Bi-Sexual stories

The joy of servicing him the 1st time
by kneeling

I don't know why it feels so right to have a hard cock in my mouth and working on it with my tongue. Pressing my tongue up under the head as it slides in deep and sucking wet and kind of firm as it throbs in my mouth as i am on my knees but I do love to service Dave as he likes. The first time was when he spanked me the very first time, I was in his kitchen leaning against the sink and he came in from the back yard and slapped my ass as he walked by and I kind of giggled over my shoulder, he looked back and said "You like that?" I thought for a minute and then said, "Yes Sir" and he walked towards me and palmed my ass and I just about melted as he took me by the arm into the living room and sat me down next to him on the couch and putting his hand on my knee said he was going to spank me. I was breathing real hard and asked him what did he want me to do and he said, take down your pants and get over my lap. I was shaking as I unbuckled my jeans and slipped them down and kind of crawled over his lap. I was so nervous and breathing real hard and he said, are you scared, I said not really just real excited Sir, he then started palming my ass over my underwear and squeezing and running his fingers down the backs of my thighs. I kind of pushed up and spread my legs a little and he said, that's a good girl and pulled my underwear down and slapped my bare bottom and I gasped and squirmed under his hand and felt his cock getting hard under my tummy. I am very slender, to the point of my legs and hips being skinny and he seemed to enjoy feeling me up and had me get up and took my underwear all the way off and stroked my ass some more and asked if I was ready, I said, I think so Sir and he started slapping easy at first then harder and I started grunting and yelping a little after awhile and
it felt so good to have this happening to me and not being able to do anything about it and having him choose and want to do what ever he wanted to me. In the middle of it he stroked his fingertips across my asshole and that was when I knew he wanted me to be his bitch. He spanked me on the couch some more and after I started whimpering some he stopped and took me up and down the hall to the bedroom and had me get on the bed face down over a couple of pillows. He proceeded to pull out a wooden paddle and lay it on the bed next to me and asked me if I had ever been paddled, I said No Sir and he asked would you like to be? I said what else do you want to do to me Sir? He told me he would like to do all kinds of things but we would be taking it slow and he tied my hands together and picked up the paddle and asked if I wanted to submit to be his bitch and I couldn't help it I gushed Yes Please Sir, do what you want to me please! He proceeded to paddle me with medium strokes and then several right in the same spot pretty hard and fast and got me to go over the edge and start crying and I loved it! I actually begged him and he stroked my ass at the end and said I was a good girl and would be allowed to kneel in front of him and when I did sobbing a little and hiccuping still a little bit he unzipped his pants and I gasped as he pulled it out, 8 & 1/2" and very thick and throbbing, I couldn't help myself I reached up and touched it and moved closer to him on my knees and started licking his cock head and took it in my mouth and did my best to make love to his cock with my mouth. Surprisingly I was able to deep throat him and he liked it! When he came I swallowed every drop and licked his head for the last drops and smiled up at him as he stroked my face. It was a large load and I had to swallow and gulp very fast to avoid missing any and I commented on how much and he said he hadn't cum in a week or so and was glad he gave it to someone who could appreciate the taste, I love the strong taste of cum. After he came I got up and dressed and we walked out to the living room as the girls were pulling into the driveway coming back from shopping and he said, more to follow my girl and patted my bottom which made me squirm.

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