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Sandy, Gwen and Me
by zurnthewise

I had been dating Gwen for nearly a year and Gwen is just a bit different. Gwen is a shemale and a damned beautiful one at that. She's very gentle in her ways, quick to smile, easy to laugh and has that ability to make you believe you're the only person in the room even if it's filled wall to wall with people. Anyway, Gwen had introduced me to her friend sandy, who is straight up female. What follows is what actually happened this past Thursday night. I was in a shitty mood when I got home from work, Gwen had dinner fixed and we ate in silence, she knew better than to even ask about my day, not out of fear, but just to give me time to decompress. After dinner I went to the basement garage to work on our boat and about an hour later, Gwen brought me a cup of coffee and asked if I was feeling better and I apologized to her for being an ass earlier. She said it was alright, and if I came upstairs in about a half hour she had a surprise for me. I went back to finishing the planing work I had started and right on the dot, in a half hour i was finished. I tookoff up the steps and about halway up I heard Gwen moaning, I figured that she was going solo on the sofa and my cock began to grow. I hit the top of the steps and I took a right hand turn into the living room and there was Sandy on her knees enthusiastically sucking Gwens shecock. My brain nearly exploded with shock and lust. Gwen shot her load in Sandy's mouth as I just stood there in awe, Sandy swallowed every drop Gwen gave her and sucked and milked her shecock to get everything out that she could. After Gwen recovered from her intense orgasm, she smiled at me and said..."C'mere baby, you've never been with two before have you.?" My mouth was dry and all I could do was shake my head no...Gwen giggled and she sat back onthe sofa and spread her legs and began to stroke herself hard again and Sandy looked hungrily at my crotch. How I made it from the doorway to Gwen and sandy, I'm not quite sure, because those seconds are a blur...anyway, the next thing I knew, I was totally nude and sandy had wrapped her red, luscious lips around the head of my cock and was teasing me with her tongue. Gwen leaned forward and began to massage my balls and said in a low voice "Go ahead...cum in her mouth Chris, she loves it..." Sandy proceeded to give me a long sensuous blowjob and with Gwen massaging my balls, it wasn't very long before I felt that familiar tingle and then that tingle turned into a heated rush and I shot a thick load in Sandy's mouth, I looked down and my cum was dribbling from the corners of her mouth and I shot another load right behind the first one...Sandy choked a little bit, and when she pulled away, my cum was on her chin and her lips and Gwen nudged her out of the way and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. My knees buckled a little under the impact of that double orgasm and Gwen easily turned me around and pushed me gently onto the sofa...she said..."watch this..."
Sandy laid down on her stomach and spread her legs and Gwen positioned herself between them and pushed forward and slid her she cock up sandy's ass. Sandy groaned with the intrusion into ther rectum, Gwen fucked her long and slow Sandy groaned and moaned and when Gwen shot her load in her ass, Sandy came hard. I was hard again and I wanted gwens asshole, badly...she went ot clean up and then she came back and played wiht my cock for a while while Sandy licked my balls with er slick, warm, satiny tongue, then Gwen knew what I wanted and she stood up and turned around and slid her ass down my throbbing cock. I gasped with pleasure just like she did and I grasped her by the hips, and thurst upwards as she thrust downward...Sand was still licking my balls, but she also has three fingers buried in her pussy and she was fucking herself crazy. I shot another load, but deep in Gwens ass this time, she shot a load and most of it hit Sandy on the face, and just about the time the first spurt dripped onto her forehad, she came again. Gwen took a warm cloth and cleaned me up and then she gave me a blowjob, Sandy jerked her off and Gwen and I came at the same time, Sandy licked Gwens cum off of her fingers and by this time we were exhausted...
We spent the night togehter and in the morning I fucked Sandy in the ass while Gwen played with her shecock...I was late for work by the way...

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