Lesbian Sex stories

The Rescue / Part 3
by Sappholust

On the long journey across the state, Val thought about her new relationship with Jill and how she had cleaned up in such a short amount of time. Val thought that maybe Samantha her new boss, and Val's former lover, may try to seduce her to having sex and Val could be okay with that if it didn't break up the relationship. Val had been getting second thoughts about letting Jill stay with her and knew that she had to be honest with her when she got back about her doubts when she returned. As much as she desired Jillian, she thought that her own desires for older more mature women may become a problem with her own ability to be in a monogamous relationship. Besides, she knew Samantha would make a move on her and probably seduce her into something, but as much as Val cared about Jill, she wasn't sure that Jill really wanted to be with her long term.

Valerie had hired an attorney from a prestigious firm that knew all about land rights, mineral and oil mining and the environmental impacts of all. She chose the firm carefully, but was assigned a lawyer by the firm and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a very attractive young bi racial woman. Yvette had been on the job for only a few years and was one of just a few "head turners" in a law firm that mostly dealt with acquiring land from individuals so that oil and gas companies could either plant a pipeline or drill for gas or oil. In this case, the company was hired to represent the landowner, and make sure that Val got the proper compensation for the mineral rights.

Yvette had been raised in Chicago and was still single at 33. She had moved to Denver to seek new challenges and while she realized that her skills doing community work on the South Side of her home town had its advantages, she hoped that meeting new people and helping others in the west could also prove to be enjoyable. Her shapely body, toned by endless yoga and swimming workouts was also very strong but not overly muscular. She tolerated her hair being straight but secretly she wanted it back in braids and with an outlandish color like pink or purple.
Her style of dressing had to be corporate but she favored wearing tight fitting blouses with no bra so she could show off her rather large nipples. In many ways she had a dancer's body, long shapely legs and small breasts. She knew men were straining to see her wiggle down the street, but not so secretly, she checked out many of the women's faces who paid her some mind in the course of her day. Yvette had totally accepted her decision to be lesbian and enjoyed every minute of it, and didn't take any shit from anyone who knew her preference. She was a bit apprehensive about meeting her client today, she was always more comfortable with older, dowdy looking women but heard from her office that Valerie was quite an attractive, smart woman with a keen sense of business knowledge. The lawyer glanced at the clock and realized it was exactly the time that Valerie has said she'd be there, and suddenly there was soft knock on the door.

Yvette opened the door to find Valerie standing there with her files in her hand and a coffee in the other. "Hello, are you...?" Valerie seemed speechless at the sight of the young woman.

"Why hello, you must be my client Valerie? I'm Yvette, please come in and take a seat at my short but convenient conference table!" Yvette was stunned by how attractive this native American woman was. But she had been warned that Valerie was all business and would demand the best representation in this very important meeting in a few hours. She wasn't expecting a stunningly beautiful woman as her client.

"Can I get you something to drink, a coffee or something stronger?"
"Thanks, I had a snack after I unpacked and freshened up for the meeting."

After a lengthy introduction by Valerie about how she was raised and how she inherited the property, Yvette explained how the negotiation would probably go. She had worked with the company that sought the rights before, and was confident she could get the company to pay a justified amount for access to the mineral rights.

Yvette looked at her watch and they still had a good ninety minutes before they were to meet the other attorneys in a conference room on another floor.

Valerie and Yvette began chatting about how they were raised as children. They shared about there early adolescence and college. Yvette was in awe of how Valerie was raised by her parents, self taught and yet very disciplined. How this smart and attractive Native American had taken some courses in California one year but despite everything going for her, had to come back home. She had planned to major in business, but was called back to take care of her ill parents. Yvette totally identified with the family demands as her sister was disabled and her parents passed early on, leaving Yvette to care for her. Valerie saw the hints of a relationship here but knew to keep it professional for the next few hours anyway.

Yvette couldn't stop staring at Valerie's firm body, her subtle coffee colored skin was so arousing to the young lawyer.
You know Val, can I call you Val?"
"Please," She said looking deep in her new friend's eyes, she wondered what Yvette did for fun and if it ever involved getting intimate with another woman.

The women found that they had much in common about their tastes in food and clothes too.

"I got these winter boots in a store in Arizona a few months ago, I love the color and the design, the price wasn't too steep either!" Yvette shared. As she showed her newest boots off the attractive lawyer hiked up her skirt trying to see what reaction she'd get from her new client.
Valerie took the casual look but surprised Yvette when she ran her two fingers up her stockings and caressed the young lawyer's thigh as she felt the material and pattern. The unsuspected sense of Val's touch made the experienced litigator blush and feel very aroused for a few seconds.

"The boots are nice, but I LOVE that pattern you're wearing with those stockings, are they comfortable?" Valerie asked innocently after she caressed the young lawyer's leg.

Their eyes met for a few seconds, which seemed longer because they both sensed a mutual desire to go for something deeper, but the moment passed and Val backed away.

