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tuds with my wife Anne 2
by Dave the cuckold

So life was pretty good; my English wife being sexually fulfilled with her 2 blond n blue eyed stud friends giving her a regular servicing, & with me a satisfied cuckold, with the additional benefit of my mouth pleasuring these 2 studs as & when they wanted.
But I never realised what happened next. Martin was hospitable, & when once Anne & I said that we were to spend a long weekend away in a country pub, Martin told us that that was very near where he originally came from, & where his parents lived. Well, after confirming with his parents, he invited us to his parents' home for a meal, saying that he too would spend that weekend at their place.
Anne & I hadn't realised how liberal his parents were, but SHOULD have suspected, seeing Martin's promiscuous & sexy behaviour! Anyway, we went there all innocent, but obviously Martin must have said something to his parents. When we arrived, both of us noticed what a youthful looking father Mrtin's dad was; in his mid 40's, he could have passed for mid 30's, AND VERY blond like his son (Martin's gene's came from his dad it would seem). Yes, I could sense Anne having an attraction for him---& I too, being bi, but not being normally attracted to older men, felt a certain attraction. After introductions, Martin sat next to Anne on the settee; SURELY nothing would take place there, or so I thought. Pre lunch drinks were served I felt slightly embarrased when, in front of everyone, Martin sort of embraced Anne, & was stunned when they began a deep, long snog! Anne responded. Not only was my white wife french kissing a blond guy in front of me, an Indian, but also in front of his parents, who I noticed were watching intently, with smiles on their faces. Such shameless behaviour, but yes, I was sporting an erection, my cuckoldry so obvious. Even MORE surprise, when Martin's mother said, "OK you two, go upstairs into the guest bedroom, but remember lunch will be served in half an hour!". Was I stunned, as arm in arm, this lovely white couple went upstairs to commit adultery in front of his parents. But that wasn't all---quiet at first, obviouslt fore-play, but then the familiar love sounds, not just the creaking mattress & the wooden floor boards (the unmistakable sound of 'fuck'), but the noises of my lovely brunette wife moan with pleasure, as her blond lover was so so shamelessly servicing her. I was downstairs with my wife's lover's parents, & them smiling at me, almost 'in sympathy'; but was I stunned when Martin's mother said, "We'd SO SO much love being grand parents!". They wanted my wife to have their son's baby! Were they up there 'making a baby'? Said Martin's dad, "Your wife is sure hot; just hear her moaning with pleasure!". That wasn't all. Martin's dad got up; I could see a bulge in his trousers---maybe he saw one in mine---maybe not, as my cock is, as I'd mentioned before, quite small! Stunned was I when he unzipped himself, in front of his wife. Maybe he wanted a gobble from his wife, & I was looking forward to watchin this 'adult, or at least 'older' blowjob. But no. He pulled his blond cock out. YES, it was obvious that Martin had inherited his dad's build; no, I don't just mean his 6 foot+ frame, but the size of his cock--so so long & fat was Martin's dad's erection. Just like his son used to, Martin's dad clicked his fingers at me. No, like his son, he wanted ME to kneel before me, & to pleasure him. What could I do? I watched, as Martin's mum nodded to me, urging me to 'perform'. "You've done it for our son many times, now do it for his dad!" After the initial shock, I did what came naturally to me, sucking a white man's cock whilst on my knees. It were lovely, JUST like sucking Martin's cock was it. The love sounds coming from upstairs were like an aphrodisiac, as my head went fairly berserk on Martin's dad's mighty cock. Yes, I had to do what cocksuckers & cuckolds normally do. I took out my own cock, & began tossing off. "Small, isn't it?", remarked Martin's mum, "Just as Martin told us it was. No wonder your wife goes with white men!" Obviously Martin had told them all; obviously he'd inherited his dad's bi qualities; theirs was an open & liberal family----
Martin's dad couldn't hold, as he yelled his arrival. Holding my head in his strong palms, he yelled out, & gave me his hot explosion, DEEP in my mouth. I LOVED it; yes, even his COME tasted like his son's did. lOVELY was it all. Obviously he didn't want to muck up the expensive carpet, hence he gave me a mouthful (well at least that was MY theory). And for the sake of politenes, I didn't either. So, reluctantly I restrained myself nobly. I had a swig of my drink by way of tidying myself up, & sat down pretending nothin had happened---that I'd not sucked off a 47 year old blond man, but I doubt if I'd have convinced anyone!
The lovers came down, my wife looking all flushed & well ravished, big smiles on both their faces, so so fully satisfied were they. We sat down, when my wife asked, 'Dave, what's all over your mouth?' I must have looked embarrased. Martin's mum looked at my wife & smiled knowingly. The lovers giggled; they just knew that I'd just given a gobble. 'Poor chap', remarked Martin's mum, 'He was left high & dry!', to which she fetched a box of kleenex tissues, & handed it to me. I was still hard, what with the taste of semen in my mouth, & knowing my wife had JUST cuckolded me, so I did the inevitable. I once more unzipped myself, & sat on the setee, but this time openly began a slow & steady masturbate in front of my wife, her lover, & the parents of my wife's lover, ALL of whom watched intently, but in silence! In a perverse sort of way I was enjoying it, & it wasn't long before I moaned, & shot my load into the tissue, accompanied by Martin urging me, 'Go on, you cuckold wanker, shoot your load!' I came off, a lot of it, all in the tissue! Then we all had lovely Sunday roast beef, as if nothing had happened!
We had a lovely long weekend there, thanks to Martin's parents' hospitality, & thanks to Martin's dad's wonderful cock!
I promised Martin's dad to visit us in London, & we could 'do it again'! And I meant it! I'd LOVE to suck off Martin's dad in front of my wife---& when I later told her how big it was, she mentioned that she TOO would love to suck it!

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Dave the cuckold

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