Lesbian Sex stories

The Beginning of Inspiration and The End of Frustration
by Dr. Imagination

I am a 34 year old married woman with 2 kids and 2 dogs. The dogs keep me sane and the kids keep me active. I got married right after college to a guy that I thought would complement my goals and help me to achieve my aspirations. I mean the entire time we were in college we were on the same page with similar goals. He was a bit wild but never really as wild as I secretly hoped he would be or become. He is quite built, and every woman would probably kill to have him if just base on looks. However that is probably as far as it would go before they realized he is not the pleasing type.

Maybe I was just blind in college because of the 'love bug', but I didn't see it coming. To this day I am still a smokin' hot tight body with great tits and a beautiful small and tight round ass. For some reason however, he doesn't seem to notice, anything for that matter. Not my looks, my outfits, hair style, make up, fancy candle light dinner, nothing. It seems like as soon as his career took off, he became someone else or just became himself. Either way it led to much frustration on my part. I have a very high sex drive and always have had. I saved myself for Mr. Right all the way till my wedding night. Now that doesn't mean that I didn't have plenty of blissful times pleasing myself, like I said my sex drive is high, but I now am so frustrated with pent up sexual tension that I think it has gone dormant and will explode if any form of intimacy were to show up.

I still look at myself in the mirror often just to remind myself that I look great. I am not the modest type and even sleep naked. In fact nudity is normal at our house as I never made a big deal about it the whole time the kids have been growing up. That way no shocking oops situations as they got older and they knew what the difference between men and women were from the start and so if they saw my husband or me or each other naked it was no big deal.

On this one day about 2 weeks ago, something happened that would forever change me and my outlook on life. It started after my morning shower as I was looking in the mirror at my body covered in little water droplet with a bit of flyaway hair. Something about the way I looked made a funny feeling well up. I had no idea what just happened but I needed to masturbate for myself right then and there. I reached over and locked the door then moved back in front of the mirror. I slowly caressed my tits and played and pinched my nipples till they were rock hard and standing out almost 1'. My tits were pushing up with fullness and even my light brown areola s were puffed up as if trying to push my nipples even farther out.

I slowly let the fingers of my left hand trace down my ribs and side as my right hand continued to tease my nipples. I paused just a moment just above my vagina and lightly rubbed my mound enjoying the pressure inside as it built with excitement. I was completely shaved so I was really enjoying the feel of my soft skin beneath my fingertips. I added a little more pressure and pulled up stretching my labia and clit up over my pelvic bone. I let out a soft moan as the movement created an amazing tease and almost made me cum. I released the pressure as fast as I could so I would not cum and bit my lower lip. Looking in the mirror, I just stared at my vagina. I could not believe it but I was so wet that my pussy juice was literally leaking out like saliva and I had not even touched myself there yet.
I took my index finger and caught the long drop that was leaking out and without thinking brought it to my lips as if it were lipstick and then licked it off. This made my whole body shiver. This was something I had never done and I really could not figure out why I had done that. I reached back down with my left hand and slowly slid 2 fingers on either side of my labia and rubbed softly back and forth then slowly added pressure until I thought I would burst. At the very moment when I thought I could take no more teasing and would cum, I shoved 2 fingers straight into my pussy and flicked my g-spot area hard and fast bringing my body to an earth shattering orgasm. I opened my mouth to scream in pleasure but nothing came out as I stared at the sight before me in the mirror and just then as I focused on my hand between my legs a second and harder orgasm rocked my body and I think I even peed myself a bit or female ejaculation is real. It felt so amazing and was spraying everything.

I sat down on the floor completely spent when my son knocked on the door saying he really needed to use the bathroom and could I please hurry. I quickly pulled myself together, wrapped my towel around me and was brushing my hair as I opened the door and hurried past him. The whole bathroom was hot and steamy and there was water all over from the shower so I didn't have to worry about any 'mess' I might have left behind. I went straight to my bedroom fell back on the bed and in a low soft voice said, 'You deserved that'. I must have been really exhausted and relaxed because next thing I knew I heard the front door shut and heard my husband asking what everyone was up to. I quickly changed into my sweatpants and tank top and hurried down the stairs to meet him.

