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The island post secondary school
by David t

There was a post secondary institution located on a island off the coast of Ireland. It was run by nuns for woman ages 18 to 22 years of age whose parents wanted them to have an environment away from distractions and privilege. The aim was to study all the time.

The young women stayed in the buildings which were all connected and wore a robe like one piece outfit from neck down to a ruler length about the foot and they wore roman sandals. They wore a headdress similar to the nuns. They lived a regimented existence with next to no pleasure just study.

Men and female professors often went there to teach on a rotation type basis. One time though a young man named Jason who was 28 years old subsituted for an older prof. Jason had to teach health and biology type coures. Things got interesting when he had to teach human sexuality to some young hormone charged females.

Jason started teaching his class about human sexuality. He had a secret fetish for pale skinned women and barefeet which made his job both difficult and enjoyable for there was a sea of those everywhere he went there. He often found women staring at him especially when discussing about reproduction and the parts of the genitals. He had one young lady Angie 19, who was a pale skinned brunette with blue eyes and a killer smile and rosey cheeks, her boobs were pressing from under the clothing she was wearing and her pink soled feet were nice and shapely. There was another young lady with her named Karen 22, who was a blond blue eye pale skinned young woman with similar attributes.

"Do you have extra help after class?" asked Angie.

"Yes I can!" said Jason,"I can meet you in your room!"

"We will both meet you there" said Karen with a smile

The two women met Jason in Angie's room and they locked the door.

" We were looking at diagrahms of the male reproductive organs and we need further understanding of how it works." said Angie.

"Oh" said Jason with a hardening cock in his pants.

The two young pale women went on either side of Jason and they all sat down. Jason looked to his right and left and Angie and Karen were both staring and grinning at him.

"We would not mind seeing your cock" said Karen.

Before Jason could do anything Karen and Angie started caressing him.

"We are deprived of pleasure, we long for sexual fun and to be touched" Karen said.

Jason smiled and removed his clothes revealing a big cock and balls.

Karen and Angie both took off their outfits revealing nice bodies, big tits with pointy nipples and their feet were encased in roman sandals with straps.

The young women licked his cock head and caressed his balls. They rubbed his cock slow then fast. All the while Jason stared and pinched their nipples and felt their boobs and asses. Such pale beauties.

Angie then said " I want you to pop my cherry!"

She got up and sat down slowly as Karen smiled and helped guide Jason's cock into the virgin pussy. Angie grimaced and then pushed down as Jason pushed up and she was deflowered with a yelp and oh and aaaahhhh. Jason cock shot right in and it was warm and tight. Jason felt much pleasure watching Angie moan as you fucked him and Karen came over and tongued him for a while as he felt her boobs and cunt.

Jason let some precum go into Angie and then turned his focus for sex on Karen. He laid Karen on Angies bed and got on top of her and slid his cock inside her pussy rapidly breaking her in.

"Ohhhh aaaahahhh! yelled Karen.

Karen had her boobs sucked and licked by Angie and then Angie put her cunt over Karen's mouth.

"Lick me til I cum" said Angie.

Karen started to lick her cunt as her own pussy was being fucked. Both woman went into a shuddering orgasm at the sametime moaning and Jason's cum spurted deep in Karen as he moaned and breathed hard.

As they all recovered them got dressed and month later both Karen and Angie were sick in the mornings. They tried to hide it and then their bellies started to grow. They did a great job of hiding that too before the end of the school year. At the end Jason left and he knew their home addresses. He drove by both of their homes and saw they both that summer in shorts and sandals with big bellies sticking out.

School policy is that once you are pregnant you cannot come back. Jason grinned and thought "Oh well, maybe I ought to go back and teach again to bring more understanding to human sexuality!" (There maybe part 2)

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David t

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