Bi-Sexual stories

TWO blond studs with my wife Anne!
by Dave the cuckold

So now my wife had 2 lovers, Martin & Stuart. They would both visit individually, & before my wife was serviced, I'd pleasure the stud-of-the-day, by me applying my Indian tongue all over thair blond white cocks! But both Anne & me had wondered how it would work if they BOTH vivited, & the 3 of them maybe play '3 in a bed'! We soon found out. Naturally we were nervous; would there be rivalry, for although the 2 of them were very similiar, they were both competitive. Also Stusrt's cock was both longer, AND fatter than Martins, but I reckoned that if Martin resented this, I could always show him my smallish Indian cock by way of consolation.
Well, this Saturday evening they arrived. Sure, they were polite etc. There was no point 'farting around', though my wife went mouth to mouth with them both, nice & deep, first with Martin, then Stuart. 'Strictly alphabetic' said she to prevent resentment. Both these studs knew that my wife Anne was a cuckoldress, that I was an Indian cuckold, & that she, like me, LOVED blond n blue eyed guys! We all stripped off, but as usual Anne retained her 7 inch heels, looking the complete slut! T'was a compliment to us that both of them were sporting hard-ons, & in order of size, Stuart, Martin, (both blond!), & then me (brown one!). Said my wife, in a declaration of welcome, 'The only thing better than ONE blond cock is TWO blond cocks!'The studs sat nest to one another on the sofa, & my wife & I took up our familiar positions, me knelt before Martin, with my wife knelt in front of the bigger-cocked Stuart. It was inevitable, both us the married couple began what we did best---sucking cock, Slurp, slurp was it. But then what happened next we found VERY re assuring, & a delight to watch. Stuart & Martin, sitting so so close together, turned their blond heads towards one another, & what followed was an incredibly deep & long session of gay french kissing! I intently watched their kiss, with Martin's cock throbbing in my mouth; my wife watched too, her lip glossed mouth working on Stuart's mighty manhood! The 2 blond guys looked so so wonderful as they french snogged away. But u should have heard the love-sounds; slurp, slurp, mouths on cocks, mouth on mouth; 'twas a delightful symphony of sound. 19 minutes? Surely this coculdn't last, so the studs disengaged. But arm in arm the 2 blond guys went off into our bedroom, onto our marital bed, as they pleasantly took up a 69 position but with each lying on their sides. From french kissing to cock sucking, these 2 lovely blond bi guys in a hot sexual act. Were me & my wife being sidelined? Not at all. We, almost by instinct, took up our natural positions, I moved my nose towards Stuart's arse hole, & my wife towards Martin's! Sniff, sniff, sniff sniff, as both us deeply inhaled the lovely arse-aromas of the 2 blond studs. It were SUCH a exquisite smell. Stink? Maybe, but so so erotic was that 'natura' smell. But our tongues could not be denied. Almost at the same time, both our tongues attacked the arse hole in front of us. I licked Stuart's shitter, & my wife deeply tongued Martins1 This oral homage went on & on. Again the sounds of 2 cocks being gobbled, & 2 arse holes being tongued. 'Symphony wonderful'
Again, 15 minutes? Coudn't last, so the 2 guys disengaged. 'MUST come' announced Stuart, as we then both watched Martin's ovely blond head go fairly berserk on Stuart's mighty cock. Stuart groaned & announced his ejaculation. Matin, like any good cocksucker, did not flinch, as Stuart gave Martin a mouthful---blond to blond. Finally, when Stuart had fully relieved himself, did Martin remove his cum-filled mouth from off his blond partner's cock. Summoning my wife over, Martin asked her to lie down. She did. Then true bonding took place, as slowly, Martin lowered his mouth (all FULL of Stuart's cum) onto my wife's open mouth. Yes, he was transferring Sturat's spunk to my wife, & she was accepting it so so willingly. That spunk-kiss went on & on, until maybe my wife had swallowed ALL stuart's cum from Martin's mouth! Stuart & I watched, but with me gently washing Stuart's cock clean with my tongue! Now Martin was bursting. Stuart repaid the compliment, & knelt before Martin & worked his head furiously in an act to get Martin to give him a mouthful. Martin blew his top in Stuart's mouth, & Stuart didn't flinch. Again it was 'business as usual', as again my wife was asked to lie down, but this time Stuart brought his spunk filled mouth onto my wife's open mouth. 5 minutes of french kissing as this blond hunk transferred the othe blond hunk's spunk from his mouth into my wife's mouth.Anne remarked she LOVED it, loved the contrasting taste of dual spunk! AND the bonding was complete, specially once more I washed a cock with my tongue, this time Martin's now receding blond erection being washed by my active Indian mouth.
That was the first session with BOTH those handsome hunks present at the samr time. There have been many more since, all with wonderful variations. Should this post be published, of course I'll give details of all the other perverted sex acts that we all get up to! Menwhile, keep the letters coming! LOVE them!

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Dave the cuckold

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