Lesbian Sex stories

The Rescue / Part 2
by Sappholust

Samantha walked into the rustic, bustling coffee shop where she trained her gaze upon a barista who she knew from the spa. Sam was wearing her skin-tight denims with a white, deep V Bow-neckline blouse with ruffles, which caught the glances of all the guys. Her erect nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her sports bra, allowing her firm cleavage to have more definition to all the viewers around. Sam was a headstrong individual who enjoyed sex primarily with younger women, but also couldn't turn away a hot stud with a hard on, if he treated her the right way.
The place was bustling for 11am but Sam made direct eye contact with the young barista and she shot a smile back at her but had to attend to her orders.

Samantha owned and managed the only auto repair shop in over a 30 mile radius of the small southwestern town. It was a tough business, but she kept it profitable and knew how to get the most from her workers. Sam was 44, with a hard childhood in her past filled with turmoil. She was determined to keep her body fit and attractive and in the last few years she'd quit smoking and drinking just before she met Valerie. The two women shared a love of the outdoors and made passionate love together for almost six months before Sam's boyfriend at the time, a somewhat successful rock singer and wanna-be photographer, insisted that they all play one evening. Val was adamantly against it and wanted Sam all to herself. Their quick affair died, but it morphed into a good friendship when Val paid her a condolence call after Sam's dad died suddenly a few years ago.

Sam had a rugged body at 5' 10' tall. Her shoulder length, wavy dirty blond hair always hid a pair of diamond studs in her ears. But this woman was no debutante. In this hard luck town she was considered a big boned woman who could punch out most average men if she had to. Sam kept her complexion clean and unfettered of make up and she got noticed by all the hot young women at the spa who knew her reputation for being extremely generous with her tips and her passion for giving great cunnilingus. She had well toned, almost muscular legs and a firm, round butt with an abundant 38 inch bust, which she enjoyed showing off whenever she could. If her walls could talk, they'd be singin' a Willie Nelson song and some of the hard Billy Joel albums too, the crazy stuff after he left Christine.

A tanning and exercise spa had opened nearby and she had signed up to keep her summer tan lines all winter long despite being snowed in a few times!
One of the women who worked at the tanning salon had caught Samantha's eye and they began seeing one another. Just about three months ago, Sam was shocked to see the Town Sheriff at her door. Sam was told that her friend Heather had been killed in a bad car accident. Although the two women weren't really that close yet, it hit Samantha hard and she had called Valerie for emotional support right around the time that Jill was feeling better. Valerie mentioned how Jillian had come into her life and was curious if she knew of any employment opportunities around for Jill.

Samantha had always wanted to step back from the day- to- day chores of running the shop so she was open to trying out Jillian as a temporary manager.
Valerie scheduled an interview with her former lover and now close friend Samantha for the following week.

Before addressing the possible hiring of Val's new lover though, Sam had made it a priority to take at least one tough aerobics class a week. She went into her office and changed into her spandex suit and took her gym bag with her and told her cashier who was in effect managing the shop that she'd be back in a few hours at most.

The new gym had taken on a few new staff people and one of them was Elena, a woman who had actually done trained for the Olympics in swimming, but suffered an injury early in her career. Elena was a bit over 5 feet 8 inches and had an exceptional figure for a woman in her early thirties. Her smooth, flawless skin and hourglass shaped body with prominent leg and back muscles, exuded a look of grace and poise.
To make a living in the area she taught as many classes as she could, including one in advanced swimming for anyone who was interested. She lived her girlfriend Sonia, who happened to be the same person Samantha had been ogling at her usual coffee shop. Elena had come from California and was drawn to the Southwest for its solitude and amazing desert and also so she could get away from the pain of a lost love affair.

Elena had lucked out and had almost a full class earlier in the week but this class was going to be smaller and possibly shorter in length due to the schedule.

Three other female clients, all younger women who were looking to lose weight, entered the wood floored room with a large rubber mat covering the center of the room. Samantha took a spot near the back of the room, because she was self-conscious about her older body. She had never taken a class with Elena but had heard about her class from another person who advised her to check it out.