Yvette was thrown a curve. Val's touch was so alarmingly sensual and yet very innocuous. She wanted the woman to touch her again, but she couldn't risk the chance of any physical contact before such an important negotiation.

"Oh, I, I, really don't remember where I got those,but aren't they really cool!" She managed to stumble out, sort of complimenting her own taste.
"Well, Im going to go back to my room and freshen up a bit more, its been a long drive here and you can see we're going to get some snow this evening, so I'm not going anywhere tomorrow, I 'll see you in a bit, in the conference room on the mezzanine."

Valerie got up and walked out of Yvette's room, showing her very special slow walk to highlight her exceptional figure.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Valerie, see you soon!" Yvette said, as she watched her hot client walk out of her door. She wished she could've told her how aroused she was at that moment, but was professional to a fault. So many chances to meet an exciting woman had been lost to moments like this in her life. The door closed and Yvette felt her breasts which were ever so sensitive to even her own touch as fondled her extended nip and felt her damp panties. She wondered if she'd ever get a second chance to meet Val again as she gathered her papers for the conference.

Val looked in the bathroom mirror as she adjusted her blouse. She couldn't make up her mind to change into her fishnets and a shorter more revealing skirt with a ribbed sleeveless cotton top which showed off her curved shoulders, or just wear the simple blouse she had on with her everyday stockings. She pulled out a matching jacket just in case along with her stacks of papers in her carrying bag. She thought about Yvette's body as she touched herself. What would that woman feel like up close, and could she enjoy being with such a dominant woman who was constantly on the move, and being courted by men and other women? Val wondered if she could handle that amount of commitment in a relationship. Before she got into her skirt she fondled her moist clit and wondered what Yvette's tongue would feel like, it made her wet just to go there. Val let those crazy sexual thoughts escape from her mind as she recalled how much she preferred older more mature women who had
been with men but preferred the taste of a woman now.

A few minutes later the two female attorney's for each side of the negotiation were seated opposite each other and conversing cordially as they sipped the complimentary coffee the hotel had supplied. Yvette heard the conference door open and looked up to see as Valerie entered wearing her shorter mini skirt with the black fishnets. She walked in with determination, her gait exuded an aura of dominance and authority. Yvette couldn't believe how sensuous a client she had landed this time around. Sharon looked up slowly as she tried to avert her eyes from this beautiful woman, but could not.

Yvette introduced everyone to each other and the negotiation began.

Sharon didn't notice Val's gaze at first, but for Val time stood still as she took in this amazingly sexy woman's appearance. For a woman in her early forties, her complexion was flawless and her figure offered a very spicy appeal for any person who enjoyed full breasts and a lovely ass. Her outfit fit her almost perfectly, a bit snug, but colorful in a solid Fall orange color, with a nice V neckline that showed off her cleavage, just enough to titillate.

At the negotiation table, Yvette was a skilled lawyer and knew how to wrangle the best deal for her clients. The holding company that wanted the rights was a front for one of the world's largest petroleum companies. They knew would have to pay dearly for the mineral rights, but still wanted to make it look like they got a great deal.

Sharon, a high priced LA attorney was representing the holding company and was known to be a tough negotiator. Val thought about what was happening here and realized that for the first time in her career, only women were arguing for and against another female client in a posh hotel conference room. It felt good that there were no men present to alter the dynamics of the situation with their attitudes of domination and phony testosterone-based posturing.

Sharon was a very successful woman in her field but at the expense of having a broken family. She divorced her husband after she discovered him having an affair with another man. It didn't really undermine her faith in marriage as much as it hurt her sexually. She still missed his hot body and even considered offering herself as part of a threesome with another woman, to try to woo him back to heterosexuality, to no avail. In the months following, she was in a different city almost every other week for days on end, working late into the night and spending too much money on local masseuses to take care of her aching feet and other sexual needs. Her dependence on commercial sex workers who happened to be lesbians, became obvious to her and she slowly realized the shift in her sexuality from totally hetero to more women-centered bisexual.

Val looked on with studied interest as Sharon dueled with Yvette on the wording of the final agreement which was going to make Val a very rich woman if any significant oil or gas was discovered on her land. The quick pace of the negotiation was spell binding to Val, and before she realized what had transpired, she was being advised to sign off on the agreement. The two women packed up their briefcases and began bantering about the weather which was becoming an issue for travel. Another major early spring snow storm was about to slam Denver and shut the airport for a time.

"I don't know about you ladies, but I'm heading to the hotel sauna for a few hours," Sharon stated. She removed her heels and rubbed her feet, her black stockings showing an ample amount of very firm leg which Val noticed immediately.

"That sounds like a great idea, do mind if I join you?"

"Any room for a third?" Val asked almost timidly.

"Of course!" They all laughed and they headed back to their respective rooms to meet in a few minutes at the mezzanine level where the hotel had an indoor pool and work out room with a large sauna.

