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The Sexy Teddy
by Emy Naso

Baubles, bangles and beads, hear how they jing. Maybe, Lucinda, mused. But the gold, silver and platinum counter is better for my bank balance, and doesn't make that awful low-class noise. And for heaven's sake, what is a jing?

She swayed across the shop aisle with as much stern movement as a sexually provocative ocean liner. What this lady left in her wake were panting males. Not that it showed in her face. As beautiful as that was, it expressed complete innocence. It was the contrast in purity of countenance and wanton intent of body that made her special and so desirable. Lucinda had an air of wholesomeness that made Doris Day appear like a licentious hooker getting into a limo that had just pulled up in a red light district.

The problem was the body. Well, not a problem in that way. More in the come-and-loose-yourself-big-boy sort of way. There wasn't a linguist in the world who could describe her figure while his hands were tied together and was banned from making animal noises - such as wow, grrr, fuck me, being three of the tamer varieties.

Lucinda stopped at her favorite counter. The jewelry. Leaning over to study a beautiful diamond necklace she sighed at the price. Ten yards away someone else sighed. His groan wasn't directed at the exorbitant cost of the sparkling stuff, it was the perfect, round, protruding ass, temptingly sticky out from the most sumptuous body. Thomas's ardor became instantly inflamed. In fact he couldn't have been harder with ardor!

Being of the nothing, ventured, nothing gained brigade - a singular attribute blessing the terminally stupid - Thomas Beckett walked up to the rear of the year, coughed to gain attention, and put on his best smile. Lucinda turned, naïve eyes adding even more to the effect she had, and noticed his interest in her derriere. It was a preoccupation she'd observed in the male species before.

"Why, that's quite a piece of jewelry," he began.
"Why thank you kind sir, most men seem to like my rear."
Thomas flushed slightly. Her ingenuous and honest way made her irresistible.
"Actually, I meant the necklace," he said.

She stood up and fluttered her eyelids. It was like two stunning butterflies taking flight. Thomas didn't know what to look at first. He decided on her uplifted, magnificent breasts, a sight he could hardly miss - neither did he want to.

"Made by a master craftsman," he salivated.
"Don't know about that," she smiled artlessly, "Had them since I was sixteen." Thomas went from red to an even brighter red.
"I meant the necklace again."

"Oh that. I couldn't possibly afford it," Lucida said with a sad face. What gentleman could resist such unblemished sincerity? Certainly not one who was rich, randy and ready for lust. He graciously took Lucinda's hand, bowing like a good Southern gentleman, moved close, so the nosy sales clerk couldn't overhear his proposition.

"Perhaps we could discuss you having that necklace, my dear. Come over to my home and we can sit by the swimming pool."

Thomas Beckett and Lucida Maybee discreetly exchanged details and arranged to meet that afternoon at a very exclusive address.

"Don't you have any servants in such a large house, Thomas?" Lucinda asked. He'd been at the door when her taxi came up the drive, shown her through to the poolside and was now bringing out a tray of drinks. Not that she was a snob. The lady just felt servants added a certain something to a man's personality.

"Naturally I do, my lovely Lucinda. I decided to give them the afternoon off. We don't want to be disturbed, do we?" He was quite disturbed enough. The lady had arrived wearing a skirt so short it had pretensions of being a belt. Thomas noticed, when his gaze left her exposed thighs, that Lucida was carrying a small brown paper bag. If it was this year's must have accessory, the fashion passed him by.

"May I ask what you have in there, my dear?"
"How inquisitive you are, Thomas. Would you like to see my bare?
Not wishing to correct her grammar he kept quiet that it should be me bare.

I'll show you." She dipped an elegant hand inside the innocuous paper bag and brought out a threadbare teddy bare. "This is Edward. I call him teddy Teddy. Now isn't that the funniest joke you've ever heard, Thomas?"

The disappointed man tried to show mirth.

"I've also got my swimming costume," she bubbled, and retrieved the tiniest piece of material he'd ever seen. His desire perked up. It could be said his desire was as perkily stiff as a concrete support in the foundations of a high-rise building.

Lucida gave him a smile that would send ten cardinals mad with lascivious covetousness.

"Shall I put it on?"
Finding his voice with difficulty, Thomas nodded an enthusiastic yes, putting his hand in his pocket to control the outstanding and upward direction of his cock. He was tempted to tell her to change right here, then thought decorum was a better strategy for a while and replied, "Why certainly, my dear. Go into the lounge and slip that little thing on your lovely body."

Thomas found waiting for her entrance difficult. It wasn't the entering her - that was on his mind all the time - it was her appearance wearing the costume. Minutes passed, clouds floated by, empires and cocks rose and fell. Finally the dream waltzed toward him.