That is when reality set back in. For some reason I had forgotten what he was like each day and sort of expected him to greet me with at least a kiss and how was your day to my 'Hey baby, so nice you are home

. ' Yeah what was I thinking, a quick 'hey' and straight to the kitchen for a beer, then out to the living room and plop right down in front of the TV. Oh well he has no idea what he is missing out on. The rest of the night was quite the usual, dinner, dishes, more TV, send the kids to bed and then the same every night routine, 'been a long day, going to shower and sleep love, see you in the morning'. I can't tell you how much I hated that line. I have heard so many of my friends talk about how their husbands want sex all the time and are complaining that is all they ever want. I would just like it even once in a month at this point. I really don't know how much longer this can go on. With that thought I shut all the lights of and went up and crawled into bed next to the lifeless man.

The next morning I awoke amazingly refreshed and ready to face the day, and earlier than normal. I slipped on one of my favorite set of exercise shorts and tops and headed to the kitchen to get things ready for the day. For some reason I was a bit excited or expectant of the day. I couldn't figure out why but I liked the extra energy it gave me. The kids came down, followed a short while later by my husband had their breakfast grabbed their lunches and flew out the door. I gave the kids a quick hug and kiss as the passed but was once again annoyed by my husband as he slid out behind me with the 'Thanks hunny see you tonight' line. Oh well, today I will not let it get to me. I took off my clothes and cranked up the music on the radio while I cleaned up and enjoyed the freedom of being naked. I decided afterwards to take a shower and head out to do some shopping and enjoy my time to myself. Putting the dogs out after their breakfast, I headed up to shower and get ready for the day.

I put on one of my sexy bras and my favorite thong then admired the sexy lady in the mirror before putting on my summer dress. This is one of my favorite outfits; almost see through, very short skirt and very low v-cut front with low cut back as well. So comfy and very, very sexy. After doing my hair and makeup I headed out. When I arrived at the mall I decided to grab a coffee and pastry before committing to my shopping spree. A young lady walked up behind the counter and asked what I would like to order. I noticed that she kept glancing at my open sun dress trying to catch a glimpse at my tits. I had never been around another woman that seemed so interested in women before. I myself have never been interested in women, attracted to them I mean, except for now somehow this hottie behind the register staring at my tits sent a shiver through my body. I quickly order a coffee and pastry and sat directly in line with the counter to see if she would continue to sneak peeks in my direction.

It didn't take long before she was glancing over to where I was sitting, then once even came over to see if I needed anything more. The angle of my chair almost revealed enough of my legs under my short dress to give a glimpse of my lace string thong between them. I was getting a bit excited being sort of exposed in a public place, but was very surprised to find the excitement I felt from being checked out by a woman. I finished up and left a tip for her and went shopping. I arrived at my first shop inside the mall, my favorite shoe store. I walked up and down the aisles a bit looking for something to jump off the shelf and say pick me. I settled on about 5 pair of shoes, from sexy heals to flats. It was so nice to be out and I had totally left the stress and frustration from my husband behind. As I sat down at the fitting area a young man approached and asked for my size. I told him size 7 please and he disappeared into the back room.

When he returned with 7 or eight boxes he said some of the style runs a bit large and he wanted to try a couple different sizes to make sure they fit correctly on my feet. I appreciated the thoughtfulness and professionalism. He was a young man, maybe just out of college, very clean and well dressed. As he knelt down and raised my right foot to slip on my first choice his face blushed and he became a bit nervous. At first it was strange but I quickly realized I was giving this poor guy a view he had probably only dreamed of. For the second time in the same day I found myself the center piece for staring eyes and I really was enjoying it. The young man struggled with my selection and suggested he have one of the other store attendants assist as he did not want to cause any pain to my feet. An odd excuse but probably all he could come up with under the stress. As he got up he turned quickly and I caught a quick view of his crotch and he definitely needed to excuse himself to go adjust himself.

