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The Queen
by Exakta66

I am so ashamed. I am just so ashamed of myself, you have no idea. I have been so bad I should be punished by one or two of you fine looking women. Really, I have been a bad boy. I have let you people down big time. Oh yes, I really did it this time. Here I am on an adult web site and what do I write? Childish nonsense about lost tribes of wild women, going back to the Garden Of Eden, girls tied to fences. Utter nonsense. Here you people are out there, expecting some hot adult entertainment and what do I give you? Childish nonsense. Well, it is about time I straighten up and fly right. Deliver the goods. No more childish behavior. It is about time I start acting like an adulterer, I mean an adult. Well, you know what I mean. So without further ado, I bring to you...oh you'll see.

By the way, did I mention we are going to Fantasy Land? Giddy up Fantasy Horse, because we are going to ride into town with both guns blazing. Oh yea...

To tell you my latest story we do have to go back in time a bit. I know, I'm sorry. We have to go all the way back to the late eighties. If you recall, I was engaged to a nice girl named Kim. Kim and I seemed to get along real well. After a while we fell deeply in love. So, after a couple of years of dating we did the inevitable. We got married.

Our wedding was really a very happy event for all involved. I even showed up on time. Heck, there was open bar at the reception so I certainly wasn't going to miss it. Looking back, it was good that Kim's parents paid for the wedding. If my folks paid, the reception would have been in my mother's basement and it would have been strictly BYOB.

I settled into the routine of married life pretty easily. I was doing well in the company I was now partnered in with Rich. The projects we were doing kept me working long hours sometimes so I did not have a lot of time for socializing. It was nice to know my next piece of ass would be waiting at home when I got there, hopefully with a warm home-cooked meal. I have to admit those early times in my married life were quite blissful. The sex was good, her cooking was good and I enjoyed her company very much. Still, I was starting to think there was something I was missing. It didn't take long for Kim to notice. Women always seem to pick up on these things.

"You looking at that girl?" She asked one day as a hot looking babe passed by.

"Come on now Baby, all guys look." I said meekly, "It's just window shopping. All men window shop."

"Well, I don't like it." She told me rather pointedly.

"Hey, there is a difference between window shopping and entering the store." I explained.

She didn't speak to me for a while after that. In a way I enjoyed the peace and quiet, but I really did enjoy my wife. I just kept thinking there was something I was missing.

One day at work things were a little slow. I was sitting at my desk just pondering the meaning of life and other assorted minutia. As I was sitting there, Carl walked in.

"How are you today, Alan?" Carl asked, "You look deep in thought."

"Oh, just pondering the meaning of life and other assorted minutia." I answered calmly.

"Say what?" He asked perplexed.

"Carl." I started, "How is your time machine doing?"

I was starting to think that maybe a long adventure would do me good.

"Oh wonderful sir." Carl started excitedly, "In fact, I've made some great improvements."

"Oh, like what?" I inquired.

"Well, for one thing you can go as far as you want forward or backwards in time." He answered.

"That's nice." I thought for a moment but nothing interesting jumped into my mind.

"And also, I've added a great new feature." Carl added.

"Oh, what?" I asked.

"Not only can you do time travel," Carl started somewhat proudly, "But you can travel to another dimension."

Another dimension. Hmmm...Now my curiosity was piqued. This was something special. I could go to Flatland. I could explore a parallel universe. I could get a first hand look at quantum theory and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. I could truly understand the underlying principles that govern all time and space. I could grasp the universe in my hand and possibly understand the meaning of life. I pondered the wondrous possibilities and the potential repercussions on all mankind.

"Do you think I can go to Sex Fantasy Land?" I asked.

"Say what?" Carl asked somewhat perplexed.

"Do you think I can go to Sex Fantasy Land?" I repeated confidently. I knew where I wanted to go.

"Oh, ah, I don't know. We can try." He said with a bit of hesitation.

That was what I wanted to hear.

Carl led me into the electronics lab and sat me down. Once again Carl went over to his complex machine. He started flipping switches and fiddling with knobs. The lights overhead dimmed momentarily as the big machine came to life. The machine hummed loudly as needles moved and panel lights flickered.

"Ah, I have to ask again." I started, "How do I get back?"

"Same way, just snap your fingers on your right hand three times in a row." He answered.

"OK, I'm ready. Shall we do it?" I asked boldly.

