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Sherri's birthday gift
by Winston

Shortly after me and Dennis finished wrestling, I beat him again as I usually did. Dennis told me that he wanted to give his girlfriend, Sherri, a special birthday gift, but he needed my help. Being a bit curious, I asked what he needed, thinking that maybe he was short of cash and needed a quick loan. To my suprise, he started telling me how much Sherri admired my muscular body, as she had seen me and Dennis wrestle shirtless quite a few times. She got really horny watching Dennis wrestle and they always had incredible sex after I had left following the match. Dennis had suspected for a long time that Sherri would like to have sex with me, but thought that would be cheating on him. The more he thought about it, an idea began to develope, much like the hardon in my sweaty underwear. He finally asked me if I would agree to participate in a threeway sex session with him and Sherri. I stumbled around with my words for a few minutes, not wanting to seem to eager. I told him as long as it would not damage our friendship, I would be glad to help him out. The night of her
birthday, Dennis planned to take her into the bedroom and present her with her special gift. I was to hide in the closet until she was sufficienly aroused. He would then blindfold her and tie her hands to the bedposts. I would come out and join the party, without her knowing that it was me. I could not stop thinking about the upcuming evening the entire day at work. My cock was rock hard most of the day and kept leaking precum through my jeans. That night Dennis and Sherri arrived at home. I was already in the closet. They began to kiss and make out on the king size bed. There was a small nightlite in the room that allowed just enough light for me to see the action. Dennis had a nice size cock that was getting bigger by the minute. When he suggested that she put on a blindfold, she eagerly agreed. When everything was in place and she had been secured to the bedposts, I quietly walked out of the closet into the bedroom. Dennis could already see my massive erect cock through my white briefs. He smiled, but did not say a word. My heart was beating so hard, I thought it would pound through my muscled chest. I looked down on Sherri\'s naked, smooth body. She looked incredible. Without a sound I stradled her ample chest and placed my iron hard cock on her lips. Thinking it was Dennis\'s cock, she lost no time taking it into her mouth and started to excert a strong sucking effort. Just when she starting sucking my thick, meaty cock, Dennis spread her legs and ran his tongue into her slick, quivering pussy. It did not take her long to figure out what her special suprise was. She let out this soft, sexy moan as Dennis shoved his tongue as far into her as he could. She stopped sucking me to let out a particularly load groan. I smacked her cheek with my cock a few times to let her know she still had a \"job\" to do. After we played like this for a while, Dennis whispered to me to let him get underneath her. I got off her chest and Dennis crawled under her and thrust his cock up into her from behind. He started to slowly and romanticly fuck her. I opened her legs from the front and started to such on her pink, hard little clit. She screamed that she was going to cum, and boy did she. Her whole body trembled in a spasm that lasted at least a full minute. Dennis continued to fuck her the entire time she was having her orgasm, and I sucked on her clit even HARDER. We both had our way with her this way until she came three more times inside of 10 minutes. My cock was so hard, it was starting to hurt. Dennis knew that I needed a release. He then spoke for the first time since our fucking session started. He said that Sherri always wanted to be fucked up the ass, so he was going to give her what she wanted. He told me to fuck her in the pussy and to keep it
up until I was finished. With my muscular cock in her pussy and Dennis\'s muscular cock in her tight little ass, we both starting pumping in and out of her helpless body like animals. She started having one orgasm on top of another. After nearly 20 minutes of this attack, she passed out. We had fucked her sensless!!!. We both figued out that when that happened we were both pretty much fucking air, so we decided to finished her off. With a few final brutal thrusts, I came in her now raw, sore pussy and Dennis came in her ass. We all rested to catch our breath before rolling her to the side and taking out our cum covered cocks. We never did tell her that I was the stud that fucked her that birthday, but she looks at me differently now, especially after me and Dennis wrestle. And I whip his punk ass.

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