A short while later, a young lady appeared to take his place and asked how my day was going. She apologized for any inconvenience waiting for help, to which I replied no problem that it felt pretty good to be admired by a much younger man. 'Oh you noticed, he was struggling' she said as she bent down to put the first shoe on. I replied that I couldn't really miss the extended front of his pants as he quickly got up and left. 'poor thing, he is new and ' She froze right in the middle of her sentence as her eyes gazed on my crotch when she lifted my foot to finish fastening the shoe strap. She tried not to stare but then quickly said, 'Now I know why he needed to leave in such a hurry. It is likely he has never seen such a magnificent sight, not even in a girly magazine

. ' I was a bit amazed that she would just say something like that, but it made my pussy tingle a bit. 'You are exaggerating a bit , but thank you' She continued to fit me with the different pairs of shoes. It seemed however she was getting more bold as she would lift each foot a bit higher and out as she settled between my feet resting my feet on her thigh as she continued to glance at my barely covered vagina.

I told her that I would purchase 2 of the pairs of shoes there and asked her to box them up. She did, but asked if I would be interested in seeing a new pair that had just arrived and not been shelved yet. I told her why not and she walked off with a bit of a bounce to her step. I noticed her nice ass as she went away and figured she too must be wearing not much in the way of panties as there were no lines and her tight shorts hugged her skin beautifully. I couldn't believe I was looking at her that way and that it was creating a strange feeling deep inside me. As she returned I checked out her tits held firmly in place with her body hugging tank top with the store logo across the very tips of her breasts. I looked away so she would not see me staring.

She knelt down quickly and lifted my right foot then placed it directly between her legs right up against her pelvic mound. That literally sent a wave of pleasure straight up my leg to my vagina. I could feel the moisture now just between the lips of my pussy and hoped that she would not sense anything. She looked at my crotch not hiding the glance this time and grinned with a devilish smile. As she slipped the right shoe on and fastened it she raised my foot a bit higher almost in line with her breasts and asked if I like it. 'They are so sexy' I said and she lowered it back to the floor. She giggled and softly said, 'The shoe or my tits, you said they'. I was stunned at this but knew I was caught at that point. I told her that I enjoy the appearance of both the shoe and her tits. I have never complimented another woman's tits or any other part of her body for that matter. 'You have an amazing body and you should be proud. Very sexy, forgive me for saying so but you obviously noticed me looking and you are very beautiful

. ' 'no worries' she replied, 'I find you extremely attractive, and it is taking all my will strength to not reach out and feel your pussy while I have your foot raised

. '

With that we were both quiet for a bit as I stood up on the new shoes to see them in the mirror. I was so wet by now, and standing up put my vagina directly at face level to her and I was sure she could easily smell my scent. I turned slowly admiring the shoes and also watching her as she checked out my ass looking straight up my skirt. I turned once more and sat back down on the bench with my legs spread a bit wider apart and told her I would buy them as well. As she raised my left foot to remove the shoe she scooted in between my feet almost to my knees saying it was easier to get at the clasps that way. I assured her it was no problem, secretly hoping she would actually feel me up. I can't believe I am even thinking these things. I mean I am no lesbian, and never in a million years would I have thought I could be turned on by another woman. She finished removing the first shoe and set my foot back down on the floor then slowly turned while staring directly at my lace covered vagina to attend to my other foot. As she raised my right foot, 'Go ahead, I know you really want to, and it is ok

. ' Did I just say that, oh my goodness what did I do? I could feel my face flush red and my body sort of shivered. I was just about to say I was sorry when she reached in with her fingers and softly began to caress my vagina through my lace thong.

