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unexpected 3 some
by joberry

So my best friend and my boyfriend and I were hanging out in the foam bath filled jacuzzi on saturday night having a few drinks and it was very chilled out just chatting the lights were dim and I thought I felt something brush up on my leg so I thought nothing of it as my bf was with us. I filled up our glasses and sat back down. I felt it on my leg again but this time I knew it was my friend because I felt her nails and she rubbed longer and higher, then she stopped and I could feel my self unexpectedly start to feel turned on by what she had done.

(This is a small but deep jacuzzi so the bubbles came to quite high) so I wondered if my bf had seen what Nat had done. So I rather left it and said nothing just in case it was an accident. Five minutes later we had resumed conversion and she out of the blue says to my bf I know she is your girl friend but can I kiss her she is making me feel all fucking hot and I can't stand the throbbing in my cunt any longer. He says it would be the hottest thing he has ever seen.

A split second later she is pulling my hair with one hand and running her other hand over my soaped body all of the sudden all I want is to fuck her face my bf is definately feeling it because he starts sucking my tits nats has started taking off my bikini top and my bf turns me around and pushes my face in to nats tits I feel her body move in response I feel that my bf is enjoying his view he starts fucking me hard and tells me to fuck Nats saying he wants me to sit on top of her like he does and use my finger to fuck her hard he stands over us and thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth I can feel how slick and wet I am getting, and feel her pussy tightening around my fingers as I get the right rhythm she holds my hips and moves me as though I have a cock inside her.

She came so hard I could feel her contact around my fingers she says that it is my turn, turns me over and pulled me to the edge of the jacuzzi and before even a single word of protest she has my cunt in her mouth licking and sucking and tongue fucking me slow at first but picking up speed I know that I am going to cum quickly and I feel that i am going to cum hard when I felt it was almost happening she started thrusting my body hard into her face and as she brings me to cum I felt myself buck and grinding her face my boyfriend is still fucking her hard from the back and it was the hottest thing to see him fucking someone else and feel his pressure of thrust push her face harder into my pussy.

She turned me over and was on my hands and knees my boyfriend fucking me hard from behind and bring his hand around to play and flick my clit the way he knows that I like nat sits down on a chair with her pussy in my face holding my hair and moving it the way she wants it to be I can feel we are all more intense and nat is really driving me face hard and fast in to her my bf is ramming me and we are all close to cumming I can feel how hot nat is how she is grinding my face all of the sudden I feel hot gushing in my mouth on my face over my tits she squirted All over me my bf sees that and it drives him wild he turns me puts his cock in my mouth and am squatting Nat gets underneath me and really started working my pussy fucking me hard and fast I know I am cumming and my boyfriend pulls out of my mouth to come on my tits. As he comes there was an eruption of squirt (which I have never been able to do) all over nat. It was the hottest thing I have ever experienced and 100% true.

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