached our place.we then went to the bath room.i opened the tap of big bath tub,waited with to fill.then first we took showers with our bodies flaming and enjoying sex.then we entered bath tub and sat therefor nearly an hour.after an hour we got up,dried our bodies and went to bed room .then i kissed her all over her body.she looked at me lustily and said fuck me.i then licked her vagina and slowly inserted my penis in her.slowly i kept her stroking.after some time i increased my speed.i fucked for nearly 20 minutes.i was about ejaculate and she said inside.then she played with my penis for some time and it was again standing tall.we then again played the sex game.
we stayed i alibaug for next 3 days and enjoyed each and every moment.we then proceded toward lonavla.there we stayed in a hotel.for next seven days we kissed,fucked applied ice cream and chocolates on bodies.licked and sucked vagina,breasts, penis.we were out of the room only for lunch,dinner and outing.we then returned at mumbai,she got divorced and then we got married

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johnny g.

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