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The Dugout
by a person.

A few years, ago when I was eighteen, in my senior year of high school, I played on the men's baseball team. I was a utility player who could also pitch. I had a few friends on the team; Alex, Eddie, Matthew, Justin, and Davy. Where we live it's kind of rainy, and it had been raining all week. Nevertheless, a practice was scheduled for Friday of that week. As a was driving there in my truck, it began to pour, seemingly out of nowhere. "Shit!", I thought.

Under normal circumstances I would've turned around, but we've all been told to show up just in case. So I powered on, and once I got there, you could barely see forty feet ahead through the intense rain. I grabbed my bag and ran to the shelter of the dugout. After setting my things down, I checked my phone for messages. Nothing. After awhile Justin, the team's star shortstop, arrived just as soaking wet as I was.

"Hey", he said. "Is it just us?"

"Yeah" I replied.

Just to be clear, I've always been totally heterosexual. I''ve had plenty of girlfriends, and I've never even had a thought of having a gay experience. But at this point his team shirt was soaking wet, revealing his nice body, which actually turned me on a bit. He sat down and pulled out his phone.

After a second I heard him say "Damnit, dead battery".

He got up and went into the locker room to change into a new shirt. Just then, my phone went off. The message said, "Practice cancelled due to rain".

Just as I was getting up to go, I had an idea. Justin had no idea of the cancellation, because his phone was dead! "Hey Justin!", I said. "Did you get that job at the massage place downtown?"

"Yep", he replied.

This was my chance. "

Well my back has been hurting lately. Do you think you could help me out?

" "Yeah, sure", he said.

To my surprise and arousal, he came out of the locker room shirtless.

"I couldn't find another shirt, and the other one's soaking wet, so just take off your shirt, shut up, and I'll massage you".

He clearly thought I was going to make fun of his body. No way I was going to do that. At this point I was really turned on, so when he began to rub my bare back, I started to moan out. It was amazing. I has a huge boner going on down below, and eventually it got so bad (or good) I blurted out, "Do me!"

There was silence. I was expecting to be humiliated, but then I felt him turning me around on the bench, and I saw him completely naked. His penis was huge. I was mesmerized. Then he slid off my pants, and it all began. Our penises touched. I began to rub mine all over his body, and he began to moan, too.

We were having amazing sex right there in the dugout, protected from the still pouring rain. We made out, and his tongue tasted better than anything I'd ever experienced. He inched his dick closer to my mouth, and I hit ecstasy. He pulled out, and began to suck my dick. Then he started to blow on it, and I couldn't believe how good it all felt. He returned his dick to mine and we had sex as if we were guy and girl, and eventually we both came at almost the same time. I reached the greatest orgasm if my life, to this day. We both went back to kissing, which we did for several minuted, before lying together, naked, on the bench. After a little bit of panting,

Justin looked at me and said, "That was better than the massage wasn't it?"

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