Elena walked in briskly, setting her things aside and plugged in her iPhone to the sound system and played some good home country music to get the ladies loosened up. She barked out orders to her small class, advising them on careful moves and always reminding them to breathe deeper and deeper into the physical work out.

Elena loved the exhilaration of the exercise, getting her blood going and seeing many beautiful women stretch their bodies around. She also enjoyed the part of helping those who were not as attractive as she. The young aerobics instructor noticed Sam in the back of the room immediately and kept her eyes on her as she went through her daily routine of exercises.

At the break, Elena walked over to Samantha and introduced herself.
'You're in good shape, I don't think we've met here yet?' Elena said extending her hand.

'Thanks! Hi, I'm Sam. Yes I've heard great things about your class, so here I am!' She said trying to cool off while taking in Elena's presence.

'I'm glad you made it!' Elena said, taking notice of Sam's abundant breasts and proportionate waistline.

I also do swim instruction, one on one, in the swimming trainer at the other health club in town.

'Oh my, really!, I'm a member there and its amazing we haven't seen each other!' I can't swim for shit, but would love to learn sometime, I don't know when I'd fit in the time to get to a pool anyway.

'There's a nice training pool, which is very small and intimate. Its like a rectangular Jacuzzi with a controllable moving current that can really help you adjust to different conditions,' Elena beamed at Sam, enticing her to want to take her up on a lesson.

Elena took the chance and gently caressed Sam's bare shoulder and offered her most promising smile.

'Ok, you've got me, when are you available for a lesson? '
'How about right after this class? You don't look like you're having a hard time with this work out and I'll make it very good for you and easy too!'

'Hmmnn, well I do have some extra time but I can only do about an hour, 'Sure, you're on!'

'They even have extra suits there if you don't have one,' Elena reminder her.

After the aerobics class, Sam changed into a black leotard and a loose blouse with a deep V neck that offered a nice view of her luscious breasts. She offered Elena a ride to the other health club a few miles away.
The younger swimming instructor wore a pair of tight blue jeans and a tank top under her leather jacket.

In the ride to the other club, Elena couldn't help but notice Samantha's older, yet very hot body. The topic of roommates came up in their small talk and Elena asked if she lived with someone.

'I have a boyfriend, but we don't do that too well, we argue too much,' Sam offered.

'He's a photographer and sometimes he's just too much to be around, besides I like my privacy, how 'bout you?' Sam queried, throwing it back to the young woman.

'I share a place with another woman who works in town,' Elena said, being purposely private.

'Did you know Heather, the instructor who worked there but died in the car crash a few years ago?' Sam asked her casually.
'No, But I think I was hired to replace her, actually. I heard really great things about Heather though,'

'We were lovers for a short time, that's why I asked,'
Sam said and left it at that.

Sam wondered if Elena would be gentle with her, as she really was terribly afraid of drowning. She had never developed any swimming skills and thought of herself as uncoordinated in the water.

'Listen, I'm really nervous about this lesson!' I only decided to take it because you were so good to watch while working out!'

'Ha! That's the first time someone's ever said that to me!
'Why you don't think you're an attractive woman?'

'Not many women take notice, that's all.'

'I find that hard to believe with that curvaceous body you have,' Sam offered as she glanced over while driving.

'Samantha, I'm a good teacher. I will not make fun of anything you do and will give you plenty of time to enjoy the experience also, I promise!'

'I know. I feel that I can trust you.' Sam said as they pulled into the lot of the other more upscale club.

At the club, they entered the women's lockers, which at that time of day happened to be empty.

Sam noticed Elena eyeing her as she undressed and got into a borrowed bikini. Samantha's 38D tits were pressed into the suit nicely, her muscular arms and
firm legs caught Elena's attention.

Elena's body was more svelte and firm from her years doing laps and running. She always found herself drawn to slightly older women, even young mothers who had larger breasts than her average 32Cs. But she also knew her thighs and tummy were much tighter than the average woman's.

