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Sex with Riya mami
by erotica_sex

About Riya mami aged 41yrs and her body structure 36-26-40, huge structure My name is Amar aged 22yrs, i was staying in Mylapore where all brahmins people stay, after 15yrs of stay in chennai dad was transferred to Jaipur hence they thought to leave me because would affect my studies.We had brahmin couples whom we know for the last 8yrs when they came to know about this hence asked parents what plan about me, mother said was in dilemma what to do. Riya mami asked whether i would stay in their house hence mother called me in kitchen and asked whether would like to stay in Riya mami's house.

We know that they don't have children and above that mama always would go for pooja ie 4days because of which mami would be alone, when i said ok that time could see joy in mami's face, she asked mother about my way of eating and food etc, mother said she wouldn't have any problem because i was adjustive person.I always use to go to mami's house, many times have seen her talking to me openly like as she use to wear madisar many times her pallu use to come down because of which her blouse was getting exposed.Still know when i was small around 8yrs old that time would stay most of time in mami's house, one evening mami came and told mother that mama had gone for 10days hence whether night could stay in her house,mother said i was her son hence can do whatever needed, that happens to be saturday, it was 8pm she was seeing serial in TV, even had to see with her.

She asked whether finished my studies said yes,she checked all doors and windows, she went to bathroom and after 10minutes came back, she lied next to me and made me lie down and started to kiss my body, she put her pallu down and told me to close eyes, she stuffed her nipple into my mouth.I was enjoying every moment of this, full night was keeping on sucking her nipple,night when got up for going for bathroom saw mami's breast hanging, hugged mami and slept off.Mami was awake in morning but didn't get up because my sleep would be disturbed, once i got up mami went to kitchen and made coffee for both, she had wrapped her body with her madisar. Mami said was having her bath and asked whether was joining said ok, we went to bathroom where got present of my life, mami was naked and seeing her body was treat, as was small hence mami had no shame of being naked.

I like to stand under the shower hence mami would lift me by keeping me on her chest, we both would enjoy the shower and many times by mistake touch her breast.This went on till i was 10yrs old.

After few days time came for parents to leave for Jaipur, i told would come to station but mother was against it when asked why she said couldn't see me crying, by that time Riya mami said she would come with me. We all went to station and waited till the train left, it was sad moment but it was Riya mami who was consoling me.We reached home in taxi, i said to mami that night i would sleep in my house, she said would ask mama and come. She told mama that i wanted to sleep at home for which he said mami to sleep with me because they didn't want me to think about parents.We both came home, mami closed the door and switched off light in all room. I asked mami where she would sleep, said in my room with me, i said ok and went to bathroom to change my dress, mami was looking at my room.Parents had given me all the facilities needed for person, she said had arranged my room very nicely,i came out wearing lungi,nothing on top.Mami was seeing books of mine, her structure was so good that was seeing her for sometime.Seeing me Mami said that i was having good body and to maintain like that, mami went to bathroom to wash leg, I on the AC in 5minutes the room was little cold when Mami came out she was feeling cold, hence came and hugged me.

Now for me this was chance to touch her body hence as if unknowingly kept hand on her stomach and slighthly on to her blouse by pressing her breast little so that she feels that happened by mistake.While rubbing hand on her stomach mami's pallu fell down hence kissed her back and asked mami why she didn't have children for which mami said uncle should have time for all that, for lady that was life but her faith seems can't have any child. She said if goes like that then seems she need to sleep with someone and have child, she asked whether could make her mother and that would be secret between both of us, i said ok just for her sake. Saying that I started to kiss her body, lifted her and took her to the bed and started to kiss her whole body like stomach,neck etc she was responding nicely, tears was coming from her eyes thinking hurting her said sorry for which she said it was happiness tears hence to carry on.I removed her saree, blouse etc her body was so huge especially mami's breast and also ass, made her to stick towards the bed by putting pillow behind it, i started to suck her nipple like a mad guy and started biting them one by one and was also fingering her pussy for 10minutes.

