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Room 32
by Amanda Marais

From time to time, my sweetie Edwin needs to go abroad for his work for a few days or a week. Last night he left for Hungary. He was staying there for six days to make a deal with another company. After three years together, I have become used to this kind of situations. Usually I invite my sister to spend some nights at my house so I wont feel alone. When I am all alone in this big house, I start getting these weird thoughts and I get scared. During the day I have my job to keep me busy (and the household chores aren't done by little leprechauns either!) but the evenings can get lonely.

It was my second day alone and I had just come home from work. After doing the regular chores in the house I dropped on the couch and turned on the TV. As usual around that time of the day, there was nothing on the damn thing. As my frustration grew, my phone rang. Stretching to grab it from the table next to the couch, I answered to find it was my sister Jessy telling me that she couldn't come to my place tonight because of a party she had to attend.

I had barely put the phone back when it rang again. Assuming it was my sister, having forgotten to tell me something, I answered it with a silly voice like we sometimes do when we are having long girl-to-girl chats. To my surprise, it wasn't Jessy at all.

It was Steve. He is Edwin's best friend and as you may have read in my story 'Friends share everything', you know that I have had some fun' with him in the past. Steve knew that Edwin was in Hungary for his work and asked me if I was in the mood to get together'. This was an offer I couldn't resist because Steve is a very handsome fellow who really knows how to get me going, so I agreed. He told me to meet him at 6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn, room 32.

It was 5.30 pm when I stepped into my car. I wanted to be on time because I hate when people come late on an appointment so I always try to be on time myself. Before I left I took a hot shower and made sure everything was smooth as silk. My clothes were sexy but not over-the-top - a tight short skirt with black thigh high stockings and thong underneath, a colourful blouse with three buttons unbuttoned instead of my usual two buttons. The extra button revealed more cleavage as usual and showed the edge of my black silk bra.

I parked my car at the parking lot underneath the hotel. At the reception, I asked for the key to room 32. I saw the key still hanging on the hook so I knew that Steve wasn't here yet. Making my way to the room, I unlocked the door and walked inside. The room was very dark, the only light in the room created by several small candles placed around the room.

On a table, stood a champagne cooler with a bottle and two glasses handy. Next to it sat a bowl with chocolates. I walked further into the room and noticed a package and an envelope on the bed. Popping a chocolate in my mouth, I opened the envelope and read:

'Hey sweet Amanda,

I am glad you made it. I really had the time of my life the last time we were here together. Today, I want to return the favor. Have some of the champagne and enjoy the chocolates (your favourites, if I remembered correctly). Open the package and put on what is inside the box. Turn the CD-player on. When you're ready, stand in the middle of the room with your back to the door and enjoy!'

I read the note a few times, wondering what he was going to do. I opened the package. There was a nice set of lingerie inside the box - olive green satin, and a blindfold. I grabbed the bra and held it up to have a better view by the candle light. It was a very sexy strapless number and the matching string was fantastic! I noticed the tag Triumph' - and thought Steve has a good taste. How does he know that that is my favourite brand of lingerie? Probably, Edwin told him.

I took another chocolate and stood for a moment enjoying the sensual atmosphere of the candle-lit room. Unbuttoning my blouse, I let it slide off my shoulders enjoying the feel the fabric moving along arms and upper body and the cool air striking my exposed skin. Unhooking my bra, I shrugged my shoulders forward and let it fall. For a moment I just stood and took in everything, enjoying the partial nudity, especially the way I looked in the mirror lit by the flickering candles.

I grabbed the new bra and noticed that it was it had its clasp in front. Enjoying the satiny feel, I slid the bra over my arms and hooked it up. Shifting each breast within it's soft pocket' to make the fit was perfect, I couldn't help but notice the arousal apparent in its sensitivity and the beginnings of nipple growth. Again checking in the mirror I remember thinking, 'Well, well, Steven certainly knows my size¡É and giggling remembering previous visits.