It wasn't so much a waltz. That was a far too sedate expression. This was a wild, uninhibited samba. An erotic movement of a forbidden tango. Lucida glided over the pale blue tiled edge of the pool. The white bikini hardly noticeable on her voluptuous figure. There wasn't much it didn't reveal. Thomas stood, mouth open, weak at the knees and with a throbbing in his pants like a fully charged battery set to explode any minute.

"You are ravishing, my dear. Come to me and let me show you something."
Lucida grinned wondering just what he had hidden away to surprise her with. He delved into his pocket and brought out a leather case. Getting about as close as he could to Lucinda without being accused of indecent assault, he slowly, dramatically opened the case. It was silk lined and contained a very expensive diamond necklace.

"Thomas," she shrieked, "you bought it for me?"
"Possibly, my dear. There is a condition."
"Do tell me," she said, her head inclined like a bird of paradise looking at the nectar in an exotic flower.

He put his arm around her slim waist and she felt the warmth of his body. He had central heating in his brain and an over-active boiler in his boxer shorts.

"You see that small splash pool over there?" Why don't we bathe in it together? Quite naked of course, Lucinda." He watched her face for a reaction. She looked at him, then at the necklace and back into his eyes. She felt it was not proper for a lady to say yes openly. But she could agree with a nod of the head. That was enough for him.

Leading Lucinda over to the splash pool, he started to remove the top to her bikini.
"You undress first, Thomas," she demurely purred. Frantically he stripped off, quickly standing nude and rude. She wanted the rock and could see he was rock hard.

"You step in the pool, Thomas and watch me undress."

He stepped waist deep, his cock sticking up so passionately it broke the surface of the water. Lucinda provocatively took her top off, wriggled and giggled, touching her own breasts in a way that sent him crazy. Then she slipped out of the bikini bottom. She was everything he had imagined. She started to walk toward the pool, hesitated and said, "Almost forget the necklace." Turning around she bent over to pick up the case. The sight sent an electric current through his body. Which was an apt description. While he'd been riveted to the Lucinda striptease, teddy had crept into the house, found an electric fire, connected it to a long lead and at that moment, when Lucida was giving Thomas a rear view he'd die for, Edward threw the electric fire into the splash pool, giving Thomas the thrill of his life.

Lucinda got dressed, went through the house to find a mirror, and admired the diamond necklace around her swan like neck. She put her costume and teddy back in the bag and went home to sleep the sleep of the innocent.

How Lucinda loved her necklace. Yet she had a mind that flittered from one possession to the next. At this very moment she was wandering through an auto showroom, positively drooling over a red sport car, made in Italy and heaven. She sauntered around the side, the front and the back. While Lucinda admired the super charged, super expensive auto, the manager was thinking highly of her chassis. His motoring thoughts were taking her for a spin, discovering what made her tick, and trying to get her to go even faster.

Straightening his tie, brushing imaginary specks of dust from his suit, Richmond J Fastfender, casually wandered over to the gorgeous lady.

"It's adorable." She gazed into the possible future.
"How about a test drive," Richmond offered, thinking that giving her a ride would be fabulous.
"I never do anything if I can't afford it," she wistfully answered.

An idea formed in Fastfender's head. It had something to do his autos, nothing whatsoever with altruism but a whole lot of manipulative lust lurked in there.

"I believe there is a way this auto could be yours, miss?" His words were about as oily as an un-cleaned sump, his mind as dirty.

"That seems incredible," Lucinda oozed, her perfume catching the air -conditioning breeze and practically overpowering Richmond. "What were you thinking of, kind sir?"

At that moment Fastfender's thinking ran along the lines of seduction and a series of sexual positions he'd seen in a book he bought from a store in Midtown. These thoughts didn't exactly run around, they were frenetically chasing sense, decency and honor from his brain, and endeavoring to perform a chemical lobotomy on any moral tendencies within his psyche.

"Do you know the disused race track out by intersection nine on the Highway?"
"I can find it," Lucinda pouted and gently hitched at her bra to adjust her very ample cleavage. "Are you okay, sir, you've come over all pale looking?"
Fastfender adjusted his eyes, mentally putting them back in their sockets, shook his head and tried to focus on something less carnal.

"Well, young lady, why don't we meet out there this afternoon and I'll let you test the car. If you like what it does"…and I like what you do, he thought…"we can see about letting you have the car." What he was going to let her have is far too rude to record.

They made arrangement and exchanged names, each one dreaming, Lucinda of a racy little sports type, giving her the thrill of her life, Fastfender, much the same, really

The taxi pulled up. Lucinda Maybee oozed her body from the back sit, smiled at the driver, who was so overcome that he waived the fee and was totally speechless. Obviously not a New York cab driver!

Leaning on the flashy Italian sports car was Fastfender, watching this visage of loveliness glide toward him, dressed in a one-piece, very tight fitting velvet coverall, with a designer bag over her shoulder. His imagination saw her as candy and wanted to lick her from head to toe. To him, at that moment, she was sexual sherbet - delectably, a frisson of dangerous taste and an after-burn to make his hair stand on end.

