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The Ministers Wife
by Lynabo

Sally green was beautiful; she stood out in a crowd and you could not help but notice her. She was a slim blue eyed blonde, vivacious, with a ringing laugh, and her long hair hung down her slender back crowning her like a golden halo. She also dressed to perfection, her dresses seemed to cling to her shapely form and accentuate her wonderful figure. You would not know her age until you got close and noticed the slightest crinkles at the corners of her sparkling eyes. Sally was not only clever she was talented with fluent speech and a quick wit. Her personality was magnetic, men admired her and women earnestly wished they were like her.

She was married to the Reverend Ernest Green and had two school aged children. They had been in their present incumberance five years and were spinning merrily along with a thriving congregation in middle class England. Sally fitted into all the church activities and was a great organiser, she was the perfect ministers wife, a real helpmate who adored her husband. There were womens groups, bible study groups and a youth group to provide fellowship and entertainment for the teenagers. Sally helped with everything, and when the young couple who ran the youth group were away she would take it over for a couple of friday evenings.

Now Sally was used to handling pushy men who often tried it on with her. If they were married she would repremand them and tell them it was no way for married men to behave, and if they were single she would politely remind them that she was a married woman. Naturally the men noticed her and when she read the lesson they would be admiring her figure and not paying much attention to the reading. The sex instinct is far stronger than the religious veneer that merely coats the character, sex can wreck marriages and destroy lives and must not be handled lightly.

The youth group was really just a meeting place in the church hall where there was a snooker table, some music with drinks and coffee available. Alcohol was banned but often the teenagers would dance and horse-play would occasionally occur, as it does with lively young people. It was confined mainly to those whose parents attended the church but friends were sometimes brought in from time to time, but to gain entry you had to be invited by a member. Members also had to be over sixteen and under twentyfive, the place was monitored by at least one adult who was incharge and kept an eye on what went on. The hall opened at seven and closed at ten.

It was a hot sultry friday evening in July and Sally was incharge, she enjoyed chatting to the younger people and kept all the doors and windows open to let in the night air. The music rolled out into the night with the billows of laughter. Sally noticed a new youngman who had just entered with a girl whose mother she knew well. She looked twice at the newcomer she felt sure she had seen him somewhere before. He was a tall dark longlimbed boy very handsome and well dressed, who moved with an easy cat like exuberance as if he walked on springs; he flashed a white toothed smile at Sally holding her gaze with passonate longing eyes.

"This is Lenny," said his companion smiling," He has just moved in next door to us."
Lenny seemed to linger as he held Sallys outstreched hand and she felt a sort of electricity flow between them: again Sally felt as if she knew the boy- - from where and when-- she trawled her memory with no definite result. When these evenings finished the hall had to cleared and tidied, and whoever was incharge had the job of supervising the clearup and locking up for the night. Lots of the youth quickly went off and a few dedicated thoughtful ones were left to tidy up.

Everyone had left and Sally was just locking the kitchen when she looked around to see Lenny standing close behind her. She felt herself stiffen Lenny smiled and slowly came nearer to her,"your very beautiful Mrs Green, please don't be nervous I just wanted to tell you how lovely you are," and he slipped his arm around her waist pulling her gently towards him, he kissed her passionately on the lips.This was the first time Sally had ever responded willingly to such advances since she was a nineteen year old girl and the memories of that first love affair came flooding back.

Reader we need to digress and paint in a little of Sallys background. Aged nineteen and very attractive she had met a man who she did not know was married. He was an experienced and forward lover who often cheated on his wife and he had two young children. Infact the man was a heartless romeo and he took advantage of a young girl who was longing for love and fullfillment. This man took her virginity and promised to marry her and she absolutely believed him and was head over heels in love with him. After a while she began to realise something was wrong and she followed him home one dreadful night after a loving tryst and discovered he had a wife and family. Sally was devastated: the tears flowed copiously but she could not give him up, she hoped he would divorce his wife and marry her. Love often makes us stupid, and always blinds us to a true assessment of the love object, but love lives in hope and believes in reform.

