Group Sex stories

by Snoop69

I take you to a forest. In the parking lot you have to strip down, take a gag and blindfold, while every car coming down the street has a good look at you.

Then we walk in the forest. Occasionally, you hear steps, sometimes whispers, but you can see nothing. Your cunt gets wet, you even can feel some running down your thighs. Then someone asks "Can I take a Picture" "Sure", I say. You hear the clicking, see the flashes through the blindfold but not more. Suddenly you feel a hand on your cunt. "Sorry, I couldn't resist" "It's ok, take your time". The hand continues. "My god, she's overflowing. Look honey, it even runs down her thighs" "what a slut" a woman answers. "Now come on". Footsteps departing.

We walk on. Then I take you to the side, you feel we are leaving the track, but only a few steps. "lift up your hands to the side, over your head". You feel bark of two trees. Each hand gets tied to a tree, and I order you to take a step back and spread your legs. You obey, and now your Ass is stretched out to the track, exposing your wet, open cunt and your asshole. Nothing happens for some minutes, only your juices increase their running.

Suddenly, a cock is rammed into your cunt. You have to brace yourself against the trees to keep from falling, while you are pounded hard, nearing climax. But just before you've reached that point, the cock inside you throbs, unloads and is removed just before you come.

Nothing happens for minutes. Just juices and sperm running down your thighs. Then, another cock enters your cunt, fucks you with hard, fast strokes, throbs, but you feel no sperm. Did he use a condom? But no time for thinking, the next cock repeats the fucking, but also cums and is removed before you reach climax.

Silence. What appears to be an age later, but may be only minutes, a cock again. This time, it presses against your Asshole. Your not stretched yet, no foreplay for your ass, just a fat cock driving himself deeper and deeper in. You squirm, cause it hurts, but the cock moves on mercilessly, until he has breached the barrier and slides in. You moan, from pain and beginning pleasure, feeling the cock pound you hard and fast, building up that sweet sweet feeling, only to unload in your ass again denying you salvation.

You stand there, feeling sperm dropping out of your ass and pussy, hearing me say "now thats perfect natural lube", some cold object is held against you, lubed up, pressed against your cunt, it's huge, maybe a basketball bat, it comes in, stretches you to the limit, fucks you and with the third stroke you're yelling a shattering Orgasm into the gag...

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