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The Contract pt. 2: Hilda enslaved
by hildaslut

After I left the lawyer's office, Gary disappeared with Hilda. They drove away, and she was visibly shaken. I drove home, thinking about
what had just happened and I'll admit it: I was hard as hell. My wife was now owned, literally, by another man. He had the last word on where
she went, what she wore, who she fucked, and whether she stayed or left. I tried half heartedly to make dinner, but I was so turned on I couldn't concentrate. I'll be the first to admit I had fantasized about this very thing. It had come true. Then I heard a car pull up in the driveway. Hilda came in, and without saying a word, went straight to the bedroom. I followed her,and as she stood in front of the
mirror, nothing on but her stocking Not even heels., she turned and looked me square in the eyes. Hilda will pick up the story from here.
Hilda: When we left the lawyer's office, i was crying in the car. I don't even know why.This is what Ivé thought about for years.The danger and all. Gary excites me so much. His cock is the biggest I have ever seen. Or touched. He loves playing with my legs and got off
showing me off. Yet he can also be tender. When I went to Birmingham with him previously, although I was gang banged, He protected me. Yet he wanted more. He wanted all of me. And I need and crave that danger...that excitement of not having any control or say at what
happens to me. I can't explain it. I have to have it. It's that simple.

When I signed that contract, I figured he would just make me do stuff, like fuck his friends, or even go away with him for a bit. When we were
in the car, my whole world caved in. All my illusions about Gary and his compassion were dashed. He looked at me and called me Meat. His Meat. He ripped open my blouse to expose my breasts to other cars. Then he drove to a tattoo parlor. Before we got out he showed me his laptop.
He was on a web site called He registered me as Hilda cum slut. Then he hit submit and a number came up, along with a
barcode. He saved the barcode to a USB and we went inside the parlor. The guy was waiting on Gary. He had me lie down on my stomach, head
hanging over the edge. Then he stuffed his cock into my mouth as he
began tattooing the barcode on the back of my neck. That was to identify me. I was a number on a web site. Nothing else.(She turned and showed me the freshly tattooed barcode) He eventually came all in my mouth, and Gary made me swallow it all. Then he had him tattoo the word slut inside my inner thigh. They took photos of me, and Gary attached them to an email. To my sister. He paused his finger on the send button as I freaked out.

"Want to see how fast I send that email? Don't try me. Or your mother will be mailed those videos as well. Understand?"

He meant it. Then he told me to go to the car. I waited while he settled with the tattoo guy. When he came back to the car we drove to a
wooded area and he pulled out a joint. He smoked it, but I declined. He forced me to take a shotgun from him, and he began spelling out my
future. I had to say yes to everything. I could not say no, or my family got the photos.

"Ok'' he said," as of a little while ago, I own you. You are my Mexican meat. My Mexican whore. That contract, or a copy of it will go wherever I go. In case i meet someone who wants to buy it. You understand?"
I nodded, and he began fingering me. Even though I was scared, his hands felt so good. I wanted him right then and there.

"I will honor the 12 hour notification. As it states in the terms. But understand, one minute past 12 hours and it's too late. He can't buy it
back anymore. Agreed?" That sounded fair. I agreed with all my heart.

"Good, because I want you to understand Hilda, I take this very seriously. This weekend, I am taking you to my other place. I'm going
to make a video of you in a cage. And take some pics of you tied and bound for Give me the password to all your accounts. I'm taking all of them over Meat."

I gave him the passwords, which he promptly changed. Then he changed my profile information on It said, Hilda..slave for rent and hire. No strings attached. No offers or requests refused. Just email her at hildat67@********** to have her. It's as easy as that.

I felt sick when he hit the submit button. Then he told me when I got home I was to seduce my neighbor. Whether his wife was home or not. I
agreed, as we drove back home. I really didn't know how much longer it would be my home, Keith. I'm so scared right now, but I swear, I need you to fuck me so hard right now. God Keith, this is driving me crazy."

Keith: She explained everything to me and I felt ill. I had tried to tell her, but her desires drove her over the edge. She put on a
revealing super short mini and walked to the backyard. I didn't watch as she talked with our neighbor, but I could tell by the noise in the
garage, she had succeeded. I went to bed and waited for the next day.

