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the second party
by BeachBum

The next party was the following week. Carol could make Lisa pretty much do whatever she or I wanted as
she took many pictures and videos of the last one. Carol said if Lisa didnt do as ordered.... those pics
and vids would find there way onto the internet. Lisa was horrified!
Carol asked me what I wanted this time... I told her a second wife..she was surprised! she then asked
who would it be? i replied "Kerra". she was shocked! Kerra was a little red haired girl with small boobs and
an awesome ass, she was about 29. Kerra was not liked by anyone due to her attitude.
Carol told Lisa what i had said and she was mad but could not do anything about it. Kerra came to the
party and Carol told her what i wanted her to do, she said no way...then Carol showed her a video of her she
took and Kerra folded.
The night started..the new couple was getting pounded hard..the wife was being fucked in the ass, she
had a line of 5 guys behind her and 7 in front waiting for their turn at her mouth. the husband was being sucked
off by 3 blondes and a redhead in front of her.
Kerra said to me why her and i told her she needed to be taken care of and she had alot of guys screw her
over, and she would not work only take care of me and the house. Her only job besides that is to do me when
i ask. she said she could. Lisa grabbed Kerra and led her to the bedroom away from the crowd. we would all share
one bed from now on. we were all naked already, kerra dropped to her knees and started sucking me off. Lisa
started sucking my balls and i shot the first load of the night down kerras throat. i went out to the party
for a drink and said for the girls to get be back in a few. as i made my way to the living room
the new couple was going though the treatment. the wife was now sucking all the guys off, she was covered in cum.
her ass was sore and red... she had a line of 18 guys to suck and she was on the 6th. i asked laura who had 44dd
tits to suck me hard, she latched on to my cock like the pro she was and i was hard again. i went over to the wife
and cut in line, she sucked me off and i pulled out of her mouth and came on her face. it was awesome! laura
came over and licked it off her and swallowed it all. i was getting pretty drunk by now and found my way back
to the bedroom where the girls waited for me. they were locked in a 69 position and kerra was on top. i lubed
her ass and entered it slowly till it hit my balls. i pumped her slow and then shot my load in her tight little
asshole. my cum dripped down her crack into lisa's mouth. i then stuck my sticky shaft in lisa's mouth and
she licked me clean.
the party ended and everyone was gone. the next day was back to work. as i awoke i felt my cock being sucked.
it was kerra. lisa came over and put her tits in my face and i sucked them hard. i unloaded in kerra's mouth.
kerra kissed lisa and shared it! i went to work and at lunch time i was led to the car for another treat.
lisa drove kerra down, had her in the backseat naked. she told me to fuck her ass again. i dropped my pants and
shoved it in to the hilt! i was grunting like a pig and she started moaning. i pulled out and shot my wad
all over her back and hair! lisa leaned over and scooped it up with her tongue! i slapped kerra on the ass
and said good job. as they were leaving they told me another wife would be welcome! i was shocked! 3 wives
would be fun, but expensive!

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