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Sweetest Touch
by Alterra

The night was dark and the wind cold as i walked home from the party, they say that midnight is the darkest time of night, that's probably why i didn't see him staring at me from the trees.
I could feel something though and it was making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, i walked faster my steps echoing in the empty streets, it was then that he pounced with flashing teeth and a flurry of fur. He was just standing there and looking at me like he knew me.
Amnesia was a bitch.
Finally he spoke.
"I have been watching you for a while now, i need you to understand that i will not hurt you"
I must have had a stupid look on my face, this is not real i thought i'm passed out at the party i have to be coz this shit is crazy and should not be happening.
"w-w-what d-d-do you want from me" i finally stammered
He look me up and down slowly and in a way that made me want to blush, i realized at this point he no longer looked like a wolf/man and was looking more human, naked and very hard as i gave him the same sort of once over he had give me. His cock jerked like i had stroked it, the craziest feeling rush around my body, i wanted to touch him, suck him and ride him.
Now he was starting to walk closer to me, close enough to touch me and touch me he did right at the apex of my thighs, under my skirt and stroke my wet pulsing pussy.
Oh god that felt so good
"maybe you should follow me to my house and we can continue this craziness there " my voice came out low soft and husky.
"yeah good idea" he returned
A good 5 mins later we got to my place , i had just walked through the door and he had me up against the wall, literally ripping the clothes off my body with sharpened claws until i had nothing left but my wedge heels and white lacy thong.
He stopped at that point and looked, just looked until i was squirming under his intense gaze, a gaze i might point out that was nearly making me come where i stood.
i went to move but he pushed me back against the wall and dropped until his mouth was level with my dripping vag, please i thought please lick me or im going to explode.
I must have said it out loud, he looked at me with a yellow eyed stare and flicked his tongue out and with one long sweep he had made me squirt juices all down my legs.
oh god that felt amazing.
my knees started to buckle as the intensity of my orgasm wore off, he picked me up and carried me to my bed and dropped me there, i looked at him in all his glory as he climbed on with me, he was cock was huge, a small bead of moisture clung to the head, he saw me looking and with one hand guided my my mouth to him.
I took his head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his dick, his taste exploded onto my tongue as his fingers ran down my back to seek my pussy from behind.
his fingers found the goods and started a slow teasing stroke i matched the motions of my head to his finger rhythm. i felt my body start to tense up when he jerked his dick out of my mouth with a pop.
He was close and so was i, i wanted him so bad i was willing to trade my soul for it, later i would find i may as well have, there is a fine line between love and lust.
So there we were me now on my hands and knees and him behind me touching and stoking down the crevice of my now naked ass and into my pussy
"you want to feel amazing my sweet" he growled into my ear
"oh god yes please, please" i begged over and over again until i felt it something bigger than before, slightly warmer.
I looked behind me and gasped, he had morphed his legs and penis half way to his wolf form and it was pushing into me, i turned my head to the front as this massive dick got about 2 inches in, fuck me he was right it felt fucking fantastic, i stretched around him just as he push to the hilt, then he slowly started to pull out.
I whimpered as he did.
He pulled out until his head was just inside and pushed back into me, he started to build a rhythm slow at first then a little faster and faster in and out he went, i was panting close to cumming. He was growling now and he went even faster still, flesh against flesh my ass slapping against him, my undoing what when he grabbed a handful of my hair and gave it a good tug.
My world shattered in a shower of stars, i screamed my pleasure to the world, on and on it went till he gave one final thrust and pulsed his hot sweet cum into me. He rolled off so i could turn and rest on my back and lay beside looking into my eyes which had turned silver to match his gold. The females of our species eyes turn silver when they found their mate, at that point who i really was came crashing back.
This was the man i am meant to be with, he caressed my face with his calloused hand and that is by far.............

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