Elena gave Sam a quick basic lesson on how swimming technique and what to look out for when in the pool. She also told her that she would be holding her in place as she kicked her feet and began moving her arms as the water flowed around them.

The water was on the cool side of acceptable but still very pleasurable for Samantha. She felt comfortable with Elena as she adjusted her arms and legs while letting her make some mistakes along the way. Sam liked the way she touched her arms and her attitude, it was very comforting, despite her fear of the water.
Elena had an extra custom hair protection cap which was needed but were not as uncomfortable as the standard ones.

The cool temps were making Sam's nipples very hard though and she was sure her abundant nubs were showing, she hoped Elena's would show through too!

'You're doing great, keep those legs kicking while I support your torso as you hold onto the rail,' Elena advised.

Soon Elena had Sam kicking and moving her arms correctly while she placed her both hands on Sam's abdomen. She could feel her diaphragm moving up and down as she took breaths. Elena stopped her, told her to stand up and guided Sam's hand to feel her own tummy and how Elena was breathing. Elena faced Sam and took in a few deep but relaxed breaths. Elena kept Sam's hand right between her breasts and then to her tummy and showed her how to regulate her breathing. The two women were only a few inches away from each other during this part of the lesson.

Elena told Sam to stand up and take a break to rest and catch her breath, but Sam had other intentions.

Sam was very aroused with her younger instructor and leaned in and took a giant risk and kissed Elena on the lips at the end of an exhale. It was a short but passionate kiss.

'Oh my!' Elena said breathlessly, immediately wanting more, but hesitating just to be careful.

'I shouldn't have I know, but you turned me on so much, with your subtle touch,' Sam said, almost expecting to be rejected.

'No, no, I'm glad you kissed me!' Elena admitted.

Elena looked up at the door to see if anyone was looking in. No one was around. She forgot about the cam on the wall.

Elena looked at Sam and threw both of her arms around Sam and they kissed and fondled each other with adult passion.

'It's the middle of the afternoon, this place doesn't start getting busy till about 4pm, we'll be ok for a few, lets have some fun!' Elena suggested, when they came up for air.

Sam took off her top and exposed her luscious pert 38D breasts. Her dark brown nipples stood out, their extreme tautness due to the cool temperatures.

'Oh Sam, you've got a beautiful set of breasts! I love women who are full sized, and yours are so yummy!' Elena said, as her tongue surrounded Sam's extended nipple and she swirled her warm tongue around its textured bundle of nerve endings.

'Oh, I love the way you suck my nips really slow, ummnnh,' Sam moaned.

Elena loved the sensation of another woman's nipple on her lips and tongue too. She enjoyed giving pleasure to women so much, especially women who would be receptive to some heavy fucking and sucking later on. She could feel the heat coming out of Sam and knew this was a red-letter day for sure!

'Oh Elena, I want you to take me now!'
Elena stripped off the suit, showing off her mostly shaved muff and the two women fingered each other as they kissed again, this time with extremely more passion. Tongues exchanged fluids as arms were squeezed and caressed. Breasts were pressed against each other, thighs stroked with loving hands.

'I was getting so aroused in my aerobics class watching you, Sam! You turned me on from my first glance!'
'Suck me here, right here, I can't wait for your tongue on my clit any longer!,' Sam whispered into her ear as they kissed again.
Sam pulled herself out of the small pool and sat on the edge and spread her thighs for the young woman. Elena went down on her, slowly parting her swollen labia and took her clit into her wanting mouth. Sam had a very prominent clit which usually stood out almost an inch from her vulva with its pink wet protuberance and Elena's tongue found it instantly.

'Ommmngg, yes Elena!' Sam winced in obvious lust as this young woman found her most sensitive spot. Sam caressed her shoulders with one hand and fondled her full breast with the other as she balanced herself on the edge of the pool.

In a dark control like room where the training pool temperatures and water flow were monitored regularly, a beautiful young woman glanced down at the grainy color monitor and fondled her naked tits as she watched the two women suck each other.

