Bi-Sexual stories

part 2
by kneeling

After the last time when Dave finally fucked me, he told me before I left we would have to have someone do my makeup with the babydoll nightgown. I just told him however you want Sir? He said he would take care of it all and just to be there Friday evening.

I showed up right after 5:00 ready for anything. He met me at the door and took my hand and walked me into the downstairs bathroom and handed me a box and said go ahead and change for me baby and slapped my ass and kissed me on the lips. I kind of giggled and went into the bathroom and closed the door. Inside the box was a black sheer babydoll nightgown, a thong and some high heels for me all in my size! I slowly changed and was so glad I left work early and went home and shave my legs and around my tight asshole for him. As soon as I changed, he walked me into the other room and there was a girl I didn't recognize and he introduced her as Carol and she reached out her hand and I blushing furiously did too as she said "Hi sexy you look great" I smiled and kind of looked at the floor and squirmed. She is here to help with your makeup and get you all dolled up like my good bitch should be for tonight and this weekend. Carol motioned to the stool next to her and the counter had all of her makeup stuff on it and a mirror. I quickly sat down and she ran her hands up my legs and stroked me a little saying nice and smooth, always shave and don't use Nair or a was it leaves your hairs a little bumpy for a few days. My beard is very light and I only need to shave every couple of days anyway and did right before I came over that afternoon. She did my makeup and then put on some short though very feminine fake fingernails and said she would take them off Sunday night but you will feel even more feminine with them on. I loved the transformation she did with me with the makeup and was squirming in my seat as Dave walked up behind me and palmed my ass a little and said you look great baby! I said thank you Sir and she noted how high my voice was and asked if I was on any hormones? I said no just naturally submissive to my man and she smiled knowingly. She finished with my makeup and loved that I turned my head and pursed my red lips as I looked in the mirror. She finished with my fingernails in a few more minutes and then took some pictures of me sort of kneeling sideways and sitting with my legs crossed and my high heels on, I had tanned my legs too and look kind of good all skinny and slutty for him to whistle at me. I knew he loved when I crossed and uncrossed my legs showing more of my bottom each time than I really needed to but I loved it and so did he, rubbing his cock through his pants. It wasn't until then that I noticed the wooden paddle with the holes in it on the coffee table and pouted, saying "Please Dave not the wood tonight, please, I'll be good I promise" right in front of Carol and she kind of smirked a little knowingly. I know you will sweetheart but you are going to get some of this to make sure you remember to do as you are told tonight and tomorrow night. I knew I was in for it and just said "Yes Sir" Carol commented good girl and packed up and left. Dave told me we were going to have some company and I was to be the dessert and to service his guest like the good little wanton slut that I was. He explained that I was to answer the door and welcome our guest properly with a kiss very social and friendly like a good girl would be. I went into the bathroom and checked my lipstick in the mirror on my way to answer the door when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and Bernie was standing there with a grin and a bottle of wine. I welcomed him in and kissed him on the lips a little longer than necessary but just wanting to communicate that I was aware of what I was there for and wanted him to know it he palmed my ass a little as we parted and patted it a little as we walked towards the kitchen. I surprised myself as I was very steady on my high heels and Bernie commented how natural I looked walking in heels, I just smiled over my shoulder and said thank you Sir and headed to the kitchen knowing he was drooling over my ass and thighs from behind and I kind of swung my hips a little extra for him. After I opened the wine, I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch and crossed my legs so Bernie could get a good look all the way up to my ass and he stopped talking and looked at me and asked "What do you want tonight young lady?" I looked over at Dave and said "I want to be used for your pleasure Sir, both of you, but if I could ask I want to have both holes filled at the same time at some point, if that sounds good to you both?" I stopped and looked at Dave who was smiling and blew me a kiss which made me feel more submissive and I looked down and smiled to myself. Bernie said "why don't you bring me some more wine over here and I walked over to pour and he ran his fingers up the back of my thighs and up over my cheeks as I kind of giggled a little and admitted, that felt good Sir. Dave stood and removed his pants and sat in just his underwear with his cock making a nice precum wet spot on the front and I licked my lips a little and Bernie said "good idea Dave" and stood up and had me help him undo his pants. His cock is literally 10" long and almost as big around as a coke can and it poked his underwear out and stretched the front so I took them down too. He looked down at me kneeling at his feet and licking my lips and said, "go ahead" and I reached out and stroked his beautiful cock and licked the head and took it into my mouth like a good little slut and tried to keep my lipstick from smearing too much but finally couldn't help it and really started working on it. I can't describe how good it feels to be kneeling and sucking on a cock that is hard for me, for how I looked in the babydoll and heels and I loved it. He was giving me a chance to enjoy his cock and I loved the taste of his precum as I took as much as I could get and made love to his cock as best as I could. Dave said to Bernie " do you want to help me get her begging" Bernie immediately said "Hell yes, what do you have in mind?" Well she is going to get some discipline tonight to start out the weekend and I thought maybe you would like to start with the first spanking? I just kept kneeling and looked at the floor and asked "where do you want me honey?" Let's go down the hall or into the shop which would you prefer, "the bedroom please" and stood and swung my hips as much like a slut as I could be on my way down the hall knowing they were watching me. Remember I was in high heels and a sheer babydoll very short nightgown for my man and loved every minute of it, being the center of