It took another crisis to open Sallys eyes and bring her to her senses, meanwhile her honey-lipped lover kept using her and making alsorts of promises that he knew he never intended to keep. Telling her how he loved her and how he would soon break with his wife, who he had no feelings at all for. His lovemaking was skillful and passionate and he carried her to new orgasmic heights often making her surprize herself by her actions breaking taboo's allowing him great freedom with her beautiful body. During these months Sally had seen his wife and she was startled how plain she looked which gave her confidence to break up the marriage and have this man for herself.

Then the second bombshell struck she saw her lover out with yet another woman. She felt suicidal locked herself away and refused to see him inspite of the fact he called many times. She was tempted but knew in her heart he was no good and she sunk into a weary apathy. This was when she met Ernest Green who had just left theological college. Ernest knew she was depressed and he was very kind and understanding; so Sally ended up becoming Mrs Green on the rebound. She thought a kind loving man was all she needed and she threw herself into the marriage, but Ernest was not a passionate man. Naturally his christian persuasion did not help in this and he gave sally the impression that it was his duty to love her and the spark she had known died.

But when Lenny kissed her it was as if she was thrown back into the world of passion and she did not resist athough she knew she should push him away. His strong arms held her as he drank from her lips and he placed his open hands on her bottom pulling her hips into his own thrusting his aroused manhood towards her womanhood. Now he was kissing her neck and she could feel his hot breath as his hands made towards her fine breasts kneading them whispering," You adorable creature your so lovely I must have you I need you I want every bit of your body."Sally could feel herself responding as she never had done for twenty years and she could not stop. Lenny was working his way down her body he was obsessed with this beautiful mature woman and he wanted to pleasure her with his tongue. He was soon under her skirt and she was raptured as he planted kiss after kiss on her thighs and upper legs she had not known such passion for years and it sent thrills through her body like pulses of electricity.

It was too late now for her to resist she was absorbed in the act and allowed her body to be enjoyed by this sexy young male who also was taken up in the suddeness of the act. They were engulfed in each other, the outside world was eclipsed only the coming storm mattered now. Sally's fluids flowed profusely and Lenny drank them like nectar, her soft wet cunt became his world down there as he felt her rising climaxes ebb and flow.

His cock was like a rock and throbbed in his trousers then he heard her moan and say," Give it me fuck me I need to be filled please fill me darling fill me."He felt it slide into her as her well prepared sheath drew him in up to the hilt. He paused with his full eight inches locked in her grasping fanny he could feel himself throbbing inside her no need to move, the joy of being there fully inserted and wrapped in cunt was enough, he needed to savour the sensation her legs wrapped around his back held him and she moaned a long low song that wavered almost cat like in its intensity. Lenny had no need of friction he knew that when she was ready she would rock the boat and then, and only then would he discharge the complete contents of his brimful sack. He drew her face uptowards his and locked his lips and tongue onto hers. They were connected inseparable and the final crisis hit them tearing at their senses, fusing there identities into one being in that supreme moment when time stops, cares and guilt are lifted.

Afterwards came the guilt and sorrow and Sallys vow to herself never to do it again. The great trouble with convention is that it gets in the way of enjoyment it tries to dictate the behaviour. The good thing is, it hardly ever suceeds the heart always puts pleasure first and so it did with Sally a married pastors wife yet she continued to consort with a youth from the church youth club.

It came as a shock when she learnt his name and realised he was the son of the married man who had led her such a dance before she married. She knew then 'Like father like son' and she knew why she had given in to this womaniser. What would become of her she dreaded discovery but loved every sexual session more and more and as he pressed his advantage he lusted more an more after this gorgeous woman. Lenny like many young men seemed to get a thrill out of the fact that Sally was an older married woman, but he new he must be careful and he picked his moments very carefully. Everytime he saw her his loins leapt and his young dark eyes gleamed with lust for he knew the pleasures of that wonderful body he had conquered it and possessed it.

