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Photo-Shoot, Part One
by Brockleigh

I looked over my equipment one last time before packing it away. Digital camera. Three memory cards. Camera Base. Tripod. Laptop and accessories. Patch cord to connect the Laptop to the Camera Base. I took in a long breath before putting everything into a duffel bag and heading downstairs to my neighbour, Bobbi's place.

As I headed towards her apartment, I thought over the conversation we had the week before. We were just having a drink at a local bar as we sometimes do, when she surprised me with a question that was truly out of nowhere.

"Brock, do I look hot to you?"

I damn near spat up my beer at the question. Bobbi and I had a strictly platonic friendship, and in the year that we had lived as neighbours, the topic of sex had never come up. I looked at her for a bit before answering. "Uhhhh, yeah, Bobbi. Very." A long, uncomfortable pause ensued, followed by me asking, "What brought that on?"

She blushed and took a long sip of her drink. She seemed to be steeling herself up for asking something, then inhaled deeply before saying, "I've been thinking of doing some modeling."

"Cool," I replied. Bobbi absolutely could do it. She was older than me; I couldn't tell how much older, but she exuded a sensuality and confidence in her movements and mannerisms that only could be a product of her maturity. She was gorgeous. Tall, with long brown hair, striking blue eyes, a figure that she worked to keep in fantastic shape, and what a shape it was, with all the right curves in all the right places. Everything I saw and knew about her told me she'd be perfect for such an undertaking, that the camera would just love her. "I think you'd be great. Definitely go for it."

She took another sip of her drink and this time couldn't look me in the eyes, "Brock it'd be... adult pictures." The blush and uncertain look on her face told me way more than what her words did. I had to consciously close my gaping mouth, then she continued, "My ex-husband used to have a couple of girlie magazines in the bedroom. I'd look at them from time to time, and... I liked what I saw..." She shook her head with a frustrated look, "That's not what I mean. It's... I always thought that that's something I'd like to do. Now that I'm on my own, I've been thinking about it, and there's a website that does an amateur centerfold competition, and I think I'm going to enter it."

"Oh," was all I could say at first, then added, "Well, if it's something you'd like to do, then why not? Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd like to see how they turn out."

"That's why I'm bringing this up, Brock," she looked me in the eye again, an uncertain, unblinking gaze, "I'd like you to be the photographer. I mean, you have all the photo equipment we'd need, and I know I'd trust you and be way more comfortable with you than with some stranger." I thought it over, and we talked it over at length before I decided to help her out. She was a friend, and no matter how unorthodox the request might be, she was a friend that was asking for my help. I couldn't really let her head off to some scummy studio to get the job done when I could help her out for a fraction of the cost with a much higher comfort level.

I told her what we'd need, and we went out shopping for the few items I didn't have. It was a little odd that while we had the topic for the shoot completely in mind the whole time, how businesslike we were in how we went about getting the items we'd need. Neither of us seemed nervous at all about our impending undertaking. Now as I headed downstairs, my mouth was dry, and my knees a little shaky at the prospect of what was about to occur.

I made my way down to her door and knocked. Bobbi answered, wearing a short silk robe, an uncertain, nervous smile on her face as she opened the door. Her hair and make-up was already done, and I smiled appreciatively at how lovely she looked. Stepping into her living room, I looked around with an appraising eye like I had never done before. I'd been in her apartment several times, and liked how it was furnished, but now I was examining it for lighting and composition. Bobbi had already told me she'd like to do the shoot in her living room, and now I was looking about the room, seeing if it would work.

Bobbi watched me look over her living room for a moment and then said, "Well I have to finish getting ready. I'll be out in just a sec." I smiled and nodded as I got myself set up. I went into her kitchen and plugged in my laptop and all the accessories. The camera was all charged up, and I brought it and the back-up memory cards with me into the living room. The camera was a wonderful little toy, and had all kinds of set-up features on it, letting me know how well the pictures would turn out with the current lighting in the room. Bobbi's living room had sheer curtains pulled aside the window, and when I closed them, softening the sunlight that poured into the room, the camera told me that the resulting illumination was near optimal for photography. I had just finished adjusting a filter to further soften the natural lighting when Bobbi came into the room.

She was still wearing the robe, but I could see the white stockings that covered her legs, and the white stiletto heels on her feet. I smiled and felt a little arousal build in my groin. She stepped around her couch and in front of me, the expression on her face was one of steeled confidence and any uncertainty in her voice was completely absent as she asked, "Are we all set?"

I smiled back at her, a little flutter of excitement in my chest as I responded, "I'm ready if you are."

