Group Sex stories

by Spencer

As a reader of my boyfriends sex magazines for some time I could not help being interested in the telephone dating services offered in the magazine. I have always had a great sex life but tt had been ages since I had been involved with another woman and so I decided that a call to the lesbian line might be fun, my boyfriend agreed and so I gave it a ring. I straight away made contact with a nice sounding girl called June and arranged a date at a wine bar, we had a great evening just chatting, we got fairly tipsy, went back to her house and, to cut a long story short, ended up In a great lovemaking session in her bed.

This really pleasant evening was sufficient to get me hooked and a week later I was working in her area In the afternoon so I gave her a ring and agreed to pop round. I was wearing a long loose dress with buttons down the front, stockings, suspenders and panties, knowing what was in store for me I was fairly worked up and I decided to give June a nice surprise. As I parked outside her house I undid most of the buttons on my dress leaving it open below my breasts, clearly showing my black bra and I was feeling so horny I took off my panties, what more clear a sign could she want?. Feeling extremely worked up I knocked at the door. June let me in and we went through to the lounge and sat down for a drink and a chat, she was wearing a thin white T-shirt dress and very little else. By now I had let my dress fall open showing June my stockings and a glimpse of my bare pussy, this was enough for her and she soon had her hands running up and down my legs and her lips on my nipples, I ran my hand under her thin dress and felt the silk of her panties but all I wanted was to feel her and so I knelt and pulled them away. By now things were livening up, we were both getting very worked up, kissing, fingering each other, caressing, June made me sit on the settee, legs apart, dress open as she proceeded to push her tongue far up inside my very wet pussy, it was heaven, until I opened my eyes to see Steve, her husband, had arrived home from work and was sitting in the chair beside us watching with obvious delight. I was too far gone to stop and after a second or too even more randy knowing he was watching me with me legs as far apart as they would go, my knees drawn up and his wife naked on the floor as I held her head tighter and tighter to my cunt. We soon changed places until we were both on the settee with three fingers inside each other frigging into a frenzy, both our bums facing Steve, what a view he must have had!.

After what must have been half an hour of torrid lovemaking June suggested a vibrator and left the room to get it. ft was then that I felt at my most vulnerable, I was naked apart from stockings and suspenders, June had left me with my legs wide open, and I was facing a man I had never met, It was then I decided I had nothing to hide, closing my eyes I open my legs as far as they would go and began to play with myself, playing with my clit, pushing my fingers into my pussy and squeezing my nipples as hard as I could bear. June must have come back because I felt the pressure of a vibrator moving into me and as I opened my eyes to watch I realised that Steve had moved round behind me to get a better view of his wife driving the vibrator Into my throbbing cunt and was rubbing his cock furiously through his trousers so I had no choice but to massage my breasts and thrust at the vibrator until I came in a loud panting orgasm. After June had fucked me, it was my turn to kneel naked on the floor in front of her and her husband, and she had her turn being fucked with the vibrator and my tongue until she came.
After this lively and surprising start to the evening we calmed down a bit, Jane and I sat on the floor together naked, Steve on the armchair, and we chatted. Jane explained that Steve liked to watch her with other women but that he wouldn't touch me and I could not touch him, he would just watch and serve the drinks. I thought about this for a while and decided that I was already too far in for it to matter and so what the hell.