Sharon was the first to arrive at the sauna. Upon arriving at the door she was surprised to see a large sheet of paper telling all patrons it was closed for maintenance until next week! A few moments later Yvette and Val showed up together both just wearing loose fitting tops and shorts and were really angry when they discovered that their expensive hotel could not keep its sauna open.

"Time to go to Plan B ladies! I know a masseuse literally around the corner from here who does great work and happens to have a large jacuzzi in her place too. It not as good as a sauna but she's a wonderful person and I've recommended her to many clients in the Denver area," Sharon was always in this town and had a few special numbers for pleasure seeking logged in her phone.

Sharon found the number on her mobile device and in a few seconds was invited to bring her party of three over for consecutive massages and unlimited use of the jacuzzi for the afternoon.

"That's great Sharon, lets meet in the lobby in five!" Yvette suggested as they walked briskly back to their respective rooms to gather their stuff.

Sharon's room happened to be two doors away from Val's and the two women walked back slowly to gather their things. Val couldn't help but but notice Sharon's abundant breasts in the elevator. She wondered if she had to have her bra's made custom for those huge melons. And how distracting that must be to the guys in those boardrooms, not to mention women who loved to ogle other women's breasts!

Just a few minutes later they entered the High Mileage Massage club and were introduced to Desiree. This vibrant, attractive woman stood at 5 feet 10 with a very muscular and yet voluptuous physique. She resembled a famous actress who played a fertility therapist on a popular evening episodic drama series. Desiree was a very attractive women with long muscular legs and a set of natural large breasts that she loved to show off as much as she could to her female clients. She considered herself bi, but preferred women and her back room which was adjacent to the changing room functioned as storage area for hundreds of sex toys, every kind of strap on and vibrator ever made was in that room!

Her soft seductive smile accented by her natural high cheekbones and a flawless olive brown complexion, complimented by the latest Chanel fragrances, gave this woman a fantastic feminine allure. She'd been raised in the favelas of Rio where she'd been exposed to many transsexuals women and gay men who had affected her sexual attitudes and style. Her Brazilian culture and her love for hot sex with both men and women made this woman very popular in the closed underground culture of this mid western town. Sharon had used Desiree's massage services before and the Brazilian woman had serviced many her high end clients. Her staff gave excellent massages and their other talents were known throughout the corporate grapevine.

In her parlor, Desiree almost always wore a bright gold satin robe which did a good job of hiding her fantastic body, but if no men were around, she would open it and show off her bodacious body with her 36D tits and a very round butt that was always hidden by a black or purple thong.

"Ladies welcome to my massage parlor, because of the storm I had many cancellations and can actually take one of you right away if one of you want a nice massage?" Desiree had a very pleasant easy going way about her that attracted women and men alike to her.

"Oh, sure I'll take you up on that massage," Yvette said as she was directed to the
massage room by Desiree.

"So Desiree, Its ok if Valerie and I use your Jacuzzi for a bit, while we wait for your massage?" Sharon asked the sexy proprietor.

"Of course dear, and there's some wine in the fridge over there, and some snack food too, please help yourselves!" Desiree was so charming to everyone who came into her business.

"Follow me Val, I'll show you the changing room, this is fun place and its a very safe. Most likely we can stay as long as we want. Desiree may even join us in the pool later for some fun!" Sharon lead Val and into the changing room of the opulently furnished massage parlor.

Sharon was glad that Yvette took Desiree up on the first massage, because she wanted Val all to herself for a while. As soon as Sharon closed the door behind them in the changing area which was a bit spartan considering the upscale decor of the rest of the parlor, the older woman made her move.

As Val looked at the walls adorned with every type of sex toy for women, Sharon moved quickly and spun her around and kissed her passionately, their breasts pressed tightly against their work clothes affirmed that they needed to get naked quickly. Sharon caressed Val's soft face and arms while Val got a quick touch of those lovely orbs which she desperately wanted to see in the flesh.

"Oh my, you really surprised me!" Val said as she began peeling off her clothes.

Sharon took off her top quickly, revealing her lovely ample breasts. Her thick brown nipples stood out in anticipation. She turned towards Val and helped her out of her mini dress and sweater with a plunging neck line that had shown a good amount of her naturally tanned cleavage.

"Oh Sharon, you've got such a lovely body, especially your lovely breasts!" Val exclaimed as she approached her and caressed those
sumptuous tits.

"I caught you eye ballin' my tits in that elevator a few minutes ago, Miss Val," Sharon said in a poor imitation of a Southern accent. She wanted to pounce on her hot flesh and suck her dark pussy really badly.

Val had turned her back to Sharon for a moment but countered, "I'm not going to deny admiring your hot body before, Sharon! I haven't been with someone with your dimensions is awhile!"

"Why thank you Valerie, they love to be touched and sucked, especially by gorgeous women like yourself!"

Val slipped her hand around her waist and kissed Sharon on the lips, this time Val took the lead. Her hungry hands found one of Sharon's tits as she caressed and tweaked the hard nipple to a more aroused state. She pulled away from their tongue exchange and ran her sharp tongue around Sharon's aureola, and flicked gingerly at her lovely stiff nipple before pursing it between her tight lips. Sharon loved women who were aggressive with a creative tongue.

