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Pee hole stimulation
by tarali

The last time I watched a porn clip I saw the male porn star ejaculate while his pee hole was tickled by the woman blowing his cock. That clip was extremely erotic and I got an solid erection just watching it. In the evening when my girl friend returned I showed the clip to her and she immediately said she would do it for me that very moment and I slipped my underwear down against my erect cock oozing wet.

My girlfriend does a good blow job and I nave always enjoyed it bu what she now did new for both of us. She insisted I switch the clip on while she worked on me. She started by engulfing my cock head between her lips and gave it a few hard suck and ran her tongue around the head to wet it. She always started this way. After my cock had gone rock hard she pulled out and began to run the tip of her wet tongue over the pee hole and the area around it just like the woman in the clip.

The sensation was excruciating and I stiffened spreading my legs wide and tightening my tummy muscles in ecstasy. I closed my thighs clamping her head between them every now and then in uncontrollable pleasure urging her to suck my cock in and let me blow my load but she ignored me and continued to tickle the pee hole. I pressed her head and thrust my crotch forward but she held her position and refused to budge from it o matter how I shook . I had built up a load quickly and struggled to get it off and would have done so with a more vibrant stimulation. This went on for some time and then the pressure in my lower belly mounted and with one violent thrust forward which she managed to follow through I began to ejaculate. The first spurt was quite forceful followed rapidly by several short spurts that sprayed all over her face and eyes. I do not enjoy spurting on my girlfriend\'s face and had never done it before but my girlfriend chose to get the sperm sprayed on herself that time .

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