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The Rescue / Part 1
by Sappholust

The warm wind came off the mountains and blew into the wide red and brown canyons of stone. The day had turned cloudy after a marvelously bright and grand early spring morning in March. The Arizona ground was becoming warm again after a very brutal and icy winter, but it was still only late March and the desert insects had not begun their march out of the ground. Snakes and lizards foraged desperately for any insects or rodents around the barren wasteland of the small canyon. The change in season had not yielded any noticeable changes on the topography of the crimson and dark grey slate.

Not many cars or trucks plied the two lane black top through this area on a daily basis. No one had noticed the broken railing and the tire tracks of Jillian's old Toyota pick up with its rear cap plowed into the brush and rock, just out of view of the road. The daylight grew weaker, the sun obscured by lofty cumulonimbus clouds headed east across the sky for the south west plains.

Tumbleweeds blew down the two lane road in pairs as if part of some obscure country western dance.

Inside the cab of the Toyota, Jillian still had her bloody forehead pressed against the side of the door. A small dried rivulet of blood extended down the side of her beautiful young face, her leather jacket was open, the tee shirt inside untouched by the dust and dirt that blew inside the vehicle from the broken side window. She was just beginning to regain consciousness after her hallucinations had caused her to go astray and end up in the short ditch off the road. The young woman of only thirty years dreamt of being taken by a wondrous woman of Native American beauty. This woman took her back to her small isolated cabin where she would help her regain her sobriety and help her retreat from her addiction to drugs. The dream seemed so soothing, restful and painless. Her mind fooled her into thinking she was really dead and this was her afterlife. The thoughts only lasted a few seconds in reality. And then she was there.

The strong, dark skinned woman's hand brushed back Jillian's blood encrusted hair and her two fingers felt her carotid artery for her pulse. Jillian seemed okay, almost asleep, and breathed normally. The dark skinned native seemed relieved. This woman seemed to be just suffering from a bad concussion, she thought, but she should help her out anyway. Besides she had nothing to do today and the weather was changing quickly."Hey, wake up! Are you Okay? Wake Up!" The dark haired princess said to her in a firm voice, trying to shake her back into consciousness.

"Ummmgahhhhh," Moaned Jillian, as her eyes fluttered open, totally unaware of where she was.

"Wake up, you have to get out of here!" The woman reached in and opened the door and put her strong arm around Jillian and pulled her out of the door slowly. When Jillian's legs hit the ground they buckled as she tried to stand up on her own but almost fell forward. The resourceful, adept woman grabbed her in time and let her sit down against the truck as she tended to her wounded head.

"Where, where am I, what happened to me?" Jillian asked the attractive woman.
"You crashed and went into a ditch."

"What?"Valerie looked back into the front seat and spotted the bottle of liquor. She smelled it on Jillian's breath too, and knew right away this woman had a problem.

"I need some water, please do you have any water?" Jillian pleaded. "I'll get some in my jeep, its right back there, hold on, don't move okay?"

"I'm not goin' anywhere," Jillian stated. She felt sick to her stomach and was so groggy everything looked so fuzzy and distorted.

Valerie ran back to her late model jeep and grabbed her emergency first aid box, paper towels and took out a large bottle of water from her cooler. Luckily Jillian didn't require any stitches to close the wound to her forehead. A few bandages and some water to her face with a few paper towels and Jillian was fully conscious again and the enormity of her actions hit her emotionally.

The young woman wept uncontrollably. Heavy sobs flowed from her face and her entire body shook with apparent grief at her situation. She had borrowed the money to buy the used truck from a girl friend. Jillian had no savings and very few possessions. She was heading to an ex- boyfriend's house to see if he would put her up for a while and help her dry out. This was Jillian's bottom. Now she was broke, had no job, no home and owed a good girlfriend the cash for the vehicle. Usually these depressing thoughts were enough to trigger her desire to drink until the pain of life subsided into the alcoholic haze and she would awaken on her bed with the splitting headache and the same situation to deal with all over again. Although Jillian didn't have any desire or awareness of how God worked in her life, she knew that somewhere inside of her, she had a Higher Power. She would curse and insult religious folks all the time with her foul mouth, but deep inside she knew, that her Higher Power would indeed help her out someday. This was the beginning. It was literally the spark that lit the fire inside her that brought her back to life.

"Hey, its going to be okay, you're not hurt bad and this truck can be pulled out and made right again, don't worry," Valerie said in a very positive way. Valerie placed her hand on Jillian's shoulder, and placed her hand under Jillian's chin and wiped away some of the tears that still flowed freely down her face. The woman's hand felt warm and yet firm, as if she was so sure everything would be okay.

"What's you're name?" Jill asked her.

