Bi-Sexual stories

Revenge of wife
by Seemy

Sameer a young 23-24 boy , got job in our town and stayed with us for few days being mums relation. Every night after dinner we cousins gather around him to listen his stories ( being summer vacation we were allowed to stay late). One day he told me he has one very interesting but long story which he cannot tell anyone. I insisted please Sameer you must tell, after my long pleas , he agreed and took promise that it will be our secrete and that as it is long and also he could only tell when every one is gone. So Igot permission from mum to stay over night with him. On that night his stories were romantic , regarding love affairs, I was 12 years and so were my cousins, I had merger knowledge of sex. However, I and one of my cousin (younger) use sleep naked with each other , tried to enter each other but never succeeded, would bring penise against to see whose is bigger, his was little bigger and mine thicker. When every one left , he invited me to lie with him on bed so no one could listen, Now he said do I have boy or girl friend, I said yes , all who left just now , he said have you ever kissed, I said no(lied) , have you seen a naked young girl, no. And he started his story in a erotic way how he saw a beauty taking shower and then he slowly entered and soaped ......... Her , now I was getting more and more excited, my penis was getting up , when he put his hand on it saying like this my penise also got erected and she also became hot ..........then we held each other locked in kissing. While he was talking I don\'t know he opened my pyjama , removed his own , his hand was holding my erect rod and I was holding his, he was licking my niples , and said let us do it, I said no, he said ok , you first fuck me he turned his ass tome I being decent boy said it\'s you can do first, he immediately turned and turned my face other way, put some cream on my ass hole with finger which he had ket under his pillow, pinched on my buttoc and pushed his hard rod, it went in without any trouble and just one or two jerks, I jumped out and he came on the bed. Now he was calm I tried to take my turn but he just laughed and said now I will fuck you every day otherwise I will tell your friends, I got frightened. And never can
Me near him, after 2 days he went to his town on long holidays then I learned he got married and would come back with his wife .

I invited my cousin for 3-4days, I was determined to fuck him , I always liked him as he was very beautiful , girlish , as usual we locked the door switched light, I started remove his clothes and he did mine , I took milk glass and we both drank while holding each other\'s penise, he to me , let us do it to night , Immetatiing Sameer I rolled my finger on his lips and then started licking his niples, he was in heaven as it was first time , Sameer had told me the easiest way to fuck is dogy style, so I asked him to be on his four , he obliged , I applied cream with my finger while inserting bit by bit inside , he started moaning and liking then I entered my hard rod held him and pushed in and out until I chummed inside, This was my first ever fuck, my cousin took his turn and fucked me , we both were so happy as if got great achievement. We cleaned each other in the bath room , while I was cleaning his ass with soap the view of his ass lips and tny reddish hole my rod was up and my toung on his ass lips biting and pushin tounge inside he like started please don, t stop , in the course I bent down ang stated licking his hard penis, all this came by itself , we came back to bed and played and fi
U ked once more.
Sameer came with his wife, he use to smile whenever he saw me, so one day I asked him Sameer please why you scare me , he said ok, if you help my wife in doing any purchase from market etc I won\'t tease you , I have wife so I don\'t need boys. Just by helping her I came quite close to her and passing most time around he she treating me very nicely. One afternoon, unusually I found her room door closed, luckily side window was little open and to my surprise I saw her being fucked in doggy, so far I never knew woman can be fucked in pussy from behind and I had heard that no woman would allow ass fucking willingly. So I felt very sorry for her and cursed Sameer I used to get sad to see her but that scene in front my eyes. After two. Days she closed her door , sat beside me put her hand around my neck and said , look Arshad I am very upset see you upset, please tell me what is bothering you , I am your friend and promise won\'t tell any one, please for my sake tell me, I said no shano it is not good thing I cannot tel you, no you have to , how bad it may be , So I told her that I saw Sameer fucking you doggy way, she said yes so, I am his wife, yes but not in your ass. She burst into laugh, no it is usual way, but how it was from behind, as he did with me K( this slipped unintentionally) what , with, did he fuck you, no no , Arshad tell me everything, I had to tell her, she was upset, she said you must take your revenge,because he did not give your turn, I said how, fuck me, I was astonished, no I cannot do that, oh yes you can, I have been dreaming you , she kissed me deep, thiswasdifferent than boys, and I fucked he doggy style first time with her help, It became routine, she also led me to fuck her ass, which she said she liked it as different experience.

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