'It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it,' Shayla whispered to herself as she enjoyed the voyeuristic aspect of this job.

Shayla was a sensuous mix of Mexican and Iranian cultures. She was a beautiful, olive skinned woman who possessed a beautiful personality on a small but proportionate frame. She was 5ft 2 but had the most amazing set of breasts which she loved to play with while doing her job. She was not raised in a religious house, so she could show her body and she knew women, especially older women were her preference.

Elena continued to suck on Sam's pussy, suckling her stiff clit and finger fucking her with two digits while she caressed her bobbing tits as she laid back and took in the pleasurable experience.

'Oh babe, you suck me so good, ummnngh, yes!' Sam moaned as she looked down at Elena's experienced tongue and fingers working on her.

Sam knew she needed to take this woman home and complete the night with her, so they could fuck and suck until they became so filled with lesbian lust they fell over and slept.

'Lets rub our clits together now, Elena if we both get in the water, I'm sure you can position yourself and rub your lovely clit on mine,' Sam suggested.

'Oh I so love clit to clit rubbing!' Elena exclaimed, as she helped Sam back into the swirling waters. They were both naked and Elena had Sam twist her torso so that her their legs could intertwine and their submerged clits were joined in the warm surge of the training pool.
Sam held onto Elena as the younger woman almost mounted her and found her level of desire for this hot woman increase exponentially as their time together increased.
'Oh fuck me Elena, fuck me with you lovely clit, make me cum, dear, yeah,oh nice, right there, yes harder, HARDER, yes, Yes, YES!!' Sam cried out as her rolling orgasm overtook her quickly.

Upstairs in the darkened cinder block room, only illuminated by the color screen, Shayla shoved the rubber dildo in her horny pussy as she massaged her swollen clit with her free hand. She was so aroused by the two women fucking in training pool number 7 on her watch. The voluptuous woman leaned back in the padded chair and felt her climax approaching as she feverishly fucked herself while massaging that special spot on her clit.
'Oh fuck, yeah, suck her sweet cunt!' Shayla cried to the screen as Elena went down on Samantha once more after they fucked each other's pussies.

Shayla left a nice amount of her cumjuices on the chair for the next guy who was due into the monitor room in a few minutes. Shayla had an idea as she watched the women get dressed and head back to the lockers.

Back in the locker room, Elena and Samantha took a shower to enjoy each other's body once again. This time they were not alone. Shayla got to the showers about the same time as the two women and planned to join them. She walked into the community style showers and went to a place clearly in their vision and started fingering her moist clit as she watched the two women kiss and fondle one another. Sam noticed her right away and despite her compact size, noticed how puffy her vulva looked. She definitely had been fucking something or someone and her labia was totally open and looked very alluring to the older woman.
Sam invited her over and the Shayla introduced herself and told Elena she should be more careful about what happens in her lessons.

'You were spying on us the entire time?' Elena asked incredulously.

Shayla smiled back and told her not to worry, they didn't record anything up there.

Elena was impressed with Shayla's lovely body too as Sam invited them all back to her spacious home to
have some serious fun together.

The morning came too quickly for three women two of whom knew worked together from time to time. Elena
was offered a ride back to her apartment by Shayla after the three of them had a loving night of sucking and heavy pussy pounding.

Shayla loved fucking older women and had mounted Samantha's warm pussy and plowed her deep and hard a few times, leaving the older woman totally sore that morning.

Elena was a bit jealous of Shayla's boldness and her subtle sensuality which was probably from her mid eastern roots. Nevertheless, Elena was also very aroused by the woman but wanted Sam more to herself the next time around.

Sam woke alone, her two transient lovers had split for their respective jobs that weekday morning. She called her shop and told her employee that she was coming in soon.

Looking in the mirror, Sam fondled her abundant breasts and looked down to her flowering pussy, which had a supreme workout only a few hours earlier. She had spurted her juices on both women as they licked and sucked her so elegantly and yet with lustful energies she had not experienced in months.

