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Semen Therapy
by tarali

I was once working as an anthropological research assistant in a remote tribal settlement. My work involved living in a primitive village and documenting their life style, culture and language .

It was here that I first heard of sperm therapy from the locals. The small community that I was living with believed in sperm therapy as a cure all for woman\'s deceases and a kind of elixir for their well being.

That information was interesting to me but before you jump to the conclusion that this community was a paradise for men who enjoyed blow jobs, let me tell you that the men there think differently. They are loath to donate their sperms to their women. The men believed that their sperm was precious and was intended just for procreation and not a prescription to woman\'s ills. They also believed that excess discharge of their semen resulted in a massive loss of their masculinity. The sex lives of these villagers was therefore not exotic but as mundane and normal as elsewhere.

During the first few days of my stay there no one in the village was bold enough to discuss sperm therapy with me . But after a few weeks of friendly chats the men began to open up. The most influential and friendly person was the village headman who gave me almost all the information on the subject. Understandably I was most curious about this so called therapy because my sex life was starved and any subject concerning sex was interesting. I had no objection donating my sperm to any woman immaterial of whether that helped her or not

The headman told me that sperm acted best when the woman gave a deep throat blow job and the sperm was injected directly into her throat without any external contamination. Believe me under the circumstances I could not have agreed more with him. I casually I passed on the message that I was ready to oblige any woman who may want my services in this therapy.

Several weeks passed before I got my first break. The headman apparently remembered my open offer. One night over a late night mug of local booze with him he mentioned that there was a widow who might benefit from my sperm . My ears suddenly perked up and my heart began to beat loudly. Here was the chance I had been looking for. I told myself I must be careful not to show too much of eagerness and that I must behave as if I was doing the villagers a favor by donating my sperm to a needy woman. Just like one would offer to donate blood. I suppressed my excitement and told him my offer was open and I was ready to do anything to help her and the community.

The villagers had provided a small piece of land out side the village for the research organization and the organization had built a small hut as an office cum residence for me. In this hut I had a cot and a table and a chair to write my reports and a solar battery power to run my computer and other electronic stuff like cameras and mobile phones etc. I now walked over to my hut and sat on my chair controlling my excitement and looking forward to a night of scintillating oral sex. I was determined to make the best of what had fallen my way.

My limp cock had woken up at the thought of a woman going down on me. By the time I heard soft footsteps outside my hut my cock was rock hard and oozing. There was a gentle knock on the door and when I told the person outside to come in she came in. She had a veil covering her face and head. Only her eyes were visible. She was middle aged and wore the traditional dress of the women in the community, a gown without a blouse or a bra. Her breasts were round and firm and bobbed as she came forward and half of each breast was visible through the front opening on her dress.

She hesitantly stood in front of me looking at the table lamp. I instinctively switched the small battery powered light off and the room went pitch dark. Although I could speak her language haltingly we did not exchange a word.

I heard the rustle of her dress in the darkness as she came closer. I pulled my shorts down and released my very stiff and oozing cock that was jerking in anticipation and sat on the chair. She must have heard the creak of the chair for there was more rustling of her dress as she squatted down on the floor in front of me. I swung my arms around to check where she was squatting. My sweeping palms found her head and rested on her luxuriant hair tied in a knot .I gently shoved her head between my thighs.

She co-operated by moving closer and then placing her palms on my thighs pushed them apart and moved between them. Cupping my balls with her palm and fingers she started massaging them gently driving shooting sensation into my body. I little while later I felt her warm lips encircle my cock head and suck in the pre-cum. Using her thumb under my penis she squeezed the pre-cum in the tubes and kept up the suction while swishing her tongue over the opening to savor my juices. I assumed this too was part of the therapy.

From time to time she removed her mouth and massaged both my balls and the penis shaft to secrete more of my pre-cum and then went back to suck it in.

It was obvious to me that I was not the first man she had drawn semen or precum for her therapy. She had enough practice and experience in this kind of therapy. It was also clear from the way she manipulated me that her intent was more clinical and not sexual.

I had by now collected a large dose of cum and was bursting to ejaculate. I knew I would ejaculate right away if she provided me with a more vigorous cock stimulation. She however chose not to at the moment. Sooner or later I knew I would ejaculate any way even with out a vigorous stimulation and I decided to wait and enjoy the moment.

It happened much sooner than I expected and it was quite sudden. I had pushed my buttocks forward and stretched my hands above to calm myself from the terrible sensation drilling through me when she changed tack. One moment she was teasing my cock head with her wet tongue and the next she rapidly sucked my entire cock deep inside her mouth and pressed her head hard on my crotch. She held it there while she gripped the root of my cock with her tight lips. She then ran her tongue on the underside of my cock tickling the pee tube sending shock waves into my system.

This sensation was quite new to my already over excited cock and even before I could take it into my stride the cumming process started and I could not control the initial spams of this process. My mind went blank for a moment and I exploded . I felt myself shake violently and stretch my legs wide with stiffened muscles almost dislodging the women between my thighs and then began to ejaculate violently causing the woman to wriggle and gasp for breath.

I was discharging rapidly with sharp jerks and I could feel the thick sperm shoot deep inside her throat. I was sure she could not have wanted it better. She took the entire load while holding me tight with her palms cupping my buttock and pressing her head hard on my crotch . I found my own hands on her head pressing them towards me one moment and trying to push it away the next. I wanted an in and out movement but she held me hard against any such movement and was intent only on getting the last droplets of my semen. I shook again and again during the final spurt and then exhausted with this explosive orgasm slumped down limply.

She however held on and I could feel her sucking my cock even after I had discharged my last droplets. I waited for what I thought was a long time and finally I felt her loosen her hold on me and began to slide out. While sliding out she milked my shaft with her tightly held lips that sent shivers of intense sensation on my sensitive cock head.

Finding myself free and more than satiated I hugged her but she gently dislodged her self. She was as I had notice earlier was not inclined to any warmth or love for me. I could not see what she was doing but I knew she was tidying herself before leaving me. I asked her whether she got what she wanted and she said yes and then in a jiffy she moved out towards the door. I heard the door open and close.

During the next few days she returned every alternate day for more of my semen and I obliged her. There was nothing special in these new sessions. They were more or less similar to the first night. After a few visits she stopped and I suppose her course of this therapy was over.

During the one year of my stay in that community I donated my semen for at least to half a dozen of such women. They came in all ages one came with her mother and the two played with my cock for a long time before I ejaculated my semen into the daughter\'s mouth. the mother apparently had come to both instruct and supervise her daughter\'s therapy.

As I mentioned above there was no sexual interest in these therapies. The sessions were purely clinical. Every time I tried to hug any of them they gently pushed me away. One had very nice tits and when I asked her whether I can touch it she shook her head and almost rose up to go. Since word gets around quickly in this community I refrained from these sexual explorations and restricted myself to plain semen donation in the form they wanted. When my tenure ended I was happy to go back to my girl friend for a more interactive sex.


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