Carl pushed some buttons and twirled some knobs. Colored lights flickered on and off as the machine hummed louder. He punched some numbers into his keyboard. Once again the room started to spin out of control. I felt funny. My head started to spin and I felt lightheaded. I shook, I started to sweat. My mind started to race at a fast pace. I was out of control and there was no stopping it now.

I woke up on a busy street in what seemed to be some sort of small city. I looked down and noticed the street was paved in black velvet. A group of women walked by. They were wearing only plaid skirts and spiked heels. One of them pinched me on the butt and smiled as she walked by.

"Hi Sugar, welcome to Sex Fantasy Land." She said sweetly as she passed.

I was amazed at the sights as I stood there on the corner. A young girl with long blonde hair flowing in the breeze passed by me riding naked on a white unicorn. She smiled at me as she picked a flower from her hair and tossed it my way. I caught it and held it in my hand.

I started walking slowly up the street. Everywhere couples, mostly women, were making out on plush love seats that were situated along the street like benches in other cities. Soft moans could be heard as women walked down the street naked hand in hand. Occasionally they would stop to touch each other or comb each other's hair.

I walked further on and passed an all-night furniture store. As I looked in the window I could see couples trying out new beds. A couple of doors down I passed an edible clothing store where I saw couples sampling the latest flavors as they ate their way to nakedness.

A couple of doors up was an all-night bar. I walked inside. In the corner was a young girl sitting there naked petting a cat. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Want to pet my kitty?" She asked coyly.

She held up the cat as she spoke. As she removed the cat from her lap, I noticed she had a vibrator between her legs.

"I hope the buzzing isn't disturbing to you." She added, "Kitty likes it. She finds it very soothing."

"Um, no it's fine." I said.

"Will you do me a favor?" She asked.

"Um, what?" I responded hesitantly.

"Will you change the battery for me? I'm not sure how." She asked sweetly.

With that she put down the cat. She bent over and reached inside a small box, her butt sticking up in the air with the vibrator still sticking out of her pussy.

"Here." She said as she handed me the batteries with one hand and pulled the vibrator out with the other.

I took the vibrator and changed the battery as she sat there petting her cat and giggling. When I was done, I handed her back the vibrator.

"Thank you kind sir." She started, "What is your name?"

"Alan." I said.

"I am going to name this vibrator Alan. It is my favorite one. It is with me all the time." She told me smiling and giggling.

I walked on and found a seat at the bar. A young red haired barmaid wearing only a cowboy hat and boots came up to me behind the bar.

"You're new in town. What can I get you?" She asked sweetly.

"A pint of Guinness please." I stated, trying hard not to stare at her perfect breasts.

A moment later a blonde haired girl with what can only be described as absolutely humungous breasts came over and sat next to me.

"The gentleman's drink is on me." She told the barmaid, "And anything else he wants."

"Thank you." I said.

I looked up at a large screen TV on the wall. There were naked women playing volleyball on the screen.

"I'm in town for the Women's Naked Volleyball Playoffs. I'm a member of the Swedish team in the large breasted division." She said, "How about you?"

"I'm in town to see the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land." I said, trying not to stare at her breasts too much.

"She'll never see you." She stated.

I sipped my Guinness and made small talk trying to actually look at her face once in a while. Suddenly a pack of women burst through the door. They had perfect olive skin and green eyes. They wore only bright feathers in their hair.

"Quick! Hide between my legs." The big breasted blonde exclaimed.

She grabbed me by the head and pushed me between her legs under her skirt. She held the skirt over me as she squeezed her thighs together almost suffocating me. A few minutes later she spoke again.

"You can come up now, they are gone." She sighed.

I stood up and then seated myself again on the fur covered bar stool.

"Who were they?" I asked.

"Oh, just a tribe of wild women. They go around to bars looking for men to capture and take back deep in the jungle." She explained.

"Hmmm...Sounds, um, dangerous." I stammered.

"Oh yes, most men are never seen again." She explained.

I took another swig of Guinness and looked up at the TV screen. Large breasts were bouncing up and down as the naked girls hit the ball back and forth over the net. I stared at the screen intently, my eyes captivated by the motion of those mammaries as the girls jumped in the air to get the ball. Suddenly, the huge breasted blonde began to cry.

"What's the matter, you don't like me?" She sobbed.

