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The maid and I
by tarali

I was working on my college assignment in my room upstairs one boring afternoon when I heard voices in the garden. I looked down and saw an interesting scene. Our gardener was flirting with our maid by the rose patch. They were an interesting couple. He was forty and had a family back home in his village She was just around twenty married only a month ago to a no good drunkard - who I was told - appropriated her earnings every week.

The two were talking and the gardener kept pawing her breasts every now and then and she backed away from him reluctantly only to move forward again obviously for more of what he was doing. At one point he looked around casually and then finding no one around bent down to lift her skirt and look inside before pushing his arms up under it. In response she struggled and pulled her skirt quickly away shaking her head to say no.

The maid was quite a pretty one to look at. She was dark skinned, slim and not very tall with a very good looking face with large eyes to match. She had a very small pair of breasts that pushed out under her tight blouse. I have ofen seen the profile of the hard nipple and the dark areola in the see through blouse that she wore when she first joined us. My mother being a very strict disciplinarian had since warned her not to wear that kind of blouse in our house.

She of course was one of my subjects when I jerked off .The sight of the gardener working on the girl drove my imagination wild. I was quite positive this love play will eventually lead the two to go for a hardcore fuck and I was right.It was not long before the gardener started walking towards the barn where we kept our garden implements while the girl moved over to the clothes line and pretended to gather the dried clothes. As soon as the gardener entered the barn she dropped the clothes basket and started walking towards the barn to join him.

I sprang to my feet and running downstairs two steps at a time ran towards the barn and made my way quickly o the rear side of the barn where I knew there was a ventilator. I reached the backside of the barn and worked myself in a comfortable location from where I could see inside the barn through the ventilator. The sight excited my imagination.

The gardener was sprawled on the floor inside with his legs wide open and the girl was riding him in short humps. Her skirt was like an umbrella and it covered their crotches and part of the gardener’s legs but when she humped it lifted and her bums were visible albeit for a short moment. . There was nothing to see except this and the supine gardeners twitching feet as he enjoyed the fuck. His hands were holding her shoulders and her hands were on his chest. It was classic position and I have seen hundreds like this in the porn clips I watched regularly in my desk top.
This however was real flesh and blood action and although nothing was visible the idea that a man and a woman were fucking in front of me unaware of my presence was a powerful stimulant. My cock went wild jerking exuding loads of pre cum .

After about a few minutes the girl probably got tired and lifted herself and stood up to reveal the gardener\'s erect cock pointing upwards like a rocket about to be launched. He slowly sat up with his legs still wide and his cock now moved with him now pointing at an angle. He pulled her down and she slumped down beside him. He hugged her sideways and taking her hand placed it on his cock and she began to fondle it pumping it every now and then.
A little later he rose up and pushing her down on her back and spreading her legs wide placed them on his shoulders and moved between them kneeling. He fumbled a bit trying to locate her pussy hole with his cock head and then moved forward smoothly. Again nothing was visible except his body between her legs and her legs on his shoulders. He then began a slow in and out motion. She wore anklets and the tinkling of those anklets when he humped added to the excitement. Soon the girl started moaning and when he thrust hard she panted and screamed silently saying unintelligible words. The gardener began to groan and hump faster. And then he gave a hard push almost lifting himself and her legs with him and panting hard he kept his crotch pushed in. His thigh muscles were tense and twitching .He was ejaculating. Soon it was over and he shook once before dropping her legs down and pulling out. I did not wait to see his next move. I scrambled back to my room and began to plan my next move.

I had mixed thoughts in my mind. I was too excited and I had to take this opportunity to collar the girl and get to fuck her myself. I have never fucked a woman before and so I was nervous and wondered what I should do and how I should go about this. While I was contemplating on this the door opened and the girl came in to ask me whether I wanted a cup of tea.
She looked cheerful and I assumed she sure should after that fuck in the barn. Yes I said looking directly at her and wondering whether I should say something to corner her right away but she left immediately closing the door behind her.

I had to plan my strategy quickly before she returned .After some thought I decided to go for a direct attack. When she returned with the tea I lost my courage and doubts began to plague me. My dealings with her were very limited in the past. I wondered what she would do once I told her my intentions .Will she report my advances straight to my mother and let all hell lose. As she placed the cup of tea on the table I knew my opportunity will slip away if I let her leave the room and with sudden surge of hidden courage clamped her wrist with my hand not knowing what I would tell her next.

With a sudden start she turned to face me with a mixture of intense surprise and abject fear. We stared at each other for a few moments and I knew it had to be my turn to speak first and explain my action.
“I saw you with the gardener in the barn and I saw what you were doing there”, I blurted out at last.
Her surprise gave way to total fear and she looked at me as if she had seen a ghost. She took a step backward and I let her hand free as she drew it back. We again stared at each a second time not knowing what to do or say to the other.
My courage returned once I saw fear in her eyes.
“Nothing to worry,” I said reassuringly, “You don’t have to be scared,” I said again but that did not work.
She continued to look bewildered and resembled a trapped animal.
“All I am interested in is doing what he did there,” I said slowly emphasizing each word to make her understand my intentions.
She understood me alright for she shook her head violently saying, ”No no”. .
I asked her why but she did not answer that but continued to say, “No no”, shaking her head.
I took a step forward and this time she did not move backward.
She remained fixed like a statue. I placed my hand on one of her breast and gently squeezed it. She remained motionless and that was encouraging. I moved my other freehand over her belly and held her tight with my mouth close to her ear.
“Look I said softly if you can do it with him you can do it with me. I am safer.”
“ No no”, she whispered
“If your mother comes to know about you I will be finished and dead. Your mother will call my husband and tell him I seduced you and he would both beat me and even kill me,” she said. “With the gardener she would only fire me or him or both”, she went on mumbling
“My mother will never know,” I said with confidence. She comes only after five and we could do it now here in my room and no one will come here to find out. Not that fellow there,” I said pointing at the gardener.

