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The Contract: Hilda's descent into slavery
by hildaslut

The events in this story are real. These are actual experiences we had after we started swinging, which progressed to something neither of us could have imagined at the time.

I wrote about Gary..the friend my wife Hilda and I met online through and Yahoo groups. Gary was a very well dressed, successful business man but most important to Hilda, he was also well endowed. There's no shame in admitting I couldn't hold a candle to him in that department. But I could keep her sexually satisfied, though after a year and a half of marriage I began to desire to see her with other men.

Hilda is from Mexico. She's very light skinned, very fair complexion, about 5-3, and stayed between 125 and 130 lbs with size 36c breasts that I couldn't get enough of. We moved from Mexico to Alabama in late 1995, and she had to return shortly after due to her father's passing. While she was away I met a local club owner named LeRoy, and his friend Tom..who everyone called Snake. They ran a strip club named Fantasia in Huntsville Alabama. I began to fantasize about having Hilda dance there and put a plan into motion to make it happen.

While she was reluctant at first, she went to the club and approached the manager Melba and asked if they were hiring. Melba knew she was a novice, had never done anything like that before and would need training. I entered the club after she did, and sat and watched what would happen. Melba took her to a side room, where Hilda stripped down to the lingerie she wore underneath her dress. Melba was impressed. The red outfit, complete with light black/smoky gray thigh highs and heels, showed off her assets perfectly. It just so happened that LeRoy came in about a half hour later and he took Hilda into his office to discuss working in the club and what he expected, This caught me by surprise, as I hadn't warned her that that might happen. After she came out of his office about 30 minutes later LeRoy saw me and gave me a wink. I knew he had at the very least felther up and gotten some head. She looked nervous as he led her to the stage. She was the only girl there. She began to dance very shakily to Alanis Morrisette, then slowly but surely got better and better. LeRoy asked me to leave and come back at 5. I complied, and when I returned, she was waiting, ready to leave. She broke down on the way home, but told me she wasn't giving up. She had indeed sucked LeRoy off in his office and he commented to her he wanted to use her in different ways. She had no idea what he meant, and the next day she returned and I waited and watched a while as she danced, did lap dances, and got felt up by several men. I told her to let the men touch her as they pleased. She soon discovered that the thigh highs attracted men to her, and their hands quickly went to her thighs. Then to her crotch. She discovered she had a power over them. They couldn't get enough of her.

For a couple months all went well, then it progressed and she allowed a customer to drive her home. I almost exploded in my pants when she told me what was going to happen. She tried to be discreet as hell, because small town Alabama wasn't ready for that kind of stuff. She brought him inside our trailer as I hid in the closet. Her black lingerie and black stockings seemed to excite him to no end. He laid her on the bed, kissing her from her feet to her thighs. He was captivated by her feet. His tongue practically soaked her hose. Then he spread her legs, as he laid her back on the bed. He began kissing her breasts, washing them with his tongue. Even as nervous as she was, Hilda was moaning and getting turned on.Then he raised himself up, grabbed her ankles and slid his cock into her wet snatch. This was the first time she had taken a cock other than mine. She gasped as he entered her, then she wrapped her legs around him and closed her eyes. He had stamina. For over an hour he banged her in different positions until he emptied his hot load in her mouth. She lay there spent, as he dressed and left. After I came out of the closet she sucked me to an orgasm, and told me she couldn't believe how it had felt. I went outside to smoke, excited at the direction it was going.

Things went great (for me) over the next six months. She was in a few different situations, such as going to a car lot and letting the sales manager fuck her so she "could get a better deal" on a car. Watching them leave on a "test drive"with his hands on her legs almost made me explode. They returned almost an hour later, with his cum leaking from her pussy. She did get that deal on the car, and we bought it a few days later. She also went to a local video store and let men feel her legs up, as she "browsed" the videos. She even sucked two of them in the men's room. All of this was more or less carefully controlled, with her safety in mind.

Then on one instance, everything changed. She met a guy casually, in a WalMart parking lot as she was putting groceries in the car. She was really struggling with the trunk lid closing on her and he offered to help. Her short mini showed her legs beautifully. That's all she wore now: short skirts, and always thigh high stockings. He copped a quick feel as he helped her, then kissed her forcefully. Surprised, she didn't know what to do, and kissed him back. They both got into her car and drove a few miles away to a secluded spot. The groceries would be ok she thought. As they moved into the back seat, he pulled out a joint and lit it up. She had never smoked. He gave her a "shotgun"..and she immediately got dizzy. He tied her hands with duct tape, then her ankles. He told her over and over how he wanted to "keep her"..take her to his house and keep her in his basement.He kept telling her how he wanted to leave her tied up in his house and use her every day when he got home. He was pumping her like a mad man, and she tried to fight him off. Then he slapped her across her temple, stunning her. She figured if she gave in, he would fuck her and it would be over. He fucked her three times, then thinking better of it, he drove back to his car back to WalMart and let her drive home. When she got home and told me what happened I was floored. Scared to death, I told her that was it. No more of this stuff. She looked at me and her eyes almost chilled me to the bone.