As is usual with these things fate took a twist and the situation was charged with danger of discovery. Sally knew she had no excuse, if all was revealed she would be to blame and the fingers would point and judge her as a shameless hussy. Lenny had taken to visiting the vicarage on monday mornings after the children were at school and Rev Green was attending to parish duties. So as not to be seen he would slip into the back door through the garden and when he had satisfied himself slip out the same way.
Now his older brother Jack had become suspicious and knew that something was going on; the suspicion had turned into determination to find out what Lenny was upto, so he followed him on this particular monday. Seeing him slip into the vicarage garden made Jack very curious and throwing caution to the wind he followed his brother and saw him enter the downstairs back kitchen.

Jack was puzzled and he waited behind the garden shed to see if Lenny would come out. After awhile he knew he must be up to no good so he crept into the kitchen; all was silent the ground floor seemed to be totally empty. Jack went to the bottom of the stairs and then he thought he heard noises coming from one of the rooms. He ascended slowly his ears pricked, a door in the passage was ajar and he could now clearly hear a rocking sound and gentle low moans. Carefully like a stealthy cat he crept along and peeped through the door. Sally was on the bed her rump in the air and mounted on her was Lenny. Jack watched in shock as his brother who was stark naked slowly sunk his cock into that mature pussy gripping her shoulders and clearly absorbed in fucking the vicars wife. She for her part appeared to be enjoying every minute and he heard her say,"Oh yes please deeper."

Now the immediate effect of this unexpected discovery on Jack was sexual arousal. His penis stood to attention like a sentry and he was jealous of his younger brothers luck. He had seen Mrs Green and had mentally fucked her many times but like others believed she was a strait-laced vicars wife and would not respond favourably to an approach. Jack quietly removed his trousers and watching the pair he held his throbbing rod longing for his oppotunity to mount that lovely bitch and empty his aching balls.The lovers were too wrapt in there own enjoyment to notice him and the naked couple continued to work towards completion. "I just love fucking that cunt of yours you sexy bitch I'm goint to fill you right up with my hot spunk," and he plunged into her again as Jack watched cock in hand ogling the wonderful sight. "Ohhhhh she cried in ecstasy and the storm burst as Lenny clung to her spasming his jets into her buried to the hilt of his cock ejaculating jet after jet of white seed into her vagina. Jack dashed to the bed now stark naked and pulling his exhusted brother off mounted and entered before Sally or Lenny knew what had happened. Lenny was too shocked to speak as his rampant brother plunged his cock home Sally just groaned as she felt the fresh hard long cock penitrate and she soon found herself rising again to have a further orgasm.

Thus it was that the two randy young brothers began to enjoy threesomes with the local vicars wife each stimulating the other to fresh debauchery between them they began to use her when ever the oppotunity arose and she enjoyed the attention of these two dirty fuckers. Sally knew it could not go on how could she be the dutiful vicars wife prim and proper, looked up to by all the church community and at the same time enjoy such filthy sessions with two young men. She kept saying to herself she must stop, but as you know dear reader active sexual enjoyment is not easy to lay aside, after all she had never known such orgasms and she was shocked at her own depavity.

Here again fate solved the problem. Those who consider fate to be malevolent are wrong, it has no intention whatsoever but sometimes by luck saves us from self distruction. Within two weeks of this gross indecency Rev Green told his wife that sadly they must leave the parish and move on as he had a letter from the Bishop saying it was time for them to make a move. " I know how upset you will be my dear we have made such good friends but it is the Church of Englands policy, I know its silly but they don,t like ministers to get to pally with their congregations."
Sally smiled to herself, " How long have we got then?" she asked.

Inwardly she was glad for she knew fate had saved her from disaster.

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