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Passionate Erotic Wild Gift to Girlfriend on Her Birthday
by lover_passionate

Hi friends,.My story is a real incident happend last year on my GF's birthday. My story is a bit long as its described and filled with all parts of love,creativity,passion,lust,romance,sexual activeness and wildness,,so i request all to please read it full with patience as i have tried my best to entertain readers. I welcome ur suggestions,feedbacks,experiences n for the same u can email me at :

I am Ankit, 22 years old young,romantic,passionate and wild,all time horny man with 5.6' height,fair color,good looks and strong 7' from Indore. My 21years old GF Priya belongs to Jabalpur and lives in hostel in Bhopal for studies,she's simple modern girl with cute eyes,good looks,long hairs and a very nice maintained structure with very good curves and nice ass. Since we were not in same cities we use to be in touch on calls or sms regularly and i use to visit Bhopal on weekends to meet her. I always used to take care of her feelings,needs,views and desires..i always tried to make each of her moment with me to be very creative,romantic and memorable and she was very much satisfied with me.

Before i proceed,,i would like to tell u all that 'We are not together now,as she has shifted to Nagpur..and I was cheated,ditched and broken by her as she got someone there We are not in touch and Im alone and i request 'Any Female ( married / unmarried,housewife,working,seperated,divorced,college girls,Plump,skinny,fat,thin ) or simply Any Elite Class Female of ANY AGE can contact me on my email to get my very wild,erotic and creatively skilled Secret and Safe Lovemaking and Sexual Services. Im very frank n adjustable,with ability to fullfill ur any kind of desires and fantacies,kinky stuffs,erotic massages,erotic licking,companionship or any kind of secret n safe fun activities. Im available anytime for Short term,Long Term,No Strings Attached or simply any kind of Secret and Safe fun relations with Any Age Elite Females .So here i proceed with my story

Once It was about 2-3 months i was unable to visit Bhopal n meet her as we both got busy in studies n exams. It was her birthday next month on 4th and she insisted me to stay with her for 2-3 days atleast to which i agreed and promised her to make her birthday romantic n memorable. Now the problem was where we'll stay n she suggested to stay at her best friend MINI'S flat to which i agreed readily as i knew MINI and her boyfriend YASH and we were familiar with each other so i was comfirtable with it. Days passed and it was 3rd of the month and in the evening i did packing n left for Bhopal and it was untold to Priya as per my plan and she knew that i had a presentation so i'll reach Bhopal next morning only.. i reached Bhopal around 10.30pm as per plans i had made with MINI-YASH to celebrate PRIYA's birthday. I called Mini and informed that i reached,she understood and YASH picked me up from the station,we reached the flat and secretly entered with the help of MINI as my gf was busy in watching tv N suddenly i surprised her by closing her eyes from back and wishing her with a warm kiss,till then MINI arranged the cake n candles b4 i let PRIYA open her eyes she was very happy to see me there n she was looking damn gorgeous n sexy in that modernly designed sleevless short kurta reavealing her shaved underarms which she knew i love to see and black leggings..i hugged her with a very hot n passionate smooch as we were meeting after long time.

we regained our senses after 2-3minutes n then we all together started chatting,laughing,clicking pics n celebrating birthday..then i gave her the gold ring i bought for her,which she liked the most in a jewellery shop..she really very happy..n we had a blasting party with food,cake,drinks,music,dance etc. I even dedicated n sung few romantic songs for Priya..we liplocked many times while dancing Mini-Yash were also enjoying in their ways with kisses n all..

While dancing i noticed Mini for the first time,she was wearing a loose pink top revealing a bit of her cleavage n showing the big sized boobs,her top was loose so i was even able to see less hairy underarms which i love to watch when she raised hand on dance steps and she wore a cream colored body sticking capri showing seductive structure of her very nice plumped skinny round ass ..i even noticed the horny lustful way of Mini n her sexual activeness while they were kissing..she was looking damn was all going romantic. Now it was about 2.30am and Yash was about to leave to his home as he was a localite,so he left. The party was over and it was time to sleep. We chatted with Mini for few mins and then went to sleep in other room.