A smile tugged at Bobbi's lips as she silently undid the sash to the robe, pulling the silk garment off of her. A sharp intake of breath followed as I saw her stand before me. The white stockings were stay-ups with a lovely riff of lace at the top of each of them. Lace was the theme for her panties as well, a tiny white g-string that only just covered what it needed to. Her chest was covered by a luxurious turquoise satin camisole, low cut enough to show her cavernous cleavage. I swallowed hard as I looked at her, knowing if I didn't have a camera in my hands I'd be hard pressed not to ravage her where she stood. I shook it off and with a deep breath said, "All right, let's get started."

We started with a couple of warm up shots, just getting Bobbi comfortable with being in front of the camera and also as set up shots for the file we'd be sending to the website. It didn't take her too long to get into it, and soon she didn't need any prompting from me. She was a natural, knowing exactly when to place her hand or leg, or how to turn her head. After a while, I stopped giving her direction and just let her pose as she liked. Every shot, it seemed, was perfect. After about 15 minutes of warm-up shots, I could see in her eye she was a little anxious to get going towards the reason we were here.

I put down the camera and approached her. "Can I make a tiny adjustment?" I asked, and she nodded encouragingly. I walked up to her and adjusted the spaghetti straps to her camisole, tugging it forward a little, dropping the bodice so it was even more low cut, almost low enough to reveal a portion of her nipples. I walked back to the camera, picked it up, and looked at the view screen. Her breasts, already large, looked absolutely huge now, barely concealed by the shiny green material. "Okay, hun," I said, trying to get things started, "Seduce me."

Click -- Bobbi got right at it, bending over, giving me a deep view into her cavernous cleavage, her long brown hair cascading down one side of her pretty face, the look on her face giving me, or in this case the picture viewer, the come-fuck-me bedroom eyes.

Click -- Now Bobbi was on all fours on the couch as I shot her from the side, one cami strap tugged halfway down her arm, but somehow her dangling breast was still covered by the silky material, her wonderful ass shown in all it's glory, pushed out with her back arched rather dramatically. Her eyes looked at the lens with a smoldering passion, her painted lips just slightly parted.

Click - Bobbi sat back on the couch, her long legs crossed, the tugged-down cami strap now completely disengaged from her arm, the bodice overtop of that breast pulled down, but her hand cupping and covering the breast, keeping it from view. Her eyes looked at the lens with a warm, teasing look.

As I shot the pictures, I smiled at how well she was doing. I only had to give the slightest indication of how I wanted the next shot to go, and she would move automatically into the best position for each shot. It was if she could read my mind for how I wanted the shot to look.

Click -- Bobbi uncovered her hand from her breast, instead pinching the nipple between her fingertips, pulling on it just a little. Her legs were still crossed, and the shot was almost the same as the first, but now her eyes were closed and I head a tiny little gasp from her as her fingers squeezed her nipple. She was truly enjoying this, and I knew that was going to make for an incredible shoot.

Click - Bobbi now reclined against the couch, and although one strap on her cami remained on her shoulder the bodice was pulled down under both breasts, exposing them to the lens, holding her breasts in her hands, as if offering them to the viewer, her legs spread wide apart, giving me a fantastic view of her panty covered sex, her wetness already dampening the lace.

Click - She still lay reclined on the couch, her legs still wide apart, her feet on the floor, but she had one hand leave her breast and travel down her body, her fingertips placed just inside her panties, her eyes holding a smoldering, teasing gaze at the lens, as if to say, "Dare me to touch myself."

Click - Lying all the way back on the couch, her eyes very heavy lidded, her lips parted slightly, one hand squeezing her breast tightly as the other disappeared all the way inside her white lace panties, only her little finger visible as it peeked out the side, the other three fingers and thumb clearly pressing against the lace from the inside as they touched her wetness.

I lowered the camera, and called out Bobbi's name very softly. She slowly opened her eyes all the way and looked at me for her next direction.

"There's not much left to uncover, hun," I said, trying to put things delicately, "Are you ready to... ummm... show all?" She didn't speak with her response, just a slightly impish grin as she nodded her head, and then her hands stole down past her waist.

Click - Bobbi looked at the camera through half closed eyes, her brow furrowed as she pulled on the front of her panties, stretching them against her sex, pulling the material taut against her wetness until the lacy fabric disappeared between her folds, rubbing against her clit. Her exposed breasts heaved on her chest as the excitement of the photo shoot mounted.

Click - Her head was turned a little toward the side as she lay back against the arm of the couch, her eyes smoldering as they looked into the camera, her lips just parted a touch, one hand holding her panties to the side as the other lay high up on her inner thigh, framing her pussy, her delicate folds glistened a little with her arousal, her sex topped by her nicely trimmed brown bush.