In all honesty, the next 2 months flew by. Gary did take the bondage pics of Hilda for He blocked me from her Yahoo site
completely, and I couldn't see the photos there or on Flickr. He began telling her to refuse my advances. Just teasing, no touching anymore. Talk about hell...her stockings inches away and no touching. She did let me masturbate while she teased me, then I would either cum on her hose or her face.

He spent a lot of time at our house, with him and Hilda in the bed, me on the couch hearing everything.

Then one evening he came in and tied Hilda to our bed, legs spread wide. He returned in a moment with a large, hung black guy. He pointed
at a scared Hilda and just said " There she is dude. Knock her up." When Hilda gasped, and tried to say no Gary just said "email ". That ended all her resistance, and the guy mounted her hard. And I mean hard. He ordered Hilda to beg him to knock her up.
"Say it!' he yelled, "beg me for a black baby!" She could only comply and I heard her plead with him to give her a black baby, over and over. Her moans told me she was actually getting off. She actually came so violently she almost passed out.This went on for about 45 minutes. Her pussy was soaked from two orgasms he left inside her. Gary put a dildo inside her so she couldn't force the jizz out onto the sheets."Ã?h no, my Dear, my Meat. You're a black baby breeding machine now. That cum stays inside you.""
Hilda cried as he left and I sat on the floor and hung my head. What was happening here? Without Gary knowing, I snuck into the bedroom and
helped her clean up, and remove a good quantity of the sperm. And it worked, because she didn't get pregnant. I managed to go behind his
back and get her birth control pills, and that seemed to have him fooled for a little bit. Or so I thought. He told me later he knew all along

Things settled down more or less, and Hilda actually began to enjoy some of the "tasks" he had for her. She went to "work" each day, and
met some very rich clients of Gary's. Two of which made movies. The adult kind.She starred in 2 three-on-one movies Gary put on the internet. They're still available online. A thrill, (as well as a shock) was when Gary took us to an adult movie store and there were 2 videos with Hilda plainly on the cover. My God, did I get hard. It didn't take long for a patron to recognize her, and she took him to the men's room and sucked him off. She didn't get out of there before she sucked 3 others, and did the manager in his office. Gary was beside himself. He was thoroughly enjoying my pain and her humiliation. She was humiliated somewhat, but deep inside she told me she craved the attention from him. Neither of us could figure out why.During the next 6 months, she danced at Fantasia, met with Gary's clients and had a terrifying encounter with a nasty pervert from Gary had no pity. He told her to shut up, take it, and get it over with. His heart was growing colder it seemed. I found out from
LeRoy he had been asking if he knew anyone interested in a contract. I went to my bank and checked our balance and the funds were still there.
I didn't know that she had given him access to our account. He was covering his bases. I did open another account however, not because of
him, but i figured it may come in handy. I never told Hilda about the 5 grand i stored there just in case. LeRoy also told me, over my objections, that he was asking around for Gary about the contract. And he was asking a lot of people. He told me there was some interest,
actually, more than just a little. I noticed several new men coming to Fantasia, and i knew what for: to scout her out. Possible buyers.And Gary had Hilda fucking them as they pleased. Her behavior changed from a demure, modest woman I loved into that of a common street whore.And yes, it turned me on, seeing her total focus being on the next cock she was getting. Right about that time, LeRoy's manager Melba told me i was banned from the club. I was in shock. I actually received a notice from the Sheriff's dept. I could no longer watch what she was doing. Gary was smart as hell. Devious, but smart. If I violated the trespassing order, and I went to jail, how could I respond if he sent a notification of a buy out? Very smart indeed. But I went along with it, content to see her when she came home (if she did). Sometimes she didn't return, and I wasn't allowed to ask questions. She was his after all.