"Oh yes, Ummmnn, I love that," Moaned Sharon.

The older woman led her younger companion's lips up to her own for another round of passion- filled embraces and saliva sharing.
Sharon loved this kind of passion and lived for these special moments in her life. She wondered if Valerie would be open to a real relationship even if she couldn't see her every month, Sharon had never been with someone as intelligent and sexy since her marriage had failed.

"Finger my pussy, Val. I'm really wet already, and you know you got me that way!"

"I cant wait to suck your pussy Sharon, I've been thinkin' of what your pussy would taste like, during all of that negotiation!"

"I caught you checkin' me out in that meeting, but didn't know you enjoyed women as much as I do,"

"Well, now you know. I also love that you're a successful attorney and have a great job and travel around, it must be fun!" Val said as she continued to caress and fondle the older woman.

Val got down on her knees and spread Sharon's tanned thighs and parted her lovely pussy lips. The feeling of Val's tongue on her clit sent shivers up and down her spine at first. Before she knew it, Sharon was thrusting her hips up and down and pressing her hot sex into Val's exciting mouth.

"Unngggnnn, Oh Val suck me good honey, suck my love juices right out of me, I wanna cum all over your mouth!" Sharon said through her gnashing teeth. Her face was tense with lust for this hot woman. Sharon had only experienced this intense passion once or twice in her new sexual life since realizing her new found sexuality.
While Valerie sucked on her clit, Sharon grabbed and fondled her own huge tits, pinching and tweaking those deliciously stiff nipples. She even found a few moments to reach down and stroke her own damp pussy which didn't go unnoticed by Sharon.

"Ummmn, I can't wait to get my lips around your pussy too, Val!"

Val parted her lovely wetness with her two fingers and enjoyed the musky aromatic sweetness of her clitoris while she slathered the swollen love bud with her wild tongue. Her fingers slowly massaged the top edge of Sharon's tight vagina while her experienced tongue flicked and stabbed at her glowing protuberance.

"OooooohH, Oh, FUCK YEAH! Suck me good! Oh my God! Ummnn, oh, oh yeah, ooh, oohh, YESSS!" Sharon cooed loudly. She leaned against the wall for leverage as she thrust her luscious hips into the young woman's mouth. Val positioned herself in such a way to enable her own pussy to rub against the edge of the leather couch as she munched on Sharon's dripping sex.

Sharon kept her mound mostly shaved except for a small patch above her vulva and Val took advantage of the older woman's submissiveness to bring her to a toe- curling orgasm. Val finger fucked her quickly with both digits inside her cunt while simultaneously licking and pinching her clit with her firm lips.

"Oh yes, I love that! Oh my GOD yes! I'm gonna cum soon, Oh YES! Oh, Ummmnnggh, finger me hard..ah..yes... Harder, YES Right THERE!"

Val felt her entire abdomen tighten like a rock while Sharon thrust out her sex once more into Val's waiting tongue, a copious amount of her salty juices sprayed all over the young woman's face and upper body. Val licked it all up with ease and went back for seconds.

"Ummghhhhh," Val uttered an unintelligible sound as she gobbled up Sharon's cum juices.

Sharon's entire body shook as the onslaught of her intense orgasm overwhelmed her body. As loads of endorphins were released in her brain, her face flushed with lust for this beautiful woman who kept on lapping up her juices. Val kissed and worshiped smooth her thighs while Sharon held Val's head in place as the electric intensity of her orgasm kept on coming.

"Oh, oh yes, Val , please keep sucking me, it feels SO FUCKIN' GOOD!" Sharon screamed, and banged her palm against the wall in total satisfaction.

Val moved her experienced tongue back to Sharon's clit and kept on massaging her swollen it in a circular motion with her fingers and licking the swollen love bud too, as another of Sharon's spurting orgasm erupted once more, showering Val's face and breasts with her cum juices.

Val obeyed and lapped up the salty mixture of sweat and vaginal secretions which flooded out of this hot older woman. Val knew she was good for another and sure enough, a few moments later Sharon's legs shook again and another smaller amount flooded Val's mouth. Bringing another woman to orgasm was always a huge turn on for Val. She loved the taste and smell of this middle aged women and loved to swallow her abundant tasty cum. Sharon collapsed and pulled Val onto the floor as the two women kissed and fondled each other.

Val reached over and kissed Sharon, her cum drenched tongue exchanging with Sharon's. She wanted more of this older woman and desperately wanted to have her fuck her with a strap on until she came multiple times, but wanted something more too. Deep down, Val knew that Jill was too young for her and Sharon's maturity and level of expertise in bed was more in line with her long term desires. Val always wanted to be with a woman who spurted like Sharon did. There was something so intense about her orgasm which sent shivers down Val's body and afterwards their snuggling and fondling grew more emotional and intense for both women. Val wondered if Sharon could be open to a relationship and the lawyer wondered if Val could be patient enough to let her come and go as much as she desired.

