Fantasy/Solo stories

by jules

MWe took new year lunch at an Italian restuarant, i got good vibes from a dark latin waiter, when the meal ended we all noticed the obvious flirtation betweeen Gabriella and the waiter and then how long they were gone for.
As we discused such banality as how nice the meal was at our next venue Gabby just told us just what had happened to our disbelief and my uncontrolable jealousy. I used my speedial and got my get out of here escape call and was on my way back to the restaurant.

At54 Gabby was the oldest, i was 37 blonde and always dressed business like but was full figured and considered myself better than her. It was first the eye contact just a nanosecond too long then he passed my table again, this time a finger on the rim of my glass and a semipout from me, then a fullpout.t I made for the ladies andwaited nervously.
But he was already there and with one arm round my waist yanked me in ignoring my hypocritical protests one hand over my mouth as my eyes bulged in pain like a frog There was a mirror on the wall and he waited until my reflection, eyes and nods of consent gave in, he only removed his hand when he sensed my screams were not of pain but of ecstasy, he was underneath me and bouncing me, ordering me louder dictating my every exclamation to the last detail.
Dont know how we got naked but as he scythed away buggering me slowly but purposefully i screamed everything he ordered and loved it, "DONT STOP YOU QUEER BASTARD" succumbed to a slow but determined "GIVE IT TO ME" and i felt a shift in power he was now moaning involuntarily in despair and following my now confident demands of tempo i heard his sigh of resignation just before the Volcano exploded inside me and we collapsed on each other in one gloriously breathless sweaty heeps now on my terms. The next day i was all of aglow. He pleaded for my phone number which i gave him , we fucked several times but the script was now set by me,the contest was mine and the terms were mine. I never told the other girls but I think they knew and were jealous but powerless, something i never would be again.

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