Bi-Sexual stories

Paris I love
by lala

My flight touched down in CDG and for sometime it seemed like any other business trip until I spotted the most fascinating blond ever leaning down to fetch some documents from her bag. I walk over like in a trance and cannot seem to deviate from heading towards her. were those her breasts I could see from the dip of her tank top? could they be the real thing -I needed to steal a closer look and so I stared oblivious of all the other people at the baggage carousel. I was already imagining what she'd look like in a bikini when she suddenly loos up and catches my eyes...too late, she'd added me stare down to her boobs.

I should have looked away -I am straight, never been with a woman and certainly was not asking or seeking an encounter but I couldn't look away. I was under her spell and then she thankfully broke my stare and wandered off on spotting her bag. Saved by the arrival of my luggage too, I wandered off to the ladies for a quick refresher before stepping out to meet my designated conference chauffeur. As I enter the Ladies room, I immediately saw her again and this time I made myself walk over to apologize for the rude stare earlier.

I said I was sorry and she waved it away with a smile and acknowledged -almost arrogantly that she was used to this sort of reaction -and volunteered further that her breasts were real -not silicons and that she loved the attention. Of course I knew they were fake, so I challenged her that they were which she surprisingly asked me to feel them for myself. OMG, my heart jumped into my mouth racing like I was about to pass out. You cannot mean that I said, to which she responded -but I do! and promptly beckoned me into a wheelchair users loo and I found myself following her in limbo. the door snapped shut and the wonderful mermaid pulls my hands onto her boobs. I immediately reach by backing off then erotism took over as I found myself moving towards her agin and pressing her nipples tight -almost too tight to which she responded with a moan. I knead and squeeze them further and she is blushed all over...and I willed myself to stop...her eyes are shut with her lips slightly parted and she moans again. At this point I clear my throat an d affirm that her boobs were real and lovely to touch. I made to leave the loo, and paused for her to get her top back on.

DO you always get fondled to prove that your boobs are real? I asked and she shook her head vehemently stating that she did not know what had come over her to behave the way she'd just done. She was embarrassed that i had pulled away and went on to introduce herself as Sara Ellison -an american, 18 year old just taking a trip to paris to practice her french.

She then followed me out of the airport and on seeing that I had identified myself to a driver in chauffeur uniform she asked where I was headed to which I informed her that I was headed for Trouville -approximately 2 hours drive from Paris. She stunned me by asking if she could come along with me to Trouville. I said ok and she tossed her bags into the trunk and hopped into the back seat with me. The driver rolled off and the journey to ecstasy.

As we talked and laughed during the drive time lapsed and we both dozed off . I awoke as the chauffeur announced my arrival at my pre-booked hotel. Miss blue eyed Sara did not have a reservation, all the rooms were fully booked and now she began to get stressed and I offered her to keep her things in my room while she scouted the neighborhood online for any available rooms to let. After the first hour of being unsuccessful online she decided to take a shower and I opted to go down to do my conference badge registration. By the time I got back, following drinks with colleagues I knew at the conference, Sara was fast asleep and I decided, to just let her sleep for the night.

The boob smooch at the airport had not left my mind at fact it was all I had thought about all evening and seeing her blond head and perfect body formed under the sheets sent a thrill down my spine and off course I could feel me getting turned on by the mere fact of having this dream in my bed.
I took a shower and got into bed and lay there wondering what would happen if I touched her suddenly and later decided to try and get some sleep. I did not sleep!

As I lay there in the dark, Sara turned in her sleep and holy smokes, she'd turned to face me exposing her perfect skin, shoulder and arm. Also, I saw an opportunity to play the sleep-card and turned myself to rest my hand close to her breast. Slowly and with feather-light strokes, I began to touch her nipples -barely touching them really but enough soothe my lust and desire to lick and suck them forever. Sara initially does not respond at all and so I felt I could add some more pressure in my touch. I did this for a while then seeing her relaxed movements in response, I felt more confident to knead just a little more and she let out a moan and I knew that she was somehow conscious of my touch and possibly like it.

With this moan as sign of encouragement I lost all my restraint and squeezed her breasts so hard as orgasmed and lovely sara moaned even deeper. I saw this as my chance -and swiftly covered her exposed nipples with my burning lips. I sucked and licked and gasped for air while Sara moaned and pressed my head onto her breast. My hand found the other nipple and the other went straight for her pussy. Wet and inviting I found her clean shaven, smooth and soft. I have never done this things with a woman but found that I was a natural because as I went for her pussy, I knew exactly what my desire lick her juices and finger her to orgasm.

I kept my tongue mobile on her clitoris whilst still fingering her pussy...I cannot categorically say how many orgasms I had that night but granted I knew we were having a blast each time we both orgasmed and grabbed at each other before dozing off in lustful satisfaction of great sex...and this was just night one/...

End of part one!

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