Priya entered the room and i followed her n closed the door with a mischievious smile,,inside the room was a dim light n fragrance of her body was making me mad, i gazed her body with passion n love to which she responded with a seductive smile..she stepped back as i stepped forward..after few backward steps she was standing sticked to wall n it was making me very horny looking into her eyes..i hugged her in my arms lovingly,caressing her back. I looked into her eyes with passion n started a passionate smooch and with this simultaneously i was rolling fingers in her long hairs n caressing her back n touching all over her hot body. I kissed her cheek,chin,ear lobs,n again lips n then wildly kissed all over her neck for long with my hands playing with her boobs simultaneously. It all made her mad n horny,she too was responding with kisses n touching my body.

After the passionate smooch,i started kissing her her shoulders n hands n my hands were again touching her wildly all over body n with this i enteres my hand inside her leggings pressing nice round ass frrom above panty. We again liplocked with passion n this time my hands reached directly to her pussy over her leggings,to which she took a long and amazing sudden moan hooaahhhhhhhh with her expressions like oh my god what u did. I felt her leggings a bit wet,for a moment i felt like her pussy is burning.I played with it. She always loved this wild touch of mine. With this she turned so wild that she herself started a long wild smooch again which turned so wild n long,that we pulled-pushed each other on bed n it ended after 5-7mins wild wrestling in bed. I removed her kurta n my tees in hurry,n again started kissing her neck n shoulders..she was wearing a nice pinkish thin striped bra and was moaning very passionately mixed with words like, oh baby!aahhh u makin me mad!..yeahhhhh ohhhhh ummm .

while kissing her shoulders i was playing with her boobs with my hands pressing them softly n playing with nipples..from shoulders i came to her underarms n started licking them one by one creatively..n then i turned her with her stomach towards the bed n her bare back towards me. She was geting more excited. I played fingers on her back,opened her bra hooks n gave her a creative breath massage all over her back n then played with her hips too. Then i again turned her towards me n removed strips of bra from shoulders with the feel of my lips n fingers,,i started pressing n massaging her bare boobs n then sucking them softly for long n licking them very creatively playing my toungue roung her nipples,putting it over nipples n then licking them very passionately moving my toungue up-down n around nipples.

She was damn horny by this n was moaning with real passion n wildness like oh god!! uhhhh uhhh uhhh ahhh ahhh with words like ohhh hny ! i cant take it anymore,uhhh ooohhh plzzzz fuckkk mee na plzz . and i was more excited with her moans n moved down to her belly and waist area,i played my toungue all over belly n waist creatively..n she was moaning very passionately..i removed my jeans in hurry n was left only in underwear n my 7' monster was in full erection n precums n was about to tear the underwear n come out she was looking me with begging eyes asking silently to tear out her pussy.

I again played with her waist n slowly removed her leggings n she was only left in her all wet white panty, she was moaning..uhhh..ohhh..then i widened her legs n started caressing her thighs playing toungue n fingers all over her legs n thighs n then i slowly moved towards her pussy i seduced n made her moan loudly putting my toungue over panty n moving it up-down-round,she was moaning like never b4 ohhh baby! you make me so wet..plzz do it now i cant wait oohhhaaaahhh getting all wet then i removed her wet panty slowly n started the real creative play coming in 69 position where she was sucking my penis n i was licking her pussy at the same time..we enjoyed it for few mins n then we again came to the normal position..

she hugged me tightly lying on the bed n whispered you're so good baby. we again started a soft passionate smooch which turned wild later licking her chin,ear lobs,all over neck,underarms n finally sucking n squeezing boobs very hardly with this at the same time i started playing my fingers inside her hot pussy,i played with her pussy lips,i was massaging her cunt softly n after it i started the wild art of licking,wildly touching my lips over her pinkish wet pussy n licked it softly n then gained speed putting my toungue inside it was licking her creatively moving toungue inside-out,sucking around it in between,chewing it by lips..this time she was moaning damn hard n bit loud with passion n wildness clearly visible by her expressions ohhhh hhh ssss aaahh ooohh baby aaasss ssss ummm..i love it hny..oohhh god oohhh nnnaa ummm..u r so good janu aaahhh fffff ohhhhh sssss..with moans she begged me to leave it n fuck her hard but i was so horny that i was unable to control myself as i really loved licking her i licked her for long,she then pushed me away n removed my underwear in wild hurry n took the hard tool in her hands rubbing it seductively looking in my eyes she rubbed it,played with it n took it in mouth..she was sucking it creatively n this time i was moaning n playing fingers in her hairs n neck..she played with balls in between..licked them n sucked my cock again which i always liked very much..she did it untill her mouth got tired n then took it out of her mouth n laid down on bed controlling her breaths..