Sam remembered she promised Val to give her girlfriend and new housemate, a job interview for
The job of managing the busy auto shop while Sam took care of her other 'important affairs.'

Jill was excited at the opportunity to bring in some cash and pay back Valerie for all that she'd done for her. By the time Jill started the job, the two women were very comfortable living together and respected each other in a very spiritual way. Valerie understood that she was vouching for Jillian's character and was taking a bit of risk, but she believed she was in love with Jillian and by then their sexual relationship had taken off for an entire new dimension of pleasure.

Jill's first day meeting Sam was a good one. The two women seemed to hit it off immediately. Sam was patient and knew the new girl was going to need a few weeks to be able to come up to speed on what she expected of her.

Samantha had appointments outside of her office all that first day, but was hoping to also get a massage from one of the new workers at the spa. Unfortunately, her schedule didn't allow for it at the last minute and instead she stayed and watched Jillian attend to the most basic of duties at her new job. Sam spied Jill by using one of her secret TV monitors she had installed to try to catch sticky fingered mechanics and patrons who seemed to always want to talk to the mechanics while they worked. It was around lunch and Sam could see Jill's extremely fine figure, including those firm breasts jiggling in her tight fitting turtleneck. As the quiet but demanding executive watched Jill attend to her new tasks, Samantha understood what Valerie saw in Jillian, her figure was amazing and her fresh face made her seem very personable too. Sam also appreciated the curves of her ass in those tight jeans she wore to the office that day. She was hoping that her new hire would be receptive to some of the perks she offered in the overtime hours.

Back at Valerie's place, Jillian showed total devotion and appreciation to her lover for the chance to redeem herself. Valerie had some news however. She had to take a trip to Denver to see a few lawyers about gas and mineral rights on her land.
She would be gone for most of the rest of the week at
the minimum. She was renting a car and left her Jeep to Jill to commute into town to do her job.

At the end of that first Friday, Sam called Jill into her office. She asked Jill to close the door and sit down. Samantha explained what had happened to her recently with her last lover and Jill was very empathetic. But as she listened she was trying to discern just where this attractive, middle aged woman was coming from.

"Now all I ask for in my business in honesty and a good work ethic, and I believe Val already spoke up for you on those two items," Sam said quickly.

"But there is extra work if you want it out there, but you may not be able to share about it with Val,"

Jill was curious about what type of work, but also needed the cash, so she was open to almost anything
Her new boss was offering.

Samantha wore a black sexy cut -sleeve sweater that accentuated her lovely shoulders and arms. It had a broad but deep cut and without a bra on, her tits were very noticeable. She always wore tight fitting pants but today added a leather vest outfit for the cool March day. But the temperature in the windowless office was rising dramatically. She shed the vest which exposed her lovely tanned breasts just a bit more as she spoke about how there were other duties to perform which could easily net a few hundred dollars a week.

"I guess, sure, I'd be into working late sometimes," Jill answered, not really sure how to respond to the overt request for something sexual in nature.

All week long Jill got pangs of desire for this hot older woman, but knew deep inside that if she gave into those sexual desires, her relationship with Valerie would suffer, if not completely collapse.
It always seemed that her life was the constant pull of dangerous liaisons versus a loving relationship where she was accepted almost unconditionally. It was the universal battle between the good angel inside her and the evil slut who wanted to fuck everyone and everything. Jill didn't know how she'd react if tempted, but was aware that this was a turning point in her young life.

Jill saw the rough edges around her new boss as a veneer of arms to protect her from the world. The younger woman was perceptive enough to grasp that this woman was jealous of Valerie and wanted to pry into their relationship any way she could. Jill's first impression of Samantha earlier that week had been one of surprise at how intensely attractive she was, and how she carried herself with authority but didn't talk down to any of her employees and let them find their own pace for doing their jobs.

"I'm on my feet almost all day and I need a good foot massage, nothing else, really. She lied. So are you ok with doing that on occasion?" The owner of the shop closed her door. It was after closing time anyway and all the mechanics were long gone. They were alone in the windowless, dingy office.