Right before the end of that summer, Gary had Hilda at his office. He owned a management consultant firm, and he was training her on
different operating systems. He also could keep an eye on her, and fuck her whenever he wanted. He often put a vibrator inside her snatch and
made her put her panties on to keep it inside. Then she went through the whole day that way. Cumming every so often, leaving her weak and
exhausted. God only knows how much cum she drank those months. But it was literally gallons. His clients were also respectable businessmen from the area. She developed a reputation as a girl who would go that extra mile to make Gary's clients happy. A few weekends were spent in hotels, tied to beds while men filmed her and used and abused her. On one of these weekends she was introduced to flogging and being put on a rack. I received an email photo of her being actually stretched cruelly by the rack as the hodded man spread her stocking clad legs and raped her over and over. She told me when she came home she came over and over. She printed the photo and I often caught her masturbating on the bed as she looked at it.
One afternoon, He had her check her emails, like usual. She scanned through them all,looking them over, replying to a couple of men from that yes, they could use her if they came to Alabama or bought her a ticket to Michigan.
After she checked them all Gary walked in and asked her if there was anything special. He massaged her shoulders as she replied, "No..I
answered two of them. I'm good for the next couple of days.Just the usual stuff. But it won't let me delete anything. Why is that?"

That angered him a little as he told her she didn't need to ask questions. He didn't want any emails deleted. He told her he checked her email every coupleof hours and if he found an interesting proposition, she would do as she was told. He slapped her hard across the temple area of her head. That totally stunned her. That would cost her a night in the cage he had built for her. She hated the cage. She knew that once locked inside, anyone could just carry it and her, away forever. She also knew not to anger Gary. She felt sick to her stomach. Gary accessed his email and showed Hilda the email to her sister. He forcefully picked her up from her chair and pushed her to the office sofa. With his small laptop in one hand, he ordered her to spread her legs. He took out his massive cock, and stuck the tip inside her wet cunt. She loved his cock, no matter how scared she was. He forced it in and then he left it inside her...filling her completely. She moaned and arched her back, as his cock was actually hitting her cervix. Then he turned the laptop so she could see it. The email to her sister was open."time to cut the apron strings whore. Beg me to send it"She was horrified. She began fighting him, which resulted in a hard slap across her face. "beg me whore!'he growled, 'I'm not asking you again!" Then he removed his cock and slammed it home. She cried out in both pain and ecstasy.He kept commanding her, "Beg me to send it! I want to hear you beg me!" As much as she resisted, she began to cum and then before she knew it she hears herself say, as though she was totally detached, "please send it Gary...please ..I'm begging you!"Through glassy eyes, she saw him hit send, then the screen read Message Sent. She had just broken her family ties. Her family's Catholic background and rigid morals wouldn't allow her to go back home now. Gary finished pounding and ravishing her and then when he finished it was like a different Gary appeared. The gentle, caring Gary.Are you all finished with the emails? Have you read them all?""Yes"she replied.

Ã?k. Maybe you'll hear back from those guys by Thursday. Or did you stop checking your messages everyday like I suggested? You can get overwhelmed, with a profile like you have."

She nodded. "Yes, i had to stop checking them every day, like you said,
was too much bother. I won't check them again until Thursday."

He leaned over and kissed her on her neck, and told her to get ready to
go home.

"Wait for me in the car. I have a couple things to do, then I'll be
right out. You have cage duty tonight. As well as servicing a friend of mine. But first we're going out to eat. I want to see you flashing the restaurant."She got up from her desk, shut down the computer and started to walk outside.
The vibrator still humming away in her pussy. Gary had reinserted it after he finished. Gary went to his desk and sat down and
as she walked outside. "
"This won't take me long Hilda. Hang on. a sec." he said. She saw him click the mouse and then he opened his email, (she heard the tone) and
he typed a couple words in reply to a message and he turned off his PC,
"�ll set my love,"he grinned, äll set. You and I are going to have a ton of fun Saturday. I'll tell you Friday whats in store". With that they
went to his car and true to his word, she spent the night in a cage, outside, naked, just her usual stockings, tied and gagged as