A few minutes later, Sharon and Val wondered how Yvette was doing with Desiree and if she'd get some alone time with Sharon, or would they all meet in the jacuzzi for some group fun and go their separate ways?

In the massage room, Yvette was face down getting a very intensive, deep tissue massage from Desiree. The young Brazilian had stripped down to her custom fitting thong and a bra, all the young Brazilian woman could think about was how sweet Yvette's muff may taste like, but knew she had to be patient. Desiree loved light skinned black women, especially ones with highly curvaceous figures like Yvette. This young lawyer had a well toned body with tight leg muscles and a perfectly shaped derriere. Desiree loved massaging a woman's ass and pussy and Yvette had one of those perfect lower bodies. Although the hot masseuse preferred her women with fuller breasts than Yvette's very average 32A breasts, no one is perfect she thought. Not every woman could afford a set of 38DD that were part of her transformation from favela guy to one of the Denver's more ravishing bombshells. Her well trained hands knew no boundaries if the woman was receptive. Desiree kept on procuring moans and sighs as her fingers wandered closer and caressed her the inner thighs near Yvette's pussy.

"Ok why don't you roll over on your back now," Desiree helped her get more comfortable and extended the custom table so that there was support for her legs. The table extensions allowed the masseuse to work between her lovely legs and get to work on her pussy and abdomen.

"Yvette, I've noticed you seem to like what I m doing, is it okay for me to go deeper?"
Desiree loved asking, it always seems more polite and most women respond with a
an affirmative response.

"Oh yes, mnnnn, of course, YES! I love the feeling of your fingers, ummnnnh!"

Yvette spread her legs apart and her luscious pussy lips were so inviting. They splayed apart like a wild flower, her pink clit slightly exposed, glistened with her juices in even the dim light of the parlor.

"It's obvious to me that pussy seems very wet already, I'd love to give you some of my famous tongue massage treatment, ok?"

"Oh yes, suck my lit Desiree. Give me your best tongue work!" Yvette moaned.

Desiree undid her bra and let her huge knockers out of their support. Her nipples were very sensitive and loved the contact of a wet clit upon them. First, the seductive Brazilian woman rubbed her stiff nips against Yvette's wet cunt lips and teased her as she outlined the hot clit spot with her abundantly hard nipple. She found the protruding her love zone and rubbed it lasciviously. Yvette could only moan as she closed her eyes and absorbed this overt act of seduction. The young lawyer could feel the warmth of Desiree's chest upon her abdomen, as those perky nipples flicked around her clit, in and out until finally Desiree gave in and her tongue dove into the sweet muff of the horny woman.

"Unnghh, yes suck my horny cunt Desiree, suck me Hard!"

Yvette's legs as her tongue found the young woman's clit. She parted those dark lips with her fingers and got her tongue around her clit in seconds, massaging the hot young black woman's G spot with her index while her lips and tongue alternated pulling and sucking.

Yvette pushed her body back into Desiree's face as the hot masseuse fingered and suckled her hot love knob. It wasn't long before she was screaming and pounding her hands on the padded table for more.

"Oh, Oh, YES, oh Fuck yes, that feels SO GOOD!!" Yvette screamed, she was close but by no means ready to explode yet. She needed deeper stimulation to get her going.

Desiree looked down at her thong and it was bulging out quite a bit. She knew she couldn't keep her secret much longer, and she sensed that Yvette would not be totally repulsed if she saw she had a big cock. The oversexed Brazilian tranny took down her thong while she gazed at Yvette. The young woman still had her eyes closed, enjoying the experience. Desiree stood there and stroked her big cock, to get it even harder. It was a good 9" and very thick with a huge crown that oozed some pre cum. Desiree was taking loads of female hormones every day but she could still get very hard and orgasm and still had some extra staying power after she shot a load.

She loved to pull it out and surprise some of the clients and many of the women were astounded to see a woman with huge tits and a nice hard cock!
Yvette still had her eyes closed so Desiree slowly parted her pussy lips and slowly inserted her thick male phallus deep into her warm cooze.

"Oh dear, what is that? Yvette asked as she opened her eyes to see the crown of her transsexual masseuse's thick cock entering her pussy.

"Oh my fuckin' God! You've got a wondrous cock there! Bring that big guy to me right now and let me suck on it!" Yvette demanded.

"Don't you want me to fuck your hot pussy first, dear?" Desiree asked in anticipation of giving her a nice pounding.

"No way! Gimme that huge cock in my mouth and let me suck on your juicy rod, I'll get it even harder!" One of Yvette's secret desires was to be taken by transsexual and really have a huge load of cum shot all over her tits and face while still being able to caress and fondle a huge set of breasts too!

"Why didn't you tell me up front you had this spectacular piece of art to suck on? I'm sure I can make it get harder for you and then you can fuck my mouth all you want," Yvette was super aroused by the lusty transsexual and wanted to taste her cum.