"No, why?" I said, somewhat perplexed.

"You've been here almost ten minutes and you haven't even touched my boobs." She said as she lifted up her shirt revealing the largest set of knockers I have ever seen, "What's the matter, aren't they big enough for you?"

She started shaking her boobs in my face. She grabbed me by the back of the head and stuck my face between her huge set of tits and rubbed them all over my face.

"There. Next time buy your own drink." She said as she got up and walked away.

I sat there for a moment somewhat confused over what just happened. I finished my drink and thanked the naked barmaid. She smiled at me as I got up out of my furry barstool and headed for the door. On the way out the girl with the cat looked up at me and smiled. A soft buzzing could clearly be heard.

"Thanks again for changing the batteries for me." She said coyly.

"Oh no problem. My pleasure, really." I added, "Say, do you know which way to the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land?"

"Around the corner, up the hill. The big chocolate castle." She told me, "But, she'll never see you."

I thanked her and made my way out the door. It was a perfect spring-like day outside with the sun shining brightly. I walked to the corner and turned onto the avenue. I saw a group of prostitutes standing around apparently waiting for customers. Three hookers approached me, a blonde, a brunette and a red head. All were young and quite beautiful.

"Do you want to go out?" One of them asked.

I thought about it for a moment then realized I probably could not afford it.

"Oh, I really don't have any cash." I explained.

The girls giggled like schoolgirls.

"What is so funny?" I asked perplexed.

"You must be new in town." The blonde stated, "This is Sex Fantasy Land. We pay you silly."

I thought for a moment. Down boy, I said to my pecker. Hold on a minute, Junior.

"Well, how much for a blow job?" I inquired.

"I would give you a hundred dollars to let me blow you." The blonde answered.

"Suppose I want all three of you?" I just had to ask.

"Well, in that case...that would be, um, three times a hundred..." The blonde started.

"Three hundred." The brunette added, "We would have to give you three hundred to let us blow you."

I thought about it for about four nanoseconds.

"OK, lets go." I said rather excitedly.

I followed the three hot looking women up the street to a small but cozy looking hotel. We walked into the lobby. A young woman in a French maid outfit was dusting the furniture. The desk clerk was a hot looking young brunette wearing a black body stocking. Suddenly it occurred to me that I probably could not afford a room.

"I don't know if I have enough to cover this." I said sheepishly.

"Oh don't worry silly, we got it." The red head said as the girls all giggled.

"I only have the honeymoon suite left." The desk clerk said, "I hope that is not a problem."

"It shouldn't be." I added. The girls just laughed.

I followed the girls as they led me up the stairs. There were young couples fornicating on the steps as we walked up. We soon got to the room and I opened the door with the card key. I stepped inside and was amazed at the beauty of the room.

"Isn't this nice?" The brunette commented.

The red head went over to the stereo and put on an Al Green CD. The music was soothing as we took turns undressing each other. Soon we were all over each other with hands and mouths. The girls practically fought each other to get their luscious lips around my now throbbing cock. The brunette seemed to win out as she took my member and sucked it down like a pro. Of course, she was a pro. The head of my dick touched the back of her throat as her ruby red lips went all the way down to my balls. The other girls joined in sucking my nuts and kissing the inside of my thighs. The three of them working me over caused me to come so long and hard I thought I was going to die of excessive pleasure. When it was over I helped the girls gather their clothes and we got dressed. We made our way back downstairs to the lobby. As we exited the building, the desk clerk spoke.

"Thanks. Cum again." She smiled as she reached down and fingered her pussy through the body stocking.

"Oh no, thank you." I said, "By the way, how far to the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land?"

"Just up the road in the chocolate castle." The hot looking clerk said as she stuck yet another finger in her wet pussy, "But she'll never see you."

I said my good-byes to the lovely young ladies and started up the road. A big yellow school bus was parked at the curb. A group of high school cheerleaders was waiting at the curb to get on. It was obvious they were going on a trip somewhere, perhaps to an out-of-town high school game. As I walked towards the young women, an exceptionally beautiful girl started walking towards me. She looked so good in her cheerleader outfit, pom-poms in hand. Suddenly she spoke.

"Excuse me mister, can you please help me?" She asked very sweetly. She stared up at me with big dark eyes.

"Um, I don't know. What can I do? I'm not from around here." I said cautiously. I had no idea what she could possibly want from me.