Click - Now her fingers were in a V over her snatch, holding her netherlips apart as she let the camera see into her depths. She cradled one of her ample breasts in her hand as she looked at the lens, her eyes speaking to the camera, as if to say, "You can fuck me if you want."

Click -Her head was turned to the side, her eyes closed, her mouth agape as if to moan, her wrists crossed over her sex, holding her folds apart with her pinky fingers, her arms pushing at the sides of her breasts as she did so, thrusting them out towards the camera. Had I not known better, I'd have swore she was in the midst of an orgasm.

Click - She now draped herself over the arm of the couch, her head hanging off the edge of the couch, her breasts jutting up towards the ceiling as she had her back arched, the camisole pulled down around her waist, her g-string pulled down off one leg completely and dangling at her knee. I shot her from the side, as she had one hand in her hair, her other hand between her thighs. She had the wrist of her lower hand cocked, and although you couldn't see it from the angle of the shot, you knew she was rubbing her clit.

The shoot went on for a while longer. I lost track of the time as I exhausted all the available shots on all three memory cards. The website specified that they wanted only softcore photos, so there was no overt masturbation in the photos or any playing with toys, and so I was left with the impression that we had done a great "Playboy" style shoot. As Bobbi got up to get cleaned up a little, she had a look on her face, not one of arousal, per se, but one like she was experiencing a rush, that she had done something that tested her and she passed.

Bobbi went into her bathroom and ran a shower, while I went into the kitchen and hooked up the camera to the base, and then the base to my laptop. Once the Imaging software booted up, I looked over the photos I had shot. My initial impressions were right: the pics were phenomenal, like the kind you'd see in a high quality "gentleman's magazine". I saved all the files, and played with them a little, cropping them and such. I would work on them a little more later and use some of the imaging tools to perfect the pictures, but for the time being they were okay as proofs for Bobbi to look over.

I had went over the pictures for the fourth or fifth time when Bobbi came out from her shower, back in the short silk robe, and with a little apprehension came around to where I was sitting at the table. She looked at the LCD screen of the laptop, and her initial reaction was "Oh!"

I looked up at her, somewhat unsure, "Is that a good ¡Æoh', or a bad ¡Æoh'?"

"No, it's good," she said, not taking her eyes off the screen, her fingers toying with the lapel of the robe where it met between her breasts. I noticed it seemed to loosen a bit as she played with it. She silently looked over the photos as I navigated to each of them. She took a step back and leaned back against her kitchen counter while I clicked to each picture in turn, looking back every so often to gauge her reaction. There was no embarrassment in her expression, just a slight flush to her cheeks as she appraised each photo of herself. The fingers kept toying with the robe, and now it was open between her breasts. I clicked for the next photo while I looked at her, and I saw her eyes light up a little and her lips part at what she saw on the screen. I looked to see what had gotten that reaction.

It was the shot with her wrists crossed and her little fingers holding open her petals. It turned out to be a great shot. One of her legs in the photo was raised off the couch, letting you see the white stiletto heels she wore, as well as the fantastic definition in the curve of her calf muscles, her breasts were pushed right out, making her D-Cup breasts seem that much larger, and her folds were opened wide enough that you could see as far inside her as the illumination would allow. The most captivating thing about the shot had nothing to do with her nudity. It was her face, turned to the side and showing her profile, her neck cocked a little bit, her cheek pressed against the couch's armrest, but the way her mouth was open and with the expression on her face, you could almost hear her moan as her invisible lover took her. Her face kept drawing you back, regardless of how wonderful her body looked, as the expression of lust, passion and desire that painted her incredible features.

We both looked at that shot for a long time, before I pulled away to look at her. Her fingers were no longer toying with her robe, but the flesh in the hollow between her full breasts. Her eyes remained on that picture, and her lips quivered a little bit as she seemed to want to ask something.

"Brock..." she said slowly, "do I look..." Her words trailed off and hung in the air, but her lips moved a little, as if she was trying to put a thought into words.

I tried to finish the thought for her, "Hot? Sexy? Amazing?"

She shook her head and had that mildly frustrated look on her face again, and concluded her question, "... like someone you'd want to fuck?"

Her words added to the palpable sexual tension in the apartment, and I responded by standing up, and walking the three steps to her. All the photographer-model professionalism was gone as my hands went to her shoulders, then slid upwards along the delicate curve of her neck and into her long brown tresses. I felt her body move a little closer to mine and then I answered her question

"Yeah," I said finally, "Anyone would have to be crazy not to."

