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Sex in her grampa's car O.O
by YoungBlood17

We spent the day on a what the school calls a "pep bus" but for us it gave us reason to stare at each other ALL DAY. with 48 other people its hard to keep my full attention on her alone. We listened to music, talk, and other things that weren't that exciting. I'm a very young lad and she's my 18 year old high school sweet heart. I just came to this school in a PO-dunk small town in Arkansas. She saw me and she said "He's mine" kind of the queen bitch and i like that. Anyways we've been together for a month now and when it comes to sex.... Goodness she can't get enough, And i never liked sex kinda thought it was gross... She changed that. When I'm inside her I never wanna leave.

That day.. The whole gotdamn day she had that "fuck me" look on her face. I would've done it to if there wasn't 48 pairs of eyes watching us on this 4 hour drive to and fro. and at one time we weren't allowed to sit together but she has a way with words and got to sit in the seat next to me. When we stopped at a wal-mart for food we snuck into the back and had a hot make out session and wanted more but there was a certain time we had to be back and it wasn't long. Although once we stepped foot of the bus later that night there wasn't anything but cloths and a quiet hiding place stopping us.

She drove her grandfathers truck to a dirt road faraway from any noises or close houses. She lays down on my lap and i prop the seat back and we whisper a couple sweet nothings and that first kiss is what set her off. just a perfect kiss upon her soft lips that perfect spot where my lips we're meant to be y whole life and thats where they stayed untill her tounge forced it's way into my mouth she tries to shove it down my throat knowing what that does to me. So, I grab her hair and pulling it to the side revealing her bare neak and i give it a lustful lick and then i nipple a bit on her ear lobe. She moans loudly and it drives me go ahead and bite that secret spot between her sholder and neak. she lets out another moan and says "now you will really see how I act during sex" and i wrestle around to get those pants off she takes off her shirt and mine as well.

She was sopping wet and i was hard as fuck and she was on top. she gets it in and says "damn babe" and i just respond my bouncing her once she moans and then leans over me and bite the hell out of my neak i grab her hair and start a little motion. soon the truck is rocking the tools in the back are moving around the bed, And she lets it all out just screaming and moaning robustly. Her tiny A-cup breasts are bouncing feircly and her pussy is just riding my cock i tell her to slow down, and she strattles my dick moving her hips side to side and lift her ass up and then cum all over it grab my shirt and wipe it up as best i could and get all the "left overs" out then she wants "MORE" so i stick that dick in and start going all out!

She po-goes my dick and i slam that shit in hard she's cumming all over and i keep going making a lake out of the passenger seat and i push her off and cum AGAIN! she lays down legs pointing towards me open I start eating her out. She loves that. I do the whole nine lil circles, full on, the lil Shake my head "no" and just making a bigger mess now she's in my hair. It was then i noticed.. "HEY I STILL HAVE A HARD ON!" So uncomfortable as it may have been (the lil arm rest in the middle wouldn't go up) So now I'm on top. She loves that. I drill her over and over and over and over her head is sideways against the car door and round 2 does not suck, better than the first it was rough, it was longer, it was hardcore, it was perfection.

She says to me "Your fucking huge" and i hammer it in 10x harder each time i do she lets out this high pitched "Oh!" She says "God i want your cum" so i lean over and get into it. A primal instinct took over and a voice in my head said "Go as hard as you can and don't stop" and i listened. it took a good 10 minutes untill i climaxed and then it was like milk... she took it all in her mouth and then spit it outside a little dripping was still on her chin and i licked it off... coz ima cum whore even for my own. i know im a freak. she liked it and we spent another like 20 minutes naked and in the position we started in she was laying down over me i had my shorts on and she had her shirt on and we just talked as lovers do we may be young but i know and she knows what love is we put up with alot of shit and now... we have each other after that we decided to take a week long break from sex coz nothing can follow that night up... i think.

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