I took off my skirt and thong quickly but took more time rolling my nylons down each leg in anticipation of my hands being replaced by his. I put on the new string over my clean-shaven mound noting some moistening along the lips, poured myself a glass of champagne, and checked out the effect of the lingerie in the mirror. I felt very sexy - the buzz I was beginning to feel was definitely more from anticipation of Steve's plan' than the little bit of champagne I was drinking.

I emptied the glass empty and pushed the on' button of the CD-player. 'The Dolphins' Cry¡É, from 'Live¡É was suddenly filling the air. I think this song has an incredibly erotic feel to it. Placing the empty glass on the table, I walked towards the center of the room. Totally trusting Steve, I placed the blindfold on. Besides the music, I became aware of my heart beating. I tried to block out these sounds and to listen intently for any other noises. ¡ÉMmmh god, this is exciting!' I thought as the situation really began to sink in'.

Suddenly, a soft warm hand touched my right shoulder. I held my breath. A shiver ran through my body. My heart started beating like crazy. Soon, another soft warm hand touched me on my left shoulder. Both hands began gliding down my arms towards my hands. He grabbed both my hands and brought them behind my back. I placed my wrists against my back and feel he's using some kind of cord to tie my hands together. My heart is beating even faster and my breath is picking up the pace as well. Steve really knows what I like. I smile

Again I feel his hands on my shoulders, followed by a soft kiss on my neck. I can hear his breathing close to my ear, feel his warm breath on my neck. He places soft, moist kisses on my shoulders. As his lips touch my skin, I tremble and realize I am holding my breath. His hands sliding down my shoulders, against the sides of my back towards my hips. As my excitement grows he seems to be touching me annoyingly slowly. His warm hands are rubbing over my tummy.

You could feel the sexual tension in the room and I knew it was getting to me. I could feel my nipples swell until they were poking rigidly against the olive green fabric of this new bra. Again I felt his warm lips on my neck and then he begins slowly kissing down my spine till he was kissing my completely exposed buttocks. My legs started to get weak and my knees were shaking a bit.

His hands moved away from my tummy.

'Caress my breast,' I thought. But I suddenly felt his hands on my ankles. While he was kissing my lower back and ass, his hands slid back up my legs, very slowly, inch- by-inch. His fingers were lightly running over my calves, to the back of my knees, higher and higher every second, slowly over my thighs towards my

'Oooh yes, Steve, please touch my pussy, please' and that thought that he was going to touch me between my legs caused my body to tremble. God, I was so horny!

Then suddenly all touches and kisses were gone! For a while I didn't feel Steve anymore. I could only feel my body tingling. The idea that he is standing or sitting there, watching me, and I couldn't see him, while I shivered from head to toe in excitement was so incredibly erotic!

Then, his hands touched my shoulders again, but by the placement of his hands I knew that he was standing in front of me now. Both his hands slid downwards and reached the satin of the bra. I felt him cupping both my breasts. I could barely stand my knees were almost wobbling with my excitement. He pressed my breasts together and I could feel his tongue running up and down between my cleavage and thought I'd go right over the edge.

My mind was so overwhelmed with my arousal and every little touch or kiss or lick Steve granted me that I didn't even realize that he had unhooked the bra until it dropped to the floor. He laid his warm hands on my hips and began running his fingertips over my buttocks as I felt his moist lips sucking one of my nipples inside his mouth. This was all getting to be too much for me and I knew my body was building to an orgasm. My body was positively quivering as he also sucked on my other nipple and squeezed my ass. My nose was filled with various scents from him - his body, his hair...

His mouth was on the moves, his lips leaving my breasts and heading downwards over my tummy, playing at my belly button and then sliding further down. He placed some kisses on the fabric of my string. I knew he could tell how wet I was.. soaking wet. My clitoris was swollen and craved contact. His thumbs slid between my skin and the fabric of the string and he slowly he pulled it down and helped steady me as I stepped out of it.

Then, I felt his warm lips touching the inside of my thighs. His breath running over my skin. If my pussy could talk, it would have been screaming..begging to be licked and sucked on right now! I wanted to push his head between my thighs but my hands were still tied behind me. Steve knew that my being completely at his mercy would add to my excitement.