It was amazing and almost electrical. I have never felt anything so exciting before, and this was a woman. What was happening to me, have I gone nuts? I was sitting right on the edge of the bench so it was easy for her to rub the entire length of my vagina without being noticed by other customers or employees. I was looking in all directions hoping no one was watching. I didn't even notice she had moved herself into a different position while undoing the strap of the shoe with one hand, until I felt my leg move out a little more. I looked down to see she had positioned herself to block the view from anyone else and it appeared she was working at getting my shoe off. Just as she unclasped the buckle on the shoe she hooked her finger in the crotch of my thongs moved it to one side and rubbed my slit from the back of my opening to my hard clit then teased it just a bit before releasing my thong and standing up to package my shoes. I quickly closed my legs and shivered as it was such torture to be touched and then left hanging on the edge of pure excitement.

As she stood up and started to place the lid on the shoe box I could see my juice on her fingers. She saw me look and licked it off right in front of me. 'Amazing, is there anything else I can do for you today miss?' She said with a smile as she headed for the register without waiting for a response. I just followed still in shock from what had just happened. She set the shoes on the counter and as if nothing strange had happened said thanks and she hoped I would come back again. 'I will guaranteed, thanks for the assistance'. The cashier rang up the price and I paid leaving the store still not believing what had just happened but really excited about how I felt. I felt like a new woman, like someone that mattered and someone that people noticed. I was walking down the mall and I realized I was near the lingerie store I liked but never went in cause the girls always seemed a bit full of themselves. My friends had told me that it was a great place and you could have things modeled before buying. I decided I would go in.

As I walked through the door I was greeted by 2 of the ladies at the same time. 'Hello, welcome to Heaven, how can we help you today?' I smiled as an incredible crazy idea rushed thru my mind. I am here to see some of the sexiest items you have. I would like to see several choices before I decide. I quickly looked around while the 2 of them hurried to gather up what they could to offer me assistance. I don't think they get a lot of business and were excited to make a sale. They returned and asked if I would look at their selection to decide which ones to try on. I quickly replied before I could lose my nerve. 'Oh ladies, these are not for me. They are for a gift for a friend of mine. She is almost exactly my size but if I try them on I won't really be able to see how they would look on her

. ' I lied, they were for me but I wasn't going to spoil my fun at this point. They both looked at me with a kind of confused look, so I continued to instruct them as to what I wanted.

'Where are the fitting rooms girls lets go

. ' They led the way and told the others workers they would be in the back assisting me. When we arrived I quickly assessed the area and chose the booth at the very back as it was the largest. 'I will wait here outside the door and when you have the first ones on I will see how they look

. ' They just stood there for a moment, when one started to say something. 'Mam we do

. 'I cut her off mid-sentence, 'Come ladies hurry up you have chosen a lot to try on and I don't want to waste any time'. With that I opened the door and sort of pushed them in. They were dead silent, probably not knowing what was going on or what to do. They probably hadn't seen each other out of clothes before either as they were just coworkers. That made me a bit excited. What had come over me I had no idea but I sure was starting to really enjoy it

I began to hear the rustling of clothes and figured they couldn't come up with a way to get out of it so were just going to do what I requested. Then the door opened a little but no one came out. They must be modest or embarrassed I thought so I opened it further and grabbed the closest to the door and pulled her into the changing room hallway and in front of the big full wall mirror. She kinda stood all closed up with her arms folded awkwardly as if trying to cover up. I reached out and moved her arms to her sides and said 'back straight please'. She did as I asked which pushed her tits out and up. 'Yes, just like that, wonderful. Now turn a bit towards the mirror and stand like you are wearing heals please

. ' She did and I bent down and focused my attention directly to her firm exposed ass. I noticed she would not look at herself in the mirror. 'Look at yourself; you are so beautiful and sexy. You should appreciate your body and really enjoy it every day

. ' She tried to look for a while but still could not force herself to stare much.

