Bi-Sexual stories

The Law can be Sexy
by Sexywriter

Let me begin by saying I cant say where but I was with my cousins and a friend of theirs when we were pulled over and put in separate holding cells , I was scared out of my mind because I had a joint hidden in my purse. In my cell was a middle aged black lady, I was around 26. We both sat in silence until a female officer came in and started asking me questions she than asked me to face the wall spread my legs and put my hand up on the wall as high as i can. I did as I was told but I was wearing a very short skirt a thin ribbed tank top and a button up shirt on top of it. She began by running her hands up and down my arms than my shoulders than down my sides and than my back. I was so scared about the joint that it took me couple of mins to realize her touch was very sexual and her lips were so close to my neck I started to get goosebumps.

I turned to look at the black woman who was still in my cell and she was still in the same sitting position. I turned as far as I could to try and make eye contact with her but she just looked straight ahead. my officer told me to turn around so I did she than she went back to feeling me, she than rubbed her hands along the sides of my breast and by now my nipples are responding to her touch so they are out way out. She than begins to rub her breast on my back and they were firm round not to big but firm and I could feel her nipples. I have never been with a woman but it felt very good. She than ran her hands under my tank top and up over my breast I felt her take a deep breath than she squeezed my nipple between her thumb and index finger, she tugged on my nipples than began undoing my bra.

She did not remove my bra she just slipped her hands under than continued to pull and tug and rub my nipples. I was so horny but again I had never been with a woman but it felt good. She went down towards my crotch and I got a little embarrassed becuase it was so wet. She rubbed over my panties until she had me soaked than she went to work on my clit. I couldnt help it I moaned as I came. I started to turn towards her and she yelled for me to turn back around. I was confused I thought she liked me, that was stupid what was I thinking.

This bitch had just done things tome infront of someone else, things that were so personal. I was getting angry than she said sit down I\'m not through with you. I sat and watched as she went over to the other lady and told her to stand. She did as she was told, she than told her to stand infront of me with her arms against the wall. It was very uncomfortable becuase she was almost pressed on me. I was trying to move so she wouldnt be so close to me and the lady cop yelled for me to stay in place. She than got behind her and lifted her shirt and her breast came out. Wow was all I coukd think, I had never seen black breast in person I mean, they were large and her aerolas were so perfecly round and huge and her nipples were erect and the biggest I had ever seen. I was beginning to get wet just looking I couldnt help it they were so close and everytime the lady moved her they just swayed in front me. I was than told to touch them. I didnt becuase it wasnt the black woman who asked me. So as you can imagine that didnt go well. She pulled my hair and put my mouth on this womans breast my lips were around her very large hard erect black nipples, it was the best taste ever. I just did what I thought should be done I sucked and I licked until she was moaning. After awhile the lady cop was finger fucking her. I stood up and grabbed her breast since she was just in a PD tshirt I grab thouse round breast and played with her nipples, my cell mate also turned and began finger banging her we continued until she came. She turned and left I never saw her again. We sat in silence than I asked my cellie her name she said Keisha I smiled at her and said she had a lovely name and I asked if she woud ever want to hang out and have sex, she said yes but she is straight I laughed and said me too, well I was until about an hour ago. We both laughed than my name was called I went to the front office were my cousins were coming out. Once they let us go i dare to ask my cousins if anything happened, they both said no but their friend smiled. I sat in the back of the car with the friend on the way home, I asked her and she said yes the same descripiton of the lady and she said my cousins also. Apparently everyone knows tthis woman and like it they want to go to her. Joke was on me but hey I lerned something new and that began a whole new line of questions and curiosity on my part.

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