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Th ePorno cinema
by Sexy Anna

While travelling through europe my wife and I decided to stop in Berlin for a few days. My wife's name is Ania and I am Robert, Ania is 26 and I am 51 years old. Ania is not too tall but with nice 34C tits and a lovely arse which is just right for smacking when fucking her.

Wondering around Berlin I remembered a porno cinema I had been to a few months earlier and asked Ania if she fancied going. She thought about it and in the end agreed as long as I looked after her. We bought our tickets and entered the dark cinema. It took a while to get used to the darkness so we stood at the back and watched the film until we got used to the darkness. After a while we noticed it wasn't too full and there were a lot of spare seats so we sat down in a row which was empty. The film showing was a guy fucking this girl in a scrap yard, banging away at her and finally fucking her in the arse, all the time with her moaning. I was holding Ania's hand and she kept on fidgeting while watching the film. After a short time her hand dropped into my lap and held my dick through my trousers. Then she started to stroke it. So I undid the zip and pulled my dick out, she quite readily started to wank me off. Nice and slow while not taking her eyes off of the screen.

There were no other girls in the cinema so Ania was a centre of attraction with guys Turing around to watch her. She was totally oblivious to what everyone as doing around her. One guy had moved along the seats to sit one seat away from her. After a while I noticed him lean over and start to feel her arse. It made her jump and she pulled away. The guy stopped but left his hand on the seat. As she was moving around the seat her short skirt started to ride up without her noticing. Ania was getting worked up watching the film. Now there were 3 men fucking the one girl on the screen. Ania only had a thong on a bra and thin summer dress on. The guy had moved to the seat right next to her and was having a good view of her arse with only a thin piece of material covering it. I was watching him over Ania's shoulder as he softly stroked her arse. She hadn't noticed with all action on the screen.

I waved my hand at him to move away as he moved I told Ania I needed a pee, she said she didn't want to be left alone but I said I would be very quick. Ania looked around and saw no one was there so told me to be quick. I got up and went to the toilet. As I was having a pee a guy came in and started to chat to me, about where I was from, where I was staying, if I liked Germany and Berlin. He was chatting away telling me places to visit. After a few minutes I went back to my seat.

I had a shock to see a group of men around Ania, I could see her struggling to get away from them but I could see she was being held by 2 men from behind. I was making my way over to them when 2 men on either side of me pushed me into a row to the side of Ania and made me sit down. One man put his arm around me and told me that she would be OK. I was sitting at right angles to Ania and could see all that was happening.

Two guys sitting behind Ania had an arm each and were pulling them back over the seat making her tits push out in a very venerable way. 2 guys had her dress off her shoulders, bra pushed up and were sucking on a nipple each. I couldn't see much else. Ania was struggling all of the time. All of a sudden she stopped struggling after a guy spoke into her ear. The man sitting next to me said, Johan likes to be rough and he obviously just told her what he will do if she keeps putting up a fight. At this point Johan got up stood on the seat either side of Ania and slapped her face with his semi hard dick, as she tried to get away he held her head and forced his dick into her mouth. The way he was moving he was fucking her face. He had one hand behind her head to stop her getting way. I could see him hold her tight and then push his weight forward forcing his dick down her throat and stop for a moment before fucking her face again.

The guy sitting next to me was watching me get a hard on while watching my wife get abused. He dropped his hand into my lap and grabbed my dick, I didn't stop him so he unzipped me got my hard dick out and wank me off. After a few wanks he bent down and started to suck me. The other guy saw me not stopping him got up and walked over to Ania. He said there wasn't enough room and suggested they took her to the front of the cinema where there was a small stage. The men picked her up face down. Guys were pulling on her nipples, kissing he and one guy had his face buried in her crouch sucking her. They carried her to the stage, took her dress and thong off and laid her down. All the guys crowded around her. Stroking, nipping, kissing and fingering her. She was screaming all of the time. They thought she was fair game if she went into a porno cinema and started to wank me off. A guy on either side grabbed a hand and made a fist and held it around their dicks and were making her wank them. She had her nipples sucked and one guy had her legs over his shoulders while he sucked her cunt. I could see one guy with his fingers up her arse, pumping them in and out. Guys were wanking over her and sending spunk everywhere.

Johan pushed the guy off of her who was sucking her and climbed up between her legs. Lifted them over his shoulders and forced his dick into her cunt. She was about to scream when someone saw her open mouth and stuck his dick into it and started to fuck her face. All the time she was wanking the guys with guys sucking her now sore nipples.

Johan banged away at her without a thought for her well being. She was a hole to be fucked and he fucked her hard. He stopped flipped her over and forced her to mount him as he laid on the stage. 2 guys lifted her up and sank her cunt onto his dick, I could see his dick being forced into her cunt. Johan held onto her hips and pushed her all the way down. He then caught her behind the head pulling it down towards his face. I thought he was going to kiss her but he held her there and told someone to fuck her face. One guy stepped forward and pushed his dick into her mouth and forced it into her throat.

I could tell Johan was telling the truth when he said he enjoyed it being a bit rough. He pulled her arse cheeks apart and dug 2 fingers into her arse then started to pump in and out. He then told one guy to fuck her arse. Hold her head tight he told the guy fucking her face and he held her tight as well. The new guy got behind her rubbed his dick around her puckered hole and slowly fed it in. You could hear her screaming around the dick in her mouth. Johan and the other guy started to move in unison and start to fuck her hard. This went on for ages.

The guy sucking me had made me come and he swallowed it all. I got up and walked over to Ania. I heard someone shout out that I enjoyed having my dick sucked and all of a sudden I had 2 guys with my trousers down one sucking my dick and the other pushing a finger up my arse. I was then pushed over the back of a chair with my arse in the air. One guy under me sucking me and another ready to fuck me. I saw him put a condom on, my arms were held tight as he pushed his dick into me. I had a raging hard on which was still being sucked. Johan turned Ania's head so she could see me being fucked as well, she looked over in horror. She was forced back and made to suck a dick again.

When the guy fucking my arse was about to come he pulled out and whipped off his condom and someone swallowed his come. The guy sucking me swallowed my come and the 3 guys on Ania came as well. When they let us get dressed I noticed come everywhere and condoms over the floor. We sat down again to catch our breath and looked around. The guys had all sat down again and were watching the film. One man came over to us and we heard someone say you've missed out with those two, they have both been truly fucked. We got up and travelled back to our hotel had a bath and fucked the rest of the night.

That is now used as one way to get Ania going when we are fucking. This is the 2nd experience Ania has had, if you liked this story read The Gay Night Club

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Sexy Anna

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