I asked her to turn again so she would be facing me. I didn't want to totally overwhelm her on the first outfit so I let her return telling her to try the next one and called out her coworker. The other lady came out a bit more comfortable but also not so put together, kinda like she had no idea how to wear things like this. 'Oh my dear, you work in a store like this and they don't even teach you how to wear what you sell. What a shame. That's ok I will help you

. ' Then without hesitation I moved in and straightened her bra, reaching inside and lifting her breast feeling her nipple against my fingers and placing it correctly in the cup. I repeated this with the other side as well. There was complete terror in her eyes but she did not move or make any comment. I stepped back and looked her up and down again. 'Turn please

. ' She did as I asked and stopped when she saw herself in the mirror. It seemed as if to hypnotize her when she saw herself dressed that way. She didn't even notice that I had moved closer again and was spreading her butt cheeks to allow the proper position of the thong. I pulled up on the back of the panties and lifted the side onto her hips. 'There, much better. That is how it should be. Please turn again and let me see the front again. Oh I must fix that too

. ' I said a she turned. When I had lifted and fixed the back and sides it bunched the front and made it crooked. I reached in and slid my fingers behind the fabric to straighten it out. I could swear I heard her moan softly.

My fingers brushed against her bare skin as I pulled and lifted the front into place. I then slid my fingers down into the crotch of her thong to un-bunch the fabric so it would look right. I made sure to rub up against her labia with my knuckles as I did just to see what response I would get. I think she held her breath and bit her lip, but involuntarily she rocked her hips forward pressing onto my fingers. I noticed but I didn't want to say anything so I removed my fingers and stepped back to view the whole picture.
'Thanks that looks so sexy, turn one more time please. Ok you can try the next one now

. ' With that she stepped into the dressing room and the other lady came out. She was wearing a skimpy little thing that barely covered anything. I t was totally see through and the 2 triangles that covered her breasts almost didn't even hide her nipples, and the little triangle at the entrance to her love zone showed most of her pubic area only hiding from her clit down between her legs.

'Step over here please, and let me get a good look at you

. ' She moved in front of the mirror, this time though it seemed she spent more time looking at herself, offering the back for me to see first. The thong was so skimpy and the string was almost not even visible as it ran up the crack of her ass to the strings high on her hips. The top was just a simple string as well straight across her back and around her neck. I admired her completely bare backside, and then asked her to turn around. She slowly did looking over her shoulder to see what the back looked like. I just stared at her beautiful body. She was almost an exact match to body. So young and firm and fit. Her tits were tight and firm and pushed against the fabric of the top forcing her nipples to be visible behind the fabric. It must have felt good cause they were really standing out and hard looking. I had to know how hard they were so while she was still looking away I reached out and adjusted her tits in the top so that her nipples were right in the middle of the triangles. I then pinched both of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger to make them stand out. She was a bit startled and looked down at her tits to see what I was doing but did not complain.

I then knelt down between her legs and with my thumbs on the outside I slipped my fingers behind the fabric and up against her mound to smooth the fabric. She did moan for sure but quietly trying to hide it from her coworker and me. I continued with my fingers in her panties and worked my way farther between her legs. She spread her feet a bit allowing me access. As I moved towards her anus I could feel the moisture in from her vagina building and I pressed one of my fingers just in between the folds of her lips. She pressed down slightly onto my hand without even realizing she was doing so.. I removed my fingers and stood back up to see the view. She was so sexy and I noticed her breathing was a bit fast and she was actually sweating a bit. I told her she could go and change into the next one, but it took her a moment to gather her composure and walk into the changing room. I thought to myself that I would now get really bold and see what happened.