I tried pressing my hips forward but he wasn't letting me control any contact. Then suddenly, I felt his tongue, his long wonderful, strong tongue, making its way up the furrow between my pussy lips. I could hear Steve pause to taste my juice before he licked more deeply at the entry of my vagina...juice that was dripping out off my love cave. Slowly his tongue continued further up and slid over my clit.

I almost collapsed right to the floor as my knees barely managed to hold me upright!

He began supporting some of my weight with his hands on my ass, while his tongue licked all around and just above my throbbing clit. I was breathing heavy and rolling my hips rhythmically against his tongue. I bit on my lower lip feeling that if he was going on like this and it wouldn't be long before I would cum and cum hard. At that very moment he stopped.

Naked, blindfolded and with my hands bound behind my back, I am standing there in the middle of the room. My knees like jelly, my nipples hard as rock and my pussy burning from desire and begging to be touched. But I couldn't feel him anymore. I listened intently trying to determine where he was or what he was doing and finally recognized the sounds of him taking his clothes off.

A minute or two later, I felt his hands back on my hips and his lips kissing my mouth. Hungrily, I opened my mouth to let his tongue inside me. I can smell and taste my own pussy on his lips. His warm hands slide down over my buttocks and softly back up along my shoulders. He pulls me close against him, his tongue playing with my tongue, kissing me so passionately. My breasts burn against his warm chest, his stomach against my stomach. His skin feels delicious against mine, so nice and warm, so soft and gentle. I feel myself melt into his arms.

I press my lower body against his. Against the inside of my thigh I can feel his waking penis hot against my skin. It's moist and I can feel the head of his penis riding up against the inside of my thigh. His cock is actually growing between my legs. I lower my body and bend my knees a little and can feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy lips. I lower myself a little more and I can feel the pressure building up against my pussy as his prick tries to impale me!

He releases me and steps back. I stand trembling even worse than before. Steve unties my hands and leads me to the bed with just his hands on my shoulders. Still blindfolded, I lay down.

'Fuck me!' is screaming in my mind! 'Fuck, fuck me hard!' But I say nothing, leaving everything in his hands. I feel him take my arms and move them over my head and ties me, this time to the bed itself. I am lying there, tied to the bed, totally surrendered to him. I never felt so naked as that moment, nor, do I believe, have I ever felt so horny either.

His hands slide down my arms, along my armpits, over my breasts pausing only for a second as he touches my nipples. A shiver ran through my body. His hands go on, over my stomach and beyond, slowly along my pussy and on over my legs and ending up at my feet. He takes my left leg and pulls it to the left and my right leg to the right and I lie there spread eagle, ready for him to .

Gently he rubs his warm body over mine. He is lying on top of me and kisses my mouth. His penis slides along my pussy lips, the head of his cock searching the entrance of my wet, steamy opening. Finding its goal, slowly the head of his cock presses my lips apart. I can feel his hot dickhead probing between my lips.

'Yes, please fill me! Let me feel your cock , please!' This is so loud inside my head, I'm amazed he can't hear it. Probably, he can and is smiling and refusing to yield to my demands.

Slowly, painfully slowly, he slides further into my pussy, going deeper and deeper till he is buried completely inside me. He is angled so that he slides along my g-spot till he gently touches my womb. With his beautiful prick inside me, filling me, I can feel his pulse inside me. Slowly I tighten my pussy muscles and gently squeeze his cock.

He pulls back, sliding it back out and just when he pops outside he immediately pushes it back inside, all the way!

'Oooh yeah, please fuck me!' I realize that I said that aloud, softly, but so that I could be heard.

Slowly his cock starts moving rhythmically inside my tingling vagina. Every time he pulls just out of my pussy only to slide it back inside me deeply. I try to join with his movements but every time I had find his rhythm he changes the pace. Deep hard strokes alternating with soft tender strokes so I never know what will be next.

I bite again on my lower lip trying to control and prolong my pending orgasm. Deep inside me everything is on fire. If I wanted to stop it, I couldn't possibly. I can feel my stomach tighten. I want to hug him and hold him against me, but my hands are tied. With heavy waves it flows towards my pussy and then my body begins to shake all over as I cum.

