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Sex with a married Woman Part 2
by Wickedhusband

The next day I called Kristen and told her I was coming to her house. She told me that her husband was still out of town on business and that she wanted to talk to me about what had happened yesterday. My only thought wasn't to talk to her but how many times I would fuck her today. I knew that I wanted her and do all kinds of erotic things to her. I was glad that she had responded to me and that she gave herself to me and begged me for it. I arrived at her house at 8:00am and knocked on the door. She came to the door and when she opened it she said. "Bill I am surprised you are here so early I haven't even had a chance to get dressed yet." Kristen was still in her teddy bear pajamas and had a silk robe on. I said to her. " Christ Kristen you look hot dressed like that.!!!!!" I went in to the house and she said to me. " I have to get dressed before we talk I will be ruck my clit." "Tongue fuck me and don't ever stop." "Eat meeeeeeeeee and suck my clit and make me cum,"as she begged me to continue. I was beside myself with desire. This hot married woman was begging me to eat and suck her cunt and she loved it. I knew now that from now on I would get her anytime I wanted and she would not resist me. My tongue rimmed her clit and I took it into my mouth as I felt her beginning to cum. Kristen thrust her hips up as she came hard into my mouth as I continued eating out her cunt and sucking her cum into my mouth. I wanted all of her hot cum, I wanted to consume her body and take her completely. I sucked her hot cum and swallowed it as fast as I could make sure that I sucked all of it. Kristen then moaned and relaxed on the bed as I began to kiss up her body to suck her nipples and then I kissed her lips hard as I said to her. " You are mine now Kristen, you don't care about your husband or your marriage any longer." " I am going to fuck you and give it to you like you have never had it before and when I am done I will be the only one you will want to be fucked by." "Do you understand. "? Tell me that you want to be fucked by me again and again and that you want me to shove my hot cock into your hot married cunt."

Kristen said to me "Fuck me Bill" "Fuck me again and again fuck me like I have never been fucked before." "I only want to be fucked by you". "I want this and I don't care about my marriage or if we get caught or anyone finds out." I drove my hot hard cock into Kristen's open and waiting cunt and I slid all the way into her and started fucking her hot cunt. I pulled my cock out of her and then slipped it back into her and back out again trying to turn her on. She lifted her hips off the bed and said to me "You are driving me crazy when you slide you huge cock in and out of me, it feels so good when you do that." "I can feel you cock rubbing against my clit as you ram in and out of me. "Fuck me deep my hot lover and make me cum again and again." I pushed hard and fast into Kristen's cunt. I knew that I was committing adultery and that if Mary found out it would really destroy my marriage, but I didn't care all I wanted was this hot married redhead underneath me begging me to fuck her again and again. I knew that Kristen and I would do this again and again and if we were careful no one would ever find out. I knew I would get Kristen to do and say other things with me. I fucked her cunt hard and fast now as I pushed her legs up so that her knees were against her tits and pushed her legs apart so that I could fuck her as deep as possible. She begged. "Fuck me hard"!!!!!!!! Fuck me Hard"! I was so hot and knew that I was about to cum. I wanted to cum deep into this hot married woman's cunt as I knew that this was the completion of the act of fucking her and shooting my hot cum into her hot body was so fucking erotic. I kissed her lips as I shot my hot cum into her cunt. I was so hot as I continued to shoot my cum into her cunt my cock seemed like it would never stop shooting my hot creamery cum into this willing hot cunt. I then collapsed on the bed next to her and she turned her head and kissed my lips hard and said to me. "I am so hot and I am glad we did this I really wanted it to happen but was afraid to say it to you." " I don' t ever want to hurt Mark and I hope he never finds out I have never felt like this with him." It is like you turned on a switch in me and I want it to happen again and again." "If we get caught then we will deal with it then." I will have a hard time not looking at you with passion when I am around Mary." I said to Kristen. "I want this too, I have always wanted to do this with you." I know I have committed adultery and I don't want to hurt Mary either, but I want this I am turned on with the idea of fucking you and I am addicted to it and want it as much as possible."

I then leaned over and kissed Kristen on her lips and she broke off the kiss and turned around so that her head was down facing my cock. She said "I want to try the "69" position I want to suck your cock at the same time as you are eating me out." We both moved upside down so that we could start to suck and eat each other out and I could feel my cock getting hard again as Kristen sucked my cock. My tongue sucked and nibbled her clit as I continued to shove my hot tongue in and out of this hot redhead's cunt trying to consume her totally. I felt my cock getting hot and I broke off my sucking and said to her "Kristen get on you hands and knees I want to fuck you from behind." She scrambled up to get into position and I shoved my cock into her cunt and started fucking her again. I reached around and rubbed her nipples and cupped her huge breasts as she pumped towards me. I then kissed her lips and pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved it into her ass. Kristen stiffened her body and said to me. "What are you going to do to me?" I said to her. "My hot Kristen I want to fuck your ass more than anything else in the world." She said "Please don' t it will hurt to much." I said to her. "Let this happen I promise you will like it and I won't hurt you." "Just relax and let my cock slide into you and you will feel good I promise." Kristen relaxed as I started shoving my cock further into her ass, until I was all the way in. It felt incredible being deep in her hot ass with my cock. I wanted to do this with her since the first time I saw her and have fantasized about it forever, and now it was really going to happen. I started to slide my cock in and out of her ass as she began to relax and take my cock into her. She thrust her ass towards me as I started to fuck her faster. Kristen moaned and said to me. "It feels great I never knew it would feel like this." "Drive your hot cock into my ass and fuck me hard. I want this now." I was beside myself with desire as I heard Kristen beg me to fuck her ass. I now knew that I would do this with her again and again. I knew I was the first one to fuck this hot redhead's hot ass and that I would be the only one to fuck her ass. I pumped hard as I drove my hard cock in and out of her ass. I felt my cum building up in my stiff cock and I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her hot ass with my cum. I felt my cock explode and my cum shot deep into Kristen's virgin ass as I came again and again. We collapsed again on the bed with my cock still buried in her ass. After a minute or two my cock popped out of her ass and we lay together holding each other kissing each other lips. We feel asleep and about 2 hours later I awoke and looked over at Kristen who still was fast asleep. I looked at her fantastic body and knew that I would fuck her again and again. I got up and dressed and kissed her and left, thinking about how great a time I had with Kristen and hoped that it would continue forever.

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