"Sure, I happen to give excellent foot massages too!"

Sam leaned back in her chair and took off her expensive cowboy boots and was ready for Jill to show her stuff,"

"Nice boots!"

"Thanks, I got them in Nashville when I was there last year,"
Sam wiggled out of her boots and slumped down into her leather chair as Jill took her socks off and began massaging.

"You'll find some lotion over there and I even have some witch hazel which works really nice before you do anything, to sort of take the perspiration away," Sam suggested, as she awaited her first massage.

"You know you'd be more comfortable if you just got on the leather couch I'm on, right?

"You're right, Jill thanks," And they switched positions. Jill got herself comfortable by sitting on a large embroidered pillow and began cleaning and massaging Sam's right foot. She applied the creamy lotion, which she liked the smell of and gave her new boss a good massage based on reflexology.

"You sure know your way around the pressure points don't you, I m very impressed!"
Samantha enjoyed watching her new hire as she caressed her calve muscles and gave her an excellent foot massage. Upon finishing her right foot, Jill took the bare foot and pressed it against the crotch of her jeans, and Sam instinctively made a massaging motion with her entire leg to respond. They both looked at each other.

"Ungghh, that feels good!" Jill moaned.

Then the young woman leaned down and took Sam's bare left toe and gave it a good slow licking with her tongue and pursed her sexy lips around the large digit and sucked on it too. As Jill sucked on Sam's left big toe, she began touching her own pussy, which made her boss squirm in the leather couch. She got into sucking on the toe, sucking like a stiff cock, licking and tonguing around her colored nails.

"Jill, how did you ever know, how much I love that!"

"Just a wild guess,"

"Hmmnnn," Sam smirked a smile in her direction, then stuck out the tip of her tongue and touched the inside of her upper teeth while Jill continued her massage.

This time Jill was giving it extra care and pressure points to relax and stimulate her erogenous zones. Then Jill quickly took off her blouse and bra and rubbed the sole of Sam's foot on her breasts. Jill's nips stood out at attention from the touch and Sam used her first two toes to tweak those sweet nipples into an even more heightened state of arousal.

The two women looked at each other and Sam undid her the remaining blouse buttons while Jillian stood up and wiggled out of her pants, revealing her black thong and her perfect ass and shapely legs.

"I've had my eyes on your body all week long and have been dreamin' of sucking your hot pussy all week!', Jill said coarsely.

"I want you to flood my mouth with your cumjuices!"

'I think I can arrange that, easily dear,' Sam said
as she undressed quickly.

Jillian leaned over and they kissed for the first time, their tongues chasing each other around, hands groped each other's tits and shoulders. Jill was breathing harder now and she wanted to feel Sam's body come alive when she stimulated her clit. Samantha couldn't wait to get fucked by this gorgeous young woman also. The night before, she had wicked fantasies of being taken by Jill and fucked hard with her favorite strap on.

Jill dropped to her knees and helped Sam as she pulled off her pants, exposing those tanned and toned thighs. Jill could see how aroused her employer was when she put her finger on Sam's silver trimmed, lacy cotton panties and felt how wet they were.

Samantha reached into the side drawer of her desk and pulled out a huge strap cock on with leather straps. The phallus was dark brown and reeked from the scent of pussy juices. Last night's fun filled her mind for a moment, and she wondered how Jill would fit in with her other friends.

"You can use that on me after you suck me a while, ok?"

Jill gently took off Sam's lacy panties and dove her face into her boss's horny wet pussy. She gave her clit a perfunctory lick and then massaged her clit with her thumb. This woman had huge vulva which was almost completely shaved, lest for a small thatch on the top, where Sam had kept it very neat. Jill loved the scent of her sex and wanted to give this woman so much pleasure. Jill took Sam's prominent clitoris, which stuck out of her sweet flower, and massaged her swollen bud with her tongue until Sam's legs vibrated like tuning forks. Sam instinctively grabbed Jill's long hair and held on tight.