"Lucinda, darling, so nice to see you. Love the racing driver's outfit. That sure looks tight fitting. Is it comfortable?" His adopted a lounge lizard pose, languidly running his expertly attuned erotic eyes up, over and around every corner of her body. He just adored the chicane where her waist rounded out to a glorious rear. "Let's try out a few circuits to get the feel of the little beast." Fastfender was talking about the auto but thinking of Lucinda.

They climbed into the sports car, Fastfender taking the wheel initially. The proximity of her was almost overwhelming.

"Glad you like this outfit, Richmond, it is so close fitting and snug I decided not to wear anything underneath." She smiled sweetly, Fastfender gulped and ran his hand up the gear-stick, pushing it in first and quickly accelerating. The mind-boggling symbolism made him hot.

First he drove, then they stopped and Lucinda took over the wheel. After an hour they pulled into a shady area and Fastfender held Lucinda's hand.

"Do you like the car, babe?"
"It's fabulous, Richmond."
"Would you like it to be yours?"
Lucinda put her hand to her mouth to suppress an unladylike whoop. Richmond made his move. "I can arrange that, Lucinda…if you will be mine."
"Seems like a fair bargain, Richmond," she said, batting her eyelids decorously.
"Let make it really sexy," Fastfender leeringly suggested.
"What did you have in mind, honey?" she purred as mellifluously as the car engine.
"You drive off to the other side of the track, babe and take that outfit off. Then drive back in your birthday suit. When you step out that car, sleek and naked I'll be ready and waiting."
"Sure sounds exciting, Richmond. You have a vivid imagination."

He got out the car, watched her speed off and stood waiting, anticipating, savoring the thought of possessing her body.

Halfway around the disused track, Lucinda stopped the car, struggled out of the coverall, leaving her shoes on to drive better, slid back in the front seat, her naked skin feeling good as it caressed the black leather of the sports auto. Before starting the engine she leaned over, opened her chic bag and put teddy next to her.

The dust of the flying sports car signaled its arrival, the roar of the throaty engine echoing the feeling in Fastfender's loins. As the red flash came to a halt he leaned on a lone tree, having decided this was where he would take Lucinda. He'd considered every possibility and decided on the sexual positions - stamina allowing. His mouth was dry as he watched the car door open, first one bare leg, then another swinging out. Tantalizingly the rest of her body came into view. All his life, Fastfender had raved about autos, especially sports cars. Now here was something that had so many similar attributes, except it was flesh and blood, warm and moist, highly tuned, responsive to the touch, infinitely maneuverable and best of all, unlike a car, you could fuck it.

The vision of the naked Aphrodite sashayed toward him. Erotic engineering, flowing, moving, fueled by desire and driving him crazy. She stopped, beckoning her little finger for him to approach. Lead by the balls and with only a cock as a logical mind, Fastfender started the walk to his dream.

He never heard the sports car start. He never saw it coming at him. If he had, Fastfender would have been amazed to see a teddy behind the wheel. He wanted to get laid by Lucinda, not flat out with a red sports going over him.

"Teddy, what have you done?" Lucinda huffed. But she wasn't too annoyed. She dressed, got in the car, moving teddy Teddy over to the passenger seat, and drove off home.

The police in the district were slow. But not that slow. Eventually they made the connection, helped by a taxi driver who remembered dropping this high-class dame off at both a house belonging to the late Thomas Beckett, and at a disused racetrack where he'd seen a guy answering the description of the lamented Richmond J Fastfender, one time auto dealer. Now a very dead salesman.

The detective who arrested Lucinda Maybee almost dropped the charges, such was her charm and certain other assets he didn't record.

The trial was quick, as Lucinda refused to say anything. The defense lawyer kept warning her it didn't look good. She'd wink and patted his head. The trial judge and the male members of the jury all fell in love with Lucinda, but still found her guilty. Judge Arnold Sapena looked grave and asked Lucinda if at this final moment she had anything to say and break her silence.

The femme fatale stood up in the dock and leaned forward, looking at her defense lawyer.
"Would you please open the bag I left with you."

He did so, pulling out, to his surprise, a threadbare teddy. Handing it to Lucinda he wondered if his client was insane. With a smile to melt the snows of the Sierra Nevada, Lucinda put teddy Teddy on the edge of the witness box. Now honey, tell the judge and the jury it was you. Confess how you killed poor Thomas and ran over sweet Fastfender."

There was utter silence. All eyes were on the bear, all thoughts on the beautiful woman. Nothing. Lucinda prodded teddy. Mute. She shook him. Still zilch.

As they led her down sobbing, the teddy sat thinking. I've loved watching Lucinda having a bath, cavorting in the shower, getting undressed and tucking down in bed with me at night. What bear wouldn't love sleeping naked with that lady. But if she thinks I'm going to take the rap, forget it. I'm a clever bear, not a vain, silly human.


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