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swedish secrets
by alexa

I usually didn't notice girls like Cassie, well not until I read her journal. I was head cheerleader, long black hair, curvy body, I spose you could say I was stuck up. I and all the school thought I was pretty. Anyway me and a couple of friends (Rachel, Dana, and Ca'celia) In the showers after gym talking "So what about that new girl from like Switzerland what do you think Veronica?" Dana laughed. "Oh Cassie?" I said. Rachel started bitching as usual. "Shes like a total nerd. Like an over achiver. Shes soooo weird I was sitting next to her in Science and she go 100% on this hard test." I rubbed shampoo into my long lucious hair and lifted up my arms exposing my naked breasts to all the other girls, making them jelous. "I think shes cool. Like I'm an over achivier, and stuff plus shes really pretty" I said bragging. All the others looked at eachother nervously, "Oh yeah totally!" they all agreed. I washed warm water over my breasts, and sighed, "C'mon I wana go home" I watched the other girls walk out of the showers secretly watching their ass's waggle. "Mmm" I watched Dana bend over and expose a bit of her cunt and some of her pubic hair. "Uhh" I sighed lowly. Dana was really hot i rubbed myself just a tint bit. She had a nice bush and trimmed it only when she had sex, which wasnt that often. Her pink nipples were hard and I knew she was turned on by me walking out of the shower, she told me when we were 14 she liked me. I was really flattered. All the girls watched me put on my black g-string that coverd nothing of my pussy and put on my skimpy black bra over my E cups. Dana watched real close, and I heard her moan. I laughed.

We were walking out when I exclaimed I had to go get my book that I left on the bench. I walked back and saw an open locker. Then I remembered it was cassies. Hmmm lets see what the little swedish girls hiding. I opened the locker, and saw the usual. Tampons, pads, school books, homework, protein bars vibrator. and. . . a journal. I didnt have time to read it so I put it in my handbag and hurried off to my car. I was 18 and legal to drive. Us girls decided to meet at the beach and have a swim. So I got to my parents apartment and chucked my stuff on the leather couch in the foyer, and Took off my boots. I reached into my handbag and took out Cassies Journal. It was black with some white spanish or some shit on it? so I opened it. Thank god the inside was english.
Februrary 4th 2011
Today was my first day at High school In America. I miss all my friends. But I like school. most people are nice. And My mum is taking me to dinner tonight, with her new boyfriend Richard, hes really rich, but met mum at her job at the um. . . how would you say strip club hopefully she can quit soon.. I saw an add for a webcam job, involving. . . um showing my. . I dont know the american word. Oh well I will appear on www.girlguidestrip.org on saturdays at eleven. My Mum always works on Saturdays nights at her dance club so Its a good time. Sometimes I have to do groups performances. but Im excited and it pays really well. But I am now going to sleep. I am very tired.

Webcam show? that qas a big turn on and I could feel my nipples showing through my tight dress. and could feel the blood rushing to my pussy, Im gona check it out I decided. And her Mum was a striper, ughhhhh wow! I kept reading

Feburary 19th
Yesterday was Friday I saw her. Veronica. I never felt this way before. She was beautiful. I saw her in gym. naked. Her big breasts, toned stomach, bald pussy. There wasnt a word for her sexy didnt cover half of it, I went straight home. No one was home so I took out the photo I took out of her on my camera phone. I was dripping. I touched myself... It was amazing, I want to touch Veronica, pleasure her, please her. And I want her to want to touch me in the same way I want to touch her.

Cassie. Masturbated over me? she took a photo of me naked? Somehow this turned me on. In secret I wanted to touch Cassie. I turned the page, and gasped, there were tens of sketches of ... me ... and cassie....together, They were really detailed in positions I had never dreamed of, I felt wetness running down my leg and ran to my room. I took out the pictures, and stared, The one i was looking at was on me lying on cassie, lying upwards her rubbing me and cupping my breasts. nibbling on my earlobe. It was so hot! I ripped off all my clothes and threw off my underwear. I reached under my bed and took out a 10 inch dildo. I stepped into my ensuite. and ran it under the tap. good it was nice and cold. I lay down on my bed legs spread and slipped it in. "ugh, Ugh, UGH, UGGGGGGHHHHHHH" I increased the speed, pushing it in , out , in ,out , in ,out, faster, faster, faster, until i reached my climax, "ARRRRRGHHHHHH" i broke into an intense orgasm and screamed in pleasure. I heard the door open but I was so tired I couldnt move. but I could move my arms. My pussy was really wet now and it made it easier for me to shove the dildo in and out of my slit. I made small groaning noises. and gasped as Dana walked into my room. "Oh my god.....umm....hi Veronica...." I saw the lust in her face and was embarased. Until I saw her nipples sticking out of her bikini. "Can I have some help Dai?" She couldnt hide the excitment. Her eyes explored my naked wet body. and she eagerly reached and pulled the dildo out. "Dai, I meant um....help me....you know...." dana smile "Oh you mean. . . ?" She reached foward and thrust it in and out. she moved her free left hand up my body to cup my tits. "YOU FEEL SO GOOD!" she screamed. "Do you know how long I have waited to feel you Veronica?!" she moaned and removed her hand from my breat and put it down her bikini pants. I could see the lump of her hand moving up and down. Im probably getting to into it. "Suck me you bitch! do it you slut!" I screamed at dana, and she moved her experienced tounge down to my soaking pussy. It was easy for her to shove her tounge in and out around my clit sucking my cunt. making me scream.

