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by tarali

I was walking back home from a hard day's work when a girl who worked in the same office overtook me and then turning around asked me where I lived. I told her and she said her house was also in the same street. We began to walk together and she spoke of this and that. We had to cross a park and it was getting dark when she came close and said some thing in a whisper. I could not hear what she said and I asked her to repeat.

"I am horny", she said a little loudly. It was a statement that sounded like bullet in my head. I was unable to say anything in return immediately. My mind went racing searching for a suitable rejoinder. Lets do it here she said pointing at a vacant bench surrounded by dense foliage. I followed her like a zombie as she took my hand and practically dragged me with her.

She pushed me on the bench and I fell on my back with my legs firmly on the ground. She then unzipped me. My cock now responded and even before she could lift her skirt and pull her undies down it was stiff ,hard and pointing upwards.

She straddled me and and clasping my cock guided it into her pussy opening and pushed. The entrance was tight but very wet and my cock slowly glided inside driving me nuts. I lifted my legs up and throwing them around her bums held her tight and soon my cock hit bottom and I could feel her pulsating pussy muscles all around my cock shaft.

The pleasure was intense and I feared I was going to ejaculate right away but I held on as she began to ride me.

She was panting as she humped and I was struggling to keep mu cum in.

Don't cum, don't cum she kept screaming silently and I dropped my legs back on the ground and then placing my hands on her bums quickly inserted one of my fingers into her arsehole and fiddled it around in the general direction of her G spot inside her pussy. The muscles that separated the G spot was quite thin and I knew her G spot can be manipulated this way.

That did the trick for she turned into a tigress and clutching my body in a wild grip she crushed my cock and all the area around it with her own pussy and I exploded inside her. She shivered as her orgasm took control and her cunt muscles squeezed my cock shaft as my cock pulsated forcing my cum inside her tight pussy. It was all over as fast as it had started and she fell limply on me.

That was a quick fix for a horny lady

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