My fully erected cock was now all wet with precum n her saliva..n she all wet pussy was begging to take it inside hard,passionate and wild she was looking at me with desperacy n whispering c'mon jaan i cant wait anymore .i want u just love me,fuckk me c'mon her voice n words made myself horniest n i just laid over her making feelingful love,chewing her lips,licking her neck,squeezing n sucking her boobs very hardly with my fingers playing inside her cunt she again whispered n moaned in excitements while i wore a condom n then my tool was ready to fullfill her thirst i rubbed it over n around her all wet pussy n then gave a lil force targetting at the right place n made it slid inside her cunt she shouted ooaahhhhhhhhhh aaahhh sss aaahhh hhhh aa ohhh take it out plzzz pllzzz aaahhh aahhhhh mmmm as it was paining to her,i stopped a bit,made her calm down diverting her mind with loving her n telling that its ok i again made her pussy wet by licking it again for a minute n then slowly pushed cock inside,n again she moaned hard but she was able to take it i kept her legs on my shulders n slowly started the play n then slowly gained the speed now i was fucking her a bit hard n she was enjoying it a lot n was moaning wildly uhhhoh oh god!! uhhhh uhhh uhhh ahhh ahhh oohhh hhhaaa aaahhh sssssh hhhh aaahhhh baby oohhh ohhh .i gained speed n fucked her harder,she asked to make it slow ooohhhh ooohhh ooohhhh ooohh babyyy pllzzzz aaaahhh slowlllyy pllzz pllz .i controlled myself a bit n made it slow agin gained speed n was fucking her again hard n wild n she was enjoyinng sweet pains n play ooohhh hhhaaaaa uuummm uuuhh janu u r so good ooohhhh baby uummm c'mon c'mon oaahhhh oohhh i want u so bad.,,i love it ooohhh ooohhh .i was also holding her her hands,also played with nipples while fucking n also liplocked several times she was a bit tired n was unable to take the pain n asked to make it slow again..

i stopped for a while..n made her calm by changing the position a bit love making ..we were now in the position where she was sitting on the sofa chair with her legs wide n i was standing i removed the condom,made my cock clean with towel n then she herself understood n took it in mouth n played on it with toungue i was really really enjoying this act n her way of sucking,she was good at it then i took it out from her mouth,cleaned it,n wore other condom then i pulled her a bit towards me holding her legs n than again targetted it i just pushed it inside slowly,n then started fucking her again slowly n faster later on oooohhh hhhh aaaasssss ssssss oohhhh my god ooohhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh ssssss ummmm .with this i sometimes played with her nipples,sucked them,moaned with her,calmed her when needed,made it slow when needed,n also made it harder faster when she asked to .she was enjoying it like anything n i was fucking her wilder n wilder,i was fucking her with damn wildlyy n she was being hornier n hornier .i noticed that she was getting with lot of pain n i slowed down seeing her expressions .n to my surprise she whispered uuuummmm babyyy i gonnnaa cum again oooohh aahhh .n she asked to make it faster,she want it harder for the last moments,,n i speeded with her moans exciting me more n more now i was fucking her damn fster n harder n harder n she was moaning loudly oooohhhhh hhhaaaaa oooohhhhhh my god ooohhh uummmmm ummmm jaaaaaannn u r so good oh god!! uhhhh uhhh uhhh ahhh ahhh uummmm i gonna cum im gonna cum ohhhh uummm oooaaaahhhh .with tears rolling out of her eyes .n after a long session i cummed inside her pusssy .

I took it out n We both took a long breath of happinesss and satisfaction we cleaned ourselves taking a nude shower together n again loving there with each others body parts n mischivious acts slept together semi nude in each others arms..n the next morning around 10am she woke me up with coffee in her hands n cute smile i kept coffee aside n pulled her,and we starting with a passionate smooch ended up again with a wild hot n long fucking n lovemaking session we again took nude shower,n this time we made more love she sucked my tool,i licked her nipples-boobs hard, n licked her watered cunt with more passion n wildness we had lunch,chatted,clicked pics had lots of fun n then in the evening i left for Indore again .

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