The lust that I saw in Bobbi's eyes in the photo shoot returned as she listened to me. My fingers combed through her locks as I leaned in and kissed her softly, a tender, tentative kiss that grew more bold as she kissed me back. The kisses remained soft as we simply dragged our lips against one another's, the quiet passion building a fire of arousal within the both of us, and each subsequent kiss like adding gasoline to that fire. Soon our faces tilted, our lips parted, and our tongues darted out to greet one another, touching one another very lightly in an almost teasing fashion, tapping and lightly licking the other's tongue. One hand slipped out of Bobbi's hair and landed gently on her shoulder, brushing the robe down her arm a little bit, exposing just the top of her breast.

She broke the kiss and looked at my hand where it lay, then grabbed it lightly and guided it to the breast to expose it completely. My hand covered the offered breast, squeezing it a little, feeling the nipple harden against my palm almost immediately. I heard her moan at my touch, a soft, sweet sound as she tilted her head back while I caressed her orb. I needed to hear that sound again, and bent my head to her neck, my lips seeking her pulse point, planting tiny suckling little kisses along her neck and throat. Her breath caught for a moment, then her moans came again, and she pressed herself against my lips, her fingers trailing up my back and to the back of my neck, guiding me to where she wanted to feel my kisses.

As I continued to ravage this beauty's neck, my free hand entered the fray, parting the robe in front and feeling along her incredible body. My hand slid along her side feeling the texture of her amazingly soft skin, and as it traveled, discovered she wasn't wearing anything underneath the robe. My hand slid down the front of her thigh and back up, just barely grazing the side of her bush as it made it's way up to her unattended breast. Her hips bucked at the teasing contact, and she bent her head to whisper into my ear as I continued to kiss, lick and suck at her neck, "Oh god, Brock, I'm so hot, I need you right now..."

I chuckled a little as I heard her voice, and smiled as I broke the kiss, looked at her and shook my head. My hands left her breasts and sought her waist, lifting her so her backside was planted on the countertop. I then dropped my head to her ample breasts, kissing into her cleavage before moving to her left breast, kissing all over the fullness of it, lifting it to kiss the underside, kissing every where except her nipple. Her hands tightened their grip at the back of my neck and head as she tried to guide me to the nub, and just when I heard an exasperated whimper escape her lips, that's when I centered on her breast, drawing the hardened bud between my lips and sucking hungrily upon it, covering the entire areola under my mouth.

My eyes flicked up to look at Bobbi, and I was rewarded to see her head thrown back, as tiny moans and gasps became all that was audible in the kitchen. I pulled my mouth away from her left breast and moved to her right, heading right for the nipple atop it, not teasing her this time but diving right in, sucking that nipple into my mouth, my teeth grazing it a little while my fingers went to the breast my mouth had just abandoned, pinching the nub between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it rapidly, keeping it taut while my mouth attacked her other bud.

A guttural moan emanated from Bobbi as her legs spread wider and I took this as meaning she needed more. I wasn't quite ready to completely give in however, and pulled away from her breasts, sinking to my knees in front of her, gently pushing her back so she was lying down on the counter. As I looked at her sex and saw the wetness of her excitement displayed on her petals, I groaned appreciatively. She responded by spreading her legs even wider, raising one into the air, giving me absolute access. I didn't disappoint, my lips kissing her folds immediately, sucking her small petals into my mouth, then releasing them. I grinned up at her, before extending my tongue to taste her, dipping it just inside her and wriggling it a little bit, before moving upward to her clit. Bobbi's hips raised up off the counter a little as she pressed her sex against my tongue, her hands grasping her breasts, pinching her own nipples roughly. I watched as her hands toyed with her fleshy mounds, exciting me all the more as my tongue explored her wetness, discovering every contour of her sex, always coming back to flutter my tongue over her clit, hearing the resultant moans, then moving away to seek out another area around her petals.

She started to rotate her hips as her moans became louder and longer, and I used them as my guide, moving back toward certain areas when her whimpers became softer, moving away from those areas when they became too loud. I could hear her breathing become very loud between moans, and I figured she was closing in on her release. I moved my tongue down to her entrance, and delved inside her, slipping my tongue as deep as it would go between her folds. Her back arched sharply, and she pulled at her nipples more insistently. When her back came back down onto the countertop, she raised her head and looked down at me with pleading eyes, and said, "Please, Brock, I'm so close... Make me cum."