"I have a problem." She started, "You see, I'm still a virgin."

"Oh, how can I help?" I asked cautiously.

"Please, I need you to take me now!" She shouted, hiking up her skirt.

She reached forward and undid my belt. She then undid my jeans unleashing my cock, which was now quite hard. She pulled down her panties as the other girls stripped to the waist. She then got down on all fours with her skirt hiked up and reached back and started to finger her young mound. You could see the moisture forming on her young virgin lips as the sun shone on her glistening pussy.

"Take me. Take me. I need your cock, please!" She cried.

I got down behind her on my knees. The soft padded velvet walkway was easy on the knees and seemed to be made for this sort of activity. I slowly entered her from behind before thrusting my entire length into her wanting love canal. The other cheerleaders picked up their pom-poms and started chanting.

"Alan, Alan he's the man. If he can't do it, no one can!"

I increased the speed of my thrusts as this young virgin began to moan with pleasure. The girls once again began to chant. Their naked young breasts bounced as they did their cheers.

"Alan, Alan he's the one. Come on Daddy, make her cum!"

My pumping again increased in speed as I could feel this young thing's vaginal muscles grip my rock hard shaft. The cheerleaders again started to chant.

"Come on Daddy start to ream. Make that young thing start to scream!"

This young former virgin started to scream as I took her on all fours in front of the other cheerleaders. When it was over I withdrew my cock from her dripping pussy and stood up. The other girls applauded as their friend sat quietly on the sidewalk. In a few minutes she got up and thanked me.

The other girls all insisted I at least finger them before letting me go on my way. I obliged, since they insisted so much.

"How far to the chocolate castle?" I asked the cheerleading captain who was beginning to regain her breath, "I need to see the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land."

"Just up the hill. But she will never see you." Was the response.

I left the cheerleaders as they begged me to stay and fuck them all silly. I would have liked to but I had a mission. I continued up the hill as a naked girl passed me on a bicycle. I couldn't tell for sure, but I believe it did not have a seat. Further on, another naked girl passed me carrying a snake. She gave me a sly glance.

I made my way to the top of the hill and finally the chocolate castle was in sight. It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen. It was surrounded by a huge moat with rose petals floating in it. As I approached, I saw young nymphs bathing in the waters. They were taking turns washing each other's hair and bodies in the crystal clear water. Giant candles reaching towards the sky provided light to the area at night. The road leading up to the castle was paved in gold leaf. There were giant marble statues of young women on the grounds surrounding the castle. The grounds were immaculate, with a wide variety of flowers in assorted colors. The scent of the flowers filled my nostrils as I approached the guard station.

I finally arrived at the guard station just before the intricately carved bridge that led to the entrance to the chocolate castle. A young female guard in a leather bra and panty set came out to greet me. She had a paddle strapped to her side and a set of furry handcuffs on her leather belt.

"Halt. Don't go any further." She instructed, "What brings you here?"

"I need to see the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land." I stated.

"What is your mission?" She asked in a serious tone.

"I need to see the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land. I am in search of the ultimate sexual experience." I stated confidently.

The guard laughed as I said this. Her red curls dangled seductively over her shoulders.

"What makes you think the Queen would see you?" She asked, laughter in her voice.

"I am a sex fantasy writer." I stated proudly.

The guard just looked at me and laughed out loud. Her ample breasts shook as she laughed.

"Everyone around here says they are a sex fantasy writer." She started, "Can you prove it?"

She was smiling with a sort of 'Go ahead, I dare you' kind of look. I thought to myself, how could I prove that I am a sex fantasy writer? This was not as easy as I had hoped.

Just then a thought entered my mind. I rummaged through the pockets of my jeans and pulled out a tattered piece of paper.

"Here." I said as I handed her the paper, "Read this. I can prove I am a sex fantasy writer."

She took the paper from my hand and studied it. After a minute she spoke.

"This is a grocery list." She said perplexed.

"Oh, sorry. Wrong paper." I explained sheepishly.

I rummaged through my pants and found another tattered piece of paper. It was a copy of 'Lost Tribe'. I handed it to the guard.

The guard studied the paper intently. After a few minutes she spoke.

"Hmmm...I guess you really are a sex fantasy writer." She said, seemingly impressed, "Well, follow me."