"No. It's ok. Something happened when I was so helpless. The sex was better, I was totally helpless, and I loved it. I really thought he was going to take me away for a long time. When he was inside me, I could almost feel his anger. It really got to me. His dick was so hard, I thought he would tear me up. But he just kept going and going. I thought for a while, I would never see you again. And when I saw my self like that, I came so hard I almost passed out. You think we can try having you tie me up some? you can do whatever you want to me. if you do." My mind raced: tying Hilda up, her totally helpless, and me being able to do whatever I pleased. What the hell just happened, I thought, but boy oh boy did I ever agree. However we soon discovered that me tying her up and a stranger tying her up wasn't the same thing. The element of danger was what she needed. I didn't understand it, her needing the lack of control. But she craved it. Something had changed. I was more reserved, but she was determined. Her behavior would change drastically over the next year, some for the good and some for the bad. She had to be tied up...made helpless. Be ordered into different situations.

This carried over to her strip club work too. Snake and LeRoy were both insistent with her that they could show her more than just "vanilla"swinging. Snake pressured her daily for sex, but she valued his friendship more. He told me one day, that he would have her eventually, and he would tear her pussy up. Thinking about Snake and Hilda drove me crazy. Snake's wife Melissa worked at Fantasia too, with Hilda, and she was Bi. She confided that she wanted to see Snake and Hilda together. I told Hilda to let Snake feel her legs sometimes. She was reluctant but complied. His hands were always all over her whenever he was there. He even fingered her to an orgasm during a private dance. Hilda began confiding in him of her desire for more in her sex life, and Snake gave her the web address for I checked it out and made a profile, making it pretty tame. I gave Hilda the log in info, etc., posted a few pictures of her legs and soon we began receiving emails.

Hilda met a guy from Tennessee who tied her in his barn, photographed her, and videoed her having sex with him and his brother. The video made her so hot, she came over and over as they both fucked her snatch and mouth. She loved the taste of cum and swallowed load after load when she fucked. The two brothers refused to give her the video however, and swore they would put it on the Internet if she didn't come back that weekend. She couldn't wait for the weekend as she drove there with me, and they both fucked her several times over two days, used large dildos and vibrators on her. Her ass however was off limits to everyone, including me. Though I had begged, (yes, begged) it was to no avail. That was the Holy Grail so to speak. Off limits.

It was through that the next and present chapter came around. Gary was a member on and as luck would have it, he lived in Huntsville. He and I corresponded through several emails, then we set up the meeting that resulted in the bet mentioned in the story Pass Around Wife. I lost the bet, he had Hilda to do with as he pleased for 2 weeks. No interference from me whatsoever. Hilda had even upped the ante when she found out about the bet, and later she told me she lost the bet for me on purpose. Since I lost, Gary could make her do anything he wanted for 2 weeks and I couldn't say a word. He could even have her sell her ass for money if he wanted (which he did) Those were the rules. Hilda changed completely over the next two weeks. She had no control at all as to what happened to her. Nothing was off limits. Not even her ass. After the two weeks were over, and she returned home, Gary stayed in contact with me on a regular basis, but his tone had changed. He wanted Hilda, but for good. I laughed it off at first, but he persisted. He then told me he could show her a type of life she craved deep inside, that she needed like she needed air. But I would have to let go. Let Hilda decide what she wanted to do. I got angry as hell and told him to stay away from Hilda and leave us alone. He said Ok, but if I changed my mind, or she wanted to go a different direction, to let him know. He did ask one favor: He wanted to at least have the opportunity to talk with the both of us together first before I shut him out. Reluctantly, and against my better judgement, I said Ok. I figured that would at least show Hilda she needed to back off some. He came to our home as usual, with a bottle of wine, and Hilda had no idea why he was there. She was just glad he was. She put on some new smoky graythigh highs, no panties, and a see through top black mini dress. He sat on the couch feeling her up and she stroked his massive cock as we made small talk. Then he began.

