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Take My Wife
by tenbytwo

My wife and were just chilling on the sofa having a nice conversation. Somehow the conversation lead to talking about some of the sexual experiences we had so far in our lives. She then popped the question. She wanted to know if we can arrange another group sex party. I said sure, what do you have in mind? She shared with me how she loved the time when she took on all my poker friends and fucked them. She also made an observation that she and I never sucked a cock together. She wanted me to set up having three men to the house all of which she would fuck and suck. She wanted me to suck their cock with her. I agreed and made the calls the next morning. I did not tell them what they we were up to, I asked them to come over and help me move some furniture.

That Saturday afternoon, Jim, Ed and our young black man from across the street arrived. I also did not tell my wife how it was going to go down but to wear her really tight, short cut offs and an old button down shirt. I had a table set up in the game room and the plan was to have them help me rearrange that room and use that table as the place to fuck my wife. I told her to join us and help by moving the smaller stuff.

We started moving shit around and my wife was looking hot, especially when she would bend over to pick something up. If you caught a look from the front, you got a great look at her tits since she was not wearing a bra. If you got a look at her from behind, you would see her cunt and the beautiful lips pressed up against her shorts almost pushing to get out. I noticed that all three men were eyeballing her every chance they got. We were all together getting ready to move a heavy slot machine cabinet when I made the first comment. I told them I would love to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there on the table. Amen to that, one of them said. They all stopped and looked across the room at her. Shit, I said, let's do it. I told them to go grab her, get her on the table and rip all her clothes off. While you do that, I am going to get naked. She was sitting on the floor arranging DVD's. The three men walked slowly behind her and two of them grabbed her under each arm and the other quickly grabbed her legs. They had her up in seconds and headed for the table. She yelped, what are you doing, where are you taking me. They put her on the table and one held her arms while the other ripped her blouse open revealing her firm round tits. The third guy ripped her shorts open and was pulling them straight up her legs. She kept asking, what is going on. I was now naked across the room watching and stroking. I answered her and told her to get ready to fuck. I positioned myself in front of her and entered her already wet pussy. I started fucking her while I watched the other three men feeling her tits and trying to drop their pants. In minutes we were all naked. My wife was now sucking one cock and stroking the other two. When they were all on my wife, I pulled out and moved into position to help her suck cock. As soon as I pulled out, Jim was quick to take my place. I got on my knees and started sucking Ed's cock with my wife. His was looking up with his eyes closed and getting harder and harder. I knew he was going to cum any second. I felt his cock start to throb and grabbed it and finished him off letting him cum all over my wife's face. I licked his cum but did not swallow it. Instead, I licked my wife's tongue sharing his load. We kissed, licked and stroked Ed's cock until he had nothing left. Ed moved away and the young one took his place. His big black cock was even easier to share with my wife. He hadn't fucked my wife yet. He was just feeling her tits and jerking off. He was ready to explode too. He was alternating fucking her mouth and mine. Pumping them hard and telling us how he was going to give us a facial we would never forget. Jim was pushing his cock so hard into her pussy, her whole body was moving back and forth on the table. Jim started to moan and yelled out; make room up there, I going to cum on her face too. He quickly positioned his cock next to the black one and started to shoot cum like a garden hose. Seconds later they were both covering her face and mine with cum. We were licking cum and sucking limp wet cocks. The sight of two cum covered cocks, a cum covered face and my wife and sharing them like puppies licking a tasty treat. A pattern was now established. My wife was getting gang banged in her pussy and her mouth and I was getting it in the mouth. They were shooting their load anywhere from her tits to her face to my face. It did not matter who suck their cock or who swallowed their cum. They were enjoying every minute. I know my wife getting off over and over again. Every man that was fucking her gasped as to how wet her pussy was. Tasting cum almost non-stop was so addicting. I could not get enough and I too shot a load without even touching my dick. It was like we were high on cum. Of course the minutes of sucking and fucking got longer since they could not cum that often or at all. The afternoon ending with me fucking my wife while watching her suck all three cocks one last time. They managed to muster up one more load and she swallowed every drop.

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