Jill was so ready for this, she parted those wet lips with two fingers and fucked her slowly, as her other hand glided up and fondled those lovely tits. Her right hand fondled and pinched her abundant conical nipples which made Samantha gyrate her hips up to meet her finger and guide it to her special spot.

"Unggh, oh, Jill fuck me babe, fuck me hard, I wanna cum so hard in your face!"

"Sam, I've been waiting to do this all week to you! 'You are SO hot to me! I d love for us to do this as much as we can!'

"For sure, Jill!"

Jill went down on her, sucking her clit with lustful abandon. Her muff tasted sweet like a nice piece of fruit. Her scent was mixed with musk and a fragrance she hadn't really experienced before, but it made it her hotter for her sexy boss.

"Oh, you suck me good babe, suck me HARD! Mnnnnnn, YES!" Samantha cried, as she fell her juices get stirred down below. The warmth of her impending orgasm built up quickly and sloshed a small wave of cum juices all over Jill's face as she gobbled them up.

"Fuck me now Jill. Fuck me hard with that strap on, then let it sit between my big tits with all my spunk on it while I suck your hot pussy mound off too!"

Jill was an obedient lover and willingly donned the dark phallus and did as she was ordered.

Sam looked up at her new lover and was so turned on
by Jill's attractive figure, her abundant tits swayed as she strapped on the huge phallus.

Jill looked down at her sexy boss, and realized just how lucky she was to make love to this middle-aged woman. She enjoyed watching Sam wince in minor irritation as she slowly penetrated her all the way with the thick rubber cock. With one hand, she held onto Sam's smooth, firm upper arm while she thrust her hips in and out, deeper and harder into her luscious cooze.

It was dark by then, but inside the shop's office, Sam had left on only her tungsten lamp which gave the office a nice warmer feel to it. The air in the office began to change from the reek of motor oil to the sweet scent of female juices. The leather couch squeaked and rattled on the wood floor as the Jill slammed the strap on cock deeper into Sam's hot pussy mound. Jill loved fucking her with the strap on, but preferred sucking more and was hoping to injest more of her cumjuices after Sam came a few more times.

"Unnghh, Yes fuck me, fuck me�ahhh..aHHH' Jill got so into it she rammed the couch against the wall as Sam's orgasm took over her body. Sam totally got off on making it with younger women almost half her age.

The young employee pulled out the cum soaked phallus and placed it between Sam's nice tits and Jill
wiped the rubber cock against her sternum as it transferred her juices to her breasts. Jill took her finger and tasted the woman's juices and licked her finger slowly with a nod to her lover.

The two women cuddled and kissed awhile, but they both knew this had to keep going, for only one of them was totally satiated. The new hire swung her leg over Sam's luscious body and rubbed her damp clit on Sam's tit and then moved slowly up to her face. Jill looked forward her boss's face to receive some good pussy licking of her own.

Sam grabbed Jill's ass and pulled her partially shaved mound closer to her lips. Her endorphins were racing with all the pleasure of cumming twice in quick succession and having this lovely young snatch to suck on for a while.

"Oh my God, Samantha your tongue, Ohhh, HummmnnghhhhGOD! YES!!"

Jill cried out in lust as she felt her own pangs of orgasmic need begin to rise.

Sam loved to suck pussy but found using a giant phallus on another woman a bit more stimulating. She grabbed the spunk filled rubber cock and rubbed Jill's flowering pussy with it a few times while her other hand found her anus and began fingering her bum hole for extra effect.

Jill jerked upward, shouting for more tongue action but Sam slid upwards and put the hard phallus into her wetness while the older woman stabilized it by her lower abdomen. Jill rode that rubber cock wildly as Sam massaged her tits and tweaked Jill's super erect nipples. The horny younger woman's wetness saturated the leather couch as it flowed down around the rubber phallus, her breath increased rapidly as she steamed towards her climax.

"Ride this big cock, Jill while I massage your hot clit with my finger," Sam said. She loved rubbing her lovers' clits while she fucked them.