Her coworker came out in a wonderful outfit. I had been waiting for this. Crotchless panties and a top with no cups only support. I immediately reached for her tits and nipples to adjust them in the top. I rested her tits in the palm of my hands and lifted them a few times as if checking their weight and testing the firmness. Then I twisted both nipples between my fingers gently and watched as they hardened and stuck straight out. She began to breathe harder and shorter, but said nothing. I then reached between her legs and cupped my hand over her mound and slipped my middle finger through the fabric opening and against her vagina lips. She was soaking wet and I knew she didn't want to be but couldn't help it. I rubbed my finger back and forth slowly and gently each time adding a bit more pressure until my finger was completely disappearing in the folds of her pussy. She was almost panting now and literally asked me not to stop. With that I added another finger and pushed them both deep inside her pussy. She tensed up and shook uncontrollably as I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy.

I continued this for a bit and added my thumb to rub on her clit. I could hear her softly moaning now and she began to move her hips against my motion to create more pressure and friction. I sped up the movement of my fingers and added a third into her hot pussy. Just when I could sense she would be at the point of no return, I kissed her right on the mouth and pinched her nipple with my other fingers and shoved my tongue into her mouth. She came so hard that my entire hand was soaked and it was dripping on the floor. I kept rubbing and pumping my fingers into her until I could feel all the energy leave her body and felt like I was holding her up by her vagina. I slid my fingers out lowly and rub her juices all over her exposed tits and told her she could go back to the room and that I would buy that one.

When the next lady came back out she looked with questioning eyes to her coworker who was out of breath and hardly moving. I didn't really care too much for what she was wearing and asked her to go put on the one the other lady was wearing last. She did as I asked but I could hear her as why the panties were wet. There was no reply and soon she returned wearing my favorite piece. As she approached I moved her towards the mirror and told her to enjoy the view. As she looked at herself, I reached around her and began to caress her exposed breasts while her eyes widened in complete shock. She wasn't able to speak but she did not pull away so I continued. I gently rubbed my fingers under her tits and then slowly in a circular pattern moved up and in till I was slightly pinching and twisting her nipples as I pulled them up and out away from her body. Her knees went a bit shaky and she tilted her head up and closed her eyes. Her nipples felt so good in my hand, though I still could not believe I was doing anything like this.

I moved my left hand down to her waist and held firm as I pushed the top of her body toward the mirror. She reached both hands out to catch herself and balance against the mirror. I used one of my feet to suggest she spread her legs a bit to which she responded quickly and moved her feet apart about 1 meter. I stepped back and told her not to move as I needed to see how it appeared from a different angle. She was frozen in place with her ass jutting out and her vagina lips in almost full view. What a sight, she was so amazing. As I approached her to the side I reached under her and cupped her left tit in my hand and lifted then let it fall back into place hanging below her. She closed her eyes again and this time I did not wait any longer. I reached across her left breast and began to squeeze her right nipple so her left nipple would be rubbing on my arm, and then with my right hand I reached over and slid my fingers down her back, between the crack of her beautiful bum pausing at her anus and then plunged 2 fingers straight into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned and pushed back hard onto my fingers.

I slowly withdrew my fingers till they were almost completely out of her and then added a third finger and pushed them back in. I continued this motion of all the way out and then back in at a slow pace and she was gyrating her hips to try and speed the motion. Instead of speeding up, I felt for her g-spot and then began to massage it quite firmly and she again stood almost motionless with her eyes shut and her mouth open. No sound was coming out from her mouth but I could feel her pussy muscles clamp down hard on my fingers in sort of a rhythmic pattern. I realized that she probably had just experienced a small orgasm, maybe her first, so I again started my fingers in and out. As she began to move again against my fingers, I released her nipple and slid my left hand down to cover her mound. Her whole body shivered and I had not even touched her clit yet. I pushed with some pressure into her abdomen and returned my concentration to her g-spot. Her hands slipped down the mirror slightly as she clamped down with extreme force on the fingers I had inside her. I made a come her motion flicking my fingers hard across her g-spot still holding the pressure outside just above her mound and could feel what my fingers inside were doing right through her skin.