Hearing her say that and seeing her hands as she squeezed her nipples between her fingers drove me absolutely wild, and I lanced my tongue deeply into her repeatedly, my hand resting on top of her mound, my thumb rubbing at her clit. Over and over my tongue dove inside her, tasting her succulent juices as they escaped from her, feeling them wet my chin and cheeks. My eyes traveled up her body, watching her fingers. She twisted her nipples between them, pulling on them, lifting her breasts by the nubs. Every time she moaned, she tugged at them a little more, lifting them a little higher. Her thighs tightened around my head, and her moans turned to cries. As the cries became sharper and louder, she released her nipples and her hands found the back of my head, pulling me against her snatch.

I feasted on her nectar as she held me to her, driving my tongue over and over into her like a little cock, my thumb rubbing back and forth over her clit. Her back arched again, and she screamed as she came, her hands tightening against the back of my head, making it difficult for me to breathe while my tongue invaded her, channeling her juices into my mouth, drinking her essence. Her hips bucked wildly as she rode my face, my thumb not letting up it's dance on her button. I enjoyed watching her body respond to my mouth, and I drew it out for as long as I could, milking her pleasure from her center. She slumped against the countertop, recovering from what had seemed an intense climax.

Her thighs released my head and allowed me to pull away. As I rose to stand in front of her, I expected her to be exhausted and lie there for a moment to recover. Instead she surprised me by sitting up quickly, her hands flying to my jeans. With surprising speed, she unbuckled my belt and undid my jeans, letting them pool around my ankles. She almost tore my boxers as she tugged them down just far enough to free my hard member, took hold of my shaft with one hand while her other hand grasped my ass. She positioned my cock head for entry into her, and pulled on my ass, slamming me almost violently inside her. She had control for the moment as her now free hand joined her other on my backside, pulling me into her, making me thrust at a speed she determined into her snatch. My face must have registered the shock and pleasure of the moment, and through lust-filled eyes she smiled brazenly at me.

Her robe hung off her elbows as she made me power into her, only covering her forearms, as I looked down her fantastic body. I watched my shaft pound into her, seeing her juices shine on it's length before it would ram back into her. I saw those gorgeous full breasts jiggle with each thrust into her, rocking pendulously upon her chest, the nipples staying hard with her arousal and excitement. I saw her beautiful face contorted in pleasure and ecstasy as she felt my cock tear into her, sliding along her velvet walls, hearing the unmistakable sounds of sex fill the space in her kitchen.

She released my ass, and I responded by placing my hands on her waist, gaining leverage as I took over, holding her in place as I hammered my shaft inside her pussy. She raised her legs, bringing her knees up to beside her breasts, giving me complete, unfettered access into her wetness. Her moans grew in volume and frequency as I felt her sheath quiver on my length, and I sensed she was close again. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back while I filled her, groaning every time my shaft would bury to the hilt inside her. I leaned forward and kissed her neck, sucking on the exposed flesh, finding the spot that would drive her wild and concentrating my efforts there, all the while sinking my member hard and fast into her. That's all it seemed to take, and she screamed again, her hands grasping at my shoulders, her fingernails sinking into my upper back as she came again, the clenching of her snatch on my shaft taking me farther along the path to my own release.

She held me close, pressing her breasts into my chest as she rode through her orgasm, her screams continuing as I slammed by shaft as hard and as far as I could go inside her. She pressed her forehead against my collarbone as the last few waves of pleasure crashed over her, not moving, save for the rocking from my thrusting.

She looked at me with eyes that said she was sated, but wanted to feel my release. She leaned back a little, and looked me in the eye as her right hand came across to her left breast and raised the ample mound to her mouth, her tongue licking at the tip before closing her lips around it. She must have felt my cock swell within her at the display, because she looked at me with a naughty, wicked look and continued, languidly rolling her tongue around her own nipple before kissing it, sucking upon her own bud. The sight was too much for me, and the entire length of my shaft tingled before my orgasm exploded into her, firing hot jets of my seed into her sheath, warming her. My eyes were closed, my back arched, my head thrown back while I continued pumping into her, gripping her waist tightly. I opened my eyes, my mouth agape while my climax continued and looked into her gorgeous features, seeing her satisfied smile on her face, knowing she was enjoying feeling my cum awash inside her, coating her walls. She then leaned forward and kissed me deeply, while the last vestiges of my climax passed through me, out tongues passionately probing one another mouths as we moved from orgasm to afterglow.

I gripped the edge of the countertop for stability as we broke the kiss, and we both laughed softly at the pleasure of what had just transpired, and what our task for the day had led us to do. We stood there for a moment before disengaging, getting dressed again, and going back to the post-photography duties, the satisfied, knowing smiles between us the only evidence of the passion we just shared.

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