"Hilda, I spoke with Keith first because he is your husband after all, and I want more from you. I want all of you. I want to own you. I think you need it. To be owned. Collared. Become my property. And I can make it happen. You would be on call 24/7 to me..and whoever else I decide. You would drop everything at a moment's notice to serve me. I think you need it. You know you need it. hell Hilda, you want it. Admit it." She nodded her head weakly. His hand began sliding up her thighs to her wet as hell cunt. I watched him began fingering her and they both french kissed so deeply I thought he was going to swallow her whole face. Then she pushed him back a little bit.

"Just think about it awhile. I'm going to Europe for a month and maybe when I get back we can talk more."

She shook her head. "?'m not property. You can't own me. Tie me up, yes, but never own me."

With that he stood up and as he went to leave her grabbed her, kissed her deeply and she moaned as he pulled her close.

"As I said, think about it. You know you need it. Quit playing games. Hilda, you want me so bad you can't stand it. "

And then he left.

The next month dragged by so slowly for Hilda, she couldn't take it. She met a couple of men on and had a theater gang experience with them in Birmingham, as well as a few hotel meetings. But I could tell she was bothered. Our sex life suffered. Sure, she would give me blow jobs, let me fondle her legs, but I could tell behind her silence was something else brewing. One day she spoke with Snake about this "being owned " thing. Snake was really into the Master/Slave thing, and even had two "slaves".He offered to take her to the North Alabama bdsm club meeting that weekend so she could see what it was about. He did warn her, that once she was there, she was fair game. She would fuck and suck, and could only place 3 limits as far as being boundaries. She agreed to go, much to my surprise. Then she also agreed to let Snake drive her home, also a big surprise. I raced home to get everything ready. I stayed in the living room out of respect for her wishes, but I could tell his 9 inch tool was doing the job. As he pounded her, I could hear him through the bedroom door as he told her,

"Beg me to take you to the club. Beg me". And damned if she didn't. She was yelling "take me Snake..please take me.."over and over as he pounded her. After they finished Snake talked with me and thanked me. She had been his favorite fantasy. And she didn't disappoint.

The weekend came , and she dressed in her favorite thigh highs, (smoky gray in color) and favorite mini dress. No panties, and just a lace/sheer bra to hold her beautiful, perfectly firm tits. Snake's draw dropped as she slid in next to him in the front seat. She actually sucked him slowly as we drove. When we got there about 20 miles later, he warned her and me: "You have no rights here Hilda. I'm going to cuff your hands, and lead you on this leash. You will be tied to a pole so the Masters there can check you out. They will feel you up, force their dick into your mouth and your pussy. And you will not say no. You understand?"

She thought a few seconds then she agreed. The night was a trip. I mean a real trip. We saw women caged, being flogged, (lightly) being used and even auctioned. The whole time Hilda was tied to her pole, men took pictures of her, fondled her, and several questioned Snake about her. Then we left about 1 am when a Master, a rough looking guy approached Snake with a card. They talked as we left. On the way home, and then to the nearest Waffle House, Snake explained what had happened. Once again, I should have thought better. He told Hilda they had contracts. Contracts where the woman signed herself over to a particular Dom as his slave. The contracts were for "legal employment" with the slave required to perform duties as specified by her "Boss" ...the Master. The contract could specify a set time, be open ended, (meaning it was permanent) or be sold to another Dom/Master. It was all worded in correct legalese for His protection. Not for hers. She couldn't believe it. But it made her wet as hell. I could tell something clicked. I just didn't know how loud that click was.

And boy was that click ever loud in her head. She would daydream about being owned. Being taken by force. It was no longer about swinging, but about her being taken forcefully and used. Whether she liked it or not. That made her so hot and horny I couldn't keep up with her. even told her she needed to get some other guys to cool her off. She just went into the bedroom, got her purse and car keys and drove to the local bar, where she found a guy who was more than happy to oblige and she brought him home.. She went from distant to on fire. One day she had an idea. She wanted me to drive her to a certain area of Huntsville, and tie her to a chain link fence then leave her there. I flatly refused to do that. No way was I going to do that. Then she told me there was an area where these guys hung out. If I tied her to the fence, with just her stockings on, they would all use her over and over, She would be really helpless. She then said she would go alone if necessary. I didn't want that, and tried to talk her out of it, but she as adamant. So, off we went. She was naked..just her stockings and heels when she walked to the fence. She cuffed herself, then waited. I parked where I could see everything, and sure enough, there were 4 guys that came over. Turned out, these guys were all part of a bondage group online. She had set it up. And boy did they make her pay. About 2 hours later, they put her spent form in the backseat, her stockings ripped to shreds. After she recovered, she told me in no uncertain terms, that she wanted to be used Helpless. With no way out. I started refusing to participate. She sulked, refused sex, whatever to get her way. But I remained against this new direction until one evening she sat down with me and had a heart to heart talk.