I think she could not help herself and started to moan a bit louder than her coworker. I wondered if it would be heard outside and bring more people to the dressing room, but no one showed up. I continued my assault on this poor young thing till she suddenly froze and then shook uncontrollably as her pussy exploded around my fingers. I did not stop as I was amazed at the volume of liquid running over my hand, and when I added my thumb to rub her clit in the middle of her huge orgasm she pushed back hard, almost grunted and sprayed the whole area with her pussy juices. I am sure she peed at the same time but I didn't care as this was quite the sight to behold. When I finally released her vagina from my grip she instantly collapsed to the floor panting hard and began to rub her nipples as if to calm them down. I reached down and undid her top and then slid off her panties off and turned to go and make my purchase. When I arrived at the counter to pay for my new set of sexy undergarments the manager was there and asked if there was anything else she could help me with. I watched her face react to the wetness of the fabric as she rang up the tag and placed them into the bag. I handed her my credit card and replied, 'No mam, your staff was a great help and very kind to assist me with my decision for the purchase. However they may need some of your assistance to get back in uniform before returning to the floor

. ' She gave me a puzzled look as I exited the store. I almost wish I could have been there to see the reaction when she walked in to check on them. But I had my way and took them down a notch on the Prude ladder so headed out to continue my shopping feeling so empowered and great.

As I wandered from store to store in the mall, I realized I had not even washed my hands and that the two girls' juices were dried into my skin. I also realized that my own vagina had remained moist and could feel my panties were wet. That was such a turn on, walking through the mall knowing what had happened and feeling the incredible fire inside my pussy while shopping. It was almost like building to my own orgasm but very slow and controlled. I noticed one of my close friends looking through mini-skirts at in one of the stores as I passed so I decided to join her and see what was there. Plus it would be nice to have some company for a bit to just shop with. 'Hey Sally' I said as I started digging through the pile of min-skirts on sale. I didn't really care for any of the styles but it was a great way to get a conversation going. She looked up and said hi holding up a tiny fake leather mini. 'What do you think?' she asked with a bit of a somber look. 'Why the heck would you be interested in something so fake looking? I mean it is probably short and sexy from a distance, but up close you would look like a hooker

. ' She kinda giggled and told me 'might be a nice change to feel like that', then quickly put the mini back into the pile.

Did I hear her right? I mean this is my friend who is supposedly happily married having sex at least 4 times a week and really feeling satisfied. Had she been lying this whole time when we girls were all together just for attention? I didn't realize I had gotten silent and was startled when she called my name a bit loud there in the store. 'Oh sorry, guess I just sort of started daydreaming or something'. We kept going through the minis for a while longer and then I suggested we go and grab some lunch. She agreed and we headed off to find a place. I took advantage of the situation since I brought it up and lead us to a nice little deli that served wonderful sandwiches and homemade iced tea. Of course that is not why I chose the place. I chose this particular place cause it was very out of sight and secluded and the tables also were set in such a way they even felt private and cozy. We sat down and asked for menus, and decided what to get. The waitress came over to take our order. She was wearing nice short tight white denim shorts and an almost see-through form fitting unbuttoned top that showed off her perky medium sized breasts. I stared a bit and took extra time to order; asking several times for her to point to what was good on the menu so I could look down her top when she leaned in.