Sam grabbed her buttocks and helped her stay in place as she adjusted her position. Jill squatted onto huge brown cock and rubbed its rough surface on her clit just as Sam's finger found the right spot also.
Jill bounced and gyrated towards a huge loud orgasm.
'Oh, Oh yes! YES Sam, right there, yes�cumming!'

Jill's head spun with lust for this older woman. It was different than with Val who enjoyed more traditional moves and touches. Sam was into being wild and more spontaneous.

Afterwards the two women caressed each other on the oversized leather couch.

"You better follow me home for a nice meal and a shower, Jill. I have something to talk to you about anyway. You can't tell Val about any of this of course, but I hope we can pleasure ourselves together again,"

"Oh definitely Sam!' Jill head was still spinning with lust for this hot older woman.

They got dressed quickly and Sam told Jill to follow her back to her ranch house a few miles away.

In the dark cave of Samantha's warm bedroom, the two women laid in each other's arms. They'd made long passionate love all night and now it was early morning. As they showered together, Samantha realized it was time to ask Jill if she could indeed share her body with Val on a regular basis.

"Jill, I know we've been together just this once, but I really want to be able to have fun with you from time to time. I 've got a few girlfriends in town and on occasion, we all find time to party here. Sometimes I also just entertain myself with a guy Peter who's a photographer. Peter loves doing some art and erotic shots of me outside and asked if I'd be interested in finding a girlfriend or two to pose with, do you think you'd be up for something like that? He'd pay for your services and they could end up being published somewhere�'

"Well, I think that would sort of end my relationship with Val, if she found out. I still have feelings for Val and wouldn't want to hurt her,'

'But you realize if we keep doing this, she will find out from others around town," Jill said in an anxious tone.

"Is your boyfriend going to want to end up having a three way?"

"It could be, if you wanted that," Sam would love that. Just the thought of Peter's huge cock and Jill's body together, got Sam going all over again.

Sam reached over to her cell and pulled up a nude shot of Peter showing his 8' cock. He was just drying himself off after showering and making love with her.

'Here's Peter, he really is hot! But a decent guy too. You'd have to meet him first and see for yourself,' Sam suggested.

'You mentioned some other women, do you fool around with a lot of women in town? I've only been here a few months and know Val and you, but I'd be into experiencing more things with some of your friends too, I guess,'

Thoughts of a multiple woman orgy definitely enticed her. She loved a three way too, especially if Sam's boyfriend had a nice cock and had a good attitude.

"Hmnn, well, I've been known to love to suck a good hard cock, and it's really intriguing to think of having you there too!'

'You know, when Val is away, I'm willing to bet she's not being abstinent. She loves sex with all sorts of women, you know,' Sam added, trying to woo Jill to do the photo session with her.

'I realize that too, Sam. But I want to think about it awhile. Val's love has meant a lot to me, she really saved my life,'

'I know, its fine if you think about it as long as you need,' Sam said in a relaxed voice.

'Jill, Peter has a great body, he works out all the time and is smart too and doesn't fuck just anything. He's an exceptional lover, but we have an open relationship, and he knows how much I love other women,' Sam felt the need to add.

They were still in the bathroom, drying their hair and toweling off and Sam put her leg up on the edge of the tub and Jill went down on her knees and began fingering Sam's fresh pussy lips again. She leaned in and kissed those dark lips and then stood up and the two women embraced. Sam threw her arms around Jill's neck and kissed her passionately, once again.

'Jill I know how much Val means to you, but I never thought I'd meet another lover as good as you are, with you level of sensuality and compassion. In some ways, you're rescuing me from being lost, constantly looking for someone who can satisfy me,'

'I, I really don't know what to say to that, Sam, I'm touched you feel that way about me. You must realize how well you got me off, I came all over your face a few times!'

'Yes, I remember last night very well! You got my juices going so well, last night, young girl. Not too many women or men have done me like that before, I don't know if I can stay away from you!"

END of The Rescue Part 2


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