their attention. I waited for them to come in and went to the dresser and picked up the leather paddle and handed it to Bernie and asked how do you want me Sir? and leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He said "Over my lap for this one young lady" and sat on the straight backed chair I recognized from the garage Dave had moved in. I lay over his lap and had my nightgown up over my cheeks as I went over and presented him with my smooth bare bottom and said "Bernie please do what ever you want to me!" and he stroked my ass cheeks with his hand for a couple of minutes and commented to Dave, "She looks great and is very at home submitting isn't she?" Dave said "Yes she is my good little submissive bitch, Bernie enjoy using her for your pleasure with the paddle. Bernie was a very accomplished spanker and got me grunting and begging and pleading very soon and he was just using the leather paddle, Dave had the wood in his hand and I was already crying and Bernie said "I don't think that will be necessary while I am here, maybe save it for you after I leave tonight" and Dave set it down on the dresser. My tears were falling and I was worried all my makeup would run not aware that Carol had used waterproof makeup on purpose as she knew I was going to submit this weekend. As Bernie finished and started running his fingers over my sore hot ass I spread my legs to give him better access and he took advantage and ran his fingertips over my asshole and I pushed up to him, still sniffling from the spanking but wanting to please my man by being a good slut. The leather left me hot and red and I slid off his lap feeling his hard cock poking me in the tummy as i moved and knelt down in front of him and started working on his cock as Dave walked over and helped me up and Bernie got up too and we moved to the bed, I slipped my high heels off and slid in between them and enjoyed feeling there hands stroking the backs of my thighs and pushed my tight ass in the air more and Dave slapped me and I kept it up in the air. He pulled my thong aside and teased my ass with his fingertips and said, why don't you get Bernie nice and hard while I get your tight little hole ready for him and he tongued my tight asshole and I moaned around Bernie's cock loud "That feels so good honey" and pushed back to his tongue as hard as i could as I worked on Bernie's monster cock. Dave then picked up the syringe full of KY and filled me with a shot and told Bernie, "do you want a piece of her tight ass or do you want to cum in her mouth first?" Bernie immediately said I want to pump a load up that beautiful tight bubble ass trade places with me and he got up and I got Dave's hard cock in my mouth and felt Bernie get behind me and spread open and pushed my ass up to him as he knelt behind me. It felt so good to feel him hard against me for my asshole, I can't imagine anything hotter. He moved in close and I felt his fingers slide in my ass and work me open a little bit and I moaned around Dave's big cock Bernie pushed the tip of his head in me and I gasped a little and he said, "Don't worry, I will go easy until you are used to it and I am going to cum a large load tonight, I haven't cum since you swallowed my cum last weekend" I He eased more into me and the head kind of popped in and I moaned again and pulled forward just a little to get it to slide back and forth just a little bit and help me get used to something that thick. Bernie was incredibly patient and slowly just eased a little more every minute or 2 until he had about half of it in me and it was past the glans and a little less thick and I pushed back and took most of it the rest of the way in and sort of gasped again and took Dave's cock out and said, "Oh my God sweetheart he is so long, it feels great" Dave said "I know my good little bitch take it up your ass like my good girl" when he said that I pushed the rest of the way down and smiled up at him as Bernie kissed the back of my neck and my ears and I moaned with my eyes closed please fuck me like the slut I am Bernie, hurt me with your cock please please Sir!! and I opened my eyes and Dave slid down underneath me and kissed me full on the lips and said "I love you" I had tears in my eyes and said "Me too sweetheart, give it to me good tonight please" and I felt Bernie start to fuck me in earnest and Dave moved back up and I went to work on his cock wanting him to cum at the same time Bernie did. I could feel them both getting harder and Dave's balls pulled up tight as he pumped a large load in my mouth and I gulped it down as Bernie came in my tight asshole and it was alot. Dave got up and put a butt plug in me after Bernie pulled out and I started cleaning him up with my mouth like a good slut. After that Dave showed Bernie out and told him we would see him tomorrow morning and came back in the bedroom and showed me the camera he filmed it all on and I smiled up at him and said are you happy with how I was tonight Sir? He said yes my love you made me very proud and now I want you back in your heels, they were black with some nice shiny metal tip on them and at the back of the heels, very slender almost stilettos that made my calves stand out and beautiful. I am so lucky Dave is an ass and a leg man and he had me twirl around and show him from every angle how I looked and I loved it. He was getting hard again and I kneeled in front of him and asked him if he wanted to whip me first tonight? He held up his hand and we walked down the hall where I knew he would paddle me and then whip me until I had stripes on my ass and thighs. He had me get over the pillows in the middle of the bed and didn't have to tie me this time and he knew it. He took the plug out and picked up the wooden paddle with the holes in it and used it quick and fast to get me crying and begging but still pushing my ass up for him. After the paddle he picked up the riding crop with the thin tip and marked my ass with me screaming and begging and sobbing for him, "I love you Master, use your bitch mark me so everyone will know tomorrow at the party that you whipped me tonight!" AFter he felt I was marked enough he put the crop down and stroked my thighs and my ass where the welts were as i slowed down the sobbing and hiccuping that comes with a good ass whipping when a little bitch is taken over the edge by her man. Later that night I worshipped his cock for awhile and took his load up my ass and then cleaned up his cock with my mouth before we went to bed. In the morning will be continued my submitting and being used for his pleasure and then dressing up again for the guests to see me in my babydoll nightgown and heels.

Please let me know how you like it?

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