" Look Keith, I know this scares you. It scares me too. But I'm telling you I can't describe it. I have to have it this way. I have to have all control stripped away and be used. I love it when I have no choice in what happens. I know it's dangerous, but I need that danger. Its what gets me off. I know you don't like it, but its not your body. I'm your wife, I know, and I know you love me. But if you really love me, satisfy me. Let me have what I need. I'll make you the happiest guy on the planet, if you just go along with this. Even if you don't, I'm going to seek it out anyway. I prefer if you go along with it."

"Yes," I began, "but Hilda, that means that men can do as they wish. Even to the point of seriously hurting you. You understand that? there are men who will brand you, tattoo you, all kinds of crap. Are you ready for that?"

She just stared and flatly said, "? don't know. But I have to find out."

Then she told me to stay there a minute on the couch while she went to the computer. A few minutes later, she called me to come there. She had changed her and Yahoo and Adult Friend Finder profiles. Advertising herself as a no limit toy. She then changed her passwords so I couldn't change them back. In her email, she changed her Auto Reply to include her phone number. She turned and looked at me and just said, "well..I did it. Let's see what happens".

The most amazing aspect of her transformation, was that in that small town, filled with gossip, she managed to stay very discreet. No one had a clue even after we put an ad in the Black Rose swingers magazine. (she fucked the photographer who took her photos for the magazine). Gary called from time to time, and he still was persistent in having Hilda. They corresponded through email a lot, (of course, I no longer had access) and a few calls. Then she abruptly changed. She took to just going to clubs and bars and letting men feel her legs up. She insisted that I watch as she let them slide their hands up and down her luscious legs, which she knew made me horny as hell. A couple times she gave blow jobs in the parking lot, and everything seemed to be calming down. She even went 3 weeks without sex. I still don't know if Gary had anything to do with that but it was a welcome change. I caught her checking herself out and she asked me if she was still tight, and attractive. I told her hell yes, and and asked why. She just shrugged.

Then after 3 days, Gary called. He was back, after an extended trip for business. He wanted to come by, and she was so happy she would get that huge cock again she jumped at the chance. They practically ignored me as they headed to the bedroom. He set up a video camera where I could watch through our TV. As he pounded her he told her, "beg me to take you. I want to hear you beg me to make you mine. Say it Hilda! Say you're all mine!" He slammed his cock into her so hard she screamed "YES!! YES!!"Then she screamed the words that chilled me to the bone.."take me!! Take me!!! " He kissed her and as I watched on the video she lost all control. In the heat of passion, she had screamed what he wanted to hear. Gary turned her over this way and that, different positions as he fucked her brains out. After they finished and we sat on the couch, he told her he had some legal matters to attend to but would call in a couple of days. I was getting curious now, and I asked what legal matters.

"Don't worry, just simple stuff. Day to day matters."

Hilda looked deep into his eyes and asked him bluntly.." why do you want me? you know you can never have me forever. I'm married.""

He looked at her intently and said,

"Don't let the fact that you're married get in the way. I know Snake told you about the contracts, Right?"

She nodded as he stroked her thighs.

"Ok then. As long as we have a contract, I can use you whenever I want, and you will service whom ever I say. It's simple. You will be my toy. To use as I see fit, with no interference, no hang ups, nothing. Just be my sex toy."

She just looked at him as he rose to leave. He grabbed her snatch and lifted her off the floor. "Say it Hilda..say it. You want me.""

I sat in silence as she nodded yes then moaned that yes, she did. He lowered her to the couch and left without another word, leaving us to wonder what was next. Two days later we found out in his lawyer's office.

As we walked in the lawyer eyed Hilda's form greedily. I had heard of this guy. He was well known, expensive, and superb in business law. Contracts were his specialty. We sat down, he motioned for Hilda to sit next to him and he began rubbing her thighs. Damn! I was getting hot again!

Then he explained the contract and the reason we were there.