In the morning I woke up next to her. her fingers were up my pusssy and cupping my boobs. SHIT . what the fuck did I do, I slipped her fingers out and jumped in the shower. I tried to remember, but I didnt want to.
When I had finished getting dressed. I saw Dana making pancakes. Fuck. "Morning Baby" she ran up to me and immediatley grabbed my boobs and shoved her tounge in my mouth she was naked which made it worse oh well. Might as well make the best of it, we made love once more and then i had to stop it. "Dana. . . I um.....Im so sorry about last night I didnt mean to. It was a mistake. Im so sorry for leading you on" I couldnt stop babbaling until she kissed me again. "Look Veronica. I love you and Im totally cool with that, can we still be friends? and maybe. . . do that again sometimes.?" I laughed and hugged her "of course"

She spent the day at my house and left at four. I was glad my parents were away on buisness. I had a shower tanned for a while then i logged on and signed up for www.girlguidestrip.org I had an hour to kill so I watched a few videos of lesbians rubing myself while watching. When it got to eleven. I clicked on Cassie, and waited for it to play. She sat on her bed in sexy black lace and i shoved my hand down my pants and squeezed my clit. man i wanted to see her naked. she started talking. "Hi , Im cassie and tonight im all yours" she pulled out a long pink dildo, and licked it, "hehe" she said cheekily. she strip teased her way down her corset. and i saw a man type in the question box. BigOne485: C'mon lady show us your tits already!
Cassie kept her cool and removed the top exposing her breasts. they were nice little c's pink nipples, I wanted to suck them! I played harder and faster! "Should I be a bad girl and take off my panties?" Cassie teased flipping her short blonde hair. I reached over with my free hand
"LezzieKitty653 says do it baby" she teased she took off the thong and licked the crotch area. i couldnt help it she was so hot. I broke into an intense orgasm! "UGGGGGGGGHHHHHH" I typed in the box quickly and pressed send. "Lezzie Kitty653 says tell me your wildest fantasy with the girl of your dreams. Well Lezzie Kitty, My dream girls name is Veronica. Long black hair, my fantasy is that she will come to my house and tie me up and spank me, pleasure me and then let me pleasure her" While she talked she rubbed herself and I imagined me and Cassie fucking. "Cassie I WANT YOU!"

For the next three weeks, I watched Cassie closley. She was a bit of a mess looking for her journal, but she was still quiet and stayed out of the, way. It was Wednesday and I was leaving for home in my favourite white blouse not wearing a bra, because i just got changed out of a strapless at drama. I turned a corner and BANG Cassie ran around the corner spilling a bottle of water over my blouse, turning the material transperant, and showing Cassie my tits and my hard nipples, she couldnt stop staring. I can still remember her face. It was amazing.

She didnt come to school the rest of the week. And I read her porn site blog. 'worst day spilt water on veronica! but got to see her amazing breasts, to see my playing with myself over them click here.

On Saturday I knew I had to do it I went to Cassies house. I knocked and she answered "Veronica?! why are you here?" she was so suprised she nearly fell over. "Can I come in Cassie?" she nodded hastily hurrying me in. "Are we alone?" again she nodded. I took out her journal from my handbag. "Veronica. . . you had it. . . ? Im so sorry. . . it was just a dream. . . . please forgive me" I smiled "Cassie. I watched your webcam. Hi Im lezzieKitty653" Cassie looked like she was going to cry. I took off my coat and revealed to her my naked body. She reached out a hand and i took it and placed it on my breast. She looked at me with approving eyes. "Can I?" I nodded and she moved her mouth to my breast and i felt a dribble of pussy juice run down my leg. She sucked my breast and licked , ferociously at the nipple. I smiled. She hurried me into the bedroom. Lay me down on the bed, took off my shoes, "I'll get it" she started at the sole of my feet licking each toe, "Mmmmm" I couldnt wait much longer, slowly she licked up my leg and reached my soaked vagina. she expertley sucked, tounged , licked and then she thrusted her fingers into my ass i broke into the most amazing orgasm i had ever had. "IM CUUUUUUUMING" I couldnt help i squirted genourous amounts of pussy juice into Cassies mouth, which she gladly swallowed. "Veronica, you tast amazing"
"I DIDNT SAY STOP BITCH, KEEP FUCKING GOING" man i was soooo horney I needed more. She shoved a finger in each hole and thrust. She was finger fucking me it was amazing i was almost in tears she was so hot, i squeezed my nipples, "FASTER BITCH" she was a good slave, I had five orgasns in an hour. "Mistress. . . my turn?" i stripped her and lay her cute body on the bed pausing so massage her cute little bald pussy. I lay her on top of me and nibbled her ear, "Im going to make your fantasy come true" and thats exactly what happened.
we broke up two years after and now me and Dana are married thinking of Kids.

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