Desiree hadn't been that lucky recently getting any oral sex, so she acquiesced and came around the table to let the young lawyer play with her throbbing cock.

First Yvette stroked it softly from it dark base, while she fondled Desiree's rather small scrotum. Her tongue found the bottom of her balls as she slowly took her wanting tongue around the entire length and popped the wet crown inside her mouth. Her experienced tongue ran around the crown as her other hand stroked the transsexual's balls and shaft.

Yvette enjoyed the salty taste of Desiree's precum. Her smooth hips and firm belly belied her male sex organ. The gorgeous transsexual had a unique feminine personality and was a bit timid about admitting her secret to just anyone.
For the young lawyer, it was a bit strange, but Yvette adapted easily and was too wrapped up in her lust to even bother with any other thoughts than getting Desiree off and tasting her warm seed in her mouth.

Desiree closed her eyes and fondled her immense tits while Yvette administered her loving oral sex. Yvette looked up and got so aroused by those huge melons being fondled and tweaked, she used her other hand to join in that fun too!

A few moments of heaving sucking and tweaking lead to even more of heavier slurping and stroking of Desiree's maleness. Her hips thrust the cock deeper into Yvette's mouth as she took the heaving meat deeper down her throat.

"Ohh baby, oh baby, you suck me SO good! Ummmnnn, I can't wait to fuck your sweet pussy with my hot cock!" Desiree moaned, definitely getting closer to her own climax. Desiree's pre cum and Yvette's saliva began coming out the sides of her mouth as she pumped the card cock with her free hand and the hot tranny fucked her face even harder.

Desiree grabbed onto Yvette's firm arm and fucked her mouth with lustful abandon her cock oozed with loads of sweet pre cum and her client moaned in utter pleasure at the taste. In one final push the hot Brazilian woman felt an usual sensation rise up in her groin as a nice dollop of semen shot down Yvette's throat.

"Oh fuck, I m cumming! I' m cumming oh shit, I ve got another load, oh fuck yes!"
Desiree pulled it out of Yvette's hot mouth as the young woman held onto the throbbing penis while she kept stroking it up and down into a fast blur of her hot Brazilian meat until it shot out a few more ropes of white cum onto Yvette's dark, wide nipples.

Yvette grabbed it again and reached up and swallowed more cum juice before Desiree could do anything else but enjoy the sensations. The intense explosion of dopamine inside her brain made Desiree's knees buckle, her tits fell upon Yvette's mouth and the horny young lawyer reached up and sucked those stiff nipples till Desire moaned for her to cease . The taste of sweat mixed with cum from the hot masseuse made for a hyper intense experience for both of them.

Yvette got up and they embraced, the masseuse hadn't come like that in years, and in just a few minutes of caressing and kissing Desiree had another gigantic erection again.

"Come fuck me from behind, darling I want all of that hard Brazilian hardness inside me now! Come here and fuck my pussy really hard!" Yvette demanded. The lawyer leaned over the sofa and spread her legs and light skinned ebony ass so that Desiree could fuck her.

"Ummn, sweetheart, I'm gonna do you like you never have before!" The transsexual said while she moved into position.
Desiree was so ready to fuck this hottie from the rear, she entered slowly and moved her cock in and out, slapping Yvette's firm ass while she thrust her hips in a nice rhythmical pattern.

"Unnghh, oh fuck me Desiree, fuck me hard with your dark meat, ummnnah!"

Desiree reached around to fondle this woman's lovely shapely tits and arms as she pounded that tight mound. She looked down to see globs of Yvette's juices flowing out of her mound. Yvette pushed her entire body towards Desiree's hard cock, which made her swollen cunt lips open wider for her huge cock. But, after only a few more thrusts, the hot Brazilian yearned to taste Yvette's sweet dripping nectar. She could feel Yvette's muscles tightening around her cock signaling the impending orgasm. She pulled out slowly and went down on her knees and dove her experienced tongue into that soaking wet pussy while simultaneously using two fingers to take the place of her thick cock. Then she added a finger just for good measure, and quickly finger fucked the horny lawyer until she got what she wanted.

"No, Desiree, I really wanted your cock in me, oh, my GOD your tongue is good too!" Yvette couldn't decide if she wanted her to fuck her
or suck her and left it up to the hot Brazilian masseuse to do it.

"Oh..oh, you got the spot, yeah suck me harder babe! Oh yes , YES right there, Im so close! so CLOSE!"
Yvette screamed, as her first orgasm spewed loads of her juices deeper into Desiree's wanting mouth.

Desiree sucked Yvette's entire vulva into her large mouth taking loads of her vaginal fluids with her, and tongued her clit at the same time, snapping that young vulva back into place while her hands groped and tweaked the lawyer's hard nips.
"Oh fuck yes!! Oh Desire suck my pussy, I'm so ready!" Yvette leaned her entire back into Desire's face and smothered her sex into the horny transvestite's tongue. She lost count at three orgasms while her body vibrated intensely at the fingers and tongue of this over sexed woman with a cock.