I push my hips upward so I can feel him even deeper inside me. I can hardly breathe but manage to whisper 'Cum, give me your sweet juice, cum, oh please cum!' He'd been holding out and waiting for me so, now, with a loud moan, he begins shooting heavy streams of cum deeply inside me. Although I am soaking wet, I could still feel his hot cum shooting into my pussy against the inside of my stomach. Waves of sperm flow inside me towards my womb. Even quicker than before he is fucking me now with short jerking thrusts. His cock still hard inside me, harder and faster.

I totally lost control of any part of my body and, with a loud, long scream of pleasure, I orgasm again and again.

Exhausted, his warm body drops next to me, and he starts lightly caressing my stomach...a nice tender touch, so wonderful just to feel his hand on my stomach right now. My skin tingles. My pussy is very sensitive right now. He kisses my lips and pushes a chocolate into my mouth. And he is gone from my side. I lie there weakly glowing in the aftermath of our sharing and sucking on the chocolate inside my mouth - just enjoying every feeling I have everywhere.

I must have fallen a sleep for a while because when I waken, I notice that my hands aren't tied anymore. I take my blindfold off and look around me. The music is still on and the candles still burning, but I seem to be alone. I call Steve's name, but there is no response. Then I notice on the pillow next to me lies a note.

'You looked so cute as you were sleeping I didn't wake you. I hope you enjoyed everything.
Lotsa love, Steve.'

On my way home I turned on the radio in my car while I was driving and I relived everything that just happened in the past few hours , relived it inside my mind . A big smile turned up on my face . I gazed through the window , the streets were so empty . It seemed like everybody had called it a night already . It wasn't that late actually , only 1 am .

I parked my car on our driveway and I went inside our house . My purse I dropped on the kitchen table and I walked into our living room . On my way to the couch I grabbed my laptop from the desk and I dropped on the couch with a sigh . I wasn't able to sleep yet anyway . Not because of the time , not at all . Because mostly around 1 am my eyes are sealed and my mind is dreaming about all kind of naughty things . I wasn't able to sleep yet because I can never sleep after sex . I guess the hormones are still raging through my body for a while after I have done the deed .

I opened the laptop that I had placed on my lap and started it . After it had started up I decided to see if anybody missed me and I checked my mails . Besides some regular mails I also had a mail from two of my best online buddies , Lee and Willi . I also had another mail from a friend who wanted me to take a test , the link was in the email and he wanted to know my test results . The heading made me curious so I read on and noticed that it was a slut test . I couldn't help myself but smile already when I saw the link : . I decided to give it a go and answered the 40 questions . Ten minutes later I got my result and to my own surprise I was 67% slutty ! So was this good or bad ?

Well , I don't pay much believe to these kind of test anyway but still I forwarded this test to some friends , and it turned out to be that they had a higher percentage as I had . 67% slutty , I hope that's about average cause that last thing I want is to be know as a slut or a whore . How sad it can be , but from time to time I do receive emails from people who read my erotic stories , and they mail me to tell me how big of a slut I am , or to tell me I am a whore or even worse .

Well this kind of email or comments really hurt my feelings those people don't even know me in real life . So who are they to judge me ? And why do they even think they can judge me ? For what reason ? On what basis ? Is it because I write erotic stories ? My stories aren't all true . Many stories I write are just based on my own fantasies . But still , there is a line between reality and fantasy , and it seems like some people don't see that line . Shame for them . So please think before you judge somebody for what she or he writes .

Before I end this story I want to say this : Though I have been hurt a lot , my feelings or sexually , so far in my life , I never hurted or intended to hurt somebody in any way so far . It is not because I love sex or I love writing about erotica and sex , that doesn't make me a slut or a whore . I have always been honest with my sexual and relational partners .

So please , people out there who think that all female erotica writes are sluts or whores . Get your feet back on the ground and come back to reality , because not everything is like you want it in your fantasy .

I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me ...

I don't bite hard !

Hugs and Kisses

Amanda Marais

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Amanda Marais

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