"?K. here's the deal guys. Hilda, this is a contract of "?�¯Â¿Â½?�?«mployment". You will become Gary's employee for a period of at least 2 years, with an option to extend it after 3 years. That means, you will perform whatever duties Gary sees necessary. Whatever duties. It also means that if necessary you agree to relocate to another city if , and only if Gary deems it necessary for you to perform your duties. Your official "title" will be customer service, with an emphasis on service. You will be required to entertain clients in a business atmosphere, to assist Gary in attaining new clients for his business. Gary cannot terminate this employment until at least 2 years has passed. You will in effect become Gary's property for at least 2 years. Do you understand so far?"

In a daze, we both nodded yes.

"Ok. Also, Gary can sell this contract to another party anytime he chooses. For whatever reason. It's called a buy-out clause. We have determined your service value at $10,000.00. That means, your husband gets first refusal if Gary wants to sell the contract. Gary is required to give 12 hours notification only. Your husband then has 12 hours, or you as well, to purchase the contract back for that amount. Not one minute past 12 hours, but 12 hours. If you do not respond within the 12 hour time period, the contract will besold, and you along with it, to the buyer. . Whomever that may be. He can sell the contract for whatever price he chooses. He can sell it to a bum on the street for 5 bucks if he wants. But you have to pay the buy-out amount to get it back. You still with me?"

My heart raced. Man, was it pounding. I could just imagine her being sold already. My cock throbbed as the scenarios played out in my head. I could already see Gary selling her off and just laughing about it. I could see her breathing heavily as he stroked her thighs and snatch under his desk. Gary sat silently, not saying a word. We both nodded again. The room was spinning out of control.

Then came a knock at the door. It was our lawyer. He had already seen the contract and he was there to give his advice. He plainly told Hilda, that if she signed this, that she was really obligated to Gary for at least 2 years. If she failed to live up to the contract, she would be sued for breach of contract in court. That meant a public trial. Hilda gasped when she thought of that. The whole world knowing and finding out. That was more than she could take.

She looked at Gary, visibly shaking. He just smiled. "Would you really sue me?"

He nodded, "Hell yes I will. I will take whatever measures necessary to ensure you live up to it. Think hard Hilda. Then sign it. Just pick up the ink pen and sign it. You know you want me to take you as mine." He held out an ink pen to her trembling hand and she nodded slightly as his lawyer started to stamp the contract with a notary seal. Our lawyer just said..

"? wouldn't do it. There's no way out for at least 2 years, maybe 3 IF he decides to extend it. And that's totally up to him. He doesn't have to give you notice. He has to simply say he's extending your employment. Also, he only has to give you 6 hours notice that you're required to relocate.That's all. If you sign this, you're basically done for." She nodded her understanding. I had absolutely no say in the matter at all. Then Gary asked her a couple of questions.

"Hilda, babe, how often do you check your email?"

"She thought a moment, before answering, "I've been getting so many emails, I only check it three times a week, usually Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Why?"

""|I'll need your passwords too..ok?"

She nodded as he smiled like the cat that caught the bird. The lawyer told me I needed to sign it as a witness. Hilda nodded at me to sign it. Her eyes pleaded with me to sign it. My lawyer signed first. Then she just simply said

"Please, if you really love me, just witness it. ? haven't signed it yet." With a shaking hand I signed it. Then the lawyer began fingering her really hard. His fingers worked her clit as she closed her eyes and moaned. Her legs opened more as she felt an orgasm coming on. He removed one of her heels and began licking her feet. He unzipped his trousers and stood up, his hard cock inches from her lips. Which, of course, she readily opened and took him in her mouth. Her eyes looked at the lawyer and locked into his gaze. Her right hand was on the ink pen as she began to cum. As she came the lawyer also came all inside her mouth. Then he stamped the notary seal onto the paper. She leaned back in the chair, quivering as her hand took the ink pen, and she sat up in the chair. Within ten seconds, she signed her name to the contract. Done. Witnessed and signed. Then Gary signed his name quickly.

Then he kissed her . Her looked at her and simply said

"Finally. You're mine. All mine." Tears ran down Hilda's face as she nodded. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. She may still share my bed, but she belonged to him now. She had gotten her wish. Way more than she had bargained for. We just had no idea how much more. Gary led her out to his car as the lawyers shook hands. Hilda would have to fuck both lawyers for payment, Gary had said. I just stood there in disbelief as he drove down University avenue with her. What had she done?

If you have questions or comments about Hilda or the contract our email is We welcome any comments or are available on request to prove she is real

Note****this is not a made up piece of fiction. I'm not a professional writer, and have tried to convey my emotions and words to the best of my ability. I'm just an ordinary guy who watched my loving hot wife descend into actual slavery to fulfill the desires she had.

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