"I'm Valerie, Valerie Pierce. I live close to here and I want you to come back with me and let me help you out," Valerie said, the words fell from her lips and surprised herself, as she had been in hiding for some time.

"I'm Jillian, thank you for helping me out," The young woman said sincerely.

"I drove by and spotted your truck sticking out of the brush, I couldn't leave you here," Valerie said as she cleaned her up with the paper towels. Valerie had come into a small fortune and invested it as securely as she could.

Her family of Native Americans had owned part of trading company and when her parents died, they left her in charge of the money. She knew that all the low- life men in her town would come after her for it, so she hid out, and then left the area.

She found a remote cabin and raised a few dogs. She fished, hunted and lived off the land the way she always had envisioned. Valerie had spent serious time in recovery from alcohol and drugs before coming into the money. She had been determined to stay off alcohol especially after she became rich, and has succeeded. But with recovery came intense loneliness and now she had no friends and only a few dogs to keep her company through the stark , cold winter. She shunned going back to AA meetings in the small town where she found recovery because of the gossip and knowledge about her inheritance. Every week, Valerie would drive the fifty odd miles to the nearest large city and keep her recovery real by going to a meeting. Sometimes she would even stay to the end.

The attractive dark skinned woman helped Jillian up and guided her to the passenger seat of her own car. Jillian got in an waited as Valerie went through the Toyota for her personal belongings. She noted the plate number and model of the damaged car and when she got back into her jeep she called on her cell phone to the wrecking company and told them to pull it out and bring the damaged Toyota to her small cabin.

The short ride to Valerie's cabin was mostly silent between the two women. Jillian didn't have a dime to give this woman, and consequently didn't know why she was helping her out so dutifully.

Jillian did feel very warm around Valerie. She exuded warmth and beauty. Jillian had never seen such radiance around another woman. Her skin color seemed to glow a rich dark brown and her jet black hair with her brown eyes made Valerie seem so pure, in a very erotic way.

Valerie had never been married and by chance found herself attracted to other women, mainly younger and white. She had many loves in her life, but none had made her feel accepted and loved unconditionally. So she went it alone in life. This young ancestor of the indigenous Americans had never ventured to the large cities and had very little contact with the outside world except what she saw on her old color tv. She didn't even own a computer and was totally self taught after spending only minimal time in grade schools.

Fortunately for Jillian, Valerie knew how to use herbs and other natural substances to assuage the withdrawal process of alcohol. She ministered these to Jillian as she de-toxed from the alcohol and small amounts of painkillers that she had taken recently.

The young white woman slept for hours upon hours, barely eating anything for the first week she stayed with Valerie. After the first week, the two women sat together in the small kitchen and Jillian told Valerie about her life. Val listened intently about the child abuse, the parents that never supported their daughter's growth. It all sounded too familiar. Val thought it was a miracle that this beautiful woman had not done more damage to herself.

"Why are you so nice to me Valerie?"

"I like you Jillian, isn't that a good enough of an answer? And I want your company," She said honestly.

One morning Jillian awoke to find the front door of the two room cabin wide open with Valerie standing naked on the porch which overlooked an empty expanse of land with no civilization in sight. The dark skinned woman's jet black hair blew in the warm wind of the early spring day and the silhouette of this lovely woman caught Jillian's view and aroused her considerably. The weakened young woman wanted to get out of the warm bed and touch that soft skin and caress Valerie's perfectly round breasts which had elongated, conical nipples. Jillian felt intense feelings for this strange, beautiful woman who had rescued her and put up with her sickness.

Jillian could still not find the strength to move about for days. She shook with chills and hot sweats, she threw up soft foods and drank as much water as she could to keep her body hydrated. And finally after three weeks of hell, her addiction to alcohol began to pass.

Valerie read parts of a popular recovery book to her at first then left the book by Jillian's side and let go of the result. Jillian picked it up and read it. Finally the young woman was walking around, eating and playing chess with her benefactor, her savior. The two women bonded and laughed together. They exchanged their deepest thoughts and feelings about why they became alcoholics and how it had messed up their lives.

Valerie knew she could not fix this woman, and had to let go of any expectations or fantasies of having Jillian in her life in a permanent way. Yet, the older, more mature woman wanted to hold Jillian and caress her face with her hands and feel her tongue in her own mouth. She wanted to make love to Jillian. The romantic in her told her she was falling in love with this young woman, but her pragmatic side reminded Valerie how important it was to stay sober no matter what happened in her life. She had lost everything once before and now had some security, but she was lonely and desired the soft touch of another woman like Jill.

In the morning before Jillian woke, Valerie would look at her innocent young face and gently brush her hair with her fingers.
Sheâ??d pull back the sheet on her bed and gaze at her soft pure body, yearning to run her experienced tongue inside the young womanâ??s thigh and discover the scent of her womanhood.