Desiree lapped up the woman's abundant fluids and caressed her entire body as they
embraced, Desiree's huge cock ran between the lawyer's cum drenched legs. Desiree squatted over Yvette and stroked her thick cock oozing out more of her fluids onto the young lawyer's tits and tummy.

Desiree and Yvette cuddled on that sofa for about 15 minutes before hearing the screams and banging on the walls of Sharon and Val fucking away in the other room.

"I've got a great idea when we go inside to join Val and Sharon, I'm gonna do a strip tease, but don't give my secret away honey, okay?"

"Sure, that'll be something to watch!"

"Ill be right back, I'm going to my office to clean up and prepare, I'll meet you in the Jacuzzi soon!"

Sharon and Val entered the extremely lavish jacuzzi area holding hands and smiling. They only found Yvette there, relaxing in the swirling steamy waters. Val felt weird because she had really expected to hit on Yvette from the start, but then she met Sharon and really, her entire demeanor changed towards the younger woman.

Yvette told them that Desiree had to go to her office for a few minutes and they should make themselves comfortable. Yvette smiled at Val and she returned the smile and floated over to where she was leaning, her dark medium breasts caught Val's glance and the lawyer caressed Val's smooth face and long hair.

"So how did you and Desiree do in the massage room, was it great? We heard you both moaning and carrying on!" Val said. Yvette just smiled and noticed Desiree's office door open as she put on some great Brazilian jazz. It was a woman singing a samba in Portuguese and a fantastic rhythm section was backing her up including a vibraphone.

"Watch this," Whispered Yvette to Val.

"Hello ladies, welcome to Carnivale in Colorado!" Desiree said, and then began to sing along in her native tongue to the lively music.
She wore a colorful flowing blouse of deep purple, azure and bright orange in a miraculous pattern. Below, she was wearing a very tight pair of mini shorts which showed her voluptuous curves of her sweet ass and legs. Her platform shoes made her look taller as she danced around them as they applauded her from her jacuzzi.

The hot Brazilian woman danced over to the pool and squatted over Yvette and shoved her crotch into Yvette's face. The hot lawyer caressed Desiree's smooth legs and yearned to see that big surprise that the others didn't have a clue about yet. Then she sat on a couch near the churning water and shed her shorts. The Brazilian bombshell tossed them in a lustful move tp Yvette, who it took personally. She smelled the inside of the shorts with a heavy inhale and gave her new found lover a tongue wiggle. Sharon and Val looked at one another as Desiree headed to them as the flowing blouse was tossed over her head and landed between the two women. She kept dancing and always moving as she now pranced around only in her push up bra which made her tits look huge from the lower angle and a very prominent dark thong with glitter on it.

Next, Desiree bent over and undid the bra right in front of Sharon and let her fondle and kiss her now exposed tits. Sharon went with the mood of the moment and came out of the tub for a moment and rubbed her tits against the stripper's lovely tits. Val wanted to be in between Desiree and Sharon to smell that lovely flesh but she was too shy to move form her spot in the tub.

Then for the super surprise ending, Desiree danced around the pool and swayed her wide hips about in her own seductive way to show off her sensuous body. She undid the tie in the back for her thong and revealed her 9 inch dark brown cock with its immense crown gaining in thickness.

"WHAT the fuck is that? " Sharon cried.

"Oh my GOD!" Cried Valerie, who was too stunned to believe that Desiree had fooled her this way. She was also quite aroused by the strip tease, but not as much as her new found girlfriend, who summoned Desiree over to her and had to see her amazing cock up close. Sharon immediately fondled and stroked the humongous cock attached to this erotic woman from Brazil.
Sharon placed the growing cock in her mouth and began sucking it hard while she fondled Desiree's scrotum. The older lawyer looked up and caught the glimpse of Desiree's luscious tits being sucked by Yvette on one side and Val on the other.

Sharon hadn't sucked a large cock like that in years, but still wanted to be with Val more than ever. Part of her wanted to just grab Val and go back to the hotel and make love, but the size of Desiree's cock, mixed with her luscious feminine face and huge tits, were too much to resist. Sharon and Val felt something beyond just lust for one another, she could feel it insider her heart that Val was also smitten with her. Sharon wanted to be cautious and not ruin this very special thing by coming on to Desiree or Yvette in this situation. She knew a good orgy was just a transient thing. Her relationship with Val could lead to a serious long term thing, if they both wanted that to happen.

Ironically, Yvette still couldn't get enough of Desiree's hot body first and got her tongue all over those abundant Brazilian hard nipples while she caressed her arms. Desiree got quickly primed for another hot round of sex with three horny women. She may not be able to cum again, but would enjoy fucking as many of them as would allow.

Val went inside the store room and put on a nice strap on too and came out dangling a hot 10"phallus around her abdomen. Yvette was right there when she came out with the strap on engaged and ready for some hot action.