When it came time for Sally to order, she quickly pointed to a sandwich rather quickly and said 'with an iced tea please'. I asked her why she seemed so nervous all of a sudden and ordered so fast. 'What was that all about? It was like you were really staring that poor waitress up and down, almost sizing her up as if she were an item on the menu

. ' I told her she was out of her mind and laughed it off as if nothing had happened and then began to pry into what I knew she had been lying about for so long when we had all been together. 'So tell me the truth Sally, how are you really? It seems that when we are together with the other girls you have all these stories to tell of how married life is so great and you are so satisfied. I can tell you there is no way a fully satisfied woman would giggle and make a comment about feeling wanted like a hooker, even just joking

. ' She looked at me almost in horror and stammered trying to figure out how to reply. 'Oh so I am right, you are not so satisfied and happy with everything'. With that said she looked down at the table and said, 'Ok, don't get me wrong, I love my husband and I love being married. It is very secure and he takes care of me, just not in the bedroom. It seems he is always tired and worn out and even though he tries I mostly just act satisfied and fake my orgasm so he can sleep. We do have sex three or four times a week, but it is definitely not satisfying nor does it last long enough to feel like he is truly into the passion of the moment

. '

I smiled at her, and told her not to worry and that I would keep her secret. In my head though, I was already getting excited about the possibilities that may arise from my friends' dissatisfaction in the bedroom. 'So why don't you do something about it then?' I asked quickly so she could not change the subject. 'Like what, it's not like I can do anything. I am not going to find another guy or anything

. ' I looked at her with complete determination now. I was going to get to her and see if there was any fun to be had. 'Oh come on, don't tell me you don't have any toys or that you don't sometimes help yourself out when you need it

. ' Again the shocked look in her eyes, 'no I well.. toys, no, I could never go and even stand outside one of those places that has those, and I wouldn't even know what to get if I did go in. To answer your other question, no I don't really take care of myself as you put it. It seems sort of forbidden and even though sometimes I would like to touch myself there, again I have never..and ..well how to even go about it

. ' Now I was looking at her in shock. 'You are serious. You really have no experience. Don't you and your husband ever explore anything? I mean I am not satisfied in bed and I have shared that with you many times, but thanks to college and curiosity, I definitely know how to take care of myself

. '

She was really quiet and didn't even look up when the sexy waitress came by to deliver our drinks and tell us our food would be served shortly. When the waitress walked away again I looked at Sally and then challenged her. 'I dare you to check out our waitress when she comes back. I will keep her looking in my direction so she won't see you looking

. ' 'No way, are you outa your mind? One it's a lady and two, how can you even suggest something like that? I mean you're my best friend and you are asking me to check out some stranger, and not even a guy

. ' I studied her for a moment and then replied. 'Look, it is a simple dare and if you are to chicken to just lookI mean come on, lighten up a little. It is all in good fun. I am not asking you to kiss her or anything

. ' She almost spit out the drink in her mouth when she heard that, and I busted out laughing. Just as I gathered myself together the waitress reappeared with our food. I immediately began talking to her so that my friend had a chance to fulfill the dare. To my surprise, she actually started checking the waitress out. Of course her face was all colors of red in the process so I made sure even when the waitress left I said one more thing to keep her attention on me rather than to see my blushing friend.

I smiled at her with my mischievous grin and said 'So, what do you think?' She started blushing instantly again 'you didn't say this would be 101 questions, you just dared me to check her out'. So I repeated myself, 'Well, what did you think? You can't look at something that sexy for that amount of time and not have any comment

. ' Finally I would get her to relax a bit. I could see her thinking about how to say what she thought and knew she was trying to come up with a way as to not make it seemed as if she liked it. 'Ok, her shorts were really short and I could even see the outline of her panties. I think they were very skimpy or they were crawling up her bum. I liked the top she was wearing, but it was a bit see-through even if I only saw it from behind. Her shoes were kinda cute

. ' 'Seriously Sally, I am not asking about her clothes, what did you think of her body?' She waited for a moment and then slowly and very quietly answered. 'She really has a nice body, I mean her legs wear so defined in those heels and her bum was so tight. I think that she must work out too cause when she leaned over I could see her stomach was totally ripped. I was too embarrassed to try to see up her shirt farther cause I would have had to lean over to do that. Oh and she smelled wonderful

. ' 'See Sally, that wasn't so hard

. ' She giggled and started to eat her sandwich. This was going to be fun.

To be continued

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