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Seducing my sister in law
by Jon Jenkins

My wife's younger sister moved in with us a couple months ago to save some money. She's extremely hot but a bit shy. She's never trusted men because she was molested as a child. In fact, she's a virgin and has never gone all the way because of the baggage that went along with that. However, we have a great relationship and she trusts me more than any other guy in her life. 

I could tell within a week or two that she loved living in the same house as me. At first, we would sit on opposite ends of the couch watching tv, then she would move closer, and now we sit almost touching. At first go to the bathroom fully clothed to take a shower, but then got comfortable enough to walk around in just a towel. Over the past couple weeks, I've gotten up the nerve to start making subtle moves. I walk around in my tightest briefs with a semi-hard on so she can see my package. I notice she tries to act like she's looking away but I've caught her sneaking a peak. I leave the door open when I take a shower. I also volunteer to give her massages when she comments how sore she is. The last time I did this I had her lay down on her bed. I got some baby oil and started rubbing her neck and shoulders. As I moved down her back, I explained that the oil would stain her clothes so she should take them off. She then took her shirt and shorts off and revealed she wasn't wearing a bra and only a g-string. I proceeded to rub her down, and when I pretended to be struggling with her g-string, she slipped those off and revealed a very tight and slightly wet pussy. It's what I'd been imagining for months. I rubbed her ass and her legs, slowly spreading them apart as a went. She stuck her ass up, almost inviting me to touch both holes, and I did. I knew she was inexperienced so I rubbed slow and gentle, focusing first on her clit and then on her labia, and then on her asshole. I then turned her over, spread her legs, and starting eating her out. She came right away- I could tell she had never experienced anything like it. And she was soaking wet! My mouth and chin were dripping with her cum. I wiped off and went down for seconds, and she came again. 

From there, she asked what she was supposed to do now. I told her that since I went down on her that she should return the favor. She told me she had never sucked a guys cock before and that I'd have to walk her through it. I took off my clothes and guided her mouth to my cock. She was a bit taken back since the most she had seen was my 6-7" semi through my underwear. At this point, I was about 9" fully erect, but I went easy on her. She sucked my cock and balls for a while until I was ready to cum. I told warned her that I hadn't had sex for about 2 weeks and that my load would be huge. She nervously said it was ok and said I could just do it in her mouth. She had no idea what to expect, but I couldn't pass that up, so I went for it. She stroked my balls as she continued to suck my dick until I finally came. She started to gag at first but hung in there and swallowed every last bit of it.

I went back down on her until I was ready to go for round 2. I slid my cock into her wet pussy. It was so tight and so amazing. There was some blood as usual with a virgin, and I thought a couple times she would have to stop. But she kept going and had that painful but bilssful orgasm that most virgins have their first time. 

  Needless to say, I love living with my sister in law. We fuck just about every day. She's starting to get more adventurous as well, letting me fuck her in her ass and she even gave me a rimjob the other day, which was awesome. My wife works a lot so it's easy and we never have to worry about getting caught. Life is good.

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Jon Jenkins

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