Poor mami was jumping in bed making noise, she said was doing all this for the first time.I kissed mami's mouth so badly that she tried her best to separate me. After putting her on bed started to lick her from top to bottom, almost kissed her whole body Now she started pleading me to fuck her as she cant take it any more. Now I said to her that I would fuck her only after she sucks my dick and gives me a blowjob and drinks my cum. She said anything you want me to do I will do. Mami removed my lungi and seeing my cork said never thought the size of my cork would be like this, it was 10inch long and 4cm width. I inserted my dick in her mouth but mami was having problem sucking my cork because mouth was too small for my cork.But I started sucking her cunt by doing my tongue in and out and then she shuddered and had an orgasm. I drank her lovely juice and licked every bit of it. I liked it very much and so I again started sucking her cunt, meanwhile as she was sucking my dick I wanted to cum so I held her tightly and shot a load of cum in her mouth and she drank every drop of it.Mami was sucking my cork very slowly when asked she said that mouth was paining . Now I went over to her breasts and started sucking them until juices started flowing from her breasts and I started drinking her juices. Now it was time for me to get into her so I went down to her thighs and asked her to fold them so they touched her chest revealing her hole clearly.

Now I placed my dick on her hole and asked her if she ready to take it in. she told me to go ahead. But i was having doubt whether cork would go inside mami's cunt, I closed her mouth and gave a jerk to my dick and nearly one fourth of it went into her cunt. She started shouting with pain and begged me to stop, as it was paining very much.She said that cork was too big for her pussy, But I said that it was she only who wanted to get fucked and she should bear it. Mami was trying to remove my cork at any cost,With that I gave one more push into her cunt and she again shouted, but instead of stopping I kept on pushing my dick until I was completely into her. Poor Mami was shouting and crying saying to have mercy on her but i was enjoying it, now I stopped as she was shouting a lot due to pain. I started kissing her lips and caressing her breasts until she became normal. Now I asked her that if she is feeling ok then I should start fucking her.She said that she is ok now and with that I started riding her like a horse. First I started slowly and then I gathered some momentum and started fucking her with a speed of a train. She came to early and stopped due to which I had to do rest of the things myself. And then I also came and cummed into her poured my entire water into mami's cunt. Then I laid on her for quite a some time.After removing cork noticed that she was bleeding, she said now understood why she wasn't able to conceive because her virginity was not properly broken. After my cork was out it was relax time for mami because of pain, mami went to bathroom to clean herself so even i followed her and became fresh, mami kissed me saying that have given her new life.I was pressing mami's ass because wanted to have her ass at anycost, hence asked her how she was feeling for which mami said ok, she asked me how come knew about sex because like professional was doing.

We both went to bed were mami saw time it was around 11pm she said would sleep so that morning could go early at 5am.Till morning nearly 2times we had sex when mami said morning needed to go told her to sleep when time permits. We both slept naked, morning mami got separated wore her madisar saree and kissing me said was going home.I got up and went to close the door, before mami went out pulled her inside and opened blouse and sucked her nipple badly mami was saying to leave her. Then she wore her blouse and asked whether liked her breast said yes then she said can use her whenever needed anything i wanted. That was enough for me because wanted her ass get fucked, after closing the door went to room and slept off, around 7am got up and made coffee.In meanwhile mami called me saying for breakfast come to her house hence got ready and went to her house, she was in kitchen making food for the afternoon. She put leaves on floor and served breakfast for me, asked whether she had breakfast,said after i finished, i said to have with me. Mama was packing asked her where he was going, mami said was going to bombay for wedding and would be back after 10days, i was happy because mami would be alone.While eating was seeing mami's face was looking tired when asked she said 2times at night is seen on her face but anyway she enjoyed it.I told mami wanted to suck her breast and nipple, but she said when mama go then have it because now her breast was paining and also nipple because had bitten it like anything.Mama had to leave now, mami acted as if would be alone but mama said Amar was there to take care of her then why to worry.I asked mama would come to station but instead he said to have fun with mami, after closing the door mami went to kitchen and kept all the food on floor.

Time was 11 she asked whether was hungry but said no, told mami was going to my house and would study for time being and would come for lunch. I was studying in room that time someone rang bell, when opened Riya mami was there, she came inside and told me to close the door, she went to my room and put curtain just for fun asked why she had come mami said i wanted to have her breast hence she came down so that could have breast and nipple.She said when both of us are alone can ask anything but not in front of anyone.Saying mami removed her madisar and blouse,she was naked hence standing itself started to suck nipple and pressed her breast.Made mami to lie on bed, mami said to have sex at night because people may come to know about relation, i was kissing her body. Mami asked again how knew about sex so told her would tell saying that on PC, made mami to sit on my lap and played CD, it was bluefilm which mami said was seeing for the first time.While she was seeing film i was busy playing with her body like pulling her nipple, i asked mami whether night we would see because i had reason in CD there was lot of ass fucking scene which mami see would not like to get her ass fucked, i asked mami whether can see in her house for which mami said night she would come to home and see movie together, she stayed with me for 20minutes and then went to house and told me to come.