We had a few more drinks and then Jane suggested a bath together. We ran the bath, she removed my stockings and suspender belt as she kissed my pussy and we spent a pleasant hour kissing, soaping and caressing before dressing in identical bath robes and returning to the lounge to sit in front of the fire, Steve disappeared for his own bath and we just relaxed. Before long our relaxing turned to feeling randy again and as Steve returned, this time clad in his bath robe, Jane lay on the floor, feet towards Steve and letting her robe fall open, she opened her legs began to stroke her pussy and her breasts. I was sitting next to Steve on the settee and we both watched Jane working her lovely body for a couple of minutes but it soon became too much for me. I gently let my own robe fall open and began to stroke my pussy as Steve opened his robe and began to wank his erection. I knelt on the floor between Jane's legs and bent over to kiss and tongue her clit and then on an impulse I reached behind and pulled my robe up over my bum. Steve was only feet away from my swollen pussy which was swaying to the rhythm of the thrusts of my tongue, this must have been too much for his self control because when I looked round he had his hand clamped firmly round his cock and was wanking strongly just inches from my back. He then gently drew my robe away from my body and began to caress my breasts and to push three fingers into my soaking pussy, as I pushed back onto his hand while I pushed my tongue as far up Jane’s wet cunt as I could.

By now bed was the only answer, the three of us made it to the bedroom and in no time I was in the middle being beautifully handled by them both. Steve's fingers inside me and Jane's lips on mine, Jane's tongue in my cunt and Steve's mouth on my breasts. It wasn’t long before he took my hand and wrapped it round his hard cock and I gently wanked him as they both played with me.

They soon had the vibrator out again and while I still had my hand round Steve’s cock Jane was slipping it up my wet pussy and fucking me. This continued until I was on the verge of coming and it became my turn to kneel over Jane and fuck her the same way.

Eventually Steve could contain himself no more and he climbed up onto Jane and asked if he could fuck her while I watched. Jane climbed across him and asked me to hold his prick while she gently lowered herself down onto it, it was an amazing feeling and sight, incredibly horny, seeing his glistening cock sliding in and out of her cunt from so close. I just lay there pushing my fingers in and out of my pussy as he fucked her harder and harder just inches from my face.

Jane could obviously tell how turned on I was and after a few minutes she suggested that Steve fuck me. I said no because the deal with my husband was that there should be no penetration, but what the hell. She moved off Steve and began kissing me fiercely on the lips and all the while pulling me on top of Steves body. As I moved onto him I had my eyes closed and was concentrating on being kissed. Lying along his body my legs naturally fell apart, either side of his, and I gradually became aware of his cock pushing gently at the entrance to my vagina until at last it began to ease its way in. Feeling myself begin filled with cock I sat up and made the best of it for about five minutes until Steve said he was going to come. He made us both lie on the bed side by side and he wanked himself to completion and his spunk jetted out over Jane and I covering us both, the last thing I remember before falling asleep Is the delightful feeling of Jane rubbing the warm fluid into my aching breasts.

I certainly slept well because when I woke up I realised three things, first I was feeling sexy again, second I had three fingers slipping in and out of my very wet cunt and third Jane was watching what was happeneing and playing with herself. I reached behind me and took hold of Steve's thick cock and as his fingers thrust into me. I then opened my legs and put my hand down so that I could hold the head of his cock and rub it over my wet pussy lips. I wanked him to another climax over my back, just in time for Jane to return with a tray of tea. She was not best pleased to find the two of us breaking the house rules and as punishment she made me stay lying face down on the bed while she gave me a dozen lashes with one of Steve's belts.

After another short cuddle it was time to get dressed and go, and the last horny thing remember is putting on my suspender belt as they both lay there and watched me and then putting on leg after the other up on the bed as I pulled on my stockings. Both Steve and Jane took it in turns to play with my clit and my nipples as I stood there shaking and trying to clip up the stocking tops. In the end it was too much for me and clad in stockings and suspenders I climbed back on the bed and knelt doggy-fashion in the middle. Without a word, Steve climbed behind me and began to fuck me as fast as he could. Jane positioned her pussy in front of my face and my tongue went to work again and we fucked until everyone collapsed in aheap. A perfect end to a perfect night.

Sadly, as she and Steve would not entertain another man Joining us and I had my boyfriends permission for a lesbian relationship, not what would have surely led to a full blown fuck, I have not been back, but the good news is I have been on the telephone again and this time my boyfriend may some of the fun, if so I will write soon!

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