Group Sex stories

Suprise, Suprise...
by alana101

It was my 18th birthday, and my best friend Jenny thought it would be nice to give me a little suprise. You could discribe Jenny as a little hore. She was 2 years older than me, and she had slept with countless men, unlike me, who still hadnt lost my cherry. Jenny brought me out for dinner and she told me that we would go to her house after. It was about 8 'oclock when we finished dinner.

I walked into her room and Jenny told me she was gonna blind fold me. I liked where this was going but I was kinda scared. she blindfolded me and slowly started taking off my clothes. The she started licking my pussy. By that time I was incredibly wet. I had never even masturbated and never knew the joy it could bring.

I was very distracted my Jenny's wet tongue against my wet pussy, and didnt notice that someone had strapped my wrists and feet to the bed posts. Jenny got up and told me this was for my own good. I started getting scared.

Then there where hands all over me. The where squeezing my big D cup breats, and tralling along my inner thighs and my stomach. I started telling Jenny that I didnt want to do this but then a huge cock was shoved into my mouth. It was huge and erect. I heard a male voice shouting at me to suck it, and so I started licking and sucking it. I was chocking on it as the man shoved it down my throat. I realized that someone was licking my pussy and flicking my clit. Another person was sucking my tits. After sucking for a while, the man cummed into my mouth and told me to swallow it. I gagged but managed too drink it all up.

"Jenny, stop this! I really dont want to-OHHH" I was cut off my a man shoving his dick up my pussy. It was atleast 2 inches thick and very long. It was rubbing against my G-Spot and I couldnt help but moan.

"Are you sure you dont wanna do this?" Jenny asked.

I was too busy moaning to reply.The man was holding my hips and I was humping him. I had a huge orgasm, and then another man shoved his cock up my ass. Both men where pumping in and out fast, and I couldnt help but have multiple orgasms.Both men cummed deep inside of me, and I felt the warmth run threw me.

Jenny started kissing me, and she shoved her tongue in my mouth.I was enjoying every secong of it. The pumping of both mens dicks sent me over board and I found myself screaming. I really couldnt take it anymore, but they kept going for what seemed like hourse. When they stopped, I fell asleep bound to the bed and soked in cum and my own juice.

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