That was Monday. Tuesday came and went with no sign of Hilda still, Then Thursday at noon she appeared with Gary. On the drive over he told
her, that IF he sold the contract, she would be tied up at the ankles, wrists,and thighs, and then gagged and mouth taped. Probably blindfolded
as her new owner took her away, She knew he was trying to scare her, but he just looked at her and told her,"you know it's inevitable, right?" She shook her head, tears in her eyes. "Well, it is ,' he continued 'that's what happens to slaves. To Meat. The man will feel you up, probably rape you. Cum in your mouth. probably brand you too. It's all part of your new life. You burned the bridge with your sister, remember?"
She just nodded silently. He picked up his lawyer and the lawyer got a blowjob on their way over to my house. I knew that Gary was coming. I thought the lawyer was just there to get laid like usual. It wasn.t uncommon for him to drop by unexpected wanting sex. And she never hesitated. When they came in, she went to our computer.
"Hilda, check your email, see if the guys from replied he told
"Ã? already am, 'she replied,as she started scanning and looking over 50 emails from And then she gasped. One email had the
heading."Notice of Contract sale and Buy-out." It was dated 36 hours earlier. On Tuesday, A day when she never checked her emails. My heart began to pound. My mind raced. If I had a gun I would have shot him, but i was helpless as was Hilda,

"We'll,'' he laughed,'' times up for that reply" he laughed again.
She protested, to no avail. So did I. But he just stated,"Did you really think I was going to send it when you would have time to get the money? Really now Hilda. Why did you think I asked you in the lawyers office when you checked your email? And how often? When you walked to the car Monday evening, I sent the notification before I turned off my PC. Legally done. You should have checked it. You didn't .That's your fault and it's d..o..n..e. Finito. Your ass is as good as sold." She fell to the floor,in shock, too weak to stand,in serious shock. The lawyer bound her ankles, and wrists while Gary and I got a blanket for her. A hot cup of tea helped and she sat there, naked in her hose, bound and tied,
shivering and sold. The lawyer forced his cock into her mouth as I watched, both turned on immensely and scared. But mostly turned on. I had to see where this was all going. My darkest fantasy was being played out in front of my eyes. They both came in her mouth, then Gary and the lawyer taped her mouth and gagged he.r And then, the lawyer lifted her over his shoulder. Gary told me to not try and stop them. I knew the rules. She looked at me and just shook her head. Resigned to her fate. She had told me she didn't want to be sold, but would accept
it if it happened. It had just happened. Gary put his cell phone to her
ear so she could hear a voice say, "see you at the auction Saturday meat. looking forward to buying that contract." The call then ended,
She didnt recognize the voice. With that, Gary gatherd several pairs of her hose, a couple pair of shoes, and a few panties. That, he said, is
all she will need anymore. Then they carried her to the car, which was in the garageand put her in the
trunk. I stared at her tied and bound form. So sexy in those stockings. Begging to be stroked. Gary told me to feel them one last time. I eagerly stroked her legs with one hand and masturbated with the other. He told me to cum on her face. And I eagerly obeyed, leaving the biggest load I had ever produced. She looked at me with her eyes pleading. Almost saying ' help me'. Then Gary said,"Ok Ex husband. Close the trunk." I froze, I could feel my cock stirring again as my hand went to the trunk lid. Gary nodded and told me to go ahead and close it. Her head almost iii imperceptibly shook 'No'' as the lid came down. Then the trunk latch clicked. It was shut, with her inside. It was done. Then with absolutely no words or fanfare, they got into the car and drove away. Just like that.I had to go masturbate.Again. My cock was throbbing, though i didnt understand why. But that was so hot, watching them take her. She hadgotten her wish. That Saturday, Gary took me to the bdsm club. Ther inside wer Snake
and LeRoy, as well as about 25 other men, all Doms, with assorted
slaves. Gary actually tied my ankles to a chair leg and told me if I
wanted to watch I couldn't mutter as much as a cough.He had to be sure I wouldn't interrupt the sale. I nodded i understood. After about 4 slaves were paraded out, with no buyers, Hilda was brought out, tied and bound, and gagged. The man in charge removed the gag and asked her if she understood what was about to happen. She nodded yes. Then he told her consent wasn't required as she was meat and stuffed the gag back in her mouth. He told her he didn't give a damn if she consented, She was here...she was meat..she was done.Then he announced there was a reserve price, and bidding for her contract would begin at 100.00. Gary whispered to me I couldn't bid as per the fine print in the contract. Once agin he covered his bases. My chance had passed. I watched my lovely soon to be ex wife as she was inspected and fondled with particular attention paid to her thigh highs. All the men there took their turn fondling her, pinching her, licking her. One man inserted 2 nipple rings. Another actually came in one of her shoes and put it back on her feet. Cameras clicked, men laughed as one man remarked about her poor bastard husband and they all laughed and cheered."Let's all thank her husband for so graciously giving us this fine meat. I'm sure we will all enjoy her! Take a good look! You will never feel those legsor lips again!"They all broke into laughter. It hit me hard then. She looked over in my direction and nodded. Then a man said simply,', 200''. The bidding was on. Gary whispered to me once more that if the reserve wasn't met, she could go home with me. My only hope. Then he said the reserve was 500. The next nman bid 225, then 300. For 5 agonizing minutes no one bid as once more they all inspected and fondled her again. Some laughed at her tears and pain. I knew i would never see her again. Then Gary told me, ""watch this"
He announced that she was an anal virgin, and the man in charge inserted a finger into her anus. He agreed indeed she was an anal
virgin and suddenly a man yelled 450. Then my heart sank as the next yelled 600." Reserve met!" he yelled out.The reserve has been met and some lucky Dom will own her and take her tonight!"". The rest all cheered and whistled. The rest of the sale went by in a daze. The bidding went on, with a few pauses, once when a vibrator
was shoved into her pussy, Then I heard the gavel boom. Auction over. The men all stood and cheered as the winner walked to claim his prize. They all yelled ""We want to see you take that ass cherry!!"I couldnt see as i was tied in a sitting position. I could only glimpse him as he walked up behind her and bent her over. She was tied at the ankles, bound across her thighs, and mouth gagged and taped. I did get a glimpse of her face as she was forced over, bent forward. The cheering grew louder and threw the crowd, I saw his pants drop then a wild cheer as he took her anal virginity there on the stage. I managed to hear her muffled screams of pain through the gag. Then he stopped,hefted her over his shoulder and disappeared behind the curtain. I heard the club's back door chime go off, and then close. Then I heard a car door, or was it a trunk lid? slam. Then an engine revved and I could hear the gravel as the car drove away. I could't see the car, only hear through the covered window. No clue who bought her. No clue where she was heading. No idea at all. Hilda was gone for good.Gary untied me and led me to his car, The Doms all shook my hand as they laughed at her fate. I managed to gather she was due to be sold
once again up north and from there most likely to Europe. At any rate, I would never see another photo of her,