After lunch i stayed back in mami's house and slept off so also mami, evening after tea went home and studied for few hours. Night mami came with tiffin carrier and said both of us would have dinner, we finished our dinner at 8pm. She told me to put CD, when movie started she was seeing with interest suddenly the ass fucking scene came, mami asked what was they doing so said nothing.I told mami that wanted to fuck her ass hole. She got afraid and said that mama has never fucked her ass hole and so it is still a virgin and it will pain a lot to her. But I wanted her ass hole at any cost as it was virgin and looked like cream. So I inserted my dick in her mouth on order to get it erected. She sucked it until it got erected and then I turned her and said her to be ready to get her ass hole torn apart.

She started crying that it will pain a lot and she can't bear in the pain. But I got her into doggy position and got on top of her and took my dick and placed it on her ass hole and then with one push I inserted my dick in her ass hole tearing it apart. Mine only half of dick was inside and she started shouting 'oooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh oooooouuuuuuc hhhhhh you killed me. You tore my ass apart aaaaahhhhhhhh. Pleasssssss leave me other wise I will die. Mami was crying like small baby saying not to fuck her ass instead can use her cunt, but where to listen told mami only for few minutes then everything would be ok.I slapped on her ass and asked her to be quite other wise I will insert reddish in her ass hole. She started crying but I instead of stopping started inserting rest of my dick in her ass hole.Indeed mami's ass was very tight that had to struggle a bit, Mean while I was holding her breasts from behind, I started molesting them and pressing them real hard. I entered into her ass hole successfully and then started fucking her. Now I started enjoying it as her ass hole was real tight. Mean while she kept on crying and begging me to stop it, but I told her that she is a big bitch and this time I won't leave her. Then I cummed into her and when I took out my dick I saw that her ass hole was bleeding and it was torn. Mami said in movie was the scene on ass fucking said yes.Mami said that her ass was paining and wouldn't be able to get up tomorrow said to her no problem, I told mami that now she wouldn't have pain but she said not to fuck her ass, i said nothing would happen,Talking to mami like that again my cork became big hence went to kitchen and brought oil in utensils and I poured oil on my cork and made it fully lubricated. Now her whole hips and thighs were naked, her beautiful ass was in front of me. With both of my hands I apart her mountains.

Her hole was very tiny and pink in colour. I asked her to apart her bum with her hands. She brought her hands at her back and apart her bums. Now it was a very lovely view. I looked a little down at her cunt. My cork became more erected as I love trimmed cunt. Then I poured some oil on her hole and placed my cork on it. With the touch of my cork she shivered and stiffened her body and said please do it slowly, don't hurt me I started moving my cork in circles on her ass. I did it for about five minutes meantime my precum mixed with oil and made it more lubricated. Then I felt that she had relaxed. I started pressing my cork slowly in her hole. She tightened her body again. I kept pressure of my cork on her hole and moved it up and down slowly. I continued it for three minutes then she relaxed her body again. This was the chance, I pressed my cork with thumb and finger. By now her ass had become very lubricated and as her body was relaxed my cork make a way into her hole and its head buried in her ass. She said ooeeeeeee with pain and removed her hands from her ass and held cushions to absorb pain. As the head of my cork entered her tight ass, it felt very hot inside her and the view of my corks head buried in her ass was so sexy, I became so horny and excited that I held her bums and apart them and gave a strong push to my cork in her ass. She tried to tightened her ass and said no nnnnn please but she was late. As my cork and her ass were so lubricated, my full cork entered her ass in one jerk. Oh! She was so tight that my cork felt slight pain due to tightness of her ass.