During these short morning interludes, Jillian could feel her hand on her face, but was too afraid to do anything. She had never made love to a woman, yet she secretly lusted to hold this magnificent woman's lovely ass cheeks in her hands as she licked her sex for the first time. Jill had decided to wait for Valerie to make a move that would indicate her intentions to take this to another level.

One crisp early spring morning Valerie decided to push her guest into making a decision about her life.

"It's time for you to get back to work," Valerie stated to her guest. She knew that Jillian needed to pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

"What do you mean?"

"We are going to fix your pick up truck, have you ever worked on a car?"

"Follow me," The dark skinned woman led her outside to the large structure next to the house.

Valerie donned a pair of work gloves and pulled out a huge assortment of heavy tools from a box. There was a small garage stuffed with heavy automotive machinery for repairing bodies and frames. The previous owners were using the grounds as a car repair shop and had left their tools behind.

After assessing the Toyota's situation, Valerie recommended they head into the largest nearest town and order the parts needed. The two women got into her jeep and headed into town together.

"I have no where to go when this is finished, except that I need to get a job so I can re pay my girlfriend Aloni," Jillian said, as she watched Valerie drive. She wore her dark glasses, which covered her marvelous brown eyes.

"How am I supposed to pay you back for the car parts?"

"I don't want you to pay me back for anything, Jill. I've taken you in as a guest. Guests don't pay. You can get a job and save for a new car or you can decide on something else. I, I , well, I want you to think about staying with me." The beautiful woman stammered out her intentions and was relieved at doing so, even if it meant rejection from Jill. She slowed car down and pulled over to the shoulder. Valerie couldn't refrain any longer from telling her about her mounting feelings. She had been lusting for weeks and dreaming about having a real relationship with Jillian. She had to tell her how she felt about her already.

"I, I don't know what to say Val, of course I want to stay with you. You saved my life, I owe you so much!"

"Jillian, I want to love you, will you let me love you?"

"Val, yes take me, I want to be with you!" Jillian cried.

Valerie leaned in and kissed Jillian for the first time, their lips touching softly at first, then with increased passion and intensity. The two beautiful women embraced and held each other tightly, kissing each other' s faces as they looked deep into each otherâ??s eyes. The dark skinned Native American placed her hand on Jillian's denim jeans and felt her warm sex. Jill opened her blouse and let Val feel her round and firm breasts. The cool afternoon air contrasted with the heat of their initial love and steamed up the windows as the jeep sat on the side of the two lane blacktop.

"We have to turn back and do this repair job another day," Valerie said as she headed swiftly back to the cabin.

"Yes, I think we do," Jillian said, as they laughed their way back to the cabin.

In the early evening, a night light glowed in the corner of Val's bedroom, it supplied most of the illumination that the two women would need to enjoy each other. It was Jill's first time with another woman and she knew she was falling in love with this older, sensuous woman.

Val undressed Jill slowly, taking her time to caress and knead her firm breasts and suck on her lovely dark nipples. Her fingers found the moist flower between her legs and she finger fucked her new lover, gently at first then with lustful abandon.

"Ummmmnnnn, ohhhhhhhmmmm," Moaned Jill. Her pussy yielded more and more juices to Val's wanting mouth.

"Oh suck me, suck me good Val, I've wanted you to do this for weeks now!"

The experienced Native American placed her soft hands under Jill's ass and held her pussy mound to her mouth and she danced her tongue around the young woman's swollen clitoris. Her muff smelled so fragrant, just the way she'd imagined it would. She fingered her simultaneously and soon enough, Jill's bum was off the mattress. She thrust her hot pussy into Val's tongue and finger, and Val reciprocated by jazzing her clit into a frenzy of throbbing sensations. Her panting belied her oncoming pleasure, and finally it was upon her. Val held her close afterwards. Their tongues swam around like two lizards in pond with their hair flowing between them, stuck to their faces.

Val excused herself and left for the bathroom, when she returned a huge strap on dildo hung from her abdomen.

"Have you ever seen one of these, Jill?"

"Holy shit, Val that thing is humongous!" Jill sucked on it first to lube it up a bit just in case.

"I've wanted to fuck you so bad for weeks now," Val said as she let Jill suck on the flesh colored knob.

After her first real orgasm, Val turned her around and entered her sopping wet pussy. She wanted her to feel what it felt like to be taken from behind with a strap on cock. Despite not having any idea of where the firm ridge of the phallic crown was actually touching inside Jillianâ??s vagina, Val was close to an expert locating that magic button on most women and this time was no different. Val massaged that special place and made Jillian moan in lustful excitement as her second intense orgasm exploded around her.