My logic I knew was quite sound and I was not sure she agreed with me but I was not interested in her understating my logic. My excitement at having got my hands on a woman\'s real tits and body was too advanced and I had no intention of stopping what I had started.

I did not wait for any answer and proceeded with my intentions. I pushed my freehand under her skirt and lifting it pushed it further up her crotch and cupped the hairy pussy for the first time in my life and began to squeeze the fleshy labia with intense pleasure. At the same time I squeezed the breast I was already holding with my other hand. I kept her enclosed within my arms and pressed her body to mine in a tight hold and kissed her on the cheek and felt her body shudder.

I can’t say whether she succumbed to me out of fear or out of pleasure for she remained motionless whatever I did to please myself. After my initial excitement of having captured a woman in my arms subsided I got down to exploring her body and private parts. Her crotch was wet and the soft pubic hair had lot of moisture over it. Her body was tense and twitching. When I moved my hands around her crotch she shifted her body and breathed deep and her tummy fluttered. Her breast became hard and her nipples became hard nuts and when I twirled them she winced. I scaled down my squeezing to let her relax. I located the vaginal entrance with my middle finger and inserted it slowly and found her react by stiffening her thigh muscles against my palm. The vaginal orifice was small and it gripped my finger in its wet confines. The vague thought that the wetness could be the gardener’s cum did not escape me. I was too excited to give any serious thought about it and pushed it out of my mind.
I slowly maneuvered her towards my bed and she played along and at the edge of the bed I pressed her shoulders gently and she sat on it with her feet on the floor. I then pushed her backward and she fell flat on the soft foam mattress with her hands spread out. A much better place than that hard floor in the barn I muttered to myself and moved between her legs.
My cock was going wild jerking and spewing forth large amounts of pre cum as I dropped my pants. I spread her legs wide and she hesitated first but later did spread them reluctantly. I lifted her skirt up and bundled it under her bum . I feasted on the sight of the black soft pubic hair between her thighs and placed my hands on her lower belly. She tensed visibly on contact and lifted her legs slightly before bringing it down . I moved forward with my erect cock and placed it over her bush of hair. The hair brushed over my cock head and that sent a pleasant sensation down my cock.
I was terribly excited but I wanted do this slowly although the urge to do it quickly and get my load bursting out was very strong. Using both my thumbs I pressed the two labia and massaged it gently with them. Large amounts of pussy juices oozed out of her vaginal orifice prompting me to push my thumb around to excite her and see her reaction. I have read pages and pages of pussy fondling in the net but all those detailed instructions never came to my mind now that a live pulsating pussy was in front of me in my hands. I could only remember that the clit was very sensitive part and one should avoid dry fingering. Her vaginal orifice and the region around it was definitely a hot spot for her and she winced and jerked up every time I rubbed them with my wet finger. When I inserted a finger the orifice contracted and the thought that the orifice will soon contract my cock the way it gripped my finger sent my imagination wild. My impatience raised and I moved forward with my erect cock and placed it at the entrance. Both our organs were oozing with pre cum and I gave a gentle push and felt my cock stretch the orifice and enter sending a shaft of intense sensation deep into me. I shivered with delight and at the same time the girl lifted her bum up and kept it there for a moment before dropping down.hat caused additional insertion and an additional dose of pleasure. The love tunnel was very tight and very wet too with thick fluids and my cock just slid in when I pushed forward and her pubic hair brushed my clean shaven crotch when the entry was complete. I pushed a little more and felt my cock head getting compressed within the confines of her pussy deep inside where the muscles were pulsating and sending pleasure waves through me. I stopped to savor the feeling but the feeling was too intense and I suddenly feared I would be ejaculating if I did not draw back to reduce the pressure. I drew back and felt the muscles inside the pussy also relax. Thus I went on for some time. I was learning to fuck.
Soon the tension in my body was over whelming and in a frenzy I bent forward and placing my mouth on one of her tits began to suck it vigorously while I squeezed her other tit. She squirmed and began to struggle and lifted her breast that was in my mouth and shook this way and that. Deep down, her cunt muscles tightened the grip around my cock shaft and a sudden gush of wetness sloshed around my cock.
At that moment and I lost control and shook violently before I exploded and began to ejaculate deep inside her shuddering and shaking with uncontrollable pleasure. I heard her suppress a scream and when I removed my mouth to switch tits she grabbed my head with force and kept it pressed in the same tit and pushed up for a stronger contact. Simultaneously she lifted her legs high to bring them again down again with force on my back and kept them entwined around my body while I discharged my load panting. We were in a tight embrace when the frenzy began to subside. She was panting and so was I and I felt her muscles relax and so did mine .Soon it was over
When I pulled out a little later, my cock was not hard and it popped out drawing forth large amounts of cum that dripped down on the floor. I rose up and wiped my cock with a blanket and walked into the toilet to clean up. When I returned she had cleaned up the floor, made the bed and left the scene. Great girl I told myself and sat down to replay every moment of my first fuck from start to finish.

Needless to say there were several repeats at different times of the day. I gradually made her shave her crotch with one of my razors and finding the soft silken pussy after she had got rid of the hair, I could not resist going down on her and eat her pussy to give her a mind blowing orgasm. She gave me a mind blowing blow job as a reward and then there were times when she rode me to orgasm and I did a deep penetration doggie that I still remember shook me to the core when I exploded inside her. So it went on for about six months after which she left our services and graduated into a baby sitter elsewhere.

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