"Why don't you bend over just and rest your arms on the rim of the tub while I fuck your hot muff with this thick rubber meat!" Val said to Yvette who had already moved around to her and was now stroking Val's labia as she stood there watching Desiree get her cock sucked by horny Sharon. Yvette kept her eye on Desiree, she didn't want that hot transsexual get too far away as her needs had not been satiated as yet. Her original desire earlier in the day for something with Val had morphed into mutual attraction and Val felt that Sharon was just having fun with Desiree anyway.

"Oh yes Val, fuck my horny cunt, give me ALL that big rubber cock!"

Val gladly obliged and grabbed the light skinned lawyer's ass as she parted her pussy lips and pummeled her vagina with the strap on.

Fuck my cunt Val, come on fuck me hard! Harder Val, give it all to me!"

"Unngh, Unghh, fuck, FUCK ME HARD bitch, come on I want to feel your thighs heating up! Yvette cried as she took the severe pussy pounding that Val delivered. Val was into it. Her entire body glistened with a sheen of perspiration as she thrust the phallus in and out of Yvette's tight mound. She smelled the unmistakeable scent of Yvette's vaginal juices flowing out onto the permanently hard phallus. Val reached around and held onto Yvette's smooth shoulders while she gave one more intense lunge before pulling it out and unstrapping the dildo.
"Gotta fuck your pussy with my own clit now," Val said to her, almost out of breath.

The two women faced each other, their legs intertwined, their warm clits rubbing against each other, they held onto each other's hands as they both humped their bodies toward one another on the wet floor next to the pool.
Unnghh, Unngh, fuck yeah, you look good Yvette, your tits bobbin up and down, Unggh Uggh, feel my clit on your babe?" Val cried, her orgasm wasn't too far off. Yvette was soaked in sweat from receiving that pussy pounding and now humping Val's beautiful pussy.

Val moved up and thrust her pussy into Yvette's wanting mouth as the lawyer grabbed the Native American woman's ass cheeks and sucked her sweet clit hard. Val looked in the direction of the jacuzzi to see Sharon getting her pussy fucked by the hot transsexual while she hung onto the curved edge of the pool.

Sharon, where are you babe?" Val cried out, she wanted Sharon to suck her tits and then take her and fuck her pussy and ass.
Desiree had Sharon on her knees on the step of the jacuzzi and was pummeling her anus with her cock and fondling the lawyer's abundant breasts with her hands. Sharon was totally engaged and loving all of it when she heard Val's cry.

Sharon was on the verge of another giant orgasm with Desiree and the two women hugged each other after she came. Sharon responded to Val's call and got out of the hot tub and began sucking on her new lover's tits while Yvette and Val were still humping each other. Val rocked back and forth as they all got into a synchronous rhythm. Sharon fondled Yvette's nice tits with one hand while she suckled and bit Val's extended nips with her teeth.
"Ohh fuuck, gonna cum, fuck me Sharon, fuc" Val cried. She humped her ass harder as their mounds met in fusillade of cum juices and heat.

The three of them caressed each other as Desiree pulled Yvette away and took her into her office for the rest of the night.
Sharon and Val kissed and soaked in the tub for awhile longer then got dressed and went back to Sharon's larger room for some serious lovemaking.

Back in the hotel room, Sharon sat nude on the bed facing Val who was gently stroking and fondling Sharon's labia.
"Im so swollen from Desiree's huge cock, it was wonderful, but I wanted you more than her, do you know that?" Sharon asked seriously.

"I do, I want your love too, Sharon." Val said as they kissed and leaned towards one another, their arms encircling one another. They fell asleep for hours and woke to the howling of the snowstorm outside, it was still dark.

"Sharon, I'm so glad we left the orgy early, I've been searching for a real woman like yourself who's not a heavy into drugs and booze who can
enjoy great sex and still want a friendship!"
"I'm really happy with you too dear, I hope we can find a place our lives for each other, and still have our other friendships and things, I do want us to be happy!"

Val and Sharon shared their past experiences, their lost loves and tough times in the solitude of that hotel bedroom. They sensed a real desire to try to be be a monogamous couple and see how it developed. Their soft kisses and embraces, their lusts for each other's intense orgasms, seem to make the quest to make the relationship work, a journey worth taking.

"Sharon, I thought I could rescue that young woman Jill, but I know I can't. And even though she was a good lover, she needs to find her own self,"
Val said, as they stood there in the window in each other's arms. The wind blew the mounds of snow against the large pane glass window but it was warm inside and they had one another to keep it even warmer.

Their love grew, and in a few years Sharon married Val in a very simple, yet spiritual ceremony in the southwest town. Many of their friends from that same time were there too, including Desiree and Yvette. Sharon and Val took the challenge of embarking on real love at the expense of expeditious lust in a world more attuned to the latter. Their love only grew in years ahead and they knew that they could not rescue each other if one got in trouble, but needed to go within to find that special place of peace and serenity that was within all of us.

The End

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