"Oh fuck me with your big juicy cock Val. Fuck me hard make me cum again, I want you to fuck me SO hard babe!"

The quietness of the cabin was broken by the rhythmic squishing sound of the thick rubber phallus ramming into Jill's wet mound. After only about thirty minutes of severe pussy pounding, Jill relented and squirted her juices all over Val's abdomen.

The young woman let out a loud ecstatic cry of pleasure as her entire body vibrated with steamy hot lust for her rescuer. Val kneaded her swollen tits with her lovely fingers, rolling those taut nipples for an extended time before she pulled the dripping wet rubber maleness out.

After a few minutes of cuddling and caressing, Valerie squatted over Jillian's face as they young woman licked and suckled the other's pussy.

"Suck me now babe, suck my pussy â??till I come all over your sweet face!"

"Yes, sweetheart, rub it all over me!" Jill wanted her badly.

Val moved her hips to and fro, while she grinded her sex into the younger woman's lips. As she watched from above, Val pinched and fondled her own aroused nipples, heightening to her sensations.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good, keep licking me, suck my pussy darling suck me good!" Val demanded of her new lover, as she wanted to come at least one more time before they fell asleep.

Jillian loved the fragrance of this woman. She loved the way her sex smelled and the thickness of her swollen clit. She desired to taste all of her juices as she tongued her clit with lusty abandon. Jill fingered her simultaneously as she licked and bit her love bud, and after only a short while, she could feel Val's abdomen tense, a sure sign that a lovely explosion of her juices would follow soon.

"Ohhhh, yes, YES, Oh! Unghh, YES!" Val cried as her warm vagina poured out more juices into Jillan's hot mouth. Jillian sucked and fingered her sweet pussy harder into multiple orgasms. She had experienced her own multiple climaxes that night and wanted to experience one more thing before they slept.

While Val collected herself in the bed after coming again, Jill got up and found a double sided dildo in the drawer. She jumped back to bed and teased Val with it to inspire her to keep going.

"Lets fuck one more time, I want to fuck your pussy once more!" Jill whispered to her new found lover.

"Oh honey anytime, anytime!" The over sexed, dark skinned woman said as they intertwined their strong legs.

Jillian has seen pictures of this but had never had the chance to feel another woman's sex so close to hers while the artificial cock attempted to rub around their engorged clits.

Val laid on her back while Jill slid the pink cock into her wet mound. The two women caressed each other's bodies as much as they could while they humped their pussies into one another.

"Unnghhhh, fuck me Val fuck me hard with your cock! I want to come all over your wet mound one more time too!"

"Ohh, yes I love your dirty mouth Jillian, you sucked me so good, I came so fuckin' hard!" Valerie was a true sight for Jillian to behold. Her extended conical nipples, hard as rock, beckoned to be suckled, but that would have to wait. Val's strong arms dug into the bed for traction as she tried to plunge the double sided cock back into Jillian's soaking wet mound.

Jillian's facial expression of pure lust for her new found lover aroused Val even more. The young woman's perfect tear shaped tits bobbled and swayed, her dark pink nipples glistened with a thin layer of saliva and cum juices. But the stupid dildo didn't really enable their clits to be stimulated enough so Jillian took it out and re engaged her loins with Val's.

"Ah, yes now I can feel your clit on mine, rub it hard Jill, rub me hard, make me come all over your hot mound!" Val cried in anticipatory lust.

Jillian was definitely the best lover she had been with in a long while and hoped their love would only grow. They fucked for another hour until they both succumbed to their bodily desires for rest. They fell asleep in each other's arms and slept for hours.

Val had a vivid dream about her former lover Samantha where all three women were having a wonderful time in a hot tub. Sam was still drinking and doing drugs when they broke up, and
way too attracted to much younger women than Val was. The dream made her reconnect with Samantha in the morning.

Val had a surprise for Jill when they woke up. She had a good conversation with Samantha and told her about Jillâ??s need for work. Samantha offered to try her out as a manager in her car shop. Sam was always complaining that she couldn't keep track of her customers and keep an eye on the mechanics and other things needed to have a successful business. The job didn't pay much to start, but if she proved herself, she could make enough to save for a new car and get back on her feet financially.

In the late afternoon Jillian was in the shower and Val came in and they kissed and hugged, their wet breasts rubbed up against each other which made them so horny for each other's body all over again. After the shower Val was about to tell her the good news when she found Jill naked in the doorway as she enjoyed the view of the canyon and empty countryside. The young white woman's body was so beautiful to Valerie. She loved her shape and personality. Val tried not to think about her doubts that Jill was a bit too young and inexperienced for her. Val would have to wait and see how it all shook out in time. Still, it was a true gift that this woman was in her life. They kissed and hugged, and looked out at a new day and looked forward to a blossoming relationship.

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