She screamed and cry in a loud voice ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee mmmmm hi I will die. ooeeee my ass will tear in part. mami's voice was so high that I was afraid neighbours may not hear the noise. I tried to place my hand on her mouth but she buried her face deep in cushions and kept crying and saying u have tear my ass, ohhhh I will die please let this monster out from my ass. I slowly squeezed her huge boobs with both hands they were very hard and her nipples were erected. Then I bowed down and kissed on her neck. She again requested please I will die with draw it. I pressed her boobs a little hard and while licking on her ears said u demanded maximum pleasure and for this you have to pay the price.

She brought her left hand towards her ass and touched my cork and said uff its too thick, it has torn my ass and I feel its burning inside I squeezed her boobs more tightly and licked on her ears and said is it so thick? She said not only thick but also burning like fire I moved my cork slightly in her ass and she screamed oh no please don't move it's paining like hell, keep it inside and don't move. She turned her face towards me and with her right hand she held my head and brought closer to her face and kissed on my face and again touched my cork with left hand and said your cock is so thick and long also mama doesn't have such a monster. Her filthy talks made me horny and I tried to move my cork in her ass. Her ass was so tight that that my cork was unable to move. She shouted with pain and said Plz don't move I will die with pain keep as it is and take sometime so that my ass will use to of this monster. I said ok I moved my hand under her belly and placed my palm on her cunt.

As she felt my touch on her cunt she shivered and moaned and said what you say this part? I pressed her cunt and the apart outer lips and said cunt. She turned her face and kissed and entered her tongue in my mouth. She kissed me After hearing this I loosed my control. I gripped her boobs very tightly and pulled my cork out. As my half cork became out I pushed it in her with great force. She started crying ooeee haeee no ummmm ohhhhh, please don't move this monster but I didn't listen to her and started fucking her ass madly. She collapsed on bed and I continued fucking without listening her and held her hips with my hands bringing her closer to me and started more fast. Now once my cork was coming to normal size removed it out and put in her mouth and told mami to drink my sperm.

Mami said wanted to go to bathroom and become fresh, while she was walking could feel the pain. I also went to bathroom where she started to hit me saying that was bad boy and had no mercy on her.Still mami was crying hence hugged her nicely and sucked her breast, i took her to bed and told her to sleep but i was busy inserting my cork inside her cunt, she said that i was not having pity on her body, but where to listen fucked her cunt again mami was keeping shouting saying that cork was hurting her, once i finished my sperm was inside mami's cunt, i cleaned both of us and slept off. As mama was not there hence mami didn't get up early other than that she was tired and her body would also be paining because of ass fuck.Morning mami got up and also woke me up saying she needed to go, after 2hrs even i got ready and went to mami's house where she was busy cooking seeing me made coffee and asked me to sit by that time after finishing cooking would join me.While mami was walking could see in difference, she was having pain in her ass, In the 10days the amount of sex we both of us had was not counted, mama came from bombay, even after that we both have sex, never made mama realised that some affairs was going on between mami and me, now mami was becoming close to me she use to do sex with me and i would be resting,mami use to say that she would tell mama also to have sex so that he never knows all these, this went for 2months. Mami started to say that something is wrong with her.After 2month one day mama called me and said mami was not well so to take to doctor, when our turn came we both went inside.

Mami told doctor who took her for check up and 15minutes later she told me that i was going to have brother, unknowingly i asked doctor to tell in detail, she said mami was pregnant and to take care of her. While going home i purchased sweet for mama and told mami to tell news to mama because of his effort she was pregnant, mami said credit was for me because i was father of this child.When we both came home mama was leaving for bangalore for some pooja hence couldn't tell him. I stayed back in mami's house but then also we both have sex, now mami's ass was adjusted to my cork size, because her ass started to become my friend.

When mama came back she told him the news, he was so happy that started to say atlast he was becoming father but only mami and i know the actual father, now mama whenever was going out would tell me to stay with mami. When we both would be there that time mami would allow me to suck her breast and nipple.This went on till the delivery date was coming nearer, normally delivery would be done in mother's place but as mami had noone hence they decided to do delivery in hospital, but there was big function where mama's presence was must hence he told mami who would bit upset but said would manage on her own,One night mami started to make noise saying was paining, i called for ambulance and went to hospital where doctor who did checkup was there waiting, they took mami to delivery room, after 5minutes nurse came and told that doctor wanted to see me.

When went inside doctor said mami wanted me to stay next to her.She holded my hand and in 20minutes baby came out, mami started to cry seeing the baby and she kissed my hand saying thanks.

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