She handed me back the paper and I put it in my pocket. She then took me by the hand and led me across the bridge. We came to an entrance to the castle, which bore a striking resemblance to a certain part of the female anatomy. We walked through hand in hand into the giant chocolate castle.

As we got inside I was amazed to see the same girl that was in the bar petting her kitty. Again I could hear a quiet buzzing sound as we walked by. She looked up at me with a sly grin and spoke.

"I see you made it." She said smiling, "The Queen has been expecting you."

The guard led me by the hand through the vast hall covered with candy decorations depicting various sex acts. There were giant candy statues of young women in numerous poses. They all looked good enough to eat, literally. After a while we finally arrived in the Queen's chamber. She was sitting on a golden throne shaped like a vagina. She was wearing red spiked heels and matching crotchless panties. She was easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her naked breasts were perfectly rounded and full with nipples that pointed delicately upwards. Her thighs looked like they could crush a man's head at will. Her perfect hour glass figure and full hips took my breath away. Her big dark eyes sparkled in the light of the flickering candles that surrounded her throne. On either side of her were young servant girls wearing nothing but brightly colored flowers in their hair. The guard led me by the hand right up to the Queen.

"A visitor here to see you, Your Majesty." The guard spoke.

"What makes you think I have time for this visitor?" The Queen said. She had the most sensuous, seductive voice of any woman one could imagine.

"He is a sex fantasy writer, Your Majesty." Said the guard.

"A sex fantasy writer? Ha, everyone around here says they are a sex fantasy writer." Started the Queen, "Can you prove it?"

"Oh, yes Your Majesty." I said enthusiastically, "Yes, I certainly can."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a tattered sheet of paper. I handed it to the Queen. She studied it for a moment then spoke.

"A dozen eggs. A gallon of milk. Three onions. A pound of butter. How is this sex fantasy?" She asked, somewhat perplexed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Wrong paper." I said somewhat apologetically.

It took the grocery list back and reached into my pocket again and produced the copy of 'Lost Tribe'. I handed it to the Queen. She studied it intently for several minutes and then spoke.

"Very impressive. I see you really are a sex fantasy writer." She said handing me back the paper, "What can I do for you?"

"I am here in search of the ultimate sexual experience." I stated with confidence.

"What makes you think I can give you the ultimate sexual experience?" The Queen stated.

I was dumbfounded for a moment. Surely the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land could give me the ultimate sexual experience. That seemed like a no-brainer to me.

"Why, you are the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land." I started hesitantly, "The almighty ruler of all that is sexual. The keeper of every sexual thought..."

"Tell me. Are you married?" The Queen asked, staring at me intently with those big dark eyes.

"Why, yes." I answered.

"And do you love your wife?" She asked.

"Why, yes. Of course I loved my wife." I really did love my wife, "I love her very much."

"Then I cannot give you the ultimate sexual experience." The Queen stated calmly.

"Why is that?" I had to ask.

"Because the ultimate sexual experience can only happen between two people who love each other." The Queen stated frankly, "Go home to your wife young man."

I stood there bewildered. The Queen had confirmed what I guess I really knew all along. I stood there like a fool. I came all this way to hear what I really knew all along.

"So that's it?" I had to ask.

"That's it." The Queen answered.

"What, no whips no chains no whip cream?" I was a bit disappointed.

"No whips no chains no whip cream." She stated, "Unless that's what you and your wife are into, of course."

I stood there for a moment taking this all in. The gorgeous red haired guard looked at me and smiled.

"Anything else?" The Queen asked.

"No, I guess that's it." I answered meekly.

"Keep up the sex fantasy writing. The world can always use sex fantasy writers." She said.

"Yes thanks." I started, "Um, it was nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too." She responded, "The guard will show you the way out."

"No that's alright." I said, "I can find my way out myself. I had enough here."

With that I turned and gave the guard a kiss on those luscious lips of hers. Wasn't going to let that go by. Then I stood there and snapped the fingers on my right hand three times in a row.

I woke up back at work in a chair. Carl was standing beside me with a curious look on his face.

"How did it go?" He asked.

"Oh, pretty good actually." I answered, "Hey Carl, do you know where I can buy flowers around here?"

"No, not really." He said hesitantly, "Why?"

"I need to get home to my wife." I answered, "I'm in search of the ultimate sexual experience."

Carl just stood there looking rather perplexed. I just went back to my work.


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