Gary whistled as he drove me home. I wanted to kill the ass##@@. But i couldnt. Deep inside, I was too excited.

A week later I received a letter from Gary. Inside were photos of Hilda in a black gangbang. Her fate was to breed black babies...her
biggest fear. I received divorce papers 6 months later from Michigan. She was really my ex now. And 2 more photos of her being sold again.
This time the note said, she was going off the grid. It said I would get photos every 3 months. As a concession to Hilda. And true to their words, she was sold again, I continue receiving pictures, and she supposedly enjoyed her time behind a glass window in Amsterdam's red light district for 3 months.

As I look back, I would have done a lot differently. But Hilda told me the day before Gary took her, she needed the danger. To have her life
in anothers hands. Gary assured me she would never return home, and to date she hasnt. Its been 4 years. but the "cock slut" as she was now known let me know she was getting her wish. No choices. Total helplessness. The one note from her said

"Thank you. I got what I wanted, even if it is total slavery. I wasnt expecting this, but I got it. I still wear my thigh highs for you. And
I think of you each time I suck a cock, which is at least 10 times a day. I miss you. But Im happy. Cant say where I am, and I dont want you
trying to find me. Let them finish with me. So I can fulfill me darkest dream and fantasy. This is what I was made for. And I really am Ok and loving it

Formerly yours


For information on Hilda, you can email her at pictures are available on request to prove she is real

***This story while wild, is true. Every word. She got what she wanted. I never imagined simple swinging would go so far, but I would never encourage anyone to leave the swinging liufestyle. Hilda's is an addiction. She had to keep going deeper and deeper. She